The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 46

Chapter 46: “…What?”

“Forget it. Talking to the tail when you should be speaking to the head is pointless. Get in touch with Jin Wei. Tell him that if he wants to work with me, he should come find me himself.”

“Crazy bastard… How dare you throw around someone’s name so carelessly? Do you truly think that just because the Mountain Master (山主) has his eye on you that you’re already in cahoots with us?”

Twisting Sin Tae-hwa’s neck, Cheon Shoon removed his gloves and threw them aside, speaking to Namgoong with an incredulous look.


At that moment, the hands of Cheon Shoon, gloveless now, seemed to vanish as if they had become transparent.


Namgoong stared fixedly at Cheon Shoon’s hands, invisible beyond his sleeves.

That was one of Cheon Shoon’s special qualities.

‘It’s different from stealth. Rather than simply hiding, it’s about melding completely with the background.’

A deception akin to stealth made one disappear from sight but not from existence.

But assimilation allowed one to blend entirely with the surroundings, effectively erasing their very presence.

In other words, where Cheon Shoon’s invisible hands were supposed to be, there was truly nothing. Namgoong trying to grab his hand would clutch at empty air.

Conversely, whenever he wished, Cheon Shoon could materialize his hands again.


Cheon Shoon’s hand gradually reappeared as if it had been waiting for the right moment.

“What? Surprised?”

Showing off his hand, he asked Namgoong.

“Not particularly.”

It was obvious he was eager to boast about his abilities.

‘Well, it’s not surprising. Ever since the gates of hell opened, most people who awakened their talents acted like that.’

However, a newly acquired power also meant inexperience with its use.

Even when doing familiar tasks, there would be attempts to apply newfound powers rather than relying on established skills.

Some might call it training…

‘But to use it this way in real combat is just showing off.’

And such showiness would inevitably create vulnerabilities.

“The world has changed. While there are ordinary humans, there are also those like me who have been granted special powers. An equal world? That no longer exists. It’s destined to become thoroughly divided.”

Cheon Shoon declared to Namgoong.

“Those with power will reign, while those without will become slaves. We’re offering you an opportunity. So don’t think about being petty.”


Cheon Shoon vanished again.

“I’ll cut your throat…”


Just then.

Namgoong swung his arm toward the rear, and with a heavy thud, his fist seemed to impact something tangible.

Crack… Tap…

Suddenly, drops of blood spurted out of thin air and splattered on the floor.

“How, how did you…!”

Cheon Shoon, holding his crooked nose that seemed broken, reappeared baffled.

“I can’t be attacked! My body can perfectly blend into the surroundings! I become non-existent!”

“You talk too much. To play tricks in a fight without even understanding your own abilities is foolish. Seems like you’re the petty one.”

Holding his broken nose, Cheon Shoon gazed at him.

“Stop flickering in and out of existence, just shut up and sit down. Your antics are boring.”

“…How did you do it?”

“It wasn’t a punch. It was the wind pressure. Just because one can’t be struck physically, doesn’t mean it’s all-powerful.”

Cheon Shoon looked at him, dumbfounded by his answer.

‘Wind pressure? Can people even do that?’

But doubting his own ability to become invisible felt absurd.


Pressing against his bleeding nose, Cheon Shoon quietly sat down.

“So now we’re even to talk. Jin Wei has taken a liking to me, huh? He’s seen me fight in Yeouido?”

“…That’s right.”

“And now you want to hand me the job you were going to give to the Cheon Il Group.”

“The guys from Cheon Il Group were iffy from the start. It’s funny, thinking of bribing you behind our backs.”

“But on what basis do you trust me to take on the job? I’m not even someone who’s usually involved in this line of work.”

“Power. What other reason is needed?”

Cheon Shoon asked back, puzzled by his question.

“The world is now different. The Mountain Master stated it—this is a world ruled by power.”

“Gangsters these days have no shortage of things to say. Your public authority should be on a different level from ours. You’re keeping quiet for now, but could you handle it if they were serious?”

“Public authority? That’s old news. You don’t understand our Mountain Master. Guns, knives? Tanks, rockets, bring them all on. Nothing can stop him.”

He spoke assertively.

‘Indeed, from potions that boost abilities to all sorts of buffs and healing agents. There is nothing that alchemy can’t make.’

Physical abilities could be obtained through training and real combat, but realistically, they needed to be increased through runes.

The problem was, runes were not easy to come by.

Jin Wei could solve that problem with alchemy.

‘If he’s covered his body with alchemy creations, he could well be stronger than Alek at this point.’

How would he measure up in comparison?

He might have the upper hand in experience, but in terms of physical capabilities, Jin Wei would be overwhelming.

‘Unless I gather more runes…’

If there was a fight, it would be an even match.

‘Well, maybe even at a disadvantage.’

Clearly, he would be a more troublesome opponent than Alek. That’s why Cheon Shoon’s confidence wasn’t misguided.

“So, be careful. I acknowledge your strength, but remember that our Mountain Master sits above those who soar and scuttle. Soon, he will reign over all nations.”

“Is a triad executioner’s skill nowadays sucking up to the boss instead of showing their own?”

“That’s enough…”

Namgoong’s words were irritating, but after taking a hit from him just now, Cheon Shoon could feel the gap between them.


Instead, it was because of his skill that was possible.

His body was screaming a warning that if Namgoong had moved at all during the earlier conversation, he would have shown no mercy and cut him down with his blade.


“It was originally a job for the Cheon Il Group… but if you handle it well, you might be able to work under better terms with us.”

Cheon Shoon exhaled deeply before speaking.

“Without a middleman.”


“Of course, you will be supervised. The men I brought will assist you while checking if you have any ulterior motives.”

“And if I take them all out like the Cheon Il Group and pull the same stunt?”

“Thoughtful. To worry about such things for me. As soon as you touch my men, I’ll know immediately. You don’t need to understand how. Okay?”

Cheon Shoon handed him a small vial, along with a note with an address.

“Technicians must already be preparing for the job. Just deliver this to them, and they will manufacture the sample.”

“Simple enough.”

“Cheon Il Group’s remnants know the location of that place. If they could look after those fellows, it would be a good show of strength that would please the Mountain Master.”

“When will Jin Wei come?”

“In a week. And you better watch your mouth. To casually say the Mountain Master’s name…”

Cheon Shoon had a lot to say, but he held his tongue seeing Namgoong’s dismissive attitude.


Storing the vial inside his jacket, Namgoong nodded in understanding.

“Got it.”

“That woman? Should we bury her with the other fellow?”

“Forget it. She’s an agent from the National Intelligence Service. Tampering with her would only prompt the government to target you.”

“…Why bother bringing along such a troublemaker?”

“Because the Cheon Il Group made a mess of things. If only they had kept quiet and contacted me…”

“Aaah. It’s always the useless ones, isn’t it? If not for the old bonds with the former Mountain Master, they would have been discarded long ago.”

Understanding Namgoong’s words, Cheon Shoon nodded.

“I’ll take care of that woman myself. Blaming the Cheon Il Group should work.”

“Ryeo Jin.”

At that moment, another figure appeared behind Cheon Shoon. Namgoong looked up to see the woman who had been covering her face behind Cheon Shoon give him a light nod.

“The rest will head straight to the designated address. You go with Ryeo Jin.”

“Distrusting me, huh.”

Namgoong realized that Cheon Shoon had assigned him an attendant to ensure he handled Park Hyo-joo properly.

“No matter to me.”

He picked up the unconscious Park Hyo-joo and took out his car keys from his pocket, tossing them to Ryeo Jin.

“You drive. I’m not your underling, after all.”


A hint of confusion crossed Ryeo Jin’s eyes beneath her mask. Cheon Shoon gestured for her to get on with it.

‘A week, huh…’

As Namgoong walked out of the room, he thought to himself.

‘Can’t wait till then, can he? I might just have Jin Wei come looking for me tomorrow.’

Fortunately, as he turned his back on them and stood by the door, no one saw the corner of his lips rise in anticipation.

* * *


Only the sound of the engine echoed in the silence as the car sped smoothly away.

Exiting the port terminal, they headed for Yeongjong Island.

Driving over the Incheon Bridge, they were flanked by the pitch-black sea on either side.

The road was empty while the sea loomed ominously, as if ready to swallow them whole.

‘Ryeo Jin… the name is not unfamiliar, but I can’t seem to recall anything specific. I’ve definitely heard it before.’

Namgoong, seated in the back, watched the back of the driver as she handled the wheel and pondered.

‘I’ve had no dealings with the triad goons in my past life. I met Jin Wei after the triads concocted a new drug that destroyed Incheon.’

The church that rose from the ruins of Incheon filled with explosively increasing drug addicts.

Namgoong had met Jin Wei for the first time with the emergence of the Geumhwa Church.

‘If she’s under Cheon Shoon, she can’t exactly be Jin Wei’s henchman, nor a key figure in the triad… Where have I seen her?’

“Hey. Since we’re working together, it might be good to get to know each other better. What kind of weapon do you use?”


But she offered no response.

“I’m not one of your underlings, either. While I’ll drive as Red Root ordered, I see no need to answer your questions.”

“A bit frosty because of the earlier incident, are we?”


Though her expression was hidden, Namgoong noticed her shoulders flinch slightly at the steering wheel, and he chuckled.

“Following Cheon Shoon’s orders yet ignoring my questions… Seems like you’ve forgotten how he got a taste of my punch.”

“So? Even if you’re stronger than Red Root, you’re not better than the Mountain Master. Ultimately, I serve the Mountain Master.”

“Your loyalty is impressive.”

Namgoong leaned back on the couch as if bracing himself for an impact.

“Let’s see if your skills live up to that devotion, shall we?”



That’s when it happened.

The sea on either side of the bridge erupted as if explosions were occurring, sending water shooting up.

Bang! Bang! Crash!


Surpassing the height of the bridge, water spouts rained down from the sea, bringing with them a cascade of objects.


Initially, it looked like a downpour, but the hefty force hitting the hood of the car made Ryeo Jin, who was gripping the wheel, hastily bring the vehicle to a stop.

“This is…”

Thud! Thud! Rumble!

One by one… twenty, a hundred…

The sight of lizard men bursting from the deep and filling the bridge unfurled before them.

[Chk… Chk…!!]

Staring out the window at the lizard man bearing its sharp fangs, Ryeo Jin couldn’t help but gulp nervously.

“What are you doing?”


Despite the chilling scene, Namgoong casually opened the car door.

“Wait a minute!”

Ryeo Jin raised her voice in alarm as he got out, but Namgoong, stepping out of the car, seemed to relish the confrontation.

The second monster wave had begun.

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