The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 30

Episode 30: “……Phew!”

Gazumata, who had slid down Serpent’s esophagus, gasped for air amidst the pungent gas-filled stomach, exhaling breath by breath.


Struck with a headache so severe it seemed to pound on his skull, he staggered without even realizing it.


That was when Namgung roughly ripped off his mask.

Caught off-guard with his face now exposed, he looked at Namgung with panicked eyes.


But instead of responding, Namgung stuffed something into his mouth.

“Swallow it. It’ll protect you from Serpent’s stomach acid and gas. Even a Biwol assassin like you won’t last more than 5 minutes bare-bodied.”


As Namgung advised, Gazumata pushed a large, painful object into his mouth.


He exhaled sharply, the remaining stench in his throat unexpectedly inducing a retching reflex.

“That thing costs 3,000 heads. It’s expensive. If you spit it out before it dissolves in your stomach, you’ll die by my hand.”

“……Couldn’t you have given prior warning?”

Gazumata touched his sore throat with an indignant expression, addressing Namgung.

“And you look younger than I expected. How old are you?”

Realizing only then that his mask was gone, Gazumata frantically scanned the area, but his half-dissolved mask was no longer wearable.

“……Twenty-seven. Are you asking even though you know? Didn’t you say you had undergone regression or something when you talked with Erika?”

“Do you believe that?”


“Do you really think I’ve come from the future?”

Gazumata looked at him with a confused expression as Namgung asked back in feigned surprise.

“……Don’t mock me.”

Gazumata rose to his feet.

“I’m seeing your face for the first time. The leader of Biwol, called the true sword of Ninagawa Erika, was even more shrouded in mystery than she. To be honest, I thought you’d be much older.”

Namgung remembered Gazumata as someone sharper, more composed.

Contrarily, his current youthful appearance took Namgung aback.

“May I ask you something?”


Namgung’s movement halted momentarily at Gazumata’s words.

“What is it?”

“Honestly, I don’t really believe that you’ve regressed. But… have I outlived Erika?”

“Why ask if you don’t believe it?”

Namgung cracked an unexpected smile at his question.

“Never mind, it’s merely a subordinate’s query. Just tell me what I must do.”

“Nothing much. You see that wall over there with a small hole? That’s the root of the Gills. You just need to cut it from the inside.”

Namgung was right; there was a small hole in Serpent’s stomach wall.


Gazumata caught sight of it and nodded.


He then pulled out a small shuriken from within his garments and threw them in all directions. Thin strings wrapped around the ends of the shurikens, which, sticking here and there, formed a web-like ceiling above their heads.

Thump-! Click-!!

He jumped up the stomach wall, landing atop a string.

“Ninpo (Ninja Art)… I thought it was an outdated relic, but in this world, it’s more useful than anything.”



Namgung threw his sword to him.


“It’s internal, but with your weapon, it would take too long to penetrate. Use this to cut it.”

“Are you sure you should give out your weapon so carelessly? What if I take advantage of you?”

“First, let’s see if you can handle it.”

“What could be so special about a sword……”


The moment he gripped the sword, Gazumata couldn’t help but be startled by its resistance.

“What, what is this…….”

His once-confident demeanor shifted to one of bewilderment as he faced Namgung.

“The sword that chooses its master. Don’t try to dominate the sword. It’s not about superiority, but rather asking the sword for help. If you’re truly a leader of Biwol, it may not acknowledge you, but it should lend you some strength.”


Gazumata, tense, gripped the sword once again.

Crackle… Crickle…

The handle stung his hand, but it was tolerable enough to hold compared to the first time.

‘Even Myeonghun, skilled with the sword… But certainly, someone from Biwol is different.’

Namgung thought to himself, observing him.

“What exactly are you going to do while ordering me around?”

“The elderly should take responsibility for hard tasks. Who could have guessed there was such a youngster behind the mask.”

“Youngster, you say…”

“Hand over the dagger.”


“Our opponent is a world boss. It’s the most powerful creature that can emerge from the gates of hell that just opened.”

Krrr… Krrrr…

Then, the stomach of the Serpent began to churn.

[Chwang…! Chwichwang…!!]


Strange sounds started coming from deep within the stomach.

Over the lake-like stomach acid, monstrosities with huge heads swam towards them.

“What, what is that?”

Gazumata grimaced at the sight of the oddly-shaped creatures.

The creatures, fish heads without bodies but with arms and legs attached, seemed to be made of bone as they held rudimentary spears.

[Chwang! Chwiik…!! Chwang!!]

Unable to speak any human language, the creatures opened and closed their gills, making incomprehensible conversations with each other.

“Psisermen. They live in the Serpent’s stomach. Gazumata, hurry up the wall.”

[Kyarak! Kyakak!!]

The Psisermen charged towards Namgung in unison.



The tips of the spears the creatures wielded turned pitch black, generating acrid smoke as they swept the air with their strikes, as if burning the very air they passed.


At Namgung’s shout, Gazumata threw his ivory dagger to him and began to ascend the stomach wall.

‘Due to circumstances, why am I following his orders?’

There was no discussion, no request beforehand.

Just a wordlessly established hierarchy between Namgung and himself.

Even as a leader himself, it came all too naturally.


He cursed as he drew Namgung’s sword.


Gazumata tensely controlled his breath as the sword moved with a sharp aura.

Shoook-! Shoook-!! Whoooosh—!!

As the sword flicked, chunks of the stomach wall flesh began to fall off.


Yet, the monstrosity’s thick stomach wall seemed endless.

“Is it even piercing through?!!”

How much time had passed?

Madly slashing away, his breathing had become ragged and his heart pounded as if about to explode.

Looking down, the sight of Namgung, surrounded by fallen Psisermen, made any thoughts of complaint melt away.

“Of course.”

As Namgung thrust the dagger into a Psisermen’s head and gripped its thick skull, he replied,

“Knock, and it shall be opened for you.”

“What sort of leisurely thing to say…!”


At that moment, it happened.


As Gazumata’s sword pierced the stomach wall, a violent explosion suddenly erupted.


At the same time, Namgung’s sword slashed horizontally and he spoke towards him.

* * *

Above Wonhyo Bridge.

The bridge, which would normally be bustling with vehicles, lay empty, and a little girl stood incongruously on the guardrail, overlooking the broad, vacant road.


Exhaling breath as if she had swallowed lava, a white mist rose up.

“It’s unbelievable… a legendary aptitude… there are barely any among the Avatars of Aspect that possess such a quality.”

And beside her, Gyuryu muttered to himself in wonder, shaking his head after witnessing the magic she had unleashed.

Magic aptitude alone was rare, but to have a growth potential of legendary grade meant that, in practical terms, one would be hard-pressed to find even a single person like her in the entire world.

‘No, this isn’t a matter of aptitude.’

Despite witnessing such a person before him, his astonishment laid elsewhere.

‘Soul fusion magic…’

It was a very special kind of magic that could result from the unison of two different types of magic.

To have two different entities coexisting within a single body was practically an impossible power bordering on the unattainable—a realm not yet explored in theory.

Even those with remarkable talents couldn’t attain such a power.

‘To witness it directly…’

The red lightning that Somin had fired turned the Han River surface crimson.

‘To think that Namgung’s daughter carries such an aptitude… that man has a contract with me, but this girl hasn’t made any contract yet.’

Contemplating this, he mentally scolded himself for grumbling at Namgung, who had summoned him from Euljiro back to this location.

‘Also, she isn’t even an Avatar of Aspect… The remaining proxy clans will cause quite a stir. I see why Namgung called me.’


Watching the exhausted Serpent on the Han River surface pantingly exhale, Gyuryu realized the implications.

‘Maybe it’s time to do some figuring.’

He struggled to hide a smirk that kept rising on one side of his mouth.

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