The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 34

Episode 34: “How did you come to know that?”

To Nangong’s words, Park Hyo-ju asked him with a pale face.

“Don’t think that the only ones digging up people’s information are the National Intelligence Service. Even the street thugs end up running detective agencies and replacing missing people.”

“Indeed… You’re truly befitting of the commander of Unit 711. It’s not there anymore, but I’ve heard it was once the top team. It was the top of South Korea not only in tactics but also in intelligence warfare, right?”

Park Hyo-ju looked at Nangong.

“If Unit 711 is still hailed as the pinnacle of special forces, then that means the remaining members are nothing special. Are you admitting they’re not the best?”

“No, that’s not it…”

“Don’t try to convince yourself with excuses.”

At Nangong’s cold remark, Park Hyo-ju bit her lip, unable to retaliate.

“Alright. Then from now on, I will treat you not as the former leader of the unit, but as a civilian.”

However, as if unwilling to admit defeat, she retorted.

“Unlike us who act under government orders, isn’t it somewhat disreputable for a civilian like you to go around investigating others? Uncovering people’s personal affairs isn’t something to be proud of.”

“National Intelligence Service agents are amusing. They always think they’re like some protagonists shrouded in mystery.”

“What do you mean by that…”

“If you had checked the Yeouido CCTV, you would have known I was with other people besides Kang Ho-joon and Choi Myeong-hoon.”

Nangong spoke as if he had been waiting to say this.

“You know that athlete Jeon Tae-ho and his student son Jeon Kyung-in were there.”


“You know that Minister Park, your father, and Jeon Tae-ho have been close since childhood, don’t you? It’s said they were so close they were like brothers because of their similar names.”

At his words, Park Hyo-ju was unable to rebut.

“I heard it from Jeon himself. When the list of survivors from the National Assembly Building was broadcasted on the news, there was talk about Minister Park, and even that his daughter is now at the National Intelligence Service.”

The fact was, Nangong did not actually hear it from Jeon Tae-ho.

The information about Park Hyo-ju was not from Jeon Tae-ho, but from the concerned party in a past life.

‘There’s no point in talking about regression to someone who is not a seer…’

Nangong used the information he remembered to reveal her identity as naturally as possible.

‘Seo Jae-wook must know that Park Hyo-ju is Park Dae-ho’s daughter.’

He mentioned that the two were father and daughter not because of Seo Jae-wook, but for the sake of Park Hyo-ju.

‘There’s a high chance that Park Hyo-ju knows Minister Park Dae-ho’s intentions.’

Essentially, it was a warning.

It was a message to Minister Park Dae-ho through Park Hyo-ju.

“This is an interesting conversation, but it doesn’t seem appropriate to discuss it in front of the Prime Minister.”

Then it happened.

The Chief Secretary next to Seo Jae-wook interrupted the conversation with a cough.

“Perhaps it would be better to have personal conversations separately.”

“…I apologize.”

Park Hyo-ju quickly retreated, her face showing she just realized her mistake.

“Could you please reconsider. The people are in chaos and fear having lost the president as their center.”

Seo Jae-wook looked at Nangong.

“Suddenly appearing dimensional gates, monstrous creatures, and the various tools from the packs carried by the Yacha delegation… People don’t know how to use them or how to deal with them. Neither do I.”

In fact, his words were not wrong.

Prophets exist to reduce such chaos and to guide people.

Prophets create their own forces and divide the world anew beyond the concept of the nation that existed until now.

‘The emergence of Hell’s Gate will make the existing order of allies and alliances disappear.’

When order breaks down, chaos ensues.

In a future Hell’s Province where the weak are prey to the strong, a government may become just an unnecessary obstacle.

“Are you asking me to lead?”

Nangong looked at Seo Jae-wook and asked in a cold voice.

“Of course. I believe Lieutenant Nangong is the person who should be standing at the forefront in this situation more than anyone else.”

Seo Jae-wook looked at him a bit more hopefully at his different response.

“Then don’t try to use me by hanging the title of team leader around my neck, give me your position instead.”

“You, what…!”

“What are you saying!!”

Nangong’s memories of Seoul’s destructive future, although from a past life, remained vivid.

He knew well that what he said was absurd.

Yet, there was a reason he pressed the issue.

“If I could resolve this situation, it might be possible. I’m not one to covet positions.”

“Prime Minister!!”

“That’s nonsense!”

Everyone was shocked at Seo Jae-wook’s words, but Nangong had somewhat anticipated them.

‘I wouldn’t give it up, nor do I intend to.’

He simply needed confirmation.

Though he repeated it countless times, it was something they must have moving forward.


Even if it was lip service, what is thought and what is spoken are distinctly different.

“If you give me that position, what will you do? As a civilian, not a lawmaker.”

“I’ll have to fight to survive.”

“That’s right. Don’t stay behind. Protecting isn’t just cowering. Sometimes, attacking is the best defense.”

At that moment, Seo Jae-wook let out a bitter laugh.

“…I have been schooled by you.”

The Prime Minister nodded at his words.

If he had accepted his offer to fight for the country, Seo Jae-wook would still have stayed in his position.

‘To become strong in this world, there is something more important than politics.’

That is, to become strong oneself.

For that, one must dive into the battlefield regardless of age or sex.

It’s impossible to survive just by killing world bosses and acquiring the heads.

‘Park Dae-ho seized power because he was strong after Seo Jae-wook’s death.’

Different from other bureaucrats, he personally led the army and fought the monsters pouring out from Hell’s Gate.

It was only natural that no one in parliament could stop him as he obtained the most heads.

‘The Prime Minister’s death had many dubious aspects, but regardless, Park Dae-ho could have seized power with force if he wished.’

Minister of National Defense Park Dae-ho was a powerful hunter who owned even rare-grade weapons before his death.

To check them, and to protect themselves, Seo Jae-wook must fight at the frontline instead of just being a politician.

“Become not just an interim leader, but a real leader. If you gain support, then I’ll consider it.”

“Ha ha…”

As the tension eased, the Prime Minister loosened the tie that had been choking him and sat down.

“I look forward to the day we meet again.”

“Me as well.”

Nangong and the Prime Minister exchanged glances.

* * *


The visitation room door closed and only two people remained in the hallway.

“…I will escort you home.”

With a stiff face, Park Hyo-ju spoke to Nangong.

In the silence where only the sound of footsteps echoed, she couldn’t hold it in and asked.

“What did you mean by what you said to me earlier?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Are you asking me what I’m fighting for? Are you talking about the ruler… My father?”

“It’s up to you to think. I didn’t specify anyone. There must be a reason you thought of that person first. Right?”


Walking down the corridor, Park Hyo-ju passed frames that recorded the slogans of the Central Intelligence Agency from its early days to its current status as the National Intelligence Service.

“We work in the shadows and strive for the sunlight.”

“Information is national power.”

“Anonymous dedication towards freedom and truth.”

“For the protection and glory of South Korea, silently.”

It was the first time Park Hyo-ju had doubted those words, and somehow, at this moment, they seemed to sting her heart.

“What do you do if there’s an enemy you can’t defeat?”

At the elevator, she asked.

There was a different tone in her voice than before.

‘She must know Park Dae-ho’s intentions.’

There was no way Minister Park Dae-ho could have known that the National Assembly would collapse and the President, including other members, would die.

Probably, she was well aware that her father was an ambitious man.

‘After the Prime Minister disappears, he will be next in line.’

In a previous life, the monster-specializing team was formed only after the Prime Minister died.

Perhaps Park Hyo-ju suspects that her father might have killed him.

‘Maybe she hunted monsters with greater fervor out of guilt.’

No one knows the truth.

But Nangong was just trying to feel out Park Hyo-ju’s heart by throwing out his move.

“There is no such thing as an unbeatable enemy.”

Nangong responded with a calm voice to her.

“It’s just that I am weak.”


“The answer I already gave to the Prime Minister. If you want to protect, you must first grow stronger.”

“But it’s not something that can be done just by trying.”

“That would be the case in an ordinary world.”


“Right now, it’s not a world where our known common sense applies. An individual can do more than you think. Just as ants can’t defeat an elephant, numbers are no longer important.”

Nangong told her.

“It’s the same with you. The way you handled that dagger earlier. It’s not ordinary. After the first Hell’s Gate closes, the quick ones realize their potential.”

She twitched slightly at Nangong’s penetrating words.

“Psychokinesis. Right?”

“…You’re correct.”

“But having awakened talent doesn’t make everyone strong. If you’re curious about the method, come to Majang-dong tonight.”


Dawn was already breaking outside the window.

“That place will soon become the only place in Seoul that even monsters fear.”

“What do you mean…”

“The person who handles the sword best in Seoul isn’t the National Intelligence Service or the special forces.”

Despite staying up all night, Nangong felt surprisingly unfatigued.

He looked on with expectant eyes.

‘By now, he must have awakened his potential… It’s probably best to introduce her to him.’

From hunting monsters to dismembering them.

It may sound ridiculous, but the coalition formed around the butchering technicians in Majang-dong’s livestock market was a strong and ruthless force that could not be compared with any clan.

And there was one person leading them.

“Majang-dong Livestock Association Chairman, Jang Gil-su.”

People called him by this name:

‘The Gluttonous King.’

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