The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 31

Chapter 31: “Damn it!!!”

“Damn it!!!” Alex Traman was furiously swinging his Starbreaker Sword.

Every slash through the air sent blood spraying in all directions with a sickening splatter.

He was pushing himself to the limit, each breath a stabbing pain in his lungs.

“Curses! Damn… Damn it all!” Despite his swearing, he kept fighting relentlessly.

Thud! Thud! Thud-dud-dud-dung! Creatures poured from the second hell gate above the Han River like a torrential downpour.

They crossed the river, relentlessly advancing towards land.

“Damn, our retreat is cut off in an instant…”

“What the hell are these things?! They’re on a whole different level from those we faced before!” Hansen and Johanna, emerging from a building, cursed as they saw the monsters filling the roads.

Who would have imagined fighting for their lives in a foreign country?

“Kraaaah!!!” Alex’s sword struck the ground, splitting the asphalt in a V-shape around him with tremendous force.

“Run!” His power was undeniable.

At his command, the others sprinted forward, but the overwhelming wave of monsters slowed their advance.

“Alex Traman?” Myunghoon, supporting the fallen Igor down to the first floor, sat down wearily.

“To think they could barely escape the road with that team…”

Seeing the trio still within sight, Myunghoon realized these monsters were different from the goblins they had previously fought.

The explosion of Alex’s sword sent monsters flying, their bodies cleaved in half before they could even hit the ground.

While Hansen and Johanna were skilled, they paled in comparison to Alex’s prowess.

“That sword is impressive, but it’s clear he’s SLS military trained. No, it’s more than just training,” Myunghoon observed.

“His stance is improving. Initially clumsy, now it’s becoming more refined.”

“Hmph, still, Brother’s swordsmanship seems superior to me,” Hojun retorted, attempting to fit his dislocated arm back in place with little success.

Click! Myunghoon swiftly adjusted Hojun’s arm back into its socket.

“Maybe the sword isn’t his specialty,” Myunghoon speculated, noting Alex’s rapid improvement.

“A longsword like that isn’t typically used in real combat. His light footwork suggests he’s more accustomed to lighter weapons.”

Considering Namgung’s words, Alex must have only recently started using the longsword, possibly since becoming a visionary.

“His learning speed is astonishing… A major obstacle if we meet again.”

Knowing defeating Alex now was unrealistic, Myunghoon focused on his immediate task.

He dispatched a lizardman with his 【Baiqiang Sword】, its body shattering into ice fragments.

“I must prevent him from reaching Brother.”

▶ You have earned 3 heads.

The second wave of monsters from the hell gate were bipedal lizardmen, a stark contrast to the crude goblin forces.

“The goblins were just the beginning. The monsters from that damned gate are getting stronger.”

As the lizardmen advanced, Myunghoon realized the stakes were higher now, with each monster worth three heads compared to the goblins’ one.

“This isn’t good news.”

Dodging an attack, he contemplated the growing threat of the monsters and the increased rewards.

“Looks like we’ll be facing even more dangers ahead.”

Watching the injured Igor and Hojun struggle, Myunghoon’s frustration grew.

The 【Baiqiang Sword】 glowed brightly as he struck another lizardman, turning it into ice.

“Must keep them away from Brother.”

▶ You’ve gained 3 heads.

But Myunghoon’s distraction proved costly. As a lizardman’s spear aimed for his face, Hojun’s warning came too late.

“Brother, watch out!!!”

As Myunghoon turned, it seemed inevitable he’d be hit by the spear.

Alex and the others watched, tensed for the outcome.

Suddenly, arrows flew, striking the lizardman targeting Myunghoon, saving him from certain harm.

“Uncle!!” Kyung-In’s voice echoed from between the buildings across from them.

As he made his way through the lizardmen, Alex suddenly changed direction. “Over there,” he instructed, prompting Hansen and Johanna to scatter and hide from the monsters.

“Be careful!” Myunghoon shouted as he saw Alex dashing towards the building where Kyung-In was.

“Don’t even try.” Just as Kyung-In attempted to escape down the rooftop door, Alex’s sword astonishingly sliced through the building itself.

The building, cut diagonally, crumbled, and Kyung-In, losing his balance, fell.

“Ah, agh?!” He screamed, hanging onto the rooftop’s railing as the building collapsed beneath him.

“So it was you who interfered. Great archery skills but lacking in physical ability, it seems,” Alex taunted as he climbed the building’s exterior to confront Kyung-In.

“Stop!” Myunghoon tried to intervene, but lizardmen already filled the distance between them.

With a mighty effort, Myunghoon cut through the monsters, but they were quickly replaced by more crossing the Han River.

“Damn it!” Myunghoon cursed at the unexpected assault from Alex. Despite his best efforts, he was gradually pushed back by the incoming wave of monsters.

“Dare to fool me? You think I’ll return empty-handed?” At that moment, Alex’s sword sparked with electricity, its blade engulfed in a blinding white light.

“What is that? Aura? Plasma…?” Kyung-In was stunned by the sight, something out of a fantasy.

“No need to be amazed. Myunghoon’s sword freezes, and your arrows hit targets hundreds of meters away,” Alex remarked.

Then, a calm voice from behind Kyung-In, “We’ve already transcended human limits.”

As Alex’s sword was about to strike Kyung-In, a metallic clash halted it inches above his head.

Alex tried to force his sword down, but a dark blade blocked his path, wielded by the real owner, now standing before him.

“So it’s you. The one behind them.”

“Sooner than I thought,” the newcomer replied.

“Good, I can kill you sooner.”

But Alex’s relentless attacks were abruptly stopped as three grey blades targeted his throat.

“Human, you’re not. Summoned beings? No, something different…”

Alex assessed the soul soldiers, trying to gauge Namgung’s power.

“Settled down now?” Namgung inquired, seeing Alex’s surprise at his unique abilities.

“Think this trick will kill me? I may not be able to kill you, but I can stop you. There’s still a horde of monsters left. Fighting among ourselves will only add to the corpses.”

“Right, one corpse. But I’ll be standing over it.”

As Alex swung his sword, the soul soldiers were dispersed by the force.

“Quite angry, aren’t you? Don’t worry, you won’t leave empty-handed.”

Despite the overwhelming force displayed by Alex, Namgung seemed almost pleased.


At Namgung’s mysterious comment, Alex frowned.

Alerts chimed above Alex’s head as Namgung pulled something from his pocket.

Recognizing it wasn’t a weapon but a fragment of Serpent’s scale, Alex stepped back. Namgung crushed the core within the scale.

▶ You have defeated the Serpent!

▶ Rewards (Basic) are granted to all participants within 150m.

▶ Rewards (Participation) are granted to all participants within 50m.

Rewards boxes appeared before Alex, similar to those from the Goblin Lord event.

“Rewards for me? Don’t make me laugh.”

Alex kicked the boxes away, dismissing them as merely a way to feed his subordinates.

“Smart guy,” Namgung picked up a box that rolled to his feet.

Catching another box tossed by Namgung, Alex scowled.

“Now you know what you must do,” Namgung pointed upwards, implying Alex’s departure.

“Take your fare and leave quietly.”

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