The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 54

Chapter 54

“Ninagawa Erika is a regressor… Not an easy opponent. The assassins of Biwol are all formidable,” Jin Wei asserted with certainty, as if he was convinced of her regressor status.

It was a rash judgement, a mistake he likely wouldn’t have made under normal circumstances. But the world had changed, and with the advent of extraordinary powers that surpassed human limits, his usual cool-headedness had been dulled by the anticipation of acquiring new strength through the mission.

“Fine, let that be. Let’s take care of the matters we need to settle first.”

Was it because of the information on the regressor? Jin Wei’s tone was now more amicable as he addressed Namgung.

“I have been interested in you from the beginning. I had my doubts, but now that your identity as a Revelator is confirmed, we can have a deeper conversation.”

“My demand is simple. Withdraw all your men. If I see any of them again, they’ll all be killed.”

“You’ve heard about my plan from Cheon Shun, haven’t you? With my plan, it’ll be easy to gather Heads.”

“Heads can be easily obtained by hunting demons.”

“Listen carefully. Hunting demons is one thing, but as time goes by, the danger will only increase. And then…”

Thud –

Namgung’s fist slammed down onto the roulette table, breaking its legs with a loud crack!

“If I had intended to work under you, none of this would be happening. You’re not stupid, are you?”

Silence enveloped the room as the two men locked gazes, neither one backing down.


In the thick tension, Jin Wei’s low chuckle shifted the atmosphere.

“Cheon Shun is indeed outmatched. Not just because you’re a Revelator. I’m curious about who’s backing you. Weren’t you with an NIS agent?”

“It’s nothing remarkable. If you’re curious, feel free to investigate. Unit 711. It’s gone now, but that’s where I was.”

“Oh? The fact that you speak so casually indicates confidence.”

Jin Wei inquired, his interest piqued.

“But are the rest of your subordinates as strong as you? They might just end up as fine chains to shackle you.”

“There aren’t many unit members left, but not all who remain follow me. Go ahead and try. If you kill them, you’ll also die.”

“What about your daughter?”


At that moment, Namgung’s sword plunged deep into Jin Wei’s shoulder.


The impact sent Jin Wei tumbling from his chair to the floor.

Namgung twisted the sword that he had stabbed into Jin Wei’s shoulder, applying pressure.

Crunch… Crrrk…!

The bone-splitting sound accompanied Namgung’s sword as it burrowed into Jin Wei’s flesh.

“I’ll end your life here.”

“Keuk… Keke… Seems you do have a weakness after all. Good reaction? Only now do you resemble something human.”

Jin Wei looked at Namgung with a face filled with twisted joy, seemingly unaffected by the pain.

“You wouldn’t have taken such action without some investigation. I dislike gambling. I prefer a safe trade over a risky gamble.”


The murderous intent that had briefly flared vanished in an instant.


Jin Wei felt something was terribly wrong by the look in Namgung’s eyes.

“Jin Wei. Son of the former Three Harmonies Society’s boss, Lin Chan, unusually rising to the position of the mountain lord.”


“Your real name is Jin Sheng, born in Kowloon Walled City, the largest slum in Hong Kong. You have one sibling, a younger brother, Jin Yan, who is currently studying at the Hong Kong University of Chinese Medicine. Unlike you, your brother is diligent.”


Seeing the look in Namgung’s eye, Jin Wei realized he shouldn’t have provoked him.

‘Definitely… will kill.’

For a moment, the face of his younger brother flashed across his mind. Unlike him, who was recognized for his talents and became Lin Chan’s adopted son, his brother wasn’t so fortunate.


There was no deceit in Namgung’s eyes.

“So, we both know each other’s weaknesses. Good. That makes the transaction even more trustworthy. Ha, haha!”

Jin Wei pushed the sword out of his shoulder, laughing awkwardly.

“Shall we let bygones be bygones? Now, let’s talk about something more constructive. Alright, I’ll remove all my factories planned for Korea. It’s easy enough to find another location.”


Namgung withdrew his sword, and Jin Wei poured a potion over his bleeding shoulder.


Smoke wafted up, and Jin Wei’s wound quickly closed.


Namgung glanced at the five rings on his fingers.

‘The Rainbow Rings.’

A gift from the one who handled fires to his Revelator during a free quest.

Each ring had a socket and inserting an alchemical stone into it allowed the use of alchemy without any other tools or formulas.

‘Only one alchemical stone remains. I can’t make the Lower Five Waters.’

Namgung thought about the four empty rings.

‘Before they’re all filled…’

He declared silently to Jin Wei, unheard.

‘I’ll have to kill you.’

But before that, there were things he needed to acquire, one being the Lower Five Waters.

A potion created using a special alchemical formula, which when two alchemical stones were placed in the Rainbow Rings could grant invincibility for a limited time.

It sounded overpowered, but in his past life, it was deemed nearly useless due to its mere five seconds of effectiveness. After the duration ended, it would even leave the user susceptible to statuses, a double-edged sword.

‘In reality, it’s nearly impossible to produce it now.’

The necessary materials to create it were currently unobtainable, found only in the Yacha Bundle.

In his past life, Jin Wei had only managed to make the Lower Five Waters once.

“I intend to make a request.”

“A request? What kind?”

“A potion that can nullify attacks and protect from statuses would be ideal.”

“Hmm… There is such a thing.”

“Can you make it?”

“No. Impossible. I could make something similar if my alchemy were a higher level… but I don’t have enough Heads to acquire the alchemical stones.”

“How many do you need?”

“20,000 Heads. Initially it was 10,000, but as soon as the second gate opened, the prices of the stones went up. Seems like it will continue to rise over time, increasingly hard to obtain.”

Jin Wei shrugged as he spoke.

“That’s why I need more Heads, but you wouldn’t know that…”

“Stop the nonsense if you’re trying to justify killing people for Heads.”

“What’s your proposal?”

“I’ll give you 10,000 Heads. The remaining 10,000 are with a guy named Ryujin, whom Cheon Shun has attached to me. That should suffice.”

“That’s not enough. Even if I could buy the alchemical stones, I would need Heads for the potion materials too.”

“You’ll figure that out. Now that the second door is closed, learning new alchemy formulas will benefit you far more.”

“That’s not good enough. I poured so many Heads into creating the Berserker recipe, and now I can’t recover any of it.”

“I’ll make you connections.”

“To what?”

“Materials needed for alchemy. Most are related to demons, aren’t they?”

Jin Wei showed interest in Namgung’s words.

“What if you could harvest them directly from the demons? No need to waste unnecessary Heads, that would be a huge gain for you.”

“…Is that possible?”

“Of course. But, for that, you need a special process. Meaning, you need experts capable of dissecting demons.”

“Dissecting demons? Hard to believe that there is someone who can do that.”

“How about it?”

Namgung challenged Jin Wei with just a twitch of his eyebrow.

“… You’re suggesting an investment?”

Silence hung for a moment before Jin Wei slowly nodded.

“Let’s do that. But one more thing. What about the compensation for the destroyed factories, the manufacturing equipment for the drugs, and other damages…”


At that moment, soul soldiers appeared behind him, surrounding Jin Wei.

“Go to Majangdong’s Jang Gil-Soo.”


Within the black smoke, three swords aimed at his limbs, and As’s axe pointed at Jin Wei’s neck.

“You’ll find him there.”

“… Are you calling putting a sword to someone’s neck compensation?”

Jin Wei looked at the soul soldiers encircling him, his face a mix of surprise and alarm.

“Yes. What better compensation than that?”


“Don’t worry about the petty cash. That’s already worth the price for sparing your life.”


Namgung watched Jin Wei’s adam’s apple quiver and warned him.

* * *


Back in Seoul from Yeongjong Island, Namgung embraced Somin, who came running to him.

Feeling the warmth of his daughter, he finally felt his frozen heart melting.

‘It’s been such a long day.’

Namgung gently caressed Somin’s cheek, hugging her again and looked up.

“You’ve worked hard.”

“Hardly anything to say. When I came back, Hojun made sure everything was secure.”

“How is the retired player?”

“He’s resting at the base now. It seems his fatigue has accumulated from hunting all night.”

“Of course, he’s been on the move since leaving the sick bay. You did well. What about you, Kyungin?”

“I’m okay. You worked hard, sir.”

“Fine? That kid was sprawled next to the retired player until a while ago, barely crawled out when he heard his brother was coming.”

Hojun’s comment was met with an embarrassed scratch at the head from Kyungin.

‘I should prioritize giving stamina runes to these two first.’

Unlike Hojun and Myunghoon who were ex-military, the two, being almost civilians, were bound to be exhausted.

“Who’s that child?”

“That’s a kid we met while working in Yeongjong Island. Looks like he’ll be with us for a while, so take care of him.”

“Hmm. Alright.”

Myunghoon, with a tense face, nodded to Namgung’s request, looking over at Sungwoo standing behind him.

“How old are you?”


Sungwoo replied with a still guarded voice.

“Kyungin, he’s your age. Help him out.”

“Got it. Nice to meet you. I’m Kyungin.”

Kyungin reached out to Sungwoo.

“… Oh, friends?”

Sungwoo, previously retracted, now grinned, shaking Kyungin’s hand.

“Don’t overdo it.”

“Ah, yes.”

But his brief defiance deflated at Namgung’s words, and he nodded, shoulders shrunk.

“Hi brother, I’m Nam Somin! Get along well!!”

“Ha, haha. Hi.”

Sungwoo awkwardly stretched out his hand to Somin, who warmly greeted him and shouted as she overlapped the two boys’ hands.

“Daddy! Can I show Sungwoo the base?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

The perceptive Somin led Sungwoo and Kyungin out to give them space.

“Boss, what happened yesterday?”

Hojun’s question was met by Namgung explaining the events of last night.

“Wow… so the Triads were really involved? The Cheon-il Group guys are big shots… This is a whole different level, isn’t it?”

“The Cheon-il Group is finished as of today. Their chairman, Shin Tae-hwa, is dead. The rest of the remnants will be handled by the NIS.”

“Shin Tae-hwa is dead?”


Namgung answered calmly, and Hojun didn’t bother to ask who killed him.

“We don’t have to worry about that anymore. The Triads remaining in the country have agreed to withdraw.”

Namgung handed Myunghoon a piece of paper with a number written on it.

“However, they will occasionally enter the country for trades. This is the number of one of the Triads’ officers, Cheon Shun. Keep it, and contact them if necessary.”

Myunghoon nodded.

“So what do we do now?”

“Everything will change with the opening of the third gate. It’s not just about dim gates opening and hunting the monsters that spawn anymore.”


“The geography will shift, and new terrains will form. The first one, an island of monsters in the center of the Arctic Ocean.”

Namgung said in a low voice.

Red Zone.

“We start preparing to conquer it.”

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