The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 79

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 79: “Please, do it.”

Nangong pulled out a helmet from the overturned vehicle, pressed it down on his head, and spoke.


He began his dash through the collapsed walls of the harbor.

Each time he passed between the tightly packed containers,

Zip—!! Bang—!!!

Bullets, flying in unpredictable trajectories, precisely targeted the eyes of the wyverns aiming at Nangong.


The wyverns, now blind and flailing, had their throats accurately slashed by Nangong’s soul soldiers.

[Head to the left, on top of the A-11934 box. I’ve placed an anti-tank mine there.]

Nangong climbed up the ladder attached to the container, following Kim Changhwan’s instructions.

Boom—! Bang!! Crumble—!!!

As the wyverns descended on him, the mines detonated in succession.

With stinging smoke, the blackened wyverns shivered.

Their tenacious lives didn’t end with the mines; they staggeringly crawled after Nangong, trying to follow him.

“The mines seem to go off a bit early, don’t they?”

Nangong tossed his charred helmet aside, as though he had expected such an occurrence.

-Well, you should have that much capability. Unlike us, you possess the mighty power of Eunability.

Nangong chuckled at the voice that reached his ears.

“Flattery will get you nowhere, punk.”

-Hardly flattery. Should I have been notified in advance by Hojun that you were coming? Should I inform him?

‘I’ll have to scold that Hojun brat once this is over.’

To Nangong’s knowledge, Kim Changhwan was not stationed in Pohang.

It had to be Kang Hojun who tipped him off in advance.

-Munghun told me you were together. Hojun said if you go to the Red Zone, help him out.

“Where are you now? Daegu? Busan?”

-Wherever you think I am.

Nangong felt that the voice supposedly coming from a receiver sounded too close.

“I’m here.”

In that moment, Nangong could see Kim Changhwan emerging from the side of the road.

His eyes asked many questions.

But Nangong just patted his shoulder lightly as he passed by and said,

“Let’s catch up later.”

Kim Changhwan turned around with a look of disappointment seeing Nangong pass by.

Yet, he did not voice any complaints.

No, he couldn’t.


The massive barrier erected at the end of the harbor spoke.

“What is that…?”

What he initially thought was a harbor sculpture turned out to be not made by humans.

Thud, thud, thud, tromp…!!!

The barrier began to split open.

A rock-formed head appeared, and as if it were a child’s transforming robot toy, the structure of the barrier morphed into a gigantic statue.


The statue trembled, then slowly began to rise to its waist.

“Iron Golem.”

Nangong remarked, looking at the colossal demon that seemed to surpass 5 meters.

“Is that the boss monster?”

“No, that’s just a minion. While there’s only one boss, that thing is also summoned in Gunsan and Daegu.”

“What should we do? What about the other places…?”

Kim Changhwan asked with a trembling voice.

“We have to destroy it to save the others. If one of the three sentries is destroyed, a boss monster will spawn there.”

“Then we must hurry. But I’m not sure if my bullets will penetrate that monster…”

Kim Changhwan’s voice trailed off as he eyed the golem covered in what looked like thick steel armor.

Thud, thud, thud…!!

As the golem walked, the ground shook as if there were an earthquake.


The creature looked down at them as if viewing insignificant beings.


In a sudden move, Nangong threw his sword with all his might, hitting the golem’s head with a loud crash.

“If it doesn’t work, make it work.”

* * *

“…Demons summoned on the continent?”

Back at the barracks, Alek Troman frowned upon hearing Hanson’s report.

The hunting in the Red Zone had been going smoothly until now.

As soon as they passed through the portal, the Alliance’s soldiers swiftly established a base and quickly exterminated the goblins that had been summoned there.

After clearing the goblins, the alert for the second summoning rang out.

As expected, it was the lizardmen, and the experienced hunters easily subdued them.

The outcome of two battles was satisfying.

The items dropped by the demons of the Red Zone were all of higher quality than before.

Moreover, they received a significantly larger number of runes.

For them, the Red Zone was an excellent opportunity to grow stronger.

The only regret was having to share it with other forces.

“What’s the situation?”

“Demons summoned across the continent are wyverns, they say. They’re medium-class demons and appear to be not easy to deal with, unlike before.”

“That’s odd. Weren’t we told the next creatures in the Red Zone would be orcs?”

The demons summoned in the Red Zone were somewhat of a rehearsal for the ones to be summoned later.

That’s why experiencing more demons there would be beneficial to clear those that would actually appear in the cities.

“The creatures summoned now might be separate from the fourth gate.”

“We’ve always thought that the Red Zone was the manifestation of the third gate… But perhaps the Red Zone was just a part.”

At Johanna’s words, Alek’s expression grew grim.

“To create an island of demons and in addition, summon them on the continent as well… They aim to strike both sides.”

“It’s the result of premature complacency.”

“It’s pointless to discuss right from wrong now. How’s the situation with Den Haul?”

“It seems they’re preparing to evacuate after receiving the report. Shouldn’t we hurry too?”

At that moment,

the door to the barracks opened, and a member of the Universe Clan saluted Alek and shouted,

“Just now, we received footage from England.”

He handed Alek the tablet.



As the video played, a horrific scene unfolded before them.

“Is this, this wyvern?”

“This is on a different level than the demons we’ve faced so far.”

The enormous wyverns on the screen made them feel disconcerted, unlike the smaller goblins or lizardmen that were merely human-sized.

“The Serpent was several times larger than this.”

“But that was…”

Johanna bit her tongue, unable to finish in front of the subordinates. She couldn’t openly say that it was Nangong who had defeated the Serpent.


Just then,

the satellite phone on the table rang.

“Aira Michel? So you haven’t evacuated yet.”

‘Well, the relief organization STW isn’t really operating on national support, so it makes sense.’

Alek thought she might share his sentiments.

Could they really stop the wyverns seen in the footage, given the current situation?

Even if they could, the damage would undoubtedly be severe.

Death awaits the misinformed.


But here, they could become stronger.

Even the items dropped by mere goblins were of magic grade. If they could survive long enough to face even the third wave of orcs…

However, as time passed, the city would surely suffer.

Not just England, but the full support of European nations had been behind him, making it hard for him to decide.

“This is Alek.”

He said in a soft voice.


But at that moment, Aira Michel’s words from the other end of the phone brought a smirk to his face.


Unlike his earlier concern, after hanging up the phone, he seemed rather content.

“Alek, what did you discuss?”


Johanna shuddered slightly, feeling a cold sensation, and asked.

“It’s nothing.”

However, Alek coldly said to her,

“Just a consensus for the future.”

* * *


In the standoff with the Iron Golem,

Nangong frowned slightly, watching the drones buzzing overhead in such a precarious situation.

“Who would fly these things around right now?”

“It’s not from the military. Must be civilians.”

Kim Changhwan glanced at the few drones fluttering precariously and commented.

“Didn’t they order everyone to evacuate?”

“Who knows? Some people seem desperate to die.”


He aimed his gun.

“Should I take them down?”

“Forget it. Save your ammunition.”

Nangong kept his eyes on the golem as he spoke.

“Do you still have yields?”

“Yes. Other than the one I bought, I haven’t used any…”

At Changhwan’s reply, Nangong nodded as if confirming something.

“You’ve been handling yourself well.”

“Could use some help here.”


Nangong tossed something to the nonchalant man.

“There’s gun gear in the Yaksha bundle… but nothing there suits you well, so use this instead.”

“What’s this?”

Changhwan stared at the small pill resting on his palm.

Numbering 8891.

Name: Owl’s Eyeball

Grade: Magic (Highest)

▶ The eyeball of an owl, known to see the furthest distances.

▶ After consumption, vision expands for 30 minutes.

“Give yourself some time to adapt in hiding, then come out when you’re ready.”

Nangong instructed as Changhwan swallowed the pill.


In that instant, a few drones nearby exploded into pieces.

“That should be enough.”

“Didn’t I tell you to conserve ammo?”

“It won’t happen again.”

Nangong, reloading his magazine, looked at Changhwan with an expression that was a mix of amusement and disbelief.

‘Taking the Owl’s Eyeball broadens the field of vision drastically. When I first took it, I struggled to adapt…’

Despite having no powers, Kim Changhwan’s confidence to fight was due to his own monstrous abilities.

“Remember Task Force L?”

“Operation with the Germans? When we caught the armed groups in Rwanda?”

“Right. Remember the codename?”


At Nangong’s prompt, Kim Changhwan immediately nodded, understanding his intent.

“Typical of you. Facing that monster on your own to buy time. I’ll find a good position.”

Changhwan pointed to his eyes.

“I’ll take accurate shots, so count on me.”

“What are you talking about?”

But Nangong abruptly changed the subject.

“I gave you that to scope out an escape route.”


Seeing his expression, Changhwan asked uncertainly.

“The bait is you.”

It was just like Nangong.


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