The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 75

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 75 ▶ A new gate has opened.

▶ All participants can obtain numerous rewards at the new rest area of the Carnival.

▶ The Red Zone (赤色地帯) will soon be inaugurated.

▶ It is hoped that you will hunt monsters there and gain strength.

The pouring light began to form a shape. Although it was a distance invisible to the naked eye, the image of the Red Zone started to be engraved in the minds of those who saw the light.

“…It begins.”

Myeong-Hoon gripped the sword handed to him by Namgoong and slowly opened his eyes. It seemed that the information about the Red Zone had also been infused into his mind by now.

“Those blue pillars must be the portals leading to the Red Zone. Damned bastards… They rush us as if to tell us to go immediately; they’re disgustingly quick with their tasks.”

Portals allowing access to the Red Zone began to open throughout the city.

“A new area is available?”

“…This is an exclusive scoop.”

“Hurry and evacuate!!”

Journalists who had been swarming in front of the house until moments ago started to scatter one after the other.

“Anyways, since the information gets injected into our heads… What’s the point of writing an article?”

Ho-Jun, who came up from the basement stronghold, looked at the backs of the journalists with a contemptuous tone.

“Well, it might all be fruitless. Even if you rebuild the house, it’ll collapse again soon enough.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

Ho-Jun nodded in agreement with Namgoong’s words.


The basement door opened, and So-Min and Sung-Woo ran over.

“Are you here?”

“Yeah. How is everyone?”

Namgoong embraced So-Min as she darted into his arms and looked at Sung-Woo.


At that moment, he had a peculiar expression on his face.

Although it hadn’t been a week since they were separated, Sung-Woo seemed different, not downtrodden but brimming with confidence.

“You look alright. Was the training you received from Myeong-Hoon and Ho-Jun helpful?”

“Yes. They helped me a lot.”

“Brother. This kid, he’s something special. Take him with you someday.”


“See for yourself later. He might just be the most useful among us.”

Ho-Jun spoke with a meaningful expression.

“I’ll look forward to it.”


Sung-Woo responded to Namgoong’s words without hesitation.

‘He’s changed quite a bit.’

Up until now, there hadn’t been anyone around Sung-Woo who was stronger than himself.

He believed himself to be the best, but his self-confidence shattered upon meeting Namgoong and completely vanished when he arrived at the stronghold.

He was surrounded by people stronger than himself.

‘Children change quickly, but…’

It hadn’t been long since he’d brought them from Yeongjong Island, but the change was visible, much to Namgoong’s joy.

Then Sung-Woo nodded with a confident expression, unlike any he’d had before.

“There’ll come a time when I will ask for your help. Look forward to it.”


At Namgoong’s word, Sung-Woo replied with a voice full of confidence.

“You need to prepare firmly. Once the Red Zone opens, the activities of the revelators will begin in earnest.”

“Revelators… do we have to fight them?”

“If they interfere. Nine out of ten, that’s the case.”

Sung-Woo’s face paled, but as if nothing was wrong, Namgoong continued.

“So far, the monsters have been summoned to the city, so the remaining revelators were able to hunt quietly… But now that a new area has opened, they will inevitably have to emerge from the shadows.”

“Revelators gathered… clans and alliances of all sorts will aim for that place. It will be a true free-for-all.”

“The crucial part will be where Alex Trahman establishes his stronghold among the three safety zones. After all, his universe is the biggest at the moment.”

Starting in the UK and extending to France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and others… Alex Trahman recruited ability users from all over Europe to create the clan 【Universe】.

“He’s likely already in the Red Zone. Now that the information about the safety zones has been infused into his head.”

“That makes sense. Then should we take a position in one of the remaining two? It might be awkward with Alex.”

Myeong-Hoon inquired.

At his question, however, Namgoong shook his head from side to side.

“No. You’ll go to the place where he is.”

“Is that okay? If friction arises…”

“Do you remember what I told you before? About what to do in the Red Zone.”

“Hmmm… You said you would take something more important than the stronghold.”

“Right. Then someone else is needed to protect the stronghold. Given the current situation, could there be a shield as reliable as Alex Trahman?”

Namgoong answered with a satisfied expression, seeing that Myeong-Hoon remembered his words.

“When monsters are teeming in the Red Zone, people can only turn their eyes toward the safety zones. But they’re missing the core point because of that.”

“The core point?”

“We’ve already been through two gates. The conditions to close the gate will be the same for the third.”

“Hunting boss monsters.”

“Securing safety zones won’t clear the Red Zone.”

“Umm… Could we manage on our own? If it’s the third gate, the monsters might be even stronger than what we’ve faced so far.”

Myeong-Hoon’s expression carried a touch of self-doubt.

“That’s everyone’s misconception.”


“As time passes, they too will realize… but by then, it will be too late. Now is the only chance to hunt the boss.”

The Isle of Monsters, the Red Zone.

As time passed, a variety of monsters would be summoned in ceaseless waves.

“The first monster summoned will be goblins.”

Though they were the easiest monsters, the items dropped from hunting monsters in the Red Zone were far superior to anything before.

The place that seemed like a land of opportunity at first would soon fill those there with despair due to the increasing difficulty of monsters.

There was, however, something more important than that.

‘It must have been when the Minotaurs were summoned to the Red Zone.’

Boss Monster, Mooul.

It was then that the creature first revealed itself.

At the time, people were horrified by its identity.

A small physique.

An appearance that seemed frail.

However, that monster utterly crushed those who had grown a little too arrogant, thinking themselves stronger.

“The boss monster of the Red Zone is the goblin.”

“Goblins? You mean those small creatures that appeared when the first gate opened?”

“Yes. They are also the first monsters to be summoned in the Red Zone.”

“Could it be…”

“Yes. The boss monster is summoned alongside the goblins. And…”

Behind the scenes of the Red Zone.

“It’s not just humans who grow stronger.”

Simply hunting monsters wasn’t enough to end this place.

“Let them take whatever they want, safety zones, or whatever. You hunt Mooul before they waste their time.”

Before it grows stronger.

“Time Attack.”

That was the strategy to conquer the Red Zone.

“Brother, but why do you keep saying ‘you’? It’s as if you’re not coming with us.”

After listening to Namgoong’s words keenly, Myeong-Hoon slightly frowned and inquired.

“That’s right. I’m not going. You’ll tackle the Red Zone on your own.”

“What?! By ourselves? What about you?”


At that moment, Namgoong smiled mysteriously and said,

“I have to guard the house.”

* * *

“I’ve been informed about what happened on Yeongjong Island. It was a serious matter involving both Heaven’s Union and the Triad…”

“If you considered my efforts, wouldn’t it have been nicer if you had taken care of those reporters in advance?”

“Ha ha. I’m sorry about that.”

Looking out at the blue portal signaling the emergence of the Red Zone, Prime Minister Seo Jae-Wook let out an embarrassed laugh at Namgoong’s words.

“The situation is chaotic. In any case, an issue was necessary. South Korea, which has lost even the president, is a country inevitably fraught with unease for its citizens.”

He seemed to ask for understanding with his words, but Namgoong only looked at him coldly.

“Whether on purpose or not, you will become a target for many people.”

“Prime Minister, it seems you still haven’t grasped me properly from our last conversation. If you plan to use my daughter for politics, you will have to pay a price.”


The Prime Minister stopped smiling at Namgoong’s words.

“That would be beyond simply offering a position.”

“…I’ll take caution.”

“Don’t press too hard. The Prime Minister has even suggested that So-Min stay in a safe house away from the stronghold for the time being, in order not to cause her harm.”

It was then.

Namgoong turned his head towards a familiar voice.

“I’ll wait until father arrives; hence, I deployed the police. That too was an order from the Prime Minister.”

“The teachings of Koo-Phu-Ran must’ve been great, huh? Feeling a bit more confident? Speaking back to me the moment you see me, Park Hyo-Ju.”

He scrutinized her.

“Does that sound like I’m asking for a favor?”

Clearly more defined than before she left for Iceland, she had noticeably advanced.

“…My apologies.”

But as soon as his words dropped, she swallowed hard and lowered her head in fright.

Simply seeing Namgoong’s eyes felt as if solid chains were wrapping around and squeezing her entire body.

‘She has become stronger.’

Indeed, as he said, she had gained a bit of confidence when she returned from Iceland, but in the presence of Namgoong, she realized how trivial that confidence was.

“I’m disappointed in you. I expected more effective actions while you were indulging in self-praising.”

“I made a mistake.”

Perhaps because of the time they had spent together, Park Hyo-Ju, who thought she had gotten slightly closer to Namgoong, suddenly regretted her oversight.

‘So foolishly… Even though I knew he makes no compromises on matters involving his daughter.’

“Ahem, this time, I will have to defend team leader Park. Don’t be too harsh on her. She returned last night. She’s almost in the same situation as you, obtaining the information.”

“So, the responsibility lies with the Prime Minister after all—going forward as well.”

“Ha ha, I’ll pay attention.”

The Prime Minister nodded, once more taking to heart the implication of Namgoong’s response.

“Alright. Now, I presume you weren’t summoned just to discuss the Incheon incident. Let’s get straight to the point.”

“The reason I called you here is because of the third gate that opened, the Red Zone. Alex Trahman’s Universe clan has already taken a spot, and the other two are vacant… I’m thinking of dispatching a dedicated team with team leader Park at the forefront. What do you think? I want to hear your opinion.”

“Where do you plan to send her?”

“Considering we have to hunt monsters, it’s probably better to go somewhere other than where the Universe clan is. The competition will be less intense there, right?”

“I’m not going.”


At the Prime Minister’s words, Namgoong let out a slight laugh.

“Why don’t you just guard the house? How about that?”


“Comparing a just-formed dedicated team to the elites selected by Alex Trahman doesn’t make any sense. They are different, supported fully by Alex, not only with abilities but also with equipment. But what about our side? It’s nothing but certain death if we go in a half-baked state.”

“Your words are too harsh. So, should we simply play the role of house-guarding dogs and watch others grow stronger?”

The Prime Minister’s face hardened at his cool evaluation.

“Yes. Be the house-guarding dog. The team leader, more than anyone, knows how lacking the newly formed team members are.”

Namgoong turned to Park Hyo-Ju.

“One question for you. Does the Special Evil Unit have anyone on par with you?”

“There is none.”

“Alex Trahman is stronger than me. He’s the beloved of prominence. If you force them to go against his crew, I doubt they can survive a week.”

“That’s why I’m asking for your opinion. The powers from Europe and other major nations are steadily establishing their strongholds. Not engaging in the Red Zone now… wouldn’t we fall too far behind?”

The Prime Minister asked with a concerned expression.

“Don’t worry. I won’t go to the Red Zone either.”

“That, what does that mean…?”

Even the Prime Minister, along with Park Hyo-Ju, couldn’t hide their astonishment at Namgoong’s response.

“Sometimes it’s better to fall behind. Better that than die of greed.”


However, the Prime Minister seemed reluctant to accept this.

“There is no need to worry about falling behind. You can obtain something far more valuable here than the items from hunting monsters.”

“What is that?”

“Public opinion (輿論).”

“…Public opinion?”

“Sometimes words are scarier than the sword. Do you know why the powers are staking their lives on the Red Zone?”


The Prime Minister pondered his question for a while.

“To avoid being outmatched in recruitment?”

“That’s correct. Up until now, two boss monsters have been hunted in Korea. The world’s attention is on Korea. Therefore, they cannot help but be anxious.”

Namgoong looked at the two.

“But we are overlooking something.”

“What is that?”

“The prominence is never a benevolent being. Don’t trust the infused information. They always sting the heart of man with shallow wordplay.”

He spoke in a low voice.

“They gave us information when they opened the third hell gate. They said monsters would appear in the Red Zone. However, there’s one thing to note; they never said that monsters would appear only in the Red Zone.”


At his words, the Prime Minister looked stunned.

“Gunsan, Daegu, Pohang.”

Namgoong walked over to the map on the wall of the reception room and pointed out those places.

“Everyone will have similar thoughts. The Red Zone is a land of opportunity. And without exception, they will try to get there.”

Boom –

Park Hyo-Ju, unaware of her own movement, flinched at the trembling desk.

“But what if monsters appear in areas other than the Red Zone? In cities from which the strong have departed, there will hardly be anyone capable of dealing with the monsters.”

Gulp –

Park Hyo-Ju’s face turned pale.

“While squabbling over the shrinking Red Zone, the summoned monsters will destroy much larger cities and violate even more people.”

Anger was palpable in his eyes.

“Hunting in the Red Zone is meaningless if there’s no home to return to, right?”

He turned to her.

“Protecting the home, that’s what it means.”

To protect what’s most valuable.

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