The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 42

Chapter 42


Namgung slowly opened his eyes.

As he passed through the door, he felt a weight similar to being sucked deep under the sea.

Thud— Thud—

When he looked back, the door had disappeared, and only a solid stone wall remained.

‘Indeed… there is no exit.’

Namgung turned his head and gazed down the cave’s lone path, thinking that he had no choice but to move forward from now on.

“I’ll call you Asur from now on. Is that okay?”

He spoke to Astérion’s specter, whom he had brought through the door with him.

Instead of answering, it simply nodded its head.

Having become a soul knight after making a contract with Namgung, it no longer said anything, unlike when it was lord of the labyrinth.

‘No, it’s more accurate to say it can’t.’

Namgung knew that this was due to his low level of necromancy skills.

“If you could have used Hades’ helmet, things might have been different.”

Before the carnival started, he had obtained the legendary grade relic, “Hades’ Helmet,” numbered 8, as a free quest reward from Yor. Namgung recalled this as he spoke.

“Well, being dead doesn’t mean one becomes an existence of the underworld. It is said that even the dead fear that place…”

With a semblance of hope, Namgung decided to test the helmet on Asur.

However, the helmet showed no reaction.


As if apologizing, Asur slowly lowered its head.

“I’m not reprimanding you. You wished to leave the labyrinth. Desire belongs to those who yearn for life.”

Namgung patted its shoulder lightly.

“You’re not dead.”

He said this while recalling someone.

A knight who had hunted 666,666 high demons with him in his previous life.


The sound of the wind that suddenly emerged seemed like the cries from when he completed the quest and said farewell in his past life.

The only existence of the underworld he knew.

‘The fact that Asur can’t use this helmet must mean there is another destined owner.’

Thinking of his final companion from his previous life, Namgung became resolute.

“And I also…”

Cannot afford to die.

Namgung moved past Asur, walking slowly.

It was then.


Namgung quickly turned his head toward the sudden voice, but it was not merely coming from outside.

[Who are you to have entered this place?]

The voice resonated directly in his mind, causing Namgung to frown slightly.

‘If there’s a being capable of sending telepathic messages, it must be at least a high demon, spirit king, or a dragon.’

It was strange.

Such beings would only be possible after the 13th hell gate had opened.

Even if the future had changed due to him, it would still take at least a few years.

‘It’s too soon to run into them…’

Namgung found it difficult to gauge who might be dwelling within.


Now, Namgung suspected whether the black ticket he held was truly a reward from the labyrinth.

Certainly, dungeon rewards could differ from his past life, like when he was at the grave of the Ghoul King.

However, this labyrinth’s reward felt oddly alien.

He thought that if he could find out the identity of the being that had just spoken to him, he would know for sure what that sense of strangeness was.

“I’m curious about who you are myself. I obtained this from the Minotaur’s labyrinth.”

He took the ticket out and waved it in the air.

“I don’t know what this is. It simply summoned me here against my will.”

Namgung scanned his surroundings.

“All I know is that this place is Ran’s nest. Are you Ran—the one I’m talking to now?”

[Kuk, kuk… Am I Ran?]


Answering his question, a sudden response sent chills down Namgung’s spine.

[It seems you really don’t know anything about this place.]

‘The quest was definitely called Ran’s Nest. But judging by the atmosphere, the one answering isn’t Ran.’

There was only one possibility.

‘A predator who killed Ran and took over this nest.’


Namgung slowly drew his sword.

[You noticed already? Like a hunting dog with a keen sense of smell.]

“I am the harbinger of the seven serpents. I am chosen by the Phase. I’m not sure what you are, but you must remember that crossing me is like baring teeth at the Phase.”

Step— Step— Step—

He moved deeper into the cave.

“If you plan to harm me, you should remember that it is the same as challenging the Phase.”

[The Phase, huh… You speak as if you’re something special merely because you’re a piece on their game board. Cute. Very cute.]

‘Not afraid of the Phase?’

What kind of attitude was that?

The highest beings in this world were undoubtedly the eight Phases.

Even the highest-ranking creatures like high demons, spirit kings, and dragons were nothing compared to the Phases.

‘What exactly are you?’

Although puzzled, Namgung was also curious about the identity of the being in this place.

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