The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 7

Episode 7: The Soul Resonance

With a deafening roar, Soul Detection Lv2 activates, surrounding Nangong with sympathetic souls. As the Eyes of the Soul Lv2 come into play, he slowly opens his eyes to witness hundreds of vibrant souls flickering before him like blazing flames. “This… I can make it work.” Grateful for any soul awakened by his call, he unknowingly clenches his fists tightly.

Soul Command Lv2 is now available, but the number of souls exceeds his command capacity, setting his summonable specters to 0/3. In the realm of the dead, the Revelator of the Seven Serpents shares similarities with Necromancers, who are known from the second opening of the Hellgate. However, unlike Necromancers who manipulate corpses, Revelators control solely souls, a distinction profoundly significant in the scope of their powers.

The surrounding souls seek to join him, offering the opportunity to absorb those uncommanded. Soul Absorption Lv2 becomes available, promising greater benefits from friendly souls. This marks a significant divergence from Necromancers, who, despite their ability to form legions with corpses, cannot enhance their powers through them. Nangong, however, experiences a different reality.

As the spirits of the martyrs seep into him, souls surge into his body like a wave erupting from the graves, overwhelming him with a myriad of emotions indicative of war itself. Despite surviving numerous battles over 25 years since the Hellgate opened, the memories within these souls strike his heart like a tidal wave. “Let’s fight,” he declares, lifting his head to see the once blurry figures of souls becoming vivid and distinct. Three souls, each in military uniforms from different eras, stand together as if time itself has converged.

Soul Command is successfully executed (3/3). Black smoke envelops the spirits, morphing their faces with grey masks and replacing their uniforms with pitch-black armor. “Different forms?” Nangong recalls his past life’s experiences, where summoned souls retained their living appearances. Yet, now they stand saluting with one arm across their chest, reminiscent of knights loyal to their lord.

In an instant, the three soul soldiers disperse and eliminate the rampaging goblins with swift sword strikes. “No, it’s not just the appearance that’s different.” Nangong instinctively knows the power he wields now far surpasses the necromancy he learned from Choi Hwisoo in his past life. The movements of the soul soldiers seem entirely connected to his will, a sense of unity he had never felt before.

But there’s no time for admiration. Nangong draws his executioner’s sword from his belt, cutting down an approaching goblin. “You’ve hunted a goblin. You’ve earned a qualification. Survive until midnight. A designated representative from the clan will find you when it’s midnight.” Notifications appear before him, indicating that the assistance from the soul soldiers does not count towards this achievement. “Midnight, huh?” He checks his watch, with about 9 hours left. “We must hurry,” he thinks, ready to enact his final plan in this great battle.

“Take this,” Nangong tosses his sword to Myunghoon, who catches it with a surprised expression. “Brother! How can we manage with this?!” “It’s not about fitting the situation. It’s about survival. Never let go of the sword.” As chaos ensues, Myunghoon grips the executioner’s sword, nodding in understanding that escape is now the priority.

“Remember, if your mind wavers, the sword will consume you. It’s too much for you to handle at this moment.” The sword’s handle begins to emit a red energy, encircling Myunghoon’s arm, proving Nangong’s warning. Myunghoon grimaces at the prickling sensation but instinctively strikes down an attacking goblin, cleanly bisecting it.

“Still got it. You wouldn’t have become a berserker. The teacher would’ve been pleased.” “That’s enough. I’ve put down the sword long ago. But I did serve in the military,” Myunghoon responds with a bitter smile, once a promising swordsman. “But brother, something just appeared in front of me…”

“Your first hunting achievement. You’ve now stepped into hell. This is where the real challenge begins.” Nangong can’t see it, but he roughly guesses what Myunghoon is pointing at. The adventure into the depths of this new and perilous world has just begun.

“Starting? That sounds terrible,” Myunghoon remarked, a hint of apprehension in his voice.

“Yes, I’ve mentioned something similar to you before,” Nangong replied, a serious undertone in his voice.

“What do you mean?” Myunghoon asked, puzzled.

“Never mind for now. Let’s focus on cleaning up this mess. There are still many goblins around,” Nangong diverted the topic towards their immediate concern, indicating the pressing need to deal with the goblin threat.

“Understood. You mean to save the people, right?” Myunghoon asked, his eyes shining with determination even amidst the crisis.

“Yes,” Nangong answered without hesitation, his resolve clear. However, his motivation was not solely driven by altruism; there were benefits he aimed to gain from this ordeal.

“The first hunt after the Hellgate opens is crucial,” Nangong thought to himself, recognizing it as a gateway of sorts. Though seemingly insignificant, the goblins had been the most lethal monsters since the Hellgate’s opening, mercilessly preying on the unarmed and unprepared. Surviving the initial goblin wave could attract the Celestials’ attention, but mere survival was not enough. Interest had to be piqued by any means necessary, as the Celestials valued their curiosity over the dichotomy of good and evil. Those who stood out might even receive a fraction of the Celestials’ power.

“The most reliable way to garner attention in the chaos following the Hellgate’s opening is by slaying more monsters than anyone else,” Nangong contemplated, acknowledging this as a straightforward yet effective strategy. However, only the Observer of the Sun and Moon, known for its benevolence towards humans, might show interest. The boon likely to be received could enhance physical abilities, a decent benefit in the early stages but potentially ambiguous as the journey progressed. After a year, survivors could acquire artifacts and ingredients to boost their physical abilities, diminishing the boon’s significance.

“Surviving until then is the real challenge,” he mused, aware that only a third of the current survivors might make it through the first year. “It’s better to die strong than to live as the weak,” a stark reality in this brutal new world. Venturing into higher realms required risk-taking, a truth Nangong was prepared to face.

“The path forward splits depending on the first steps taken. To capture the attention of the other Celestials beyond the Observer…” Nangong realized achieving more than just slaying goblins was necessary.

“Let’s go,” he said, prompting Myunghoon to nod in agreement.

“Everyone, evacuate!” Myunghoon shouted, brandishing his sword courageously as he began to assist the people against the goblins. Nangong admired his spirit, “Even without me, you’d make a great clan leader.”

As they fought, Nangong silently vowed, “My power will never shine brightly. I’ll leave leading the people to you,” while ensuring his own reign remained shrouded in darkness. His absorbed souls lent him strength, allowing his blunt sword to effortlessly cleave through a goblin’s skull.

“It should be time,” Nangong thought, scanning the dwindling goblin numbers. His presence in the chaos of Daejeon served multiple purposes, beyond recruiting Myunghoon and acquiring souls. When Myunghoon adeptly dodged and countered the goblins, Nangong sensed the moment had arrived.

“What’s this, brother? Can you see it too?” Myunghoon inquired, confusion evident on his face.

“What is it?” Nangong asked.

“It says to hunt the Goblin Lord? Is that it?” Myunghoon revealed the new objective appearing before them.

“World Boss,” Nangong muttered, a term signifying a monumental challenge that emerges with each opening of the Hellgate. The Goblin Lord, the boss of the first Hellgate, had eluded defeat for a long time, primarily because the second Hellgate opened before it could be slain. The monster population surged, and even notable warriors found the Lord challenging to defeat. The presence of the Goblin Lord significantly increased the goblin numbers, making them the most lethal monsters.

“Facing the fortress head-on is a disadvantage. We strike before it fortifies its defenses,” Nangong strategized, aware of the difficulties in battling the Goblin Lord’s stronghold. The reasons behind the World Boss’s appearance in Korea first remained unknown, as their spawning locations seemed random post-Hellgate opening.

“But if this life mirrors my past, I’ll know where they respawn,” he thought, recognizing the opportunity to preemptively confront the World Boss.

“Let’s go,” Nangong declared, stepping forward into a crucial battle that could define their fate in this chaotic new world.

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