The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Whooooosh—!!!

A faint wind blew inside the tent, gradually intensifying into a powerful gale. Yet strangely, the tent’s fabric did not flutter. Inside the tent, as if the exterior world was a different realm altogether, a fierce whirlwind whipped into being.

“Remarkable… I’ve never seen such a powerful maelstrom before, and yet, it perfectly divides the two realms. That child’s talent is unspeakable.”

Roxanne clicked her tongue as she watched Somin within the vortex.

“Namgung, what exactly is your daughter’s identity? Even the magicians of the British Magic Council would not have such ability.”

“Because she’s my daughter. She shouldn’t be compared to those low-levels.”

“…Doting parents, I see.”

At his response, she shook her head in disbelief.


Slowly opening her eyes, Somin exhaled a deep breath, her tension seemingly released.

“The fusion of souls isn’t perfect yet, but it has stabilized. With continued and consistent training, there will be significant progress.”

“Thank you! Teacher!”

“Hohoho, amusing. In all my years, I never took on a disciple, and now I’ve acquired two such extraordinary apprentices late in my life.”

Coughran gently patted Somin’s head, seemingly pleased with her words.


He turned his gaze to Park Hyo-joo, who was sitting cross-legged in the corner of the tent.

“The spirits sing joyfully. There must be good resonance between us. That lady possesses qualities no less impressive than Somin’s.”

“Pfft, old man. You’ve never smiled like that at me.”

“That’s because you have no talent in Druidism. Yet you’ve become an oracle… Someone who should be accepting destiny trying to create it – it’s only natural I wouldn’t look upon you favorably.”

“The Great being chose me, not you. That means my talents far surpass.”

“No, it’s probably because you’re easy to manipulate. You’re simple-minded.”


Coughran and Roxanne, who had been together for the past several days, bickered every day as if they had never been apart.

“It’s a nice sight to behold. I never thought Roxanne would come to meet Coughran again.”

“Indeed. I thought their relationship turned sour after she was ousted for lack of talent.”

“Roxanne, lacking in talent? Haha, Namgung. You have it all wrong.”

“I know. She is outstanding as a Tamer. But Druids need to wield the power of spirits.”

Mus laughed and shook his head at Namgung’s words.

“No. The reason she left has nothing to do with Druidism.”

“What do you mean?”

“Druidism is a lineage of single succession (一人傳承). The high priests and disciples may serve many, but only one can become a Druid.”

He looked at Roxanne.

“To inherit the power of the Druids, gained through the ascetic journey of past Druids, one must receive the Druid’s Tears.”

“No way…”

“Yes. To pass on the Druid’s Tears, the predecessor must lay down their life. Roxanne left on her own because she hated that.”

‘Was I wrong?’

Namgung had not considered such a past between them. He had merely thought of her as an unscrupulous murderer who blinded by ambition had killed Coughran.

“…I see.”

Namgung again began to see her in a new light. It wasn’t just to weaken Alec’s power, but also the genuine concern of integrating her into his faction.

‘Druids have deep connections with shamans. If I bring Roxanne into our fold, we could link with African forces…’

Against his intent, the cautious expansion of his growing power was inevitable. Currently, only those who followed him and those he trusted surrounded him, but as the number of people increased, so would those motivated by profit over loyalty.

‘Those driven by profit easily betray.’

This is why he chose not to step forward and instead remain behind the scenes.


At that moment…

Park Hyo-joo, who had been lost in meditation while seated in the lotus position, was suddenly surrounded by a loud noise and a gust of wind.


Caught off guard, Park Hyo-joo’s eyes widened as she looked around herself.

“Hoh, this is extraordinary.”

Different from the psychic storm Somin had generated, the wind swirling around her was pure, elemental wind.

[Titter… ]

From somewhere, it seemed like a laugh echoed.

“Could this be…”

Namgung quickly scanned the surroundings.

“Right. She must have summoned a spirit.”

Mus, looking intrigued and uncharacteristically emotional for his size, clasped his hands and observed her.

“It’s been so long since I heard such a clear voice of a spirit… Looks like I was right. This isn’t a power bestowed by a higher being, but her own ability.”

Coughran gazed at Park Hyo-joo.

The winds swirling around her slowly took form, revealing the figure of a small doll-like girl.

“To succeed in manifesting (有形化) a spirit…”

Roxanne gazed in awe at the windswept spirit floating about her.

“In just under a week… She really might cause an upheaval.”

“You saw it too.”

“Of course. I am… a Druid after all.”

Namgung’s words made her hesitate before replying.

“Spirit Water (精靈水).”

“What? It’s so expensive that I can’t even think of buying it right now… It was something on the inventory list of my clan that I had been eyeing.”

She nodded, confirming.

“It enhances affinity with spirits and allows one to form contracts with higher spirits.”

The price was a whopping one million heads.

Considering that even elixirs that could restore one from near death were priced at 400,000 heads, despite being a consumable item, the price was undoubtedly staggering.

“What matters is that it allows for a contract with a higher spirit. And that is a certainty.”

Roxanne spoke excitedly to Park Hyo-joo, who marveled at the wind spirit floating around her.

“If she uses the Spirit Water…”

“She might be able to form a contract with a higher spirit.”

“Your nonchalance is annoying, Namgung. You have no idea how incredible this could be.”

As if personally invested, she spoke in an excited tone.

“The world just got a little more interesting.”

Namgung, too, slowly nodded in agreement with her words.

* * *

Murmur – Murmur –

Sebit Island was swarming with people from all over the country.

“When does it start?”

“Can I join Alec Troman’s clan if I sign a contract?”

“Haha, that’s a good joke. Do you think you can make it, looking all like a goblin out there? Just watch, I’m going to be the one signing a contract. Don’t die out there.”

“Shut up. Take care of yourself.”

In this commotion, some people chatted and laughed, while others,

“…May your name be sanctified….”


Prayed desperately as if on the brink of death.

The atmosphere was a study in contrasts.

“Wow, how many people are here? There must be thousands, right? Can we even enter the island…?”

“It seems like the government’s emergency notice did nothing.”

Arriving at Sebit Island, Hojun and Myunghoon were stunned by the crowd.

“This seems relatively managed.”


Unlike the two men, Namgung answered calmly, looking over the crowd.

Before coming from Iceland, he had informed the prime minister, through Park Hyo-joo, about the dangers of the auction. He could not reveal he was a regressor but instead claimed to have found clues in the rewards obtained from hunting a world boss.

‘It’s unavoidable.’

He knew the auction rules and what would befall those people, but there wasn’t a way to fully stop it either. If the government tried to suppress it, it would only cause greater backlash; even if he revealed himself as a regressor, it was unlikely anyone would have believed him.

‘Ultimately, the choice is theirs to make.’

Namgung wasn’t about to live their lives for them.

‘No need for regrets.’

He steeled his resolve and gripped Somin’s hand firmly next to him.

He, too, had made his choice.

“Go back now. It’s about to start, and it’d be troublesome if you were caught up in this.”

“Understood, big brother.”

“Somin, wait for me. We’ll see each other soon.”

[Everyone be silent.]

Right then, as the group was about to leave the island, the sky warped and the Yachas appeared as though they had been waiting.

Having experienced their might before, the previously rowdy crowd instantly fell silent upon their appearance.

[Hmmm… 3,982 people… Fewer than I expected, but still enough for an auction.]

The one standing in front of the Yachas had a face slightly less broad than Gyu-ryu.

‘The First Rank of Hyun-ryu.’

Gyu-ryu’s rival and currently the strongest among the Yacha tribe.

[Now, let’s discuss the auction rules. As you all know, our jurisdiction is not limited to this place. We oversee many countries in Asia. Needless to say, this auction is also being conducted in other nations.]

Looking down at the participants, he spoke as if he were looking at those beneath him.

It wasn’t the demeanor of someone seeking to make a contract. It seemed more like he was choosing toys to play with.

[Also, other tribes will similarly select their candidates through an auction within each city.]


Hyun-ryu extended his hand, and a gigantic holographic map of Sebit Island materialized overhead.

[Only two candidates will be chosen from each tribe. Korea, Japan, China… Well, it means only two from all participants in the countries we oversee.]

“Wait a sec…! How many participants are there exactly?”

Someone raised their hand to ask, but then immediately covered their mouth with a horrified expression and started shivering.

[Good question. I was going to tell you that anyway. Don’t shake; not dying. You wouldn’t win the favor of our tribe with such a display.]

Hyun-ryu replied to the man with a pleasant face.

[The total number of participants is 79,311.]



He smiled as if enjoying the reaction.

“Is that for real? Among over 70,000 people, only 2 are to be chosen?”

“Damn, that’s ridiculous!”

“I… I wanna leave!”

“Me too! I give up!!”


Just then, a circular outline appeared on the ground where the people were gathered.

[Heh, it would be tough if you decided to leave. The wall hasn’t been erected yet. We should start with that.]

“The wall? You plan to imprison us!”

“If that forms, we won’t be able to leave…!”

People were already scattering, trying to cross the line drawn on the ground.

[Strange. I thought I explained it clearly. There’s no way I got the language setting wrong. Why don’t these people get it?]

Hyun-ryu’s face hardened.

[This is an opportunity to appeal to our tribe. If you turn your back and flee, you don’t seem very appealing, do you?]



The necks of those who crossed the line were severed at once. As blood spouted like fountains, more screams filled the air.


Namgung covered Somin’s eyes.

Yet at that moment, she slowly lowered his hand and instead intently watched the dying throng.

“It’s okay, Dad.”

Somin didn’t plan to avoid it any longer. Instead, she took in every detail of those who perished.

[Listen up, the rules of the auction will now be explained. Luckily, there’s a perfect structure for this in Korea. The smallest of the three islands, Sorbit Island, will be your destination.]

The now silent crowd looked up at the holographic map floating in the sky.

Surrounding Sorbit Island, they saw the connected Sebit Island and Gabit Island, which, link by a bridge, formed a triangle.

[The rule is simple. Defeat the boss on Sorbit Island. Those who survive the hunt will then join candidates from other countries for the final competition.]

Murmur – Murmur –

[Afterward, two will be officially selected as candidates for the Yacha tribe.]

Hyun-ryu continued.

[But it would be difficult to hunt the boss right away. So, we have made arrangements to empower you. That’s what Sebit Island and Gabit Island are for.]

Everyone looked at the two islands before them upon his words.

[Some of you may have experienced this. When hunting magical beasts, runes sometimes drop. By hunting on Sebit Island, you can obtain runes.]



[And on Gabit Island, you can find artifacts. Weapons, armor, accessories, and more.]


“No way, this is serious?”

“Wow, did I make the right choice coming here? Just those that got wiped out earlier are screwed. Haha.”

Amid the renewed murmuring after Hyun-ryu’s words:

[However, you can only choose one of the two islands. Choose wisely.]


“Is it runes or artifacts?”

“What should we choose? What’s better?”

The crowd, once filled with euphoria, plunged into chaos again.

[Now, let’s start the proxy auction.]

Hyun-ryu vaguely gestured with his hand as if he was tired of watching them.

[Dragging it on will only diminish your value in our eyes. Only the one who makes a move has worth.]

After the Yacha vanished, people began to discuss which island to head towards.

Murmur – Murmur –

However, no one dared to move hastily.

“Dad, where are we going?”

Somin asked Namgung.

“Earlier, he gave us a hint. ‘Dragging it on will only diminish your value.’ Runes? Artifacts? They’re trivial in their eyes. Getting stronger doesn’t matter to them.”

After enduring hellish trials, the idea of becoming stronger was an alluring promise to many.

‘The true importance lies elsewhere.’

Namgung knew: to hunt the magical beasts.

Quicker than anyone else.

That was how he’d prove his worth.

So the answer was clear.

“To Sorbit Island.”

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