The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 77

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 77: The Universe Clan of Alex Traman, Smoothly Sailing Through the Red Zone! Defeating the First Monster, Goblins! Now Clashing with Lizardmen…

– Dan Howell of the USA, Successfully Establishing a Base! Swiftly Joining the Offensive, He Declares His Intent to Annihilate the Lizardmen!

– The Remarkable Healing Abilities of STW’s Director, Eira Michelle! People Start Referring to Her as a Saint…

A week had passed since the Red Zone opened.

“Goblins exterminated in just a week… Faster than I thought.”

Namgung muttered softly, reading the latest updates on the offensive.

“In my previous life, everyone was so busy fighting each other for territory and monsters…”

Though Eira Michelle had always been neutral, it was surprising how smoothly Alex Traman’s and Dan Howell’s forces were cooperating in hunting the monsters of the Red Zone.

“Could this also be because of me?”

Namgung smirked bitterly at his own thought.

Both understood that this was not the time for infighting.

With a common enemy to defeat, they had formed an unspoken alliance.

The public enemy.

Well, it wasn’t so bad.

He had no particular feelings about becoming the villain.

Especially if it could make them stronger in the Red Zone.

“Preparations are complete.”

Park Hyoju entered as the door opened.

“All troops have been positioned, and you can go straight to the airport by helicopter.”

She looked tired, having been quite busy these past few days.

“What about the warnings regarding the invasion?”

“We warned other countries that monsters might exist outside the Red Zone. Suggested they should fortify their defenses…”

“They’ve ignored it, haven’t they?”

At Namgung’s question, she looked embarrassed.

“Everyone’s attention is on the Red Zone… But it seems we only got a reply from Iceland.”


‘Kuhfran must have wielded influence there.’

Namgung nodded to Park Hyoju’s words.

“After today.”

He stood up.

“They won’t be able to ignore us any longer.”

Thump, thump, thump…

Namgung boarded the helicopter.

“We’re taking off.”

The airport in Seongnam was bustling with fighter jets unlike usual.

“To Pohang.”

While everyone was caught up in euphoria, he was already starting the battle.

* * *

“What’s all this suddenly?”

“People were installing fences recently and now the military’s setting up camp?”

“It’s always unnecessary stuff. Everyone’s busy with the Red Zone…”

“They should be focusing on the offensive instead of this.”

Seeing the military deployment from Pohang New Port to the airport, passersby murmured in discontent.

“This area is part of the operation. You should have received a message. Please return home immediately.”

The soldiers warned the onlookers.

Yet, the people’s gazes at the soldiers were far from friendly.

“What operation… What are they trying to do now?”

“Wasting money for nothing… In times like these, what’s the use of the military? Unless it’s for the apocalypse.”

They couldn’t express it openly, but their grumbling was filled with dissatisfaction.


But then, a deafening sound of fighter jets tore through the sky.

People instinctively sensed something was wrong as they saw the jets and warships approaching from over the horizon.

“Shall we go home?”

“That seems best. There’s nothing to see here…”


At that moment, everyone looked at their phones, chiming in unison.

As emergency disaster messages flashed, advising them to stay indoors, people scattered without a second thought.

“People are unbelievable… They only listen after a crisis hits.”

“But is it true? Are the monsters really emerging?”

“Who knows? I’m just a soldier. I do as I’m told, even if it’s to die.”

“Though I’d rather not die if told to.”


Watching the dispersing civilians, two soldiers exchanged a weary laugh.

“Did you get the order? It’s support for the front lines. Be careful, it’s a solo mission.”


Nodding, the slim-looking man seemed pale, as if he hadn’t seen much sunlight.

“Contacted the armory. Take whatever equipment you need.”

“Yeah, got it.”

With a lack of enthusiasm and sullen eyes, he waved his hand and took steps forward.


Looking up at the roaring engines of the fighter jets above, he commented,

“What perfect weather.”

The nametag on the loose military uniform read “Kim Chang-hwan.”


Suddenly, the sky changed color.

It darkened as if the sun had vanished, and Kim Chang-hwan’s eyes sharpened.

Something was wrong.

The dark sky wasn’t caused by the sun.


It was filled with monsters.

* * *

Washington D.C.

The city, gradually recovering from past horrors, regained semblance to daily life.

“After Dan Howell conquers the Red Zone, do you think we’ll be able to visit?”

“Right. It’d be great if it turned into a tourist spot.”

The faces of people passing through Lafayette Park seemed to have a glimmer of hope.


Suddenly, the world’s tallest existing obelisk and the Washington Monument in the park appeared to be hit by a bolt of lightning as it collapsed with a thunderous noise.


“What? What’s that?!”

People below the monument started screaming, buried under the falling debris.


Once empty, the area in front of the Trevi Fountain was now crowded.


But the crowd wasn’t focused on the beautiful fountain.

“What’s this?”

As the sky turned dark as if it would rain, people stared at it with blank expressions.


A dropped coffee cup fell to the ground, splashing hot coffee in all directions.


Yet, scorched by the hot coffee, no one reacted.

Stunned faces.


Reacting only to the horrifying roars of monsters, they were frozen, unable to do anything.


“Ah, Aaaah!”

“Help me!”

People fled into the streets of London, panicked despite having faced the monsters twice before.

Complacency had set in with the orderly Red Zone offensive, leaving them unprepared for reality.



But unfounded hope often leads to greater despair.

Corpses began to pile up all around.

“S… sa… sa… Ahhhhh!!!”

A man’s screams echoed as he ran, only to be grabbed by the neck and yanked into the air by something from the shadows.


A vivid sound of bones being crunched reverberated from above.

Only severed arms and legs falling from the sky marked the man’s existence.


Wyverns, with huge wings and long necks, flew through the sky.

The wyvern that had devoured the man searched for more prey, still hungry.

“How many of them are there?”


The dispatched F-35 squad’s radio echoed with fear.

-Ready to fire.



As the missiles from the fighter jets sparked explosions among the wyverns, black flames erupted all around.

The heat filled the sky.


Some wyverns, charred black, plummeted to the ground amid the shock and their screams.

-Confirm if the strike was effective.

-Concentrate all firepower for the entire squadron.

-Roger. Preparing the second salvo…

But suddenly, a falling wyvern shook its head, opened its eyes, and swiftly closed the distance with a few flaps of its wings, snapping its jaws around the lead fighter jet.


All too quickly, one fighter jet was shredded apart.

-Alpha! Alpha!! Respond!!

There was no response from the fallen comrade.


An explosion erupted from the wyvern’s belly, still chewing on the fighter jet.

A missile had triggered inside the broken aircraft.


Unlike before, the wyvern with its belly blown open fell silently, lifeless to the ground.

[Alpha!!… Hanson!! Captain Hanson!! Hey, you bastard!!!]


The remaining four fighter jets veered, attempting to escape.

The response never came.

Destroyed alongside the wyvern’s corpse, the jet crashed to the ground, shattered.


However, the pilots had no time to mourn their comrade, as the wyverns tore at the squadron mid-turn.

“…This is footage from the recon drone!”

UK Parliament members urgently summoned to the Westminster Palace turned towards the monitor.

“This is inconceivable…”

The Chief of Defence Staff Carlson slumped into his chair, legs weak at the sight on the screen.

[Chomping sounds…Crunching sounds…]

Hearing the monsters’ cries, the ministers turned pale.

Suddenly, one haunting thought emerged in their minds.

‘…It’s all real.’

Buzz… Buzz…

Ring tone resonating in the conference room made the ministers exchange anxious glances.

“It’s Her Majesty the Queen.”

The pallid-faced Prime Minister passed the handset to Chief Carlson.

– Chief Carlson.


– I was informed about a document from Korea earlier, correct?

“That’s… yes.”

The Chief stuttered, uncertain of how to respond, but reluctantly acknowledged at the Queen’s question.

“…I apologize.”

Focusing solely on the benefits to be gained from further conquests by Alex Traman, they had been overly confident, dismissing the warning of monster assaults merely as jealousy from another country.


Warnings turned into reality.

-Are we capable of fending off the monsters with our remaining forces?

“With most awakened individuals heading to the Red Zone… we shall employ all available military units.”

-So in other words, it’s impossible.

“…We will do our best.”

The Chief’s reply left the Queen with a sigh of resignation.

-Is there no other way?

“If it’s similar to the previous monster wave… Perhaps hunting the boss monster might halt the summoning once again.”

-Can we immediately summon Alex Traman?

“We will attempt to make contact. However, reports indicate he has just finished dispatching the first goblins and is now facing the newly summoned lizardmen…”

Her words trailed off, her disappointment evident.

“We can only hope other nations not yet participating in the Red Zone manage to defeat the boss monster…”

-Ha… Is that a possibility?

“There is only one place that comes to mind.”

-And where would that be?

“A country that has hunted every single boss so far…”

The Chief reluctantly admitted with a grimace, his ambitions now making them distinct.

“…that country is Korea.”

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