The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Humanity’s Great Depression!!

The ghastly fear isn’t over?! How long will monsters continue to threaten humanity……!

– Casualties soar across the world!

– Lockdown orders start emerging in major cities across Europe!

– The United Nations UN proposes an emergency meeting! But it’s facing repeated difficulties due to the conflicting interests of various national representatives.

After his conversation with Ho Jun and Myung Hoon, Namgung entered the fortress. As he turned on his phone, he saw the world was in utter chaos, even with the second monster wave over. However, to Namgung’s eyes, this turmoil seemed more stable than ever before.

‘Emergency meeting? If they’re in a situation to call that, it’s hardly chaos yet.’

At the point when the third gate opened, many small countries had already disappeared from the map.

“Well, there’s no need to compare to my previous life anymore. All I have to think about now is how to target these monsters with the information I remember.”

The collapse of nations had been somewhat prevented. He had saved governments about to vanish, and his quick action in sealing the gates allowed many nations to maintain their order.

‘Military forces, like the ones we have now, may not be much help as time goes on, but the preservation of the army itself is significant.’

It wasn’t just because of the military’s arsenal. The simple fact that soldiers, capable of mobilizing firepower, could attract more heads initially was crucial for their growth.

‘The armies of the nations are already well-structured. As long as the soldiers grow stronger, it’ll become much easier to protect each country.’

Despite the chaos, there was still hope. But Namgung’s attention was caught by a different headline:

– Doomsday proponents surge in every city!

– Citizens in the streets frenziedly looting stores for food and necessities.

– Australian relief organization STW’s new director Eira holds a press conference!

– Eira Michelle, is she a seer?!

– Amidst the turmoil, STW promises global salvation! Considering transnational support that transcends nations……

‘Finally, the saint is beginning to move.’

Namgung slowly nodded as he looked at the familiar name. Eira was a powerful healer chosen by the Mother of Gales, a seer with strong recovery abilities.

‘The launch of STW is another tectonic shift.’

At a time when Alex Trauman was revealing himself as a seer and gathering people to build a force, STW had become a thorn in his side.

‘She’s a healer capable of restoring not just physical damage like severed limbs but even conditions like poisoning or mental afflictions.’

Naturally, countless people hoped to be healed by her, a repercussion more significant than the fervor caused by Jin Wei’s new drug.


The Supranational Coalition’s Alex, Jin Wei of the Triads, and STW’s Eira.

‘For the time being, it’ll be a three-way battle among them.’

They would begin to gather people to increase their power.

‘Now is the opportunity.’

While the world’s attention was focused on them, it was time for Namgung to prepare his plans.

“But before that……”

Namgung raised his arm.

“This needs to be resolved first.”

After meeting Woo (无) in the nest of the serpents, a chain was wrapped around his left arm.


As he waved his hand, the chain rattled against itself, but despite its appearance, it felt weightless.

Numbering ??

Name: Chains of Woo (无)

Grade: ??

▶ Chains of Woo (无). Possesses a special power.

‘As expected, there’s no numbering.’

At least he was grateful he could see the chain’s information.

‘Having a number would mean it’s been sanctioned by the higher beings.’


Namgung squeezed the hand wrapped with the chain.

It reacted with a slight tremble, but that was the extent of it—no significant changes.


Since he still didn’t completely understand the existence of Woo (无), he had no clue what sort of weapon it could be. Without knowing the specifics, he had no idea how to use it.

‘Maybe it requires magical power?’

That would be problematic since he couldn’t use magic, and with the chain wrapped around his wrist, he couldn’t remove it to have So Min check.

“What exactly is this?”

[Isn’t it written right there? The Chains of Woo (无).]

It was then.

The room Namgung was in instantly turned into a void of utter darkness, and the owner of the voice approaching from behind spoke to him.


[Understand the situation. There are too many eyes on you, so this was the only way to have a comfortable conversation.]

“It doesn’t matter.”

Namgung nodded at Yeor, who had appeared before him.

[Here you go. You said it yourself—you’ve received the leap in growth from the higher beings. But I wonder about your intentions… Can you hatch the serpent’s egg?]

“No. I don’t know.”

[Sigh, you’re still as reckless as ever.]

“You don’t know how to hatch it, but you know someone who might,” said Yeor with an incredulous look.

[And who’s that?]

“The Druid.”

To Namgung’s reply, Yeor looked at him as if he was incomprehensible.

[You can’t be serious—the chosen seer of the Widow of Thorns? How can you even consider that? She was the one most against giving you that leap potion.]

He spoke as if it made no sense.

[You requested a potion for growth before you even know how to grow up to maturity? That’s hardly a great item; it will be naturally obtainable over time.]

Yeor handed him a small bottle.

[You would have been better off asking for a rare or unique grade item.]

“The value of an item isn’t in its price or grade, but in how and when you use it.”

[Hm… I suppose it’s good to be the first to control a summon. But it still seems like a bad deal. The growth potion will soon be an item available to everyone.]

“Well… it’s correct to use it on a summon if you can hatch it. But that doesn’t mean the growth potion must be used only on a summon.”


In that moment, Yeor read the expression on Namgung’s face.

[Ah, I see. Though you seem to have no plan, you always move with preparations in hand…]

Seeing his characteristic face when plotting something, Yeor realised his worries were unnecessary.

[I should save some enjoyment for myself to watch.]

“Well, more than the egg of the serpent, I’d like to talk about this.”


Namgung showed Yeor the wrapped chain.

[That’s the chain that Woo (无) used. Honestly, even I didn’t expect to give it to you. Seems you’ve quite caught their interest.]

“I suppose they thought I was worth using.”

[What did the being tell you?]

“That he is one who never existed since the beginning.”

[Not incorrect.]

“What exactly is it then?”

[Literally, it is a being of nonexistence. The sole one of its kind, different from us higher beings. If we are beings that uphold order, that being is the one who beats the curves of change.]

“So its claim of being a nonexisting entity begins to make sense now.”

[Yes. You facing against time represents a sheer curve. The higher beings concluded you as a returnee and sent it to test you.]

Namgung nodded slowly.

[It wouldn’t let you stand at the inflection point without doing anything.]

[So it let me go?]

[Indeed. We’ve been completely blindsided. The higher beings can no longer test you. It’s rather perplexing.]

“They were aware that Erica knew about my return?”

[Correct. Some wonder if you lied. Things have gotten interesting, using the very fact that there is a returnee like this.]

“Well, it happened even before I got the egg, so it seems their test was quicker than expected… But no matter.”

[Even we don’t know much about the chain. All I’m aware of is that not even a higher being can sever the Chains of Woo (无).]

“Can I actually use it? Does it require other forms of power, like magic or spirit power?”

[Who knows? If you cannot use it, it wouldn’t have been given to you. If magic is needed, then surely an opportunity to gain magical power will appear. If spirit power is needed, then a pact with a spirit must arise. After all, it’s an entity that has watched over festivals we have not even seen. It knows both past and future.]


[Perhaps an opportunity will come your way. Then you’ll know both how to use the chain and what it truly is.]

Namgung nodded at Yeor’s words.

[Still, beware. Woo (无)’s interest in you isn’t quite pleasant.]

“If they don’t want it snatched away, they better treat me better.”

Yeor laughed at his words.

[You scamp. Did you know there is no one other than myself, amongst the higher beings, who pays this much attention to a seer like you?]

“Attention, you say? When I cleared the dungeon, you all just left a strange transfer scroll, testing me.”

[What are you implying…]

“The reward of the Labyrinth. If you’re going to care, then the proper reward that was originally meant for me should be returned, shouldn’t it?”

[Ah… you never let one’s guard down.]

In disbelief, Yeor looked at him.

[To ask for a reward even after receiving the Chains of Woo (无)…]

“Something I can’t use right now has no value to me. Just give it to me.”


With a flick of his finger, a reward box appeared.

[Well… Your words aren’t wrong. Here, take it. The higher beings won’t say a word about this bit.]

“It’s only right.”

Namgung looked at the box, smiling enigmatically.

▶ The dawn has come.

▶ The festival has ended, and it’s time for all to take a rest.

▶ The Delegate Tribe has prepared small gifts for the participants who have seen through the second carnival.

It was then.

“It’s started.”

The voice of Yacha echoed in his mind.

▶ The Delegate Tribe wishes to support all of you participating in the carnival.

The message signaled the start of the proxy auctions right before the emergence of the red zone.

[Heard your daughter is participating in the auction, right?]

“So what?”

[See for yourself.]

Yeor, gesturing toward the reward box as if urging him to open it quickly, smiled meaningfully.


“This is…”

He inspected the item inside the box and looked at Yeor, taken aback.

[How is it? Are you pleased?]

To his question, Namgung chuckled.

“Finally, you’re doing something right.”

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