The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 32

Chapter 32… Crack!!!

Alec tightened his grip on the box he was cradling in his arms.

The wooden box shattered roughly.

▶You have acquired (Normal) Serpent Scale.

▶Exchangeable with the Delegate Tribe’s Head.

▶Trade among reward recipients is possible.

▶2,000 Heads.

It wasn’t a small number of Heads at the current time.

The other iron box contained 20,000 Heads as well.

It was a substantial amount, but for Alec, it was anything but welcome.


The other two reward boxes in view were the reason why.

▶Rewards (Success) are bestowed upon the participant who struck the final blow on the demon beast.

▶You receive a (1) Serpent Thorn Fragment. Only one of the reward recipients can acquire the loot.

‘He hogged the real rewards of the World Boss all to himself.’

The sight inevitably left a sour taste in his mouth.

“Guests from England are heading back. Shouldn’t we clear the path for them?”

Right then, masked figures emerged through the gaps in the buildings and began attacking the lizardmen.

‘Were they still around?’

Alec realized that further fighting was pointless as he watched the assassins swiftly subdue the demon beasts.

“Head to Seongnam. Incheon Airport is closed now, but it’s possible to fly from Seoul Airport. Use Kang Ho-jun’s name and they’ll let you through.”

“…I’ll invite you to England next time.”

“I’ll pass. The plane makes me seasick. Come here if you want.”

“The plane gives you seasickness?”


“You never yield a single word, do you?”

Namgoong chuckled and waved his hand at Alec, who was gritting his teeth.

“…Let’s go.”

Alec disappeared along the path Biewol had created, with Hanson and Johanna vanishing behind him.


As he left, Namgoong finally seemed able to relax a bit.

“Thankfully he backed down. Dealing with him is more troublesome than the Serpent.”

“Is that so? But he’s still human. It’s strange to hear that from someone who captured that monster.”

Katzmata said, approaching him as he cleaned his blood-stained dagger.

“Monsters have hunting methods, but that guy doesn’t. He’ll keep getting stronger.”

“Why not prevent him from obtaining the reward? You just gave away over 20,000 Heads.”

“If he hadn’t received that, he wouldn’t have left quietly. Besides, Heads aren’t important to him. He’ll almost monopolize the dungeons spawning in England in the future.”

“The competition lies in who takes down the World Boss first.”

Namgoong nodded at his comment.

“Let’s quietly step back this time too. Now that we know Alec Truman’s intention and your identity, we’ll be the ones to catch the next boss.”

“Count on it. To close the cursed door, we need to kill the boss. It doesn’t matter who gets to it first.”

At the feeble voice, Namgoong turned his head.

“It’s just because you guys can’t manage, that I’ll do it first.”

Namgoong said, looking at Ninagawa Erika.

“The deity may have decreed it, but honestly, I had my doubts about the existence of regressors. But now I’m certain, one worrying point is…”

With a cutting remark, she smiled wryly.

“Regressors will never receive a warm welcome from the deities. You will become their enemy.”

“Why is that?”

“Even as a seer, I empathize with that. Knowing the decisions one will make in the future is certainly burdensome.”

Erika spread her hands, palms up, and said.

“Knowing the future means being able to prevent accidents before they happen, but from the other side, it’s nothing but violence for things that haven’t occurred yet.”

She flicked one hand with the other and continued.

“However… The future is unknown to everyone. Even the future I foresaw with my ability has now completely changed.”

Namgoong nodded.

“That’s it. The future is unknown to anyone. That’s why there’s no guarantee that they’ll be enemies.”

“It won’t be easy.”

“I never planned on taking the easy path from the start. And I never expected everyone to be on my side. The memories of the future are merely for hunting. Whether they are enemies or allies is determined by the current reality.”


Erika seemed a bit more convinced by his words.

“Will you return to Japan? Then… I’ll contact the airport.”

“No, it’s fine. We’ll manage on our own.”

At Ho-jun’s words, Erika bowed politely in refusal.

“The Ninagawa family has different standards from celebrities.”

“As for wealth, could you compete with Alec? It’s just that we know a slightly darker path.”

Indeed, Alec Truman had come here on a private jet, too.

But the difference lay in whether one needed permission to fly a plane or not.

‘The Ninagawa family’s connections are entwined worldwide.’

They possess the power to fly planes in foreign countries untroubled; the extent of their power was immeasurable.

“Well, we ought to hurry and deal with the remaining monsters. Though the World Boss has died and the door is closed, many summoned lizardmen are still out there.”

“Good luck in your battles.”

She nodded and gave a tip to Namgoong one last time.

“Here’s a piece of advice. Be careful with people. Someday, it won’t be a monster but a human that causes you great trouble.”

“Is that a premonition?”

“For now, let’s call it a hunch.”

“Fine by me. I can take care of my own future. I just hope you’re not the person to be cautious about. Otherwise, you might end up severed by my hand.”

Erika chuckled and left.

Katzmata, unable to handle Namgoong’s words, shook his head, bowed, and quickly followed her.

[Keheh… Kekekek!!!]

But without a moment to catch a breath, the remaining lizardmen charged at Namgoong.


Red thunderbolts fell around Namgoong.


Som-in’s shout made him look up.

“I’m helping out, too!”

After burning dozens of lizardmen with her power, she spoke with gusto.

“Don’t push yourself. You’ve already used too much mana burning Serpent’s scales.”

“It’s okay. Thanks to that guy over there, I got plenty of rest.”

Behind her was Jeon Tae-ho.

“I owe you a great debt.”

Although meeting for the first time, they exchanged greetings silently with eye contact.

“I’ll leave my daughter in your care.”

“Sir, what is there for me to assist? Som-in is much more capable than I am. I’ll assist.”

Jeon Tae-ho reassured Namgoong.

“Use this.”

Namgoong offered him the Runestones he had collected up until now.

“They’ll be of help.”

Initially bewildered, the sharp Jeon Tae-ho quickly realized what the shining Runestone meant when he saw it.

▶ Lowest-grade Rune: Used Agility.

▶ Lowest-grade Rune: Used Agility.

▶ Lowest-grade Rune: Used Strength.

▶ Low-grade Rune: Used Vitality.

‘His weapons might not be great… but with these Runes, he could cover it with his skill.’

It wasn’t just because he was a former national representative.

Namgoong knew his achievements from his past life too.

‘After awakening with the Elixir, he experienced rapid growth. He killed a tremendous number of monsters before being slain by the Saintess.’


Namgoong beheaded a lizardman.


A small stone fell from the corpse of the lizardman, different from before, inscribed with a glowing yellow Runestone.

It was a Lowest-grade Magic Rune.

‘His explosive growth was because of this Rune.’

The effect on Jeon Tae-ho was indeed profound.

‘He needs to fight longer and tirelessly to gain more Runes.’

Jeon Tae-ho likely didn’t know how extraordinary and lavish it was to use four Runes at this moment.

The reason Namgoong had invested all the Runes he had collected on him was precisely for this reason.

“Everyone listen up! If you find a Rune you need, use it immediately. We will divide the rest once we return to the base.”




The number of lizardmen was countless, but to them, monsters were no longer a source of fear.


The Runestones rained down incomparably more than before due to Jeon Tae-ho’s ability.

The battle switched from survival to one of strength.

▶ The second festival has ended.

▶ Rewards are given to all survivors.

▶ You have been awarded 1,000 Heads.


As Namgoong beheaded the last lizardman, red letters appeared in the sky just as they did when he closed the first Hellgate.

“It’s done!!!”

“Finally over…!!”

Myeong-hoon, who used to be grim when he saw the red letters, could now cheer for survival.


Namgoong scanned the surroundings.

Though it was a short period compared to when he first came to Yeouido, there was a sense that everyone had grown.

It wasn’t just the improvement in physical abilities due to consuming Runestones.

‘Strategies and tactics.’

Before hunting monsters, the key was Myeong-hoon, Ho-jun, Kyung-in, and Som-in performing their roles against Alec Truman and Ninagawa Erika.

Harmonizing with each other.

This was more important than just good weapons and physical growth.

“Brother, didn’t we hold off much more stably this time? If the monsters keep coming out, we’ll definitely be able to withstand them.”

Myeong-hoon spoke with a lighter voice, perhaps having acquired many Runestones related to strength and agility, as he seemed a tad more robust.

“Complacency is dangerous. Monsters stronger beyond imagination are still out there. We need to move with a plan.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Without any objection, Myeong-hoon immediately responded, but his expression was undoubtedly brighter than before.

‘Well, having a bit of leeway isn’t so bad.’

After all, a string pulled too tightly is bound to snap at any moment.

Namgoong lightly patted Myeong-hoon’s shoulder and nodded.


That’s when it happened.



As if warning their loosened guard, a tremendous roar and black smoke billowed forth.

“Over there…”

Myeong-hoon pointed blankly at one spot.

They had minimized the damage thanks to their efforts, but the Yeouido area was practically in ruins from the attack.

Many buildings were collapsing all around them.

But even so, there was one place that should never fall.

“The National Assembly Building is…”

He said with a quivering voice.

“Is burning.”

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