The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 4

Episode 4: The Shattered Illusion and the Tyrant’s Offering

Bang–!! The illusion shattered in an instant.


Purplish lightning bolts crashed down from all directions, and Kyuryu darted about frantically, trying to dodge them.

[How dare a human challenge a superior being? You must wish for death.]

“You seem to have misplaced your anger. Shouldn’t you be more surprised than angry that I managed to strike you?”


“That this power is real.”

[Why do you possess such power? Even if you have regressed, your past abilities should not remain.]

“Indeed… It seems that even a superior being does not know everything.”

Namgoong sneered at him.

“You don’t know. Maybe this is a reward for my determination after surviving that hell. But one thing is certain: this power is proof of my regression.”

Namgoong declared.

[If you’re not the chosen seer, then what are you?]

“Choi Hwisoo. The seer you would have chosen. I inherited your power from him.”

[Interesting. Keke… In some ways, I am pleased. Instinctively, we sensed it. The warping of the timeline.]

‘They can sense the change but not who is behind it.’

Namgoong concentrated on getting any possible information about his regression from the superior being’s words.

[To be honest, we were curious. As you say, we do not know everything.]


At that moment, Namgoong’s surroundings shattered like breaking glass, breaking into white fragments.

[Not just me, everyone. But to think that the regressed human who twisted time in exchange for the heads of 666,666 demons was once my servant.]

The superior being’s voice seemed to change tone.


The pitch-black darkness vanished, replaced by a blindingly white space.

[You’re worthy of a conversation.]

The empty void was eerily unnerving.

Perched upon an isolated throne sat a boy.

[666,666 demons in a time formation… Certainly, there was such a thing. The creator must have been the ‘Watcher of the Sun and Moon.’ I thought it was a futile effort, but I never imagined a human would succeed.]

One of the eight superior beings, the Watcher of the Sun and Moon, and among the ones more lenient towards humanity.

‘But even a friendly superior being is still just a Watcher.’

That alone hinted at how these beings saw humans.

[I was indeed curious when the regressor who accomplished such a feat would reveal himself…]

The boy smirked.

[To come to me on your own volition. How overwhelming. Sadly, I have already chosen my seer.]

He continued.

[The opening of the gates of hell and 25 years of memories… Alluring indeed, but every decision of the gods has its reasons. Had you truly been exceptional, you would have caught our eyes much sooner.]

“Sometimes, it’s those who are not exceptional who survive.”

[I need those who are exceptional, not the dull.]

Though small in stature, the boy’s tone seemed to address Namgoong as if he were a child.

[On the contrary, you could become a common enemy of all superior beings. That would be even worse starting position for you.]


Around the throne, snakes were present.

Each one poised attentively, flicking their tongues as if wary of Namgoong.

[And why should I choose you?]

“Because that’s the only way you can win this game.”

If one thought of this horrendous apocalypse as a game, it made sense.

The reasons behind it were unknown, and might as well be meaningless.

It could have been just a pastime to alleviate their boredom, or perhaps they found pleasure in watching their creations suffer.

But one thing was clear: surviving the hellish ordeal meant there was a reward to be had.

‘The superior beings are the players, and they’ve each chosen eight avatars to represent them in this game.’

These were the Eight Martial Gods.

But it wasn’t just the players and the characters that made the game complete.

There was one last element.

The result of the game.

The Winner (勝者).

Namgoong had discovered during his 25 years of survival that the eight superior beings were competing through these gates of hell.

“I’m not here to negotiate with my memories. That’s just one condition.”

[Then what?]

“You know the conditions of the time formation. What does it mean if I say I’ve regressed?”

Namgoong spoke assertively.

“It means that the seers chosen by all the superior beings, including yours, died before me. It’s proof that the strongest is not the one with exceptional talent, but the one who survives until the end. Isn’t that merit enough for you to choose me?”

Namgoong caught the slight tremor in the superior being’s gaze.

“After all, knowing the future adds to my value. Why wouldn’t you choose me?”

[Keke… Indeed, you have nerve.]

“If you choose not to select me, that’s fine. Simply securing victory for another superior being will suffice.”

He continued.

“I already know whom you will pick as your seer. That means you’ll be the first superior being to be eliminated.”

[My seer? Are you threatening me now? What if I kill you on the spot?]

“You can’t.”

Namgoong stated confidently.

“Despite your grievances, superior beings are just wretched beings who trampled over our peaceful lives…”

“M-Master Namgoong… please, calm down…”

Kyuryu spoke cautiously, feeling a chill down his spine at the sight of him.

“I’m not here to beg for your choice. Rather, I came to offer you an opportunity.”

‘Did the atmosphere change?’

Kyuryu shuddered, feeling the aura emanating from Namgoong.

“To pick someone else over the surest card to victory? Well, I hope you wouldn’t do something so foolish.”

[The other superior beings? They, too, are aware of the regressor’s existence. And they’ll surely be suspicious of you.]

“Suspicion alone isn’t enough for superior beings to act. That’s part of your rules.”

Namgoong replied.

“No matter how much they suspect I’m the regressor, superior beings can’t share it with their chosen seers, and without solid evidence, they can’t directly harm humans.”

[Kekeke… You’re well-informed.]

“Even if I were to shout from the rooftops that I’m the regressor, that wouldn’t be evidence. You know that better than anyone.”

[Unlike gods, humans can lie.]



The boy smiled at that instant.

[I like you.]


Suddenly, the boy snapped his fingers.



Space warped and someone emerged from a dimensional portal.

“Wh-Where is this?”

A man appeared, looking bewildered and scanning his surroundings.


Namgoong observed the man.

A headset over unkempt hair, a beard grown out carelessly as if not shaved for days, and a worn t-shirt stretched at the neck. Holding a wireless mouse, the man looked lost as he stared back at Namgoong, who recognized him better than anyone.

‘Choi Hwisoo…’

Namgoong was astonished.

It was hard to believe that this seemingly unremarkable man was the infamous psychopath who had conducted terrible experiments on numerous people, including himself, for years.

‘Did the changed world drive him mad, or did it awaken his instincts?’

Regardless, it didn’t matter to Namgoong. The hollow expectation that a person could change was non-existent to him after surviving 25 years in hell. He knew too well how much people try to deceive one another.

The first to kill.

For Namgoong, that unchanging truth was Choi Hwisoo.


At that moment, Choi Hwisoo’s body was crushed as if struck by a massive pillar.


There was no scream, only the spreading red blood soaking the ground.

Namgoong feigned surprise, but he harbored no petty feelings of vengeance.

‘Before the gates of hell open, demons absolutely cannot harm humans.’

But apparently, superior beings were different.

Without hesitation, he had killed Choi Hwisoo.

For the first time in a while, Namgoong felt a rush of adrenaline, lifting his head, a sly smile creeping across his lips.

[I’ll change my seer.]


Before the words could settle, a lead bracelet encircled Namgoong’s wrist.

[Follow me.]

A bracelet with a serpent biting its own tail.

‘It’s done.’

Namgoong tightly gripped the freshly adorned bracelet.

▶ The Master of the Seven Serpents recognizes you.

▶ You have become the Serpent’s Seer.

▶ As a privilege of the seer, you’re transported to the Serpent’s Treasury.

As his vision flipped, Namgoong faced three doors. One was made of copper, one of iron, and the last of gold.

The Serpent’s Treasury (寶庫).

Each superior being possessed their own treasury, filled with profound weapons, none of which were ordinary, each valuable in its own right.

[These are gifts for the seer, though for now, you can only enter through that one.]

The boy gestured towards the copper door.

‘The Triple Venom Gate (三毒門). I heard about it from Choi Hwisoo, but this is the first time seeing it.’

Namgoong gazed at the three gates and contemplated.

[Take what you desire. You and the seven other seers to come will lead people when Carnival begins.]

“Carnival… You call the onset of our hell a celebration? How complacent.”

[No need to get so worked up. Whether you like it or not, the celebration will start, and there’s no escaping it. Why not enjoy it?]


Namgoong almost burst with curses, but he swallowed his anger and turned away.

[Keke, call me Jor.]

The boy chuckled, addressing Namgoong.

[The name doesn’t matter, but if we’re to be allies, you’ll need a title to address me by.]


Namgoong murmured the name under his breath.

He had known about Choi Hwisoo’s necromancy, but until his regression, Namgoong had never known his name.

He wasn’t a seer.

And now, knowing his name meant…

‘…I’ve been acknowledged as a seer.’

Whether it was good or bad, he couldn’t tell, but Namgoong smirked bitterly.

‘The game begins. I’ll use whatever I can.’

With all his strength, he pushed open the copper gate.

▶ Entry into the Triple Venom Gate – Copper (銅) confirmed.

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