The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 52

Chapter 52

With a ‘snap’, her leg twisted outwards, and she collapsed to the ground, losing her balance.


Her scream reverberated through the warehouse.

Nangong spoke to Park Hyo-joo, leaving behind the woman who was rolling on the floor clutching her broken leg.

“The Lizardmen will be swarming in. Split the drugs and throw them outside the warehouse before they arrive. We’ll take care of them once they’re lost in hallucinations.”

“Yes, understood.”

At his command, Park Hyo-joo nodded quickly and set to work.

“What about you? You should hurry, too.”

“Me? I… Oh, right. What am I doing? Ahahaha…!”

Seongwoo awkwardly laughed under Nangong’s gaze and hastily followed Park Hyo-joo.

“I’ll kill you…!!”


That’s when Nangong threw the cell phone he had been holding in front of her.

“Don’t waste your energy. Instead, I have a proposal for you. There are two choices before you.”


“The first is to call Jinwei and report what I am currently doing. You might be acknowledged as a loyal subordinate. A happy occasion, no? You’ll be remembered as a faithful hound in his mind.”


Nangong unsheathed his sword and brought it close to her throat.

Lyeojin involuntarily gulped down her dry saliva at the cold blade.

“But you’ll have to watch all of this from the underworld.”

“P-please spare me…”

As the blade inched closer to her throat, she trembled and looked at Nangong.

“Second. You join me in using the drug to hunt the Lizardmen. As you know, capturing that many monsters will yield a headcount beyond comparison to what we have so far.”

She remained silent, her gaze vacillating.

By her estimation, there were over a hundred Lizardmen visible outside the warehouse.

And with the Serpent’s egg present, it was certain more would come.

‘The minimum could be in the hundreds… perhaps even reaching a thousand. If so…’

She recalled how her Hong Kong group had hunted a mere 200 goblins during the Goblin Wave.

The effort had been sudden and despite a large force, the outcome had been minimal.

But now, before her, were Lizardmen offering more heads than the goblins.

“Loyalty to the boss? Yeah, that’s fine. But the world has changed. As Chen Xin said, the proof of faith is power.”

Nangong whispered into Lyeojin’s ear.

“And power is precisely heads. The more heads you have, the more ways there are to survive. Did Jinwei ever offer you such a proposal? I doubt it. I am the one giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”


Despite the pain in her leg from Nangong’s kick, it seemed she no longer noticed such trivial discomforts.

“If you don’t like it, never mind.”

“Wait a moment!!!”

Lyeojin cried out hastily as Nangong applied more pressure to the hilt of the sword.

“I’ll do it.”

Then she nodded, seemingly making her decision, and Nangong finally extended a satisfied hand to her.

“Right. You should seize the opportunity when it comes. Especially in life-and-death situations. What’s the code?”


“Did you get that?”

At Nangong’s words, Park Hyo-joo pressed a button on the machine.

With a ‘click’, a canister containing the pure essence of the drug shot out of the machine.

“Now what do we do?”

“It’s simple. Those two will entrap the Lizardmen in hallucinations, and you and I will hunt them down as quickly as possible. Easy, right?”

Nangong pointed to the silver thread she was holding.


With her decision made, Lyeojin stood up and walked toward the warehouse exit.

“I’m ready!”

Park Hyo-joo shouted, bringing over a canister that she had diluted with water from the machine.

“Open it.”

As Nangong put on a mask inside the warehouse, he commanded.


At his order, Lyeojin put all her strength into opening the warehouse door.

As the iron door scraped across the floor with a loud noise, the Lizardmen who were devouring the gangsters turned their heads all at once.


That instant, Nangong sprinkled the drug he received from Park Hyo-joo.


A confused creature, drenched in the drug, stood still as a vile scent quickly filled the area.

Huff…? Sniff sniff?

The Lizardmen acted like animals chasing delicious prey, twitching their noses.

[Heh…! Hack!!]

Simultaneously, screams erupted from all around, as the Lizardmen began turning on and devouring each other.

“It’s started.”

Some stood dumbfounded as if losing their minds, others licked the ground, and some ran on all fours.

Whatever they were seeing was unclear, but it was evident that they were not in their right minds.


Asghar swung his massive axe horizontally.

With a thunderous noise, the heads of Lizardmen were severed, and blood sprayed in all directions.

Scrape-!! Swoosh—

The remaining soul soldiers followed behind Asghar, slaughtering the Lizardmen standing outside.


Despite the horrific scene, Nangong remained unconcerned, only smirking coldly as the head count continued to stack.

* * *


Seongwoo, sitting on the floor, said nothing and merely swallowed.

How much time had passed?

Silence lingered, and those remaining in the warehouse simply gazed at each other.

“We’re alive.”

The bloody battle that started at night lasted until dawn broke. Finally collapsing onto the ground, Seongwoo whispered.

The dampness he felt on the back of his head where it touched the floor was blood.

Even a slight turn of his head revealed the corpses of monsters that had not yet vanished.


It was a dreadful sight, but Seongwoo found himself laughing involuntarily.

Not because the massacre brought him joy, but because he was elated to be alive.

▶ Remaining Heads: 7103 heads

And what brought even more joy than survival was what was reflected on the screen.

Seongwoo couldn’t believe the number of heads he had acquired. With the heads from when the first hell gate opened and those he had earned here, it was over 4500 heads.

‘Maybe we killed over a thousand monsters?’

With still trembling hands, whether from exhaustion or happiness, Seongwoo pondered.

Even a military might have found it impossible, yet they had accomplished this feat with merely four people.

“Alright, got it. Well done.”

While Seongwoo felt like leaping for joy, Nangong was calmly talking on the phone as soon as the monster hunting ended.

‘Wow… Does that guy never get tired?’

Watching Nangong, Seongwoo was filled with wonder.

Even though he’d received buffs, there was no mistaking the exhaustion evident in the other two, proving they were similarly affected.

‘His breathing isn’t even labored. What on earth is he?’

Watching him effortlessly cut down monsters with such composure and overwhelming skill, Nangong seemed like an insurmountable wall to Seongwoo.

“Fortunately, it seems the damage wasn’t too great on the Seoul side. Thanks to Hojun, the military had already blocked the roads in advance. No wonder there weren’t as many monsters.”

“That’s a relief.”

Hearing Nangong’s conversation with Park Hyo-joo, Seongwoo could not help but be astonished.

‘…This is considered few? How many monsters did he actually catch? What is up with that guy?’

The more he saw, the more Seongwoo’s curiosity deepened.

“Ha, haha…! What’s this? It’s amazing!! Hahaha!!!”

Suddenly, Lyeojin’s laughter drew everyone’s attention.

“Gathering 10,000 heads so quickly… Even the senior members of the Triads don’t have this much. Heh, great. Once I buy that, the Triads or whatever won’t matter to me.”

She cackled, opening her ghoul bundle.

“Wait. If you’re thinking of buying spider venom thread, you’d better not.”


“If you spend all your heads now, you’ll be in trouble. Better save them if you don’t want to die.”

Nangong ended his call and spoke to the momentarily pleased Lyeojin, who grimaced.

“Here it is. Luckily, one of our team members used to work with Chinese and Hong Kong affiliates, so they know.”

“Sorry, I must have forgotten to get his number.”

In front of Nangong, Park Hyo-joo showed her cell phone to Lyeojin.

Unsure of what was going on, Lyeojin’s expression tightened upon seeing the numbers.

“Wait… What’s that?”

“Looks like I guessed right given your expression. It’s Chen Xin’s number.”

“And why exactly are you showing me his number now?!”

As Lyeojin raised her voice, her anxiety was clearly on display.

“It’s me.”

“Is it really… did you actually contact Honggen? No way, right? Stop joking! You’re lying!!”

“We’ll see whether it’s a lie.”

As Lyeojin grabbed at her, pleading, Park Hyo-joo dismissed her coldly.

“Don’t make me laugh… You’re all on the same side as me, right? No?”

“But there seems to be a slight problem on our end.”


“Monsters attacked us. All your kids died. You know this because you were there. What about the drugs? Couldn’t help it, they’re all gone.”

Nangong then slightly scowled and removed the phone from his ear.

Chen Xin’s screaming voice could be heard on the other end.

“What’s the password for the safe?”

“What… What are you doing…?”

Stuttering in confusion, Lyeojin trembled as she looked at Nangong, seeking an answer.

“That’s not hard to solve. I just asked your little tag along, and he told me. The Triad guys sure have loose lips. After all, life takes precedence over loyalty, doesn’t it?”

“You… you…!!”

Watching Lyeojin panic, Nangong continued his call.

“What I want? It’s not that hard. Didn’t Jinwei say he was coming here in a week? Tell him to come now. I want to talk to him, not you.”

-Crazy bastard… Are you so desperate to die you’re delirious? To dare summon the boss?

As Nangong smiled faintly while listening to the enraged voice of Chen Xin, he pressed on.

“Pay a price though. You said it, didn’t you? To show my ability.”

-Enough of your nonsense! After destroying the factory and even using up the Berserker!

“I dealt with all the Chililhwe gang members.”

-Hah… Crazy bastard. Are we joking now? What use is that when the factory is destroyed?!

“10,000 heads.”


Chen Xin’s shouting suddenly ceased as he heard the number of heads—a hefty sum unattainable under current circumstances.

‘He won’t be able to refuse. An alchemist needs various ingredients, after all. He must be the most desperate of the Eight Arms for heads.’

Nangong’s face held a certain conviction of the response he would receive.

“A bonus. A traitor as well.”

Glancing at Lyeojin with a chilling gaze, Nangong said,

“How about it?”

In that moment, Lyeojin’s lips quivered.

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