The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 60

Episode 60 “Stop!! Aleck!!!”


Taken aback as an arm suddenly sprang forth and seized his blade, Aleck looked behind him with a mix of dismay and alarm.

Clatter… Clank!!

As the chains of nothingness (無) touched Aleck’s Stellar Sword, they emitted a sharp resonant sound.


Aleck hastily pulled at his sword.

Sparks burst forth, flickering as the blade clashed against the chains.


Aleck staggered backward, his body swaying.

It was as though the chains, grasping tightly, refused to let go of the sword.

“What, what is this…”


Before he could attend to the chains, Namgung had pummeled his fist towards Aleck.


With a dull thud, his punch landed squarely on Aleck’s jaw. Aleck’s head snapped back as he stumbled.

“Acting like a hero in front of the masses, but behind the scenes you’re playing this thug game. The people should know about this. Don’t you think so? Aleck Troman.”

“You, why are you here?”

“Why shouldn’t I be here when you’re here? It’s not strange, is it?”


Grinding his teeth, Aleck glared at Namgung.

He seemed unable to conceal his bewilderment, but it appeared that he was rapidly seeking a way out of the situation more than anyone.

“……Namgung? Why are you…”

It wasn’t just Aleck who was surprised at this moment.

Roxanne frowned upon seeing him appear so abruptly.

“It’s mutual that this reunion isn’t quite welcome. As unpleasant as it is to see me, you owe your life to me, so just bear with it.”

Namgung casually released the Stellar Sword he was holding.

Stepping back, Aleck swept his bruised jaw with his forearm.

“Weren’t you about to create an inter-nation clan alliance? Quite a rough method of assembling comrades.”

“Friends or foes, hard to tell.”

“Your haste is showing. Afraid, because you lost the World Boss two times in a row and the gap seems to be narrowing?”

“Gap? Between whom and whom? Are you suggesting that gap is with you? That’s hardly amusing!!”

“Quite talkative today.”

“……Shut up!!”

Namgung quietly provoked him, and just as he predicted, Aleck charged at him.


The two clashed violently.

With each collision of Aleck’s white blade and Namgung’s pitch-black sword, it was as if day and night flashed by, lighting up the surroundings.


Tendons bulged on Aleck’s arm as he gripped his sword, his strikes shaking the cave with each descent.

‘He has become stronger… Boosted physical abilities from the outset due to the Watcher’s Blessing, but his growth rate is certainly remarkable.’

Despite averting the sword strikes, Namgung’s arm tingled numbly.


Aleck’s blade narrowly missed Namgung, embedding itself in the wall.


The ice wall caved as the Stellar Sword drove deep within.


Ignoring the situation, he drew his sword to attack Namgung once again.


That’s when it happened.

With Roxanne’s shout, Aleck’s sword stopped right in front of Namgung.

“Look at this!! The cave’s going to collapse at this rate!! If we keep this up, we’ll end up buried alive!! Do you all want to die together?”

She snapped angrily.


Aleck surveyed the surroundings. The walls, damaged by sword strikes, certainly looked precarious.

“If you cause any more damage here, I won’t leave it be. And you, Namgung, stop as well. Did you think someone like that could kill me so easily?”

“……Someone like that?”


At that moment, a giant white leopard pounced towards Aleck.


Despite his enhanced physical abilities due to the blessing, Aleck was instantly knocked down by the hefty leopard.

[Why? Should I rip that slender neck of yours right now?]

Above Aleck, she hissed with her sharp fangs bared.

The sight of the talking leopard was bizarre, but her imposing presence was so formidable that it overpowered even the strangeness of the situation.

‘A white leopard… Likely a second-tier transformation magic. She hasn’t openly revealed herself, but her accomplishments are no less impressive than Aleck’s.’

Namgung considered them true Seers.

Their exceptional qualities were undoubtedly what caught the attention of the Hierarchy.

“Perhaps we should call for a truce.”

Namgung was the first to sheathe his sword as Aleck, pinned beneath Roxanne, nodded.

[Aleck Troman. You’ve found your way here well. This place may be beyond Kufran’s barrier, but it mustn’t have been easy… Have you enlisted someone capable of surveillance?]

“Maybe…… Ack!!”

As he attempted to dodge the question, Roxanne pressed down on Aleck’s shoulder with her paw.

[Since you’ve been talking one-sidedly so far, now it’s time for you to answer my questions.]

“Ugh!! Yes. I’ve recently recruited a magician capable of dealing with familiars. He was from the British Magic Society.”

[Tell him this. If he spies on this place again, I will come looking for him. That’s a promise.]


Her sharp claws dug into his shoulder, slowly burrowing deeper.

“You seem quite the sight. It looks like you’ve been tangling with a monster beyond your control.”

“……Shut up.”

Namgung smiled faintly at the spectacle before him.

[Both of you, get out, now!]

“……I had hoped for an opportunity to resolve misunderstandings. Let’s arrange to meet again.”

With a soft sigh, he addressed her and then plucked a small piece of paper from his pocket, tearing off a corner.


With that, the paper burst into flames, and as white smoke billowed, his figure vanished.

‘Not parchment, but a short-range teleportation scroll, likely to escape the crevasse. Has he already established a workshop capable of crafting these?’

Namgung considered the item Aleck had used, admitting that all the members under his command were indeed outstanding.

He possessed a Third Eye – the Power of the Solar Tree.

“Why don’t you leave?”

“If I let that guy go, there will be trouble later. He’s tenacious; he’ll either recruit you or opt to kill you.”

“I too have that choice.”

“You can’t kill.”

“Me? Don’t be absurd. Want me to show you right now?”

“You’re a Druid.”


Roxanne’s brows quivered.

“Let that old man deal with those moldy things. If you’re going to spout nonsense, be quiet and leave.”

“We haven’t seen each other for a while, but you’re awfully prickly.”

“Because of you, I lost a friend. Remember I told you I hoped we’d never meet again.”

“……I regret that incident. But it was unavoidable.”


At that moment, a sharp dagger lodged into Namgung’s shoulder.

No, in the moment it seemed to have hit him, he caught the blade between two fingers.

“Regret? That’s why I detest your kind. A task was more important for you than the life of a child who helped you out of desperation!”

Roxanne shouted at him, glaring.

“……I’m sorry. But no one in my unit intended to complete a mission by sacrificing their lives.”

“Then you should have died.”

Memories of the past flooded back as Namgung spoke in a subdued voice.

“July 24th, 2010. The Morocco Operation. His name was Bua. He had two younger siblings who are now in an orphanage. The only thing I could do was send them a subsidy. Not that money matters now, given the state of the world.”

“You…… remembered?”

Roxanne couldn’t hide her surprise at his reply.

For over ten years, the one she viewed as having exploited and abandoned them had been caring for the family of the friend they lost.

“Forgetting would have been the stranger occurrence.”


“I’ve never forgotten the faces of those who were sacrificed because of me. It’s not pleasant, but it’s something I cannot afford to forget on a whim.”

Roxanne listened silently to his words.

“I have no lofty dreams of saving humanity like Aleck. He would readily sacrifice the few for the many…… but I’m tired of such a life.”

Namgung took a box out of his bag.

Roxanne’s gaze fixed on the box containing the egg of the Serpent.

“I merely need the power to protect my own family.”

“This is……”

“It’s the Serpent’s egg. Kufran said that you’re the only one who can hatch it.”

Namgung put the egg on the ground and shrugged.

“It was discomfiting to meet you, but it was a necessity. With my own issues to worry about, I can’t be choosy.”

Namgung eyed her.

“Not that I plan to play the hero like Aleck if I hatch it…… but perhaps I can hunt more magical beasts.”

“Tch, annoying guy.”

But while she grumbled, she couldn’t take her eyes off the Serpent’s egg.

“Still, I can’t deny its interest.”

“Think it’s possible?”

“Where did you get this?”

“What…… by chance.”

Realizing he wouldn’t give a straight answer, Roxanne didn’t press further.

“I’ll need to examine it. But do you trust me? According to Aleck, all Seers are rivals.”

“Not all are foes. Like Aleck came to recruit you.”

“I wouldn’t join you even if I came back from the dead.”

“Likewise, I’m not interested in raising a wild beast.”

“Humph…… If I hatch it, what will you do for me? Are you giving me this?”

She pulled the box toward her and posed the question to Namgung.

“If you keep it, it’d be a loss for you. You can only have one summoned beast. Soon, you’ll find a summon even greater than this Serpent.”


“Those without the talent for taming depend on inscriptions to gain summons.”

“Hm. So, what are you offering?”

“I’ll introduce you to someone who can fill what you lack—a Druid.”

Roxanne snorted at his words.

“I lack nothing.”

“Elemental magic.”


Yet after a moment, she hastily inquired.

“Whether you like it or not, you’ll need the power of spirits if you’re to walk the path of a Druid. But as you know, you’re not gifted in elemental magic. You need a backup.”

Namgung advised her.

“Could it be…… you know such a person?”

“I know of him. My companion. He’s currently training with Kufran. Kufran said this about her: that in all his life, he had never seen someone with such a deep Ocean of Spirit.”

“……Kufran said that? Really?”

“If you think I’m lying, go and ask him yourself. Whether he said it or not.”

“Hard to believe. That such a powerful elementalist is with you……”

“Is she the only one? You’d be wide-eyed to hear about the rest of the talents among us.”

Namgung spoke casually.

He sensed it.

Roxanne Kahn.

One of the pivotal three members of Aleck Troman’s would-be supra-national alliance clan.

Today, one of those pillars had been pulled.

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