The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 59

Chapter 59: “Is This a Spirit?”

“If you mean a wisp… Are you talking about spirits?”

“That’s right. It seems she has the qualities of a Spirit Master.”

Nangong couldn’t help but be surprised by the unexpected words from Kuhfran.

‘Park Hyoju is a Spirit Master…’

He honestly couldn’t imagine it.

In his previous life, her method of combat had involved telekinetic sword throwing techniques.

“Can she learn spirit magic?”

“Well. The wisps seem to be showing interest in her for now. If the communication is successful… She might be able to form a contract with a spirit.”

Nangong nodded slowly to his words.

‘If Park Hyoju not only awakens telekinetic abilities but also the qualities of a spirit master, she won’t be pushed around, even if she fights the Revealer in the current scenario.’

From Nangong’s perspective, it wasn’t such a bad story for Park Hyoju to become stronger in terms of power enhancement.

“Please take care of those two.”

“What about you?”

“I have my own preparations to make. Could you look at this for now?”

Nangong took out a small box from his previous time.


Kuhfran, examining the egg inside the box, furrowed his brows in surprise.

“This… Could it possibly be an egg from another world?”

“That’s right. It’s the egg of the Serpent that was the world boss of the second gate. I’d like to hatch it… What are your thoughts?”

Kuhfran shook his head in response to his question.

“I’m not sure. I cannot assist with that.”

“If the best Druid I know says it’s impossible, then it must be.”

“The best Druid… flattery will get you nowhere. But hatching an egg is a separate matter. It’s not impossible.”


“When the presence of the Phase opened the dimensional gate, we realized something. There are multiple dimensions, and we are merely one among many.”

Kuhfran spoke.

“I am only a Druid of this small world. What I know is our world. A Druid from another world would know the things of that world.”


Nangong scratched his head slightly at his answer.

“So, I have to ask Roxanne for help? If she finds out I’ve met with you… her reaction might not be too good.”

“If you had lived in the future, you would know. Roxanne might not handle spirits… but she’s a superior Tamer to anyone else.”

The Kuhfran of now bore the appearance of an ordinary grandfather boasting about his granddaughter.

“Perhaps that’s the reason the Phase didn’t choose me but that child.”

“Beast Master. Not only ordinary animals but even the ancient beings beyond the portals. She could handle any beast.”

“Haha, impressive. Truly befitting of my granddaughter.”

“It’s not something to be pleased about. In the end, she killed you.”


Just then, Kuhfran lightly placed his hand on Nangong’s shoulder.

“You’re not a Druid, so you wouldn’t understand. She didn’t kill me. She just sent me back. To the land of the Druids.”


Kuhfran spoke to Musée.

“Wicker Man. Please guide Nangong to where Roxanne is.”

“Understood, Kuhfran.”

“Wait, are you saying she’s here?”

“That’s right.”

Nangong could do nothing but be bewildered by his unexpected answer.

“This is madness. I thought she was in Egypt? That’s where I heard she was undergoing her training.”

“The world is in turmoil. After the second gate ended, she came to check if Kuhfran was safe. Then she decided to cultivate in the crevasses of Svínafellsjökull.”

“Hmph, probably just checking if Kuhfran’s barrier is still intact.”

“Haha, don’t think so harshly of her. Just come with me. Kuhfran will take care of their training himself, so don’t worry.”

Musée lightly pushed the grumbling Nangong and started to head out of the tent.

* * *

Tap…! Thump!

Nangong and Musée began to trot lightly across the vast icy plains.

Ordinary people had to wear gear and walk slowly, but they were accelerating as if they were running on flat ground.

‘This place has been free of monster attacks due to Kuhfran’s barrier… It’s true to those who learned the training of a Druid.’

Nangong glanced at Musée keeping pace with his speed and increased his own a little more.

“Some time ago, the Queen of England came to seek Kuhfran.”

Perhaps he felt the look.

Musée, running ahead, spoke to Nangong.

“Original Druids were under the Celts, so it’s not wrong to say their roots are in England.”

“Isn’t that ironic?”

The country was established, industries developed, nature was increasingly desecrated, and the Druids were left with no place to establish themselves.

“Due to opposition from the royals, who claim to own those roots, we had no choice but to flee to this island.”

As he said, over hundreds of years, they naturally left their traditional homes and settled in these icy lands, and now their lineage was nearly extinct.

“Now such people come seeking help in times like these. They ask to borrow Kuhfran’s wisdom and power.”

“What was his decision?”

“A Druid walks the middle path in any world. They can’t act solely for humanity.”


“However, humans are part of nature too. Kuhfran couldn’t just watch them march towards their extinction. So, he introduced Roxanne to the Oracle of England.”

“To Alec? … I see.”

Nangong nodded slowly at Musée’s words.

‘So it seems that the meeting between Roxanne and Alec was around now. Sooner than I thought.’

In his previous life, Roxanne was a member of Alec’s clan.

Unlike other Oracles who mostly walked their own paths, Alec’s clan had to be large because they were two together.

‘Should I just let Alec and Roxanne join forces…’

Their meeting was bound to quickly expand the force.

For Nangong, this was a troubling issue, but he didn’t have any grounds to interfere between the two.

“Here we are.”

The place Musée brought him to was a massive hole dug deeply into the middle of the glacial plain.

“Is it inside there?”

“That’s right. One of the sacred places of the Druids. Many holes and passage ways are connected inside the crevasse like an anthill. I honestly don’t even know where she might be.”

He shrugged and spoke to Nangong.

“Be careful. If you get lost in the labyrinth, you may never find your way out.”

“So, it’s like going out to die.”

“The closest one gets to their soul is indeed by standing on the brink of death.”



At that moment, Musée lightly pushed Nangong’s back.

“Wait, just a moment!!!!”


As Nangong fell into the crevasse, Musée raised two fingers to his brow, lowering them in a salute.

* * *



Nangong, falling into an unfathomably dark abyss, drew his sword and stabbed it into the wall.

He slid down the wall for a few more meters, gradually slowing down.


He looked down, but nothing could be seen through the darkness—only numerous hole-like stars on the wall.

“I cannot keep falling like this.”


Holding his sword, he rebounded and jumped into a nearby hole. Entering it, he grabbed an ice block and threw it downwards.


It was only after a while that a thud! was heard from below.

“There is a floor after all. Then it’s much easier. It’s good that it’s an icy land.”

Nangong slowly placed his hand on the frozen wall of the hole.


The ice wall beneath his palm started to undulate and began to melt.

“I’m not a Druid but… I do have a way. Kuhfran wouldn’t have known this.”

Pssshhh! Swish!!!

As the wall ice melted into water, the Fish-Dragons appeared.

“Find the way.”

As the【Jewel of the Fish-Dragon】on Nangong’s wrist activated, the Fish-Dragons scattered in various directions.


There were four summoned Fish-Dragons.

In the labyrinth, he could only summon three, but now he could manage one more.

Although there was an added sense of fatigue, his capabilities seemed to have increased after hunting the Lizardman.

‘There mightn’t be things like experience points… but it’s true, my strengths rise with more monster hunts.’

That’s why the monster waves after closing a gate were also an opportunity for growth.


The Fish-Dragons began swiftly navigating the passages, constructing a map.

[Surely I refused… didn’t I?]

[I need your help… please…]

That’s when it happened.

Sounds of a faint conversation transmitted like a radio through the sonic output of the Fish-Dragons.

‘Not alone?’

This was one of the sacred places of the Druids. It was unlikely that an ordinary person could have entered this deep.

‘Could it be…?’

Suddenly, Nangong was engulfed in an inexplicable sense of unease.


He hastily started running towards the source of the voices.

* * *

“Roxanne. As the last descendant of the Druid. As I proposed before, I want to acquire your power.”

“As I answered before, I have no intention of joining hands with your England. If you need a Druid, it’s not a descendant you should seek, but approach the Druid themselves.”

‘This way …’

As Roxanne’s voice snapped back, Nangong leaned against the wall, intently listening to the conversation.

“Kuhfran is already in his twilight years. Perhaps, he will pass the mantle of Druid to you.”

‘Could it be…?’

Nangong now understood whose voice the other was.

‘Alec Tremen?’

He had heard it from Musée, but he had never imagined that Alec would actually be here.

‘He must have been in a hurry. To visit the Druids’ sacred ground.’

Nangong felt he had unfortunately found a tricky situation.

‘This is getting complicated…’

Since he already knew from his previous life that Roxanne would join Alec.

And if Alec saw him, especially after their previous confrontation on Yeouido, there was no way Alec would be amicable.

“Just get lost already!! If you don’t want to spill blood, that is.”

No change in Roxanne’s temperament. In the future, Alec would certainly have his hands full with her.

Alec had to persistently approach her not thrice, but four times or more—a famous anecdote.

Nangong smirked at their conversation.

‘Can’t help it. Today isn’t my day, it seems.’

He quietly turned to leave.

“It’s troubling. If you’re an Oracle, then you should know. We are not the saviors of humanity. Saving people? That’s either out of necessity or just an incidental addition.”


“The shiver of a blade’s edge resonated more chillingly than the glacial cold.”

“Comrades or not, there’s only one way.”

Nangong had tried to change the future.

And he had changed it.

However, not all changes brought universal happiness.

For someone peace, for others haste. For some, power, and for some, envy.


Once more the future changed.

Or rather, it twisted.

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