The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 55

Chapter 55: The Red Zone

The Red Zone was a special geographical region created at the moment when the third Hellgate opened.

“In a word, it is the land of monsters. It’s not like now where monsters from a single lineage come out through the gate. A variety of monsters gather there to form a perfect ecosystem,” said one of the characters.

“But… wouldn’t that be dangerous?”

“Dangerous indeed. Monsters reproduce at an alarming rate and multiply rapidly. The island is limited in size, yet their numbers will continue to increase.”

“And when there’s not enough space to live…”

“They’ll start targeting human territories.”

“Exactly. That’s why we need to take on the Red Zone before they do.”

Nangong spoke firmly to the two people with him.

“The size of the island rivals that of a nation’s capital. It’s probably bigger than Seoul in terms of scale.”

“With just us, it would be impossible.”

“That’s right. That place isn’t one you can clear with just a handful of people. We’ll need to establish a base and proceed carefully. It will take a long time, and new gates will keep opening in the meanwhile.”

“…The challenges just keep getting bigger.”

Myunghoon sighed deeply at Nangong’s explanation.

“We should report this. If the island is in the Arctic Ocean, we should also request support from Russia and Canada.”

“Why don’t we blow up the island while the monsters are few in number? What do you think?”

“We can’t do that with military forces. After the island appears, portals to it open up. Approaching the island before then is nearly impossible.”

“Why is that?”

“Monsters are summoned first in the deep sea surrounding the island. Current ships won’t stand a chance against them.”


“Moreover, once the island fully emerges, nations won’t try to destroy it.”

The two looked at him, not comprehending his meaning.

“There are dungeons on the island as well as monsters.”

The appearance of the Red Zone, which seemed like a territory from another world transferred here, left the world in shock, fear, and paradoxically, in joy.

‘Because while it’s dangerous, it’s also a land of opportunities.’

A place where you could always hunt monsters and obtain weapons and treasures from dungeons.

“You can’t help but salivate. It’s a hope for surviving the apocalypse we’re facing.”

“Could it be seen as a ploy, throwing a tempting bait and having us fight each other for it, or is that being too speculative?”

“No. You’ve hit the nail on the head.”

Myunghoon scratched his head awkwardly at Nangong’s words.

“The governments of the various countries will foolishly fight each other to claim the Red Zone.”

The first monsters to appear in the Red Zone were goblins.

It was a ray of hope for humanity, which had worried about what powerful monsters might emerge from the third gate.

‘But hope doesn’t last long.’

Following goblins, ghouls, lizardmen, and minotaurs began to appear…

The Red Zone soon turned into a land of death as monsters summoned through the gate and those from dungeons took over the island.

‘Everyone was too preoccupied competing with each other in a situation where alliance was barely enough… the outcome was all too clear.’

Nations vied for the strategic points of the Red Zone.

In their competition, they ended up facing the increased number of monsters spilling from the island, leading to the destruction of numerous cities.

But the hell didn’t stop there.

‘As if it wasn’t bad enough we couldn’t fend off the monsters of the Red Zone, the fourth Hellgate opened on top of everything else.’

Humanity was left in despair.

“In the Red Zone, there are three safe areas protected by magic crystals where bases can be established.”

“There will be a scramble for those by the nations.”

“That’s right. Fighting over the bases only to end up harming each other without making any progress, falling prey to the monsters in the end.”


Nangong didn’t want such a situation to happen again.

Not because he had the heroic courage to save the world.

“We’ll take one of those places first.”

The plan was to claim it before anyone else could.

“We’ll need to prepare for that.”

“How will you proceed?”

Myunghoon asked.

“After the second gate closes and we deal with the monster wave that follows, a new function will open before the third gate does.”

“What is it?”

“The auction of the proxy tribes will start.”

“Auction? I wonder if anything better than what’s sold in those Yacha bags will show up.”

“But even now, the stuff in those bags is so expensive, we can hardly afford anything. Are we really able to go to an auction?”

“Well, we don’t participate in the auction as buyers. The opposite.”


“We are the auction items.”

The two looked puzzled, not grasping what he meant.

* * *

Euljiro Underground Arcade.

Nangong descended the stairs as if he was familiar with the place.

The area had suffered from monster raids or perhaps it had always been poorly managed, now resembling ruins.

‘People still don’t seem to know about the proxy tribe’s residence.’

He thought as he surveyed the quiet mall. It was still early days of the Carnival, and people had no information about the proxy tribes.

At most, they had only seen them once when the first Hellgate ended and they received information about the Carnival.

‘This desolate place will soon be bustling with people.’

It began when people realized there were eight tribes, not just one, acting as representatives.

Euljiro would transform completely.

‘At first, people started to gather to obtain materials from other tribes that were not available from the Yacha bags.’

However, not everyone was able to meet the proxy tribes. They needed qualifications, which sometimes left unqualified individuals asking others for help.

The assembled people naturally started exchanging their heads and goods, and thus, the【Black Market】 of Euljiro was formed.

“Well… that’s still a long way off.”

Nangong smiled bitterly.

If he looked fondly upon this dilapidated ruin, it was because, in his previous life, this was the only place where people gathered in the stench of blood during the apocalypse.

A place with the smell of humanity.

“Right, Guryu?”

“I am not a mind-reader. I have no idea what goes through Master Nangong’s head.”

When Nangong turned, Guryu was there, scratching his head and approaching casually.

“It’s deserted.”

“It’s still early, so people don’t know much about the proxy tribe yet. It will be a while before they find where I am. You’re special, Master Nangong.”

Guryu seemed to have been crafting something, judging by the workshop apron he wore.

“The item I requested?”

“I was in the middle of making it. But… the materials needed for it are quite something. You sure you can handle it?”

“Don’t worry about that.”

“Then come with me.”

Guryu gestured, admittedly having spoken too hastily.


Going down one more level, the thick iron door appeared, accompanied by a musty smell.

At a glance, it seemed like an old, unused ruin, but inside was another world.

Thud… Thud… Thud…

The sound of machinery working could be heard, and the forge’s flames blazed hotly.

“Custom orders are usually made after receiving all the materials… but for Master Nangong, I have made an exception and started the work.”


Nangong nodded, looking at the large square frame that had been constructed.

“When will it be finished? I can’t just leave it in the warehouse.”

“It should be ready by this evening. If you’re certain about the payment, I’ll even deliver it to your residence as a service.”


“I’ve told you. As long as you’re certain about the payment, that is.”

Guryu was making a box to store a serpent’s egg.

“It can adjust in size, so once the egg is placed inside, the box can be reduced to about this size.”

He demonstrated with his fingers the size of a small box.

“But you really brought a serpent’s egg. Do you know how to hatch it?”

“No clue. I’ll have to figure that out. I should have come to you from the beginning. I struggled to bring it over because living creatures couldn’t be stored before.”

Nangong seemed to like the egg hatching box that Guryu had made.

“Eh, I wouldn’t have been able to make it for you from the start anyway. No matter our contract, the other tribes would’ve made a fuss if it wasn’t a certain deal.”

“Then this is a certain deal? You think I can pay the price?”

“Well… honestly, where would you suddenly come up with a sum of a million heads in this situation?”

“Then why did you start making it?”

Guryu suddenly grinned.

“Not because I trust Master Nangong, but because I trust Miss Somin. That’s why you showed her to me, isn’t it?”

His eyes sparkled.

During the second Hellgate campaign in Yeouido, Nangong told Guryu about his daughter.

There was no other information.

Just a request to watch over Somin.

Skeptical at first, Guryu was astonished the moment he saw her.

“A legendary magical talent with the rare art of mental magic!”

Guryu spoke with excitement.

“I’d want to make a contract myself at this point. Hahaha.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. So, you didn’t just watch then?”

“Of course. Why else would you show me your precious daughter? My intuition is sharp, after all. I showed Miss Somin’s presence to the other proxy tribes.”

“And their reaction?”

“They’re all drooling over it. They’re eager to have Miss Somin as their contracted champion.”

He laughed heartily, asking Nangong.

“You obviously knew about the tribe auction coming up.”

The Octagon War.

If the big picture of the Carnival was about superiors choosing their champions and competing with each other, within it was the competition among the proxy tribes for the position of Dual King.

“The auction where the proxy tribes spend their heads to find a contractor to make deals with.”

And now, the tribes were searching for the contractors that would make them kings.

“Obviously, they’re drooling. They’re just waiting for the auction to start with bated breath, right?”

Guryu spoke meaningfully.

“If it’s a magic-wielding representative, the strongest power is the Naga tribe. Looks like the Naga Queen has her eye on Miss Somin.”

He smiled sardonically.

“The Naga Queen is one of the wealthiest among the proxy tribes. Ha, she practically has everything except for what she doesn’t. If she truly desires Miss Somin, you could name a hefty price.”

Guryu spread his fingers as he spoke.

“The Queen could easily pay a million heads, right?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’m not using my daughter to contract with the tribes for mere heads.”

“Then why?”

“To amplify Somin’s talents. You think the Naga Queen could dare covet my daughter, even if she offered all her wealth?”

“Ha, haha… then…?”

Guryu’s voice trembled.

“The Fairy Race.”

“Wait a minute. The Fairy Race is the weakest among the proxy tribes in terms of power. They’re skilled in magic, yes, but they don’t have offensive magic like the Naga Queen. There’s no merit there?”

“Their magic might not be strong, but what about the Queen’s treasure?”

“The Fairy Queen’s treasure? You mean…”

“Yes. That.”

With Nangong’s answer, Guryu slapped his forehead as if a realization hit him.

“…The World Tree Staff!!”

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