The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 29

Chapter 29 “You’re amazing.”

Staring at the quivering bowstring, Kyung-in spoke in a low voice.

“It was luck. And a good bow.”

Shooting an arrow to hit a target hundreds of meters away was akin to a divine skill.

‘As expected… It’s the same bow, but it feels completely different when I shoot.’

However, more than the astounding skill, what truly made Kyung-in’s heart race was the person who had released the arrow.

‘To think I would see him using a bow again…’

It was his father, Jeon Tae-ho, who had been in a comatose state.

“I had a hazy consciousness, but couldn’t move. Every time my consciousness returned, I worried. I wondered if the world had changed too much, that it might be unrecognizable when I saw my son again.”

While handing the bow to Kyung-in, Jeon Tae-ho said.

“Though I never imagined the world would change in such a way. Still, it’s good to see you.”

He slowly descended the rooftop stairs, adding,

“I never thought the day would come when I could walk the world on my two feet again. I owe a great debt to Mr. Namgung. And to you as well.”

Kyung-in shook his head at his words.

“I didn’t do much. But we certainly owe a debt to Mr. Namgung.”

“That’s true. A debt we must repay.”

He then handed Kyung-in a bow slung over his shoulder.

It may not have been as good as the 【Archer’s Bow】 he had used earlier, but it was still quite flexible.

“It’s the most expensive one I could find among the bows I could source…”

“Hm. It’s well balanced.”

Jeon Tae-ho inspected the bow his son had given him a few times before nodding in satisfaction.

The recurve bow felt good in his hands.

“Or should I give you this?”

“That won’t be necessary. This one is enough. Instead, keep your wits about you. You should be shooting better than your father, who just woke up.”

“Argh… I haven’t used a bow for about as long as you haven’t, father.”


Jeon Tae-ho chuckled and drew the bow. Kyung-in could see the change in his eyes in that moment.


As he released the string, a thunderous sound burst forth.


The arrow, like a flash of lightning, precisely pierced through the monster’s crown.


Jeon Tae-ho watched the monster fall limply and plucked out his arrow.


At that sight, a shiver ran down Kyung-in’s spine.

He had rewatched those eyes on a TV’s cathode-ray tube numerous times, but he had never seen them in person.

Those were the eyes of Jeon Tae-ho, not as a father but as the famed Olympic archer.

The unbeatable legend of the archery world had returned.

* * *

“My name is Katsumata.”

The man in a black mask that appeared beside Erika addressed Namgung.

“You must have prepared quite a bit. I didn’t expect the leader of Flying Moon to come here.”

“That must mean it’s a serious issue. Or perhaps the opponent you’ve met is that dangerous.”

“It’s reassuring to be evaluated so highly. No need to introduce myself, as you probably know my name.”


Namgung tapped the large window made of thick glass as he spoke.

“We should discuss how we’re going to deal with that now.”

“We will cooperate with hunting the world boss. But that doesn’t mean I intend to hand over the trophy to you directly.”

“Confident, I see.”

“Of course.”

Katsumata’s response drew a smirk from Namgung. The small dagger at his waist was not ordinary.

‘The sheath made from that horn… That must be a mammoth ivory dagger.’

It was a quite expensive weapon among those of the magic grade.

‘It’s likely that Erika spent all her collected heads on him.’

Katsumata, the most trusted blade of Ninagawa Erika.

“Well then, let me give you a piece of advice. Hunting is only possible when limbs work together. You don’t have to worry about the hell gate above.”


“There is someone else to look after that for us.”

Namgung pointed at 63 Square with a mysterious smile.

“Although the hell gate is an important means of summoning monsters, not all of them come through that gate.”

Indeed, the goblins summoned from the first hell gate had appeared on both ground and underground, although the gate itself floated in the sky.

“Then, where does the world boss appear?”

“Just watch and you’ll see why I chose this place as the meeting point. It’s not the sky that’s important but what lies underneath, deep below the water.”


At that moment, a whirlpool began to form in the middle of the Han River, gradually increasing in size.

Crash Bang Boom—

As the whirlpool sucked water down like a drain in an inverted cone, something burst out, spouting a massive jet of water.


Even with a mask covering his face, one could easily imagine Katsumata’s twisted expression from his voice alone.

“Serpent. The boss of the second hell gate and the monster that devoured the oceans of the world.”


Namgung spoke in a low voice as he looked at the giant sea snake rising above the lake.

“We have to capture that?”

The Serpent’s eyes, moving about as if looking for prey, were as large as adult males.

“Don’t be scared. You’ll have to hunt much worse things in the future. Not just these lower beings but even dragons as time passes.”

“…Excuse me?”

“The thing is, hunting dragons is simpler than you think. All snake-like monsters share a common weakness.”

“What is that?”

“The reverse scale under its jaw.”

As Namgung pointed, a scale was indeed growing in the opposite direction on the neck of the giant Serpent that emerged through the Han River.

“Removing one scale doesn’t sound impossible.”

“That’s right. Dragon hunting is simpler than you think. Plus, the intelligence of a Serpent isn’t as cunning as a dragon’s.”

Katsumata nodded at his words.

“However, there’s another problem.”

“What is it?”

“The weapons we have are far too primitive. Unless we can hold out until the fifth hell gate opens… The scales of a Serpent are impervious to any weapon below rare grade.”


Erika’s face twisted with consternation upon hearing Namgung’s words.

“As far as I know, only one person currently possesses a weapon above the rare grade…”

The Starblade Sword of Alek Traman.

“Right. In essence, the second hell gate event is practically tailored for him. After hunting the Serpent, he became the hero of the world as he wished.”

“Did you call Alek Traman to use him to cut the reverse scale?”

“No. If that happens, he’d get the credit. I called him to take care of the aftermath.”

“That means…”



At that moment, as a piercing sound shattered the window where Namgung stood, an arrow flew in and lodged itself.


Katsumata quickly pulled Erika back in a retreat.

“What is this act…!!”

“There are always unforeseen variables, even with foresight.”

Namgung plucked the arrow from the ground and cut the attached string.

“There is one more weapon that can cut the reverse scale.”

He peered out the broken window below to see Kyung-in waving at him, then quickly crossing the road.

‘It seems that Myeong-hoon is also safe, given he took the weapon.’


With the Sinner’s Sword drawn, Namgung turned to Katsumata.

“Let’s see what the Flying Moon’s skills are like.”


Namgung leapt out the destroyed window.

“Take good care of Erika.”

Upon Katsumata’s command, three assassins appeared behind her.

* * *


The Han River’s waters churned like waves, spilling over the walkways.

“Seeing it up close, it’s even more impressive.”

“We’re going to need some acrobatics.”


Swoosh! Swoosh…!!

Just then, two arrows came from the upper intersection. Attached to them were thin wires.


The two arrows wedged firmly into the hide between the scales of the Serpent.

“Isn’t it okay? It’s your specialty.”

Without waiting for Katsumata’s response, Namgung grabbed the wires with all his might and leapt onto the Han River, his hands clutching a small device. He tossed another to Katsumata and pressed the button, zipping along the wire at high speed.


As Namgung whizzed across the wire towards the monster, Katsumata couldn’t help but exclaim disbelief.

“That wire…”

“I know. Everyone stand by. From here on out, it’s just me going.”


“It’s too dangerous.”

The fifteen hidden assassins of Flying Moon exclaimed at Katsumata’s command.

“You can’t handle it. But there are archers above who just shot the arrows, protect them. Their safety comes first for our exit strategy.”

Strapping on the device Namgung had given him to his ankle, Katsumata prepared.

“I must have been called upon for that reason.”

Though reluctant, he admitted it was necessary.

“It seems he knew not only about Erika but also about me.”

He couldn’t help but smile behind his mask.

Although he didn’t know how Namgung had acquired them, the wire and devices attached to the arrows were all familiar to them.

“Riding the wire… As you said, that’s something I’m good at.”

Though it felt like he had been bested, Katsumata didn’t mind too much.


In a surprising turn, Katsumata, unlike Namgung, began to dash along the precarious wire.


With balance and speed beyond human capabilities.


Running along the wire, Katsumata quickly overtook Namgung.


Atop the Serpent, Katsumata drew his ivory dagger and started stabbing it between the scales.

Plunge! Pierce! Jab Jab!

But the cuts inflicted by the dagger were mere scratches against the massive body of the Serpent.

“What is this…”

“Exactly what earned you the nickname ‘Swallow’s Wing.’ You’re fast.”

Having climbed up the wire, Namgung drove his sword into the Serpent’s head and gasped for breath.

“But that won’t work.”

“So, what do you plan to do? We can’t get inside its mouth to reach the reverse scale. One wrong move and we’ll fall to our death.”

“That’s right. So we must bring the reverse scale down to our level. Make it reachable for us.”

“What do you mean by that…?”


Suddenly, the Serpent began twisting its body, moving towards land.


As the beast reared, Katsumata lost his footing and stumbled.


Just as he nearly fell from the monster’s head, Namgung grabbed his hand.

“[Gasp, gasp…]”

“It’s simple. All we have to do is gut it.”


As if he knew what was in Katsumata’s shaken eyes behind the mask, Namgung grinned, heaved him up by the hand, and the huge maw of the beast engulfed them whole.

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