The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 53

**Chapter 53: “You think you can get away with this…!! You bastards!!! This son of a b****!!!”**

Tied to a pillar in the warehouse, Ryeojin shrieked in fury, losing herself to rage.

Seungwoo looked on at her and Nangong in panic, but Nangong, who was sitting back in his chair, coldly ordered,

“Keep her quiet.”


Park Hyo-joo stuffed a cloth into Ryeojin’s mouth.

“Mmph…! Mmmmmph!!!”

“I just said I’d give you a chance to claim the head position, never agreed to side with you.”

Nangong spoke coldly to her struggling figure.

“Ryeojin… Ryeojin… I thought the name sounded familiar. You are Yeohansu’s younger sister, aren’t you? The one handling the Daelim area?”


“Here, you’re called Yeo Junghwa. If Cheon Soon was to return to our home country, you were set to take over here, weren’t you? That’s why instead of following Cheon Soon, you sided with Jin Wei.”

“Mmmpph!! Mmmppphh!!”

Nangong made sense of why Ryeojin’s name felt familiar upon first hearing it.

“Don’t feel too wronged. You were just pawns to be disposed of by Jin Wei.”

She shook her head, trying to spit out the cloth in her mouth.

“Who do you think would be first to be turned into Berserk Warriors once the drug is completed? Starting with you.”



Suddenly, the door of the warehouse exploded inward with a thunderous crash.


Seungwoo flinched and ducked away from the flying metal door.


Park Hyo-joo, quick as lightning, deflected the door with a kick, sending it skidding across the floor, kicking up dust.

“What a noisy entrance.”

“Ryeojin…!! How dare you screw up the plan laid out by our Master? Such aggravating trash…!!”

Cheon Soon furious demeanor filled the recently burst doorway.

“It’s fine to be angry, but don’t do it in front of me. It’s annoying.”

“Look, hand her over right now, and I won’t hold you accountable for this.”

Cheon Soon was excessively agitated speaking to Nangong.

Nangong anticipated why he was putting on such an act.

‘He is overacting like that to pin all the blame on Ryeojin.’

Although he said so, a failure of a mission due to a subordinate’s betrayal would cost a life.

“Where’s Jin Wei?”

“He’s on the way. Because of that damned woman, everything’s messed up! The Master had sequestered himself to perfect a new technique…”

“Sequestered? Don’t make me laugh. He just bought a recipe from the Yacha bundle and is trying to replicate it.”

Nangong scoffed at Cheon Soon’s words.

“Just sit down quietly. We can’t proceed until he arrives anyway.”

“First, give me Ryeojin.”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“Not that I don’t, but… the Master insisted she be captured alive.”

“So you don’t trust me then.”

Cheon Soon gulped nervously as Nangong pressed him again.

“Damn it, I’m trying to save face in front of the guys… Fine, whatever.”

Still smarting from the broken nose he got from Nangong, Cheon Soon spat in annoyance and backed down.

“But… is everything going to be okay? Should we call in our men as well? Agents are standing by outside…”

Park Hyo-joo glanced over the personnel outside the warehouse before speaking to Nangong.

Cheon Soon might have brought a significant number of people, but if Jin Wei was coming, he would certainly not be alone.

“Their involvement would only increase casualties. Besides, he would never fight me. Or rather, he can’t.”

“Hmm… understood.”

Though she had absolute trust in Nangong’s words, she couldn’t help but feel tense.

Considering they were going up against the globally notorious Samhap Group.

“We have his arrival. Control Tower at Incheon Airport just called. He’s landed on a private jet with an estimated 40 people.”

A bit of time passed, and Park Hyo-joo relayed the message glancing at her ringing phone, a pre-arranged report from the prime minister who had made sure the runway was clear.

“Cheon Soon, tell Jin Wei to meet at the P Hotel near the airport. Suggest the casino there. Leave the rabble behind.”

“…You talk big, but I see you’re afraid, too. Requesting a face-to-face meeting with the Master. It’s impossible to contact him anyway. His guards will never stand down.”

“Not particularly. I just don’t want to see unnecessary bloodshed. Leave Ryeojin here, but don’t get any ideas. Take her after the talk with Jin Wei.”

“Mmph…! Mmmph…!!”

Ryeojin tried to scream at Nangong, but her words could not be made out through the cloth in her mouth.

“Stop making a scene.”

“What? You worthless piece of… from where do you…”

“Try anything, but from this moment on, you’ll not be dealing with me, but the entire country of South Korea.”


Suddenly they heard the rhythmic whomp of helicopter blades overhead.

“While I don’t mind you, gangster vermin always come in swarms. If you want to push through with numbers, so can we.”

The dropping soldiers from the helicopter above pushed through the henchmen at the door and entered.

“Loyalty. We’ve come for you.”

The heavily armed agents saluted Park Hyo-joo.

“There’s no time. Move swiftly. All teams but Alpha remain airborne. If there’s any trouble, open fire.”



Watching how swiftly the agents responded to her commands, Seungwoo’s eyes sparkled brightly as he regarded her differently than before.

“Keep quiet.”


Nangong flicked Cheon Soon’s forehead with his finger and followed the agents onto the helicopter.

**Incheon P Hotel**

Had it been a normal day, the hotel would have been teeming with tourists and no vacancies, but now the lobby was deathly quiet.

Step- Step- Step-

Despite the bright lighting, the empty casino sent a chill through the air.


Inside, Nangong caught something hurtling towards him: it was a casino chip.

“You like gambling?”

Nangong looked in the direction the chip had come from.

A man sat at the roulette table, his scholarly appearance with round glasses more akin to a researcher than the boss of the Samhap Group, causing an uncomfortable sensation.

“Not particularly.”

“Then why gamble? Taking on the Samhap Group like this is like betting your life.”


Nangong flicked the chip back towards Jin Wei at a lethal velocity.


The chip whizzed past Jin Wei’s cheek and shattered against the wall, causing more damage to the wall than to the chip itself.

“I don’t gamble.”

The precise shattering beside the wall’s noticeably sharper break made Jin Wei look back at Nangong with stiffened expression.

“I spent all of last night hunting Lizardmen. Thanks to that, my strength is still a bit rough around the edges. It’d be wise for you to be careful.”

Drip- Drip-

His cheek was belatedly nicked, and blood traced a path down his face.

‘He’s wounded me even though I’m under the protection of an elixir… Who is this man? What’s his real identity?’

As Jin Wei surveyed the man before him, he was a seasoned survivor of the fray, capable of ending life without hesitation. Navigating a path from his gait, posture, line of sight, to reflexes – these were all indicators of a person’s profession that he could read almost instinctively. But with Nangong, everything was muddled.

‘…That’s peculiar.’

His restraint seemed natural yet unrestrained, brute yet keen.

‘And those eyes – they’ve seen death. A soldier? A hitman? No, he’s beyond that.’

The more Jin Wei tried to gauge him, the more perplexed he became.

It was understandable.

Even with a keen eye, it was impossible to fathom the life lived by Nangong – a man who survived 25 years in this hell on earth.

“Indeed… You’ve got confidence.”

Jin Wei was now guarded, his tone wary compared to before.

‘Even though I’ve stationed men outside the doors, if he can fling a chip like that, they’ll be no use.’

Though he had been confident accepting the invitation to a private meeting, now the tables had turned.

“The world sure has changed. To think I’m meeting the elusive boss of the Samhap Group like this.”

“…What is it that you want?”

Despite not showing it, his palms were slick with nervous sweat.

‘Got him.’

Jin Wei popped the question, and Nangong realized his act had been convincing.

‘Massacring Lizardmen and absorbing their commanders’ energies has greatly boosted my strength.’

Jin Wei couldn’t outmatch him in any aspect except brute strength, thanks to various potions he had slathered on himself, from stamina to agility.

‘If it comes down to a fight, it’s going to end with one of us dead.’

That’s why Nangong made the first move, using his enhanced strength as deception.

“Speak up.”

Nangong looked at Jin Wei.

“You remember the press conference by Alex Traumann, right?”

“Could it be…?”

Jin Wei questioned with a hardened look.

“Yes. I too am a Chosen of the Imagery. And I presume, so are you.”

“How do you know I am a Chosen? What exactly are you?”

“Ninagawa Erica of the Ninagawa family. As the leader of the Samhap Group, you must have heard of her.”

“Ninagawa Erica? Are you talking about the princess of Hizuki (Flying Moon)?”

“That’s right.”

“Could it be… Is she also a Chosen?”

Nangong nodded slowly to Jin Wei’s question.

“This is surprising… Then, along with you, Alex, Erica, and me, we’ve already found four out of the eight Chosens. But that doesn’t answer my first question.”

“How I knew about you?”

Nangong countered with a smirk, waiting.

“The Chosens know. The Imagery have given us a task – to find the Returnee in this world. Right?”


“The choice is yours. But Erica Ninagawa can see the future, it seems.”


At that, Jin Wei’s eyes widened.

“Are you suggesting she’s the Returnee?! No, but wait. What if you’re lying?”

Though startled, he quickly regained his cool, doubting Nangong.

“I never asked you to trust me. It’s not a lie either. The choice is yours to make.”


Nangong watched him and stated plainly.

Currently, there’s a Returnee in this world, and Ninagawa Erica can see the future.

He wasn’t lying.

Falling for the deception only made one a fool.

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