The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 35

Episode 35: The Labyrinth of the Minotaur

“Hey, Mr. Kim, be careful with that.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Keep one of the freezers empty. We’ll use it to disassemble the monsters!”

“Brother! We can’t do that. There’s still plenty of meat.”

“Man, I wouldn’t use your stuff even if you gave it to me. Cheap guy, acting like you didn’t want to give it away in the first place!”

“Heh, you know it too well.”

Despite the recent monster attack, the liveliness in people’s voices didn’t seem to reflect any hint of such an event. But if one listened to the uncanny words in their conversation or looked at the surrounding scenery, it became clear there was no cause for cheerfulness.

“I never knew such a place existed.”

Baek Hyo-ju commented, looking at the people busily moving among the half-ruined market buildings with a sense of wonder.

“The livestock market in Majang-dong has been here since long ago, so it’s not that surprising.”

Nangong spoke casually, but the truth was Hyo-ju was surprised for a different reason. People were nonchalantly transporting the carcasses of monsters.

“Weren’t monsters supposed to turn to ash and perish upon death? Why then…”

“It’s true that monsters turn to ash when killed. And yet, they are moving the corpses? There’s only one explanation. They are still alive.”

“A-Are they alive?”

Hyo-ju couldn’t believe what Nangong had said as she looked at them.

The frozen bodies of lizardmen invaded yesterday were being transferred into the warehouse.

“Could it be…”

“They’re frozen alive.”

At his words, Hyo-ju couldn’t help but feel nauseous. In front the distressed Hyo-ju, a burly man appeared.

“Who are you? We’re not open for business today. In fact, I doubt we’ll ever open again. Most farms have been destroyed.”

Nangong looked at him.

The man with patchy scars on his cheek, which seemed untreated, was Jang Gil-su.

“Then what about all that meat?”

“That? Inedible. It’s monster meat. From the beasts who appeared yesterday. They’ve been butchered. Can’t guarantee what might happen if you eat it.”

“Why bother with such trouble if it’s useless?”

“Well, just because you can’t eat doesn’t mean we can’t. Anyway, we have nothing to eat, so can’t sell monster meat either.”

“You… you eat that?”

“That’s none of your business. Now, leave.”

Jang Gil-su waved them off.

‘Lizardman meat used for consumption… as expected, he has already awakened the trait of Gluttony.’

That was the reason he rose as a powerful individual.

‘Gluttony is, by definition, devouring.’

Incredibly, he had the rare ability to increase his power each time he ate monster meat.

‘That must be why they don’t kill the monsters but freeze them instead.’

Nangong continued toward the freezer, ignoring the urgent call from the man.

“Ey, hold on!”

But he disregarded the call and bit into a piece of lizardman meat.


Hyo-ju grimaced at the sight, but Jang Gil-su’s face grew grave.

“Tastes like crap, of course.”

“What are you doing?”

“No matter how delicious the meat, if you eat the same thing repeatedly, you’re bound to tire of it. The same goes for your body. There’s a limit to what it can take.”

He spread something onto the meat he was holding and tossed it to Jang Gil-su.

“It’s not about how much you eat, but how you eat that counts.”

He gestured for him to try it. Jang Gil-su, despite the skepticism, put the piece into his mouth.


His eyes widened in surprise.

“I guess we’ll be going if there’s nothing of value.”

“Hold on a moment!”

As Nangong turned to leave, Jang Gil-su hastily held onto him.

“What was that just now? What did you do to the meat?”

“Why don’t we talk somewhere more comfortable? It seems like the guest of honor isn’t me after all.”

He smiled enigmatically.

* * *


Jang Gil-su led Nangong and Hyo-ju to a storage room within the innermost part of the market.

“I apologize for the mess, this is where I live.”

Inside the storage, there were various necessities and work clothes strewn about, the foul smell of blood lingering.

“Damn monsters destroyed my home and took my family.”

His eyes were filled with vengeance.

It wasn’t easy to eat monster meat. Nangong had consumed them countless times in his previous life to survive, but even lizardmen’s flesh, fishy and repugnant, was terrible to consume raw.

“Eating monsters makes one stronger… when the gates of hell opened, chosen individuals awoke special abilities, but yours is particularly rare.”

“You mean a cursed individual, not chosen.”

“It’s a matter of perspective, but you, with the power of Gluttony, are one of them.”


“How do you…”

Nangong nonchalantly pointed to Hyo-ju.

“She’s with the NIS. One of the most resourceful organizations in Korea. That should answer your question… right?”

“Hah, an esteemed NIS agent investigating a mere butcher. I’m overwhelmed.”

At that moment, Hyo-ju gave Nangong an incredulous look as if to say, ‘Me?’

“Even the most skilled butcher needs flavors beyond raw. Humans have invented cuisine for a reason.”

He then placed a small glass jar in front of him.

“This is still tough to come by.”

Number 1211.

Name: Salt Jam from the West Coast of Krusan

Grade: Highest (Magic)

▶ Price: 100,000 heads.

Jang Gil-su eyed the jar before him and realized his oversight.

“I never thought Yacha’s Bundle would have this. I’ve been a fool until now.”

“Your effort wasn’t foolish. Thanks to your dissections, we’ve been able to identify their weaknesses.”

“Those aren’t weaknesses, but… during butchering, I did take the opportunity to examine how they’re put together.”

“I’m curious, what do you plan to do with that information?”

Nangong glanced over his shoulder at Hyo-ju.

“Even though monsters are not of our world, they still have weaknesses. Knowing exactly what to target allows for efficient hunting with minimal effort.”


Hyo-ju caught on immediately.

“If Jang Gil-su’s power lies in Gluttony, her strength is telekinesis. The ability to freely wield a blade from a distance. Though her only flaw was its lack of power.”

“Learn under him. It’ll be different from training. Some things only become clear when you directly handle the flesh and bones.”

“Do I really have to?”

“It’s up to you. But soon, you’ll wish you learned from him.”

Nangong gestured towards the jar on the table.

“For the price of a jar of salt, it’s a steal.”

Jang Gil-su quickly tucked the jar away as Nangong finished his sentence.

“Hahaha, if you’re interested, I’m all for teaching you. But be prepared, it won’t be easy.”

“Just three days. Spend three days under him, learn the weaknesses of the lizardmen, their tactics.”

“Why? The gates have closed and the remaining monsters are being cleared out across the nation.”

“Did you forget what happened after the first gate closed? More goblins emerged than before.”

“Ahhh… you mean… again?”

“Expect it. A wave unlike any before.”

Gulping, Hyo-ju swallowed nervously, remembering the fierce battle at Gwanghwamun.

“But before that…”

Nangong stood up.

“Mr. Jang Gil-su. Wouldn’t you like to try something different?”


As Gil-su looked at him, puzzled, Nangong said,

“It’s about time it showed up…”

Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently.

“What’s happening?!”

“Something’s going on!”

“Bro, come out here!!”

“The market… a giant sinkhole’s appeared!!”

Disturbed by the commotion of the market vendors, Gil-su opened the door with a confused look.


He was met with a massive, seemingly endless hole.

“Care to taste something better than bland lizard meat? How about beef this time?”

“Sounds good.”

The second dungeon, the Labyrinth of the Minotaur, was ready to be conquered.

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