The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Proxy Families Seeking Their Contractors – The Proxy Auction Begins In A Week!

▶ In a week, the proxy auction will commence, where proxy families will look for their contractors!

▶ Becoming supported by a family can grant you great power and treasures.

▶ However, not everyone can receive the backing of a clan.

▶ Make your worth known so that a proxy family will choose to contract with you.


As the notification sounded, a swirl of light coalesced before Namgung to form a map.

The map pinpointed an artificial island constructed along the Han River.

“…Sebitseom, huh.”

When he zoomed in, three islands under the Banpo bridge came into view.

Namgung grimaced slightly, a not so pleasant memory associated with that place crossing his mind.

[Now then. Good luck to you. Keep up the good work. After all, we are in the same boat.]

Yeor lightly waved her hand and spoke.

[Let’s hope our next meeting is also filled with smiles.]

▶ Don’t miss this opportunity.

▶ You’ll get to enjoy the upcoming festival.

▶ But be warned, the auction does not guarantee the lives of its participants.

As Yeor disappeared, she spun her finger in a circular motion, as if to remind Namgung to remember this final alert.

“…This isn’t even remotely funny.”

The memory tied to Sebitseom was sour precisely because of the dark truth behind that final sentence.

– Breaking News! Alek Traman Announces Dungeon Capture Success!!

– The Power of the Great Prophets Verified!

– Who are the Remaining Prophets?!


His phone rang, signaling a news flash alert on the screen.

– Eight Prophets, the attention of the world now focuses on the Eight Martial Stars!

– Will the contractors of proxy clans also gain such power?! Is this a new opportunity…?

Alek’s dungeon capture news was buzzing, and people who previously scrambled to survive were now turning their attention to the strange powers the Prophets possessed.

Initially, survival in this hellish reality was the utmost priority.

However, with the appearance of the Prophets, people’s desires evolved from mere survival to gaining power.

‘And as if on cue, the proxy family auction begins.’

Namgung could only smirk bitterly at the current situation.

‘The participants in the auction have no idea. They don’t realize that the Prophets have already reaped benefits through their free quests and joined the festivities.’

The rest, excluding the Prophets, simply greeted the situation normally.

‘We have only just passed the second gate. Most are just lucky to be alive; few have actually hunted monstrosities.’

Consequently, on the first day of the auction that drew in thousands, no one survived.

The auction may start in a week, but it isn’t necessarily decided then.

“Just one week…”

In that time, blood from the corpses filling Sebitseom will likely overflow into the Han River.


And he must send his daughter to such a place.

Her talents surpassed everyone else’s.

But he worried whether Somin, delicate as she was, could really make it in that hellish environment.

‘The auction begins with regional representatives selected by families.’

This meant that you had to first be chosen as a contractor for a clan like the Yaksha before being considered by other clans.

Eight proxy families.

But there were 16 candidates, not just eight.

Even within the Yaksha clan, hierarchies and factions existed, like the Guryu and the Hyeonryu.

Once the auction starts, each clan will nominate two candidates.

‘And from those 16, the families conduct the final auction.’

Survival alone doesn’t guarantee a happy reward.

‘Half of the 16 not chosen by a clan will end up just like any other corpse.’

Power gained stepping over thousands, tens of thousands of corpses.

Can this really be called hope?

Namgung was still not sure about his decision.


Right then, Somin came looking for him.

“Did you get the alert earlier? About the proxy auction starting in a week.”

“Yes, but are we going to participate?”

“Yes. It will be just you and me, not Myunghoon or the others.”

“Um… Just us? Why?”

“It’s a place not everyone can go to. Plus, others simply can’t do this. But… like this world, it’s not going to be a pretty sight. Somin, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

Namgung looked at his daughter with concern in his voice.

“Does it mean we have to fight?”

At her question, Namgung nodded slowly.

“Yes. I’ll help you, but… you may have to see people die in front of you.”

In an instant, Somin’s gaze wavered.

It’s too much for a child, barely 13, to handle.

“I’ll do it. Just tell me what to do.”

Despite his concern, Somin answered without hesitation.

“Don’t make such a hasty decision. It means you’ll have to compete to become a clan’s contractor.”

“I know that. But it’s a first.”

“A first?”

“That you asked me to join you. Until now, you always told me to stay back. It’s dangerous, you can’t. That’s all you said.”


Namgung sighed inadvertently at her response.

“Did you ask because it’s something only I can do?”

Then, he remembered something Myunghoon once said at Hyeonchungwon, after they caught a Goblin Lord, that the child isn’t as young as they think.

“Yes. This is something only you can do, Somin. And it’s a chance to gain the power to survive in this world.”

“Okay. Then, I’ll do it.”

Somin replied firmly to Namgung.

“I may not save as many people as you, but… I don’t want to be a burden.”

‘Saving people…’ He wondered how she saw him right now.

As a hero who defeated the world boss and closed the gates of hell?

But Namgung couldn’t rejoice over those words. His hands had long been stained with blood.

“Daddy is the same. It’s enough if I can protect the people around me… Actually, to be honest, just keeping my daughter safe is enough.”

“Then please keep me safe. And as I grow stronger, I’ll protect the people around you!”

Somin clenched her fist as if determined, then nodded.

“And also you, Daddy.”

At her words, Namgung embraced her lightly.

Attempting to absorb his warmth, Somin wrapped her arms tighter around his waist.

* * *

“Iceland? Why the sudden trip there?”

“Before the proxy auction, there’s someone I need to meet. It’ll be cutting it close with a week left, but we can make it.”

Namgung summoned his party and outlined the next plan, causing Myunghoon to react with slight surprise.

“Should the rest of us come too?”

Kyungin asked.

“No. Somin and I will go alone. And I want everyone here not to concern themselves with the proxy auction. The announcements will keep coming. They’ll be persistent in trying to tempt you.”

Namgung emphasized with determination.

“They’ll promise you help, the promise of power… colorful lies to draw you in. But never succumb to them.”

“We understand.”

“Especially you, Sungwoo. Make sure to stay strong in your resolve.”

“Yes, yes. I’ll bear that in mind.”

Still looking timid, Sungwoo nodded at Namgung’s glance toward Taeho, who patted Sungwoo’s shoulder encouragingly.

“Our goal is not the proxy auction. It’s the red zone that will arise after the third door opens. Hojun and Myunghoon, train Sungwoo.”

“Would a week be enough?”

“It’s not immediate action I’m asking for. Growth via runes is one thing; discovering it on your own is another. It’s not about 1 or 2 years, think about investing for 10 years.”

“Alright. I’ll take him to our division’s training grounds. Sungwoo, your bro is going to work you hard!!”

“Ah… Th-thank you.”

Sungwoo responded to Hojun’s energy with an awkward smile.

“Brother. Ever since the second monster wave ended, it seems the Yaksha bundle’s items have changed.”

“That’s correct.”

Namgung answered Myunghoon’s remark.

“Good point. The Yaksha bundle should have new manuals at a cheap price. It would be good to learn from those.”

It was a nominal reward, hardly a reward, for those who survived until the second gate.

“From swordsmanship to fist fighting, mace skills, and even archery and gun fighting techniques are varied. It’s only 20 heads each… shall we just learn them all?”

Hojun, scrolling through the Yaksha bundle, asked.

“Wow, things like gun fighting and archery manuals even enable automatic aiming at targets? You can buy and use them immediately to have the effects applied…”

Enthused by the descriptions, he glistened with excitement.

“Yes. Archery manuals will certainly improve accuracy. Maybe even to compete with professional athletes.”

“Isn’t that amazing?”

“But if you learn from these manuals, once you pull the bowstring, the manual’s power activates and you can’t do anything else but shoot the target. You know what I mean, right?”

Namgung spoke in a low voice.

“It’s like a motion lock. Like a command programming?”

“Then in a critical moment, it could hinder your reaction time. Prioritizing shooting above all else.”


Taeho, an archer himself, was quick to grasp the implications.

“At the start, manuals would be immensely helpful. But with time, they will become a shackle. We should focus on mastering physical skills.”

Everyone started scrolling through the list in the bundle, looking for manuals.

“This one raises the integrated rating of physical traits during training. A bit different from the others. And there’s a vast list of skills to learn from it…”

Reading the description, Myunghoon relayed to Namgung.

“If it rises with the number of monsters hunted, it won’t help immediately with hunts.”

“If you learn it and then die… it’s pointless. How many would even buy this now?”

“That’s what they’re aiming for. Putting poison on the candy right before your eyes. You lose control over your own body, similar to jumping into a pit of fire.”

“That’s nefarious.”

Myunghoon muttered, to which Namgung nodded.

“Before the red zone opens, practice dungeons will be made. They’re not dangerous, so everyone learns from the physical skill manuals first. Then train there.”


“Don’t go alone. Not because dungeons are dangerous, but people are.”


“We’ll remember.”

Namgung’s words left them with tense expressions on their faces.

“Besides the manuals, if you find something you think is necessary, feel free to buy it. But keep at least 1,000 heads. You’ll need it for the red zone.”

“But how are you planning to get to Iceland? The airports should be closed…”

“Power has its perks.”


Just then.

The sound of a car stopping outside was heard.

Recognizing Park Hyoju stepping out of the sedan, Myunghoon nodded as if in understanding.

* * *

“So, why the sudden need to go to Iceland?”

Driving her car to have a comfortable conversation with Namgung, who sat in the passenger seat, Park Hyoju calmly asked.

“I have to find someone. I sent the duties for my absence through messages, so check them.”

“Understood. But if you’re looking for someone, wouldn’t it be better to tell us? We are the National Intelligence Service after all; finding people is within our scope…”

“You wouldn’t be able to find them. Not even the NIS.”

“Hmm… And who might this person be?”

“A Druid.”

At Namgung’s response, Park Hyoju frowned slightly and tilted her head.

“A Druid… is it one of the Prophets?”

“There are indeed Druid Prophets. But the one I seek isn’t a fake thrown into the role by a higher being. I’m looking for a real Druid.”

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