The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 39

Episode 39: “What are those?”

Jang Gil-soo furrowed his brows while looking at the soul soldiers standing behind Namgung.

“To think you called my gluttony skill a cheat, but your abilities are truly cheat-level, hiding something like that.”

Despite Jang Gil-soo’s grumbles, Namgung knew his soul soldiers were still insufficient against the Minotaurs.

‘I’d probably die with one wrong hit.’

Namgung eyed the giant axe and pondered.

‘Not a single hit can be allowed.’

He focused and ordered the soul soldiers. Their task was to disperse the creature’s focus.

With a sharp movement, two out of the three soldiers charged towards the Minotaur.

Namgung seized the moment and aimed for the creature’s back.



Park Hyo-joo and Jang Gil-soo couldn’t hide their surprise at his vanishing figure.

Numbering 946770.

Name: Fragment of Serpent’s Broken Scale

Rank: Magic (Highest)

▶ A part of Serpent’s scale.

▶ Reflects light and refracts vision to camouflages the holder’s presence.

▶ Limit: Once per day

It was a reward from a silver chest after dealing the final blow to Serpent, the second gate of hell’s world boss.

As Namgung ran, a fine tremor occurred. Though not perfect like stealth, it was enough to escape the monster’s vision for a moment.

With a crunch, two soul soldiers blocked the Minotaur’s attack while Namgung thrust his sword into the beast’s back.

It was as planned.

Until the Minotaur turned its head towards him, that is.


Astoundingly, the Minotaur pinpointed Namgung’s invisible position and swung its giant axe with accuracy.

Namgung hastily tried to retreat, but the rampaging creature suddenly accelerated with a violent burst.


It was a miscalculation.

As they struggled, one remaining soul soldier intercepted the axe between them.


The dull sound resonated as the Minotaur’s axe split the soldier in two.


The beast repeatedly struck down the split upper body of the fallen soldier.

Smash! Bang! Crunch!!!

The soldier’s body shattered and disappeared along with the smoke.


Namgung felt a sharp pain inside his chest as if pricked by a needle—a backlash from the forcibly destroyed and recalled soul soldiers.


At that moment, something splashed over the Minotaur’s head, releasing a sweet scent.


The creature’s large nostrils flared, seemingly pained by the strong fragrance.

“It’s the smell! The beast is tracking you by scent!”

Jang Gil-soo’s shout made Namgung realize it was the bottle of salt jam he had given him.

Filled with the pungent scent, the Minotaur lost track of Namgung, who then drove his sword into its neck.


With all his might, the sword sliced diagonally, the sound of tearing flesh filling the air as the creature’s skin parted.


The monster began to bellow and thrash wildly, Namgung gripping the sword hilt firm amidst the tumultuous wrenching.

Boom! Boom! Crash!!

Despite Namgung being right behind, the creature wildly slammed the axe onto the ground, either to dislodge him or in a fit of rage and pain.

“Cut the tendon!”

Jang Gil-soo yelled, and Park Hyo-joo, acting on instinct, hurled her daggers with all her might.


She exhaled sharply, flung her arms, and the twin daggers spun and latched onto the Minotaur’s Achilles tendons.

Crack… Crrraack…

Park Hyo-joo clenched her fist as though tugging an invisible string, but the embedded blades wouldn’t budge against the tough hide.

“We can’t cut through. Its skin is too tough!”

Park Hyo-joo shouted.

“That’s enough.”

Though unable to sever the tendons, her daggers caused the monster to stagger, giving Namgung the opening he needed.

With a flickering step, Namgung’s sword cleaved through the Minotaur’s neck.


Gritting his teeth to muster the last of his strength, the sword in Namgung’s clamped jaws thrust through, cleaving the Minotaur’s body.


The severed upper body collapsed to the ground.


Blood gushed from the diagonal slash beginning at the neck and along the back.

▶ You have defeated the Labyrinth’s Keeper.

▶ Basic reward box and Participation reward box will be granted.

▶ Two pieces of Labyrinth’s loot will be awarded. One reward can be claimed by the looter.

“We did it… It’s over!!”

As the notification of the Minotaur’s death sounded, Park Hyo-joo couldn’t help but exclaim.


Feeling slightly embarrassed by her own excitement, she covered her mouth, checking the reactions around her.


Namgung, indifferent to the pool of beast’s blood, let out a tired breath as he sank to the ground.

“It seems we had a bit of trouble despite our confidence. Without your help, we would not have made it.”

“That’s true. Help came from both of you.”

Reacting to Jang Gil-soo’s words, Namgung gave a rueful smile.

‘The Minotaur… In about ten years, it’d be nothing special. I was too complacent. I overestimated myself.’

Although the absorption of souls in the memorial park had improved his physical abilities, it was still merely the beginning.

His power was still lacking.

Too much hunting experience had made him take monsters too lightly.

“No, not at all. I just threw the sword because Jang Gil-soo said to.”

“That was a help. It saved my legs when the other buddy did his part, and I had nothing to offer because I was empty-handed. I couldn’t have placed the sword from such a distance.”

Park Hyo-joo nodded to Jang Gil-soo’s words.

As an agent renowned within the National Intelligence Service, receiving praise from the president of the Mage Association was an unexpected joy for her.

“Not refusing and accepting it? Quite a capable friend, I see.”

“Stop exaggerating.”

Namgung noticed Jang Gil-soo had started to refer to him as a ‘friend’.

‘Unexpected, but it seems I’ve gained his favor.’

Namgung shrugged and opened the box that appeared before the Minotaur’s body.

▶ You have acquired the Minos King’s White Bull (Normal).

▶ It can be exchanged at the Proxy Tribe’s Head-ro.

▶ Tradable among reward collectors.

▶ 30,000 heads

▶ You have acquired the Minos King’s Red Bull (Normal).

▶ 30,000 heads


“Ha, this is quite substantial.”

Park Hyo-joo and Jang Gil-soo were astounded by the head value they received in their reward boxes.

‘First time obtaining such a mass of heads. It would’ve been unlikely without taking down a world boss or dungeon.’

But the heads weren’t what mattered. The real joy was only just beginning.


Namgung opened the silver box first.

▶ You have acquired Minotaur’s Liver (Magic).

▶ Tradable among reward collectors.

Numbering 350313.

Name: Minotaur’s Liver

Rank: Magic (Highest)

▶ Literally, a liver of a Minotaur.

▶ Consuming it may grant one of the Minotaur’s traits.

▶ Not for the weak-stomached.

▶ If spat out due to inability to swallow, the liver loses freshness and effectiveness.

Namgung pulled out a liver from the box, its grayish tinge making it look nearly rotten.


Park Hyo-joo instinctively stepped back at the sight, not solely because of its appearance but because of the pungent, bizarre stench.


However, unlike the horrified Park Hyo-joo, Namgung glanced at Jang Gil-soo after inspecting it.

“This is a decent find. Since I received help, it’s only right I reciprocate.”

“…And what do you mean by that?”

“Try it. It won’t be a loss.”

Upon Namgung’s words, Jang Gil-soo grimaced.

“I might possess the power of gluttony, but I don’t eat rotten things. Plus, the salt you gave me… Ugh?!”

Unable to backpedal due to his shaky legs, Jang Gil-soo started to reluctantly swallow the liver shoved into his mouth by Namgung.

“Urp!! Ughhhh!”

Choking on the hideous stench, Jang Gil-soo flailed uncharacteristically for his size.

‘What kind of power is this…’

Desperately trying to push away Namgung’s arm that was covering his mouth, Jang Gil-soo couldn’t budge him.

Down it went…

Only after confirming his Adam’s apple move did Namgung release his hold.

“What is…!!”

▶ You have consumed the Minotaur’s Liver.

▶ Acquired Minotaur’s trait: Regeneration.


Jang Gil-soo’s ankle pain vanished in an instant, and he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Namgung lightly smiled and proceeded to open the remaining box.

Numbering ??

Name: Nest Transfer Scroll

Rank: ??

▶ A special summoning scroll that takes qualified individuals to a secret location.

Namgung picked up the single black ticket from the box and frowned slightly.

“What is this?”

“…I’m not sure.”

‘I’ve never seen this before.’

It was an item without numbering, something even he had not come across during his 25 years surviving the apocalypse.

“Hmm, I thought something grand would come from defeating a dungeon boss, but all we got is a piece of paper. Quite uneventful. I ended up gaining something better because of it.”

After eating the Minotaur’s liver and gaining the regeneration ability, Jang Gil-soo scratched his head, somewhat apologetically.

“It’s fine. Without the power of gluttony, you couldn’t have swallowed that liver. It suited you best.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

Jang Gil-soo appeared somewhat relieved by Namgung’s response.

“May I take this?”

“Go ahead. I don’t mind—it’s none of my concern. I’ve received enough rewards; to want more would be greed.”

“I agree. I can’t think of any use for it, either.”

“Do you think I understand it?”


Was it an agent’s intuition, or was she just being tested? Park Hyo-joo couldn’t tell, but surprisingly, she answered without hesitation for the first time.

“Wish I could’ve taken down the boss more impressively. They’re generous given that I received help. I’m thankful.”

“Even with help, I wouldn’t have been able to take it down. It was more likely that I would’ve been killed by the boss. If we’re tallying debts, I owe you my life.”

Namgung responded with a wry smile.

“That’s an overstatement. If not for me, there was no need for you to be dragged here in the first place.”

He rose and walked towards the maze’s exit.

‘All I got for clearing the dungeon is an unidentified ticket… Compared to the Graveyard of the Ghoul King, it’s a disappointing reward.’

Namgung pocketed the black ticket.

“Well, being safe to return is enough to be happy about. Let’s go.”

As he reached for the labyrinth’s exit door…

▶ You have found the Minotaur’s soul.

Just then, a notification popped up.

▶ Would you like to enslave it?

A red soul orb flowed from the corpse and began to orbit Namgung.


The rewards weren’t over yet.

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