The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 78

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 78: The Third Monster Wave Hits Globally!

-A Dimensional Assault of Massive Scale!!

-Chaos and Fear…

-Wasn’t the Red Zone the End?!

Emergency evacuation orders have been issued in major cities around the world, and already, several cities have fallen to monsters and turned to ruins.

-15 seconds before entering the city center.

-All escorting flights disperse to clear the path.


As the transmission ended, the 122nd Squadron of F-15Ks dispatched from Daegu spread out around the transport helicopters flying through the air.


Missiles launched from the fighters intercepted the wyverns in front of them in a coordinated strike.



With a deafening roar, the helicopter carrying Nangong drastically shook from the impact.


The pilot gripped the controls with both hands, exerting all his strength.


The helicopter, regaining control, began to spray bullets from its machine gun.


The approaching wyverns shattered the glass windows of surrounding buildings with their bullets.

“Hu, huak!!”

Despite the deafening noise, the wyverns, with their thick scales, ignored the bullets and opened their massive jaws towards the helicopter.

The pilot unconsciously clenched his eyes shut.


That’s when it happened.


A wyvern splitting vertically in half dropped its torn flesh to both sides of the helicopter.


The pilot was horrified to see shadowy figures made of black smoke slaughter the wyverns around the helicopter.

“That should be enough.”

Nangong’s low voice was clearly heard amidst the intense noise.



When the helicopter door opened, a harsh wind rushed in.

“Are the second-monster Lizardmen summoned in the Red Zone now? What’s the situation?

-Captain Kang Ho-joon reports that the alliance and clans are in a standoff with the monsters around the three safe zones created on the island.

“How long has it been since they’ve been summoned?”

-They were summoned at 4:30 AM today. That was 3 hours and 20 minutes ago.

Nangong nodded slowly at the voice of Park Hyo-ju coming from the receiver in his ear.

Beep- Beep beep-

He adjusted his goggles and reset the timer on his wristwatch.

‘Seven hours after the Lizardmen are summoned, the boss monster Serpent will appear.’


As he started the timer, the numbers began to count down.

‘By now, the Red Zone and the rest of the world will know about the monsters’ summons.’

Some personnel deployed to the Red Zone were likely to return to protect their cities.

Regardless of the importance of conquering the Red Zone, it’s not more critical than their countries fading away.

Therefore, it was crucial whether the three Revelators, including Aleks Trauman, would leave the Red Zone.

‘If all three of them have returned, the manpower remaining in the Red Zone will not be enough.’

Of course, Nangong’s party, including Choi Myunghoon and Kang Hojoon, remained in the Red Zone.

But for their small group, finding the real boss of the Red Zone, Maul, was already a difficult task.

What if the Serpent were to be summoned in addition to the current chaos?

It was highly likely that not only the continent but also the Red Zone would turn into complete pandemonium.

3 hours and 40 minutes.

That was the time allotted to Nangong.


Nangong threw himself out of the helicopter.


The pilot was shocked at the sight.


Witnessing Nangong jumping without a parachute from several kilometers high, he was at a loss for words and pulled the controls with all his strength.

* * *


Falling from the sky, Nangong looked back. [Kieeek!]

[Kaak! Kaak!! Kyaaak!!]

Dozens of wyverns, as if trying to snatch prey, folded their wings and chased after him.


Nangong tucked his legs toward his chest and started spinning, slowing down, allowing the wyverns to quickly close the distance.

That’s when it happened.


Asgar, summoned behind Nangong, swung his massive axe at the head of a wyvern rushing towards him.


Its head was split in two.


Simultaneously, soul soldiers appeared beneath Nangong’s feet, and he used their extended hands to leap up like a stepping stone.

Pang! Pang! Pang!!!

The soul soldiers appeared and disappeared in all directions, and Nangong began to ascend in a zigzag pattern.


He planted his sword into the neck of the decapitated wyvern and leaped onto its body.



The wyvern, hitting the ground, bounced a few times and then skidded across the ground for several meters, unable to withstand the impact.


Nangong slowly descended from the carcass of the mushed wyvern, taking off his goggles and sliding his hand across his forehead.


The cold air struck his face, but beads of sweat glistened on his face in the midst of tension.

“Did I drift from the airport?”

His eyes settled on a building made of transparent glass.

It was the Posco History Museum in Park1538, near Pohang New Port.

The building was intact, suggesting that this area had not yet been hit by the attacks.

It was fortunate in a way.

Since the summoned monsters were wyverns, most stayed aloft, resulting in less damage on the ground.

Bang! Bang!! Boom!!

But that didn’t mean it was safe. Buildings that had been intact moments ago now shattered into pieces.


The dozens of wyverns that followed him landed and glared at him with their wings folded.


But at that moment, a barrage of gunfire stopped the wyverns in their tracks as they walked toward Nangong.

-Landing zone confirmed!!

-Starting to cover.

As Nangong turned his head, tactical vehicles firing armor-piercing shells rushed to his position and halted in front of him.

“Victory! We will escort you to Pohang New Port.”

The vehicle’s door opened, and a sergeant inside reached out to him with a salute.

“I don’t need an escort. Now it’s time to withdraw your forces. Save the lives of the people.”

“The forces have already dispersed to assist with the evacuation of the citizens. Our orders are to support you up to the harbor.”

“The lives of people I speak of include you as well.”

Startled by Nangong’s words, the sergeant’s shoulder flinched, but then he spoke firmly.

“That’s why we are fulfilling our duty as soldiers. To protect more citizens’ lives and even our comrades’, it is necessary for you, Mr. Nangong, to break through this swarm of monsters.”

“You’re not capable of dealing…”

Before Nangong could finish speaking in frustration, he stopped himself.

They wouldn’t listen anyway. They’d resolved themselves.

That determined gaze.

“Sometimes it’s better to witness it firsthand.”


Nangong grabbed the sergeant’s hand and climbed aboard the vehicle, muttering in a low voice.

-All units, initiate maintaining firing range!

-Block all routes to the harbor! Artillery battalions start firing at the wyverns from the designated positions!

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!!

The marines of the 1st Marine Division moved in unison as fire erupted from the tanks.


The vehicle bearing Nangong sped off with all its power.

‘…It’s different.’

Seeing the soldiers desperately fighting in various places, he thought.


On this day in his previous life, they must have fought desperately too. But there was a difference in their eyes: not the thrashing of despair, but a stronger will to win the war against monsters.

And knowing that hope lies in himself, Nangong gripped his sword tighter.


A wyvern burst through the bushes onto the road in front of the speeding tactical vehicle.


The driver hurriedly turned the steering wheel.

Screech!!! Boom!!

The vehicle narrowly stopped, but as the wyvern rammed its head into it, Nangong’s tactical vehicle flipped over and rolled onto the road.

“Be, be careful!!”

A sergeant inside shouted unsteadily.


Crackle… Crackling…

The unconscious driver in the overturned vehicle.


The sergeant glimpsed around through the blood running down his forehead, despite the faint moan.


He aimed his rifle.


But astonishingly, the wyverns that had attacked them were nowhere to be seen.


Nangong, standing on the butchered wyverns, tore off the vehicle’s door.

Soul soldiers keeping watch.

“Please step out.”


‘I ended up being saved instead of helping.’

The sergeant realized that the battle he was experiencing was incomparable to anything he’d faced before.

“Now you understand. There’s nothing you can do to help me in this situation.”

Thump! Thump! Thuump–!!!

Wyverns began to descend from the sky again.


Even he, a veteran of brutal training, couldn’t help but stiffen up upon the gaze of the giant beasts.


However, with such monsters before him, Nangong aimed his sword calmly.

“This fight is beyond human realms.”

“…But I’ll still fight with you!”

The sergeant said with a trembling voice.

“Don’t you get it? You’re just a burden. If you want to be helpful, buy some potions from the Mobile Head Market and hand them over.”


The sergeant’s face contorted at Nangong’s sharp words.

“Courage is commendable, but you only have one life. If you can’t even protect your own life, it’s right for you to go back.”

Nangong looked at him.

Honestly, he was glad to see his determination to fight together.

In his past life, even the military had lost their will amidst the sudden monster attacks, let alone the ordinary citizens.

‘I don’t want to break his spirit too much, but…’

It was still too soon.

Fighting monsters with a gun was like throwing eggs at a rock.

‘Soon the Night of Summoners will open.’

By then, more Heads could be collected, and effective weapons could be purchased.


It was at that moment.

The eyeball of the wyvern blocking the way burst as if hit by something.

Even the hard-scaled beast couldn’t protect its eyes.


-Turn to the collapsed wall on your left.

Despite the dire circumstances, a languid voice sounding somewhat drained reached Nangong’s ears.

‘This voice is…’

Nangong immediately recognized the owner of the voice.

The sole sniper of Unit 711.

‘Kim Chang-hwan.’


At that moment, for some reason, it seemed as if he could hear the sound of a bullet being loaded behind the receiver.


Wailing in pain, the wyvern began to thrash.

Whist-!! Whish–!!!!

However, another shot came flying past, piercing through the other eye of the wyvern.

Thump! Thuummmp…

Those blinded began to sway erratically, colliding with each other and eventually entangling and biting each other.

“This can’t be…”

The sergeant muttered in disbelief as he watched the wyverns fall.

-Human strength is not just brute force.

He heard Chang-hwan’s voice.

-711 taught you that, didn’t it, hyung?

Nangong smiled bitterly at his words.

-I will provide direct support up to Dock 6.

The wyverns around him had all been neutralized and fallen.

Purely by human strength.

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