The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 38

Chapter 38: “What a hearty beast.”

Jang Gilsu peered at the minotaur emerging from the opened wall and commented. “Can you eat something like that? A bipedal cow… that’s a bit grotesque, isn’t it? Don’t you think?” He unfurled the belt he was wearing around his waist, which housed several knives.


From amongst them, he produced two knives. Despite the large size of the minotaur, the knives he wielded were not particularly big. They were bone knives, meant for butchering.


“The same as when we entered the labyrinth.”

“Each to their own then. Alright, I’ll take the lead. Can’t be a butcher without slaughtering the cow, right?”

With Namgung’s consent, Jang Gilsu charged toward the minotaur without any hesitation. “Isn’t there a weak point? You know more about cows than anyone else.”

Park Hyoju followed him as he rushed forward. “There is, of course.”

At her query, Jang Gilsu gave a sly smile. “It’s still a living creature with a beating heart. Whether it’s a cow or a human, cut off its supply of air, and it dies all the same.”

“What do you mean by that…”


Jang Gilsu dodged the minotaur’s axe and plunged a knife between its ribs.


To everyone’s surprise, the monster’s movements faltered.


As he twisted the knife, the grating sound of bones splitting tore through the air, and the flesh ripped open.


Inserting his hand into the widening wound, he pulled with all his might. With a grisly crunch, the minotaur’s rib bent and splayed outwards.


A scream echoed as blood gushed between the torn ribs. Jang Gilsu, bathed in blood, paid no mind and exerted more force onto his arm.


With a dull thud, the bone snapped.


The minotaur, now staggering, swung its giant axe in an attempt to knock away Jang Gilsu.

However, instead of being flung away, Jang Gilsu thrust the broken rib into its chest.

Swish! Swish!

Simultaneously, he pulled out two more bone knives from his waist and drove them into the creature’s legs.


As the minotaur’s balance crumbled, Jang Gilsu moved to its back and bit into the animal’s neck with savage ferocity.



He spat out the flesh he had torn off and drove another knife into the opening, then stepped back, chewing on the piece of flesh he pulled free.

“Ugh, this stench. Disgustingly tasteless.”

Despite the foul taste, as he chewed what seemed like gum, an unmistakable change emanated from him.

“Ho… what’s this?”

An intense energy spread throughout his body, and he grinned with pride.

‘Truly a Glutton King. Even without fully unlocking his potential, he’s this formidable.’

Namgung observed the battle coolly. Even without any specialized combat training, Jang Gilsu was overwhelmingly dominating the minotaur.

Park Hyoju, who had been following him, didn’t seem to find the right moment to intervene and could only stand there in a daze, watching Namgung for cues.

“Now, this is getting interesting.”

Jang Gilsu prepared himself with the knife for another attack on the minotaur, which had a torn flank.

“I fancy taking this beast down myself. You don’t mind, do you?”

“If you can do it.”

“Now that I’ve had my fill, it’s like chewing gum. You clearly don’t know about my abilities yet. Just stand there and watch.”

Jang Gilsu took a deep breath toward the minotaur, his eyes blazing with red fury.

‘Survival of the fittest. His Gluttonous ability has been activated.’

Namgung knew what trump card he was playing.

‘When hunting animal-type monsters, excluding humanoids, his stats increase, and any monster he’s devoured is subjected to an intimidating effect that weakens their abilities.’


As if validating his thoughts, the minotaur staggered back in fear before Jang Gilsu.

‘Although the summons of animal-type monsters like demons, dragons, and Leviathans decrease closer to the endgame, his abilities are definitely overpowered in the early game.’

“Where do you think you’re going…!”

Jang Gilsu charged at the retreating minotaur.


He would never take a hit so easily. The minotaur’s axe, now noticeably slower, was evaded with ease as Jang Gilsu lunged inside once more.

“You dare to encroach on my territory? I’ll skin everything off you except for those horns!”

Leaping up, Jang Gilsu used the minotaur’s shoulder as a springboard and clamped his legs around its neck in a tight grip.

“How can such a big guy fight like this? Is he really a butcher? Even specialized training wouldn’t account for this…”

“It’s because of the quality he has. It’s not just his stat increase, but also how the minotaur is weakened by his intimidation.”

“That’s an absurd ability.”

“I agree. But you mustn’t think your ability is inferior to his.”

“Is that so?”

“The strength of psychokinesis is dictated by mental fortitude. If your mind supports it, you can unleash power that surpasses physical capability. Plus, you can infinitely extend the range of your attack.”

Pointing to Jang Gilsu, Namgung continued, “I did not ask you to learn from him merely because he can dissect monsters and study their weaknesses. Nor is it to watch his acrobatics. It’s about how he distributes his strength while dissecting bone and flesh.”

Park Hyoju slowly nodded at his words.

“If you can make Jang Gilsu’s skills your own… you could perfect a battle technique capable of striking deadly blows up close or at a distance without any blind spots.”

Namgung imparted his wisdom to her.

“It may take time, but we can’t afford to be complacent… If Jang Gilsu devours through glut, you’ll be absorbing the abilities of all those strong creatures.”

“Will I ever be able to learn your abilities?”

“That’s impossible.”

Park Hyoju couldn’t help but laugh nervously at his unequivocal response.


Reversing his grip on the bone knife, Jang Gilsu sliced through the minotaur’s thigh.

“The end looks near. This path has had its challenges… but the boss was taken down too easily.”

“Not quite.”


‘Jang Gilsu’s abilities are definitely remarkable, but…’

Namgung lowered his eyes contemplatively.

‘The weapon is a letdown.’

The bone knife Jang Gilsu wielded was neither obtained from the monster nor bought from the Ghost Pack sales. It was an ordinary knife used for butchering until now.

‘He’s probably using it because it’s the weapon he is most comfortable and confident with…’

When not made for combat, the knife blade had its inherent limitations.

‘Small monsters like goblins or lizardmen might be sustainable, but against the rugged and tough minotaur, it falls short.’

Ripppp! Clang!!!

Just as he predicted, Jang Gilsu’s knife blade failed to endure slicing through the tough hide and snapped.



As the minotaur exhaled, white steam billowed out of its large nostrils like the steam from a locomotive.

Thump thump thump…!


In an instant, the beast lunged forward, its axe swinging to bear.

Knowing the peril of such a heavy attack, Jang Gilsu mustered all his strength to dodge.


As the axe whooshed overhead, he ducked down. In that moment, the tail of the minotaur whipped around like a lash and entwined Jang Gilsu’s leg.


Losing balance from the tail wrap, he fell face-first to the ground.

“Damn it!”

He scrambled to right himself.


The minotaur’s axe fell like a guillotine’s blade, aiming for his leg.


“Jang Gilsu is like a stubborn bull. Such a man isn’t led by money or power.”

In that moment, Park Hyoju realized Namgung had been waiting for Jang Gilsu’s predicament.



Namgung shot forward like a bullet, leaving three spectral soldiers in his wake.

Clang! Clash! Clink—!

As the soldiers clashed with the minotaur, distracting it with their attacks, Namgung sliced off its tail and pulled Jang Gilsu to safety behind him.

“I’ll take it from here.”

“…Tch, it was almost over.”

Jang Gilsu grumbled while rubbing his throbbing leg that the tail had coiled around.

‘Is it broken?’

He grimaced, feeling no strength in his ankle. Though he grumbled, he was certain that had Namgung not intervened, he might have completely lost his leg.

“…I owe you one.”

“No worries. I’ll be sure to collect in full.”

Namgung gripped his sword, declaring there was still the matter of the dungeon’s reward to attend to.

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