The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Screeeeech!

The vehicle filled with Ryujin jerked into reverse as monstrous hordes swarmed the bridge. With a hurried shift to R, she stomped on the accelerator.


Namgung clicked his tongue disapprovingly as he watched the car retreat.


As he had anticipated, the trunk crumpled with a thunderous noise like paper folding under pressure.


Ryujin gripped the steering wheel tightly, barely managing to maintain control as the car shook violently.


Despite flooring the accelerator again, the car refused to move forward; its rear wheels spun helplessly in midair.


A monstrous face appeared at the car’s rear window, big and round like a toad’s with ears ripped at the sides, and a ghoulish mouth.

“What is that…?”

Ryujin, seeing this grotesque monster unlike any lizardman she knew, quickly flung open the car door and leapt out.


The car flipped over all too easily as the creature lifted its massive arms, previously gripping the rear of the vehicle.

“There wasn’t anything like this before…”

Ryujin couldn’t conceal her shock as she faced the monster — half again as large as the lizardmen, armed not with a spear but with a blunt weapon at its waist, and a large round shield on its back.

“Lizard warriors. Like a mid-boss. They’re summoned a week after the Serpent comes into play… but since the Serpent was caught early, here they are.”

Crunch! Crunch!

As casually as one might eat an appetizer before their main course, a lizard warrior suddenly snatched up a fellow lizardman, ripping open its throat and eagerly gulping down the spurting blood.

“They make no distinction between friend or foe. Just brutal monsters. Best to be careful; they favor human flesh.”

Unconsciously, Ryujin brushed her own neck, glancing down at the tattered remains of a lizardman.

“What’ll we do?”

“What else? There’s only one way to go. We break through.”

“Are you insane? We’re in the middle of the bridge! We’ve got at least 4 kilometers to go and you want to fight through these monsters?”

“Why? Can’t you handle it? Cheonshin wouldn’t have appointed you as a supervisor if he didn’t trust your abilities.”

Namgung reassured the shaken woman beside him.

“Or maybe you’re just a throwaway pawn he’s put in my path?”


She was masked, so he couldn’t read her expression, but the murderous aura she emitted was telltale enough.


In that moment, she rolled up her sleeves, revealing a bracelet on her wrist that she tugged sharply, extending an incredibly fine thread.

‘…A silver thread? That’s not an easy weapon to wield…’

Namgung watched her, intrigued.

“I won’t help you, so keep up on your own.”

With those words, Ryujin dashed into the swarm of lizardmen.

[Keek! Kack!!]


The lizardmen launched their spears with inhuman screams at the sight of her.

Boom— Bang!! Crack—!

She weaved through their attacks with agility, felling them one by one.


She stepped on an extending spear and vaulted onto a lizardman’s shoulder, crossing her arms to loop the thread around its neck. Swooping down, she pulled, and with the sound of tearing silk, the monster’s head dropped to the floor.


Without pause, she landed and slid through the legs of other lizardmen, rushing forwards.


Launching up with explosive force, she stretched out her arms crossed.



Their anguished cries filled the air as their limbs severed like a tap of blood was opened, drenching the ground in red.

Collapsing where they stood, the lizardmen fell, leaving Ryujin to call out to her hesitant companion.

“What are you waiting for?”

Namgung responded with a knock on an overturned car.

“Woken up yet?”


Pulling herself from the twisted wreck, Park Hyoju glared at Namgung with resentment.

“You never said it’d be like this.”

“I didn’t know I’d be reversing the car. And you were awake back then. You should have escaped.”

“I couldn’t arouse suspicion.”

She massaged the back of her neck where Namgung had hit her.

“Could have been gentler, you know.”

“Well, I can’t afford to be suspicious either.”

“Anyway, it turns out that Chevron really has eyes from Sanhap in their midst. It would’ve been serious if I’d gone in with Shi Tae-hwa.”

Planned before even approaching Chevron, everything had gone according to Namgung’s expectations, considering he’d known Jinwei would never trust them fully.

“Now’s what matters. Since the Serpent’s gate closed quickly, the number of spawned monsters will be incomparable to the goblin horde. The summoning alone will likely take at least a full day.”


As she lifted her head:

▶ The depths of the sea churn.

▶ The second carnival’s special act commences.

▶ Every remaining lizardman is summoned.

▶ Count of Lizardmen: 1,000… 5,000…

The numbers were rising by magnitudes unlike those of the goblins.

‘Will this be alright…’

She had briefed her team, but couldn’t help feeling anxious, recalling the chaos at the National Assembly building.

“To survive this world, we must trust our allies. They’re trained, not civilians; they’ll live.”

Encouraged by Namgung, she nodded.

“Besides, the more we cull these monsters, the more we help them.”


While replying, Park Hyoju noticed the head of the lizard warrior responsible for flipping her car on the ground.

▶ Absorbing the Soul of the Lizard Warrior.

▶ Soul Absorption Lv2 activated.

▶ Lizard Warrior Trait: A slight increase in strength.


Kicking aside the head of the fallen lizard warrior, Namgung leaped forward.

Rushing past hordes of monsters and covering over 200 meters, Ryujin caught her breath, adjusting the thin threads wrapped around her wrists.

‘This is depleting too quickly…’

Sharp as her silver threads were, they weren’t durable enough to slice through monster scales, snapping invariably after a few kills.

“Damn it…”

Trapped between advancing and retreating, Ryujin bit her lip in frustration.

‘What on earth is he doing…’

Just as she turned with a sense of unfairness, a hissing sound surged forth:



Startled by a smoke-like substance passing through her, she instinctively shielded her face with her arms.

A chilling sensation sank deep into her bones as the smoke penetrated her body.

“Pant, pant…”

Gasping for breath, she hurriedly checked for the smoke’s identity that had just passed through her, looking ahead.

Crash!!! Bang—!

To her amazement, the smoke solidified into armored soldiers wielding weapons, who began to cleave into the lizardmen.


The most prominent specter at the front, clad in thick armor, swung its axe, scattering lizardmen into the sea with every swing.

“What the…”

Bewildered, Ryujin watched the spectral soldiers and spotted Namgung leading them.

“I won’t help you. Keep up on your own.”

Chagrined by her own echoed words, Ryujin bowed her head and tensed her legs.


With As’s axe sweeping the lizardmen away, they crossed the bridge.

* * *



Reaching the waste treatment plant near Incheon Airport on Yeongjong Island, the caravan found the area eerily still.

“This is…”

Ryujin’s complexion darkened as the solid iron gate swung open.

“Everyone’s dead.”

Namgung stated detachedly, surveying the corpses strewn inside.

“As expected. Considering the bodies along the way, mostly Sanhap’s men fell.”

“Where’s the equipment?”


Prompted by Namgung, Ryujin hurriedly scanned the area, relief washing over her as she spotted an operational machine surrounded by a pile of bodies yet untouched by power failure.


The area around the drug-mixing device was crowded with the dead from Cheonshin’s Sanhap recruits.

“They were desperate, it seems. As if protecting this one thing was their last stand.”

Park Hyoju gazed at the fallen men, making her observation.

“…A command from the boss. They had to complete their mission at all costs. Hurry, give me the ampule. We need to mix the medicine now.”

Ryujin’s urgent voice commanded attention as Namgung passed her the ampule, which she swiftly inserted into the machine.


“With how these bad guys are so pointlessly loyal… You could learn a thing or two from them.”

“Enough already.”

Namgung’s comment was met with Park Hyoju’s pouting reply as the machine whirred to life.

“It’s amazing how times have changed. To think drugs are now synthesized mechanically. Right?”

Namgung chuckled lightly at her sarcasm.

“How long will it take?”

“…About an hour.”

“Hmm. Alright then. You two guard this place. Things seem calm for now, so it shouldn’t be too dangerous.”

“You want me to stay here with this gangster and guard drugs?”



Park Hyoju grimaced at Namgung’s command.

“You said you’d handle this woman quietly in the passenger’s cabin. But now, it looks like there’s some camaraderie… If you’re trying to trick us…”

“That’s not it. She’s part of this too.”


As she spoke, Namgung grabbed Park Hyoju’s shoulder and pushed her towards Ryujin.

“She’s a corrupt official.”

“Just a moment!!”

“Keep a good watch for an hour. Unless you want to die, that is.”

Leaving a flustered Park Hyoju behind, Namgung walked towards the factory’s exit.

“And what about you? What do you plan to do for an hour while leaving us here?”

“I’ve come to the sea after a long while.”

Namgung told Ryujin with a mysterious smile.

“I’m going fishing.”

“What does that mean…”

* * *

“Lucky the engine’s still starting.”

Arriving at Eulwangri Beach, not far from the factory, Namgung boarded one of the moored fishing boats and gave an affirming nod.

Normally bustling with seafood restaurants and lively with drink, the beachfront was as silent as a ghost town.

The fishing boat hummed away from the coast, out into the open sea, as Namgung steered and reminisced.

‘Like the goblin lord building his fortress, the Serpent lays its eggs in a nest post-summoning.’

Meaning that straight after being summoned, the creature was already laden with eggs.

‘The chosen location is Jangbong Island.’

Fortunately, from his position in Eulwangri, that island wasn’t far to the north.

‘There, in a small cave called Skull Rock, the beast would lay its eggs.’

Of course, with the Serpent slain by Namgung, there was no nest to be made.

‘But one absolute rule remains, even if the beast is gone.’

The boat’s engine droned on.

‘After the hell gate closes, every monster wave brings all creatures with a head bounty to spawn.’

Even the unborn Serpent spawn within those eggs…

“Is just another monster.”

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