The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 28

“Chapter 28

Igor’s hefty punch collided with a pillar, causing it to cave in and scatter debris everywhere. With a strength that seemed more beastly than human, Igor, fittingly nicknamed “Bear,” failed to recover his stance and lowered his head in defeat. “Tell your master to properly line up if he’s looking to board the train. Is he aiming for a direct trip to hell?” he grunted before collapsing. Deep within his ribcage, a sword had been plunged, pulled out by Alex as he pushed Igor aside and stood up.

“And the same goes for you and your kind. I may not know who’s behind you, but they’ll pay for orchestrating this,” Alex declared.

Observers were taken aback, realizing the gravity of the situation. Hojun and Myeong-hoon prepared for battle, acknowledging Alex’s extraordinary strength. Their attempt at a swift exchange proved futile; Alex’s “Starbreaker Sword” effortlessly countered their moves.

In a pivotal moment, Alex targeted Myeong-hoon, revealing his true objective. Myeong-hoon managed to block the strike, surprising Alex with his resilience. “Relying solely on your weapon in actual combat is foolish,” Myeong-hoon taunted as he delivered a series of blows, unsettling Alex.

Stunned, Alex couldn’t fathom someone else possessing a weapon capable of matching his, which was granted by the Aspects. A realization dawned on him; Myeong-hoon must have another supporter. Despite sensing an impending danger and a shift in the atmosphere, Myeong-hoon and Hojun readied for another assault.

The fight was interrupted by sudden darkness enveloping the room, signaling the commencement of the “second festival.” A monstrous roar echoed, demoralizing everyone inside. Alex, upon witnessing the emergence of monsters from a giant eyeball in the sky, understood the severity of their predicament.

Amidst the chaos, a phone rang, thrown by Myeong-hoon to Alex, who caught it, realizing too late it was a ploy. The caller, hiding behind anonymity, mocked him, hinting at a challenging ordeal ahead. Enraged, Alex destroyed the phone, swearing vengeance.

Johanna saved Alex from an unexpected arrow, indicating a sniper’s involvement. The realization of a sniper’s participation heightened the tension, forcing Alex to order a retreat despite his reluctance.

Retreating, Alex and his team acknowledged the formidable adversary they faced, hinting at a strategic withdrawal to regroup and confront the challenges of another day.

As Myung-hoon looked up at Alex walking towards him without a stance, as if strolling, his instincts screamed danger. “So, Alex Traman was played,” he mused aloud as Alex approached in a relaxed manner, making Myung-hoon wary of what else he might have up his sleeve besides his sword. In a swift movement, Myung-hoon kicked up a sword from the ground and glanced back at Hojun.

Hojun, grasping a broken tonfa like a club, swung at Alex, but Alex dodged with ease. Alex taunted, questioning if his actions seemed like an act, only to twist Hojun’s arm violently after evading his attack. Hojun’s scream echoed as Alex forcefully brought his head down to the ground.

Mentioning the SLS squad, a disbanded assassination unit established by his great-grandfather, Alex revealed that the two who had just ambushed them were also from that squad. As smoke filled the room and two figures entered, Myung-hoon was taken by surprise and knocked down.

Alex considered retreating as the ambush suggested they were at a disadvantage. Despite his eagerness to retaliate against those who had made a fool of him, his companion suggested caution. The mention of “Erica” by Alex as their backer indicated they would seek revenge later.

Suddenly, a dark shadow enveloped them, heralding the start of the “second festival” with a monstrous roar. The appearance of a giant eyeball splitting in the sky marked the opening of another hellish portal, flooding them with dread.

As Alex received an unexpected call from Myung-hoon’s phone, thrown to him, the caller, undoubtedly the one behind Alex’s summoning here, taunted him about fighting to return. Enraged, Alex smashed the phone and vowed revenge against all involved, ordering his remaining allies to attack.

However, as a sniper’s arrow intervened, saving Alex from a deadly strike, it became clear they were outmatched. With the realization that they were in a sniper’s range, Alex reluctantly ordered a retreat, acknowledging their disadvantageous position.

This moment of retreat under the looming threat of the newly opened hellish portal and the sniper’s unseen presence marked a pivotal point, with Alex recognizing the strategic necessity of withdrawal to fight another day.

With a crunch, Alex gritted his teeth in irritation at Namgung’s words.

“So surviving comes first, huh? Better hurry up then, right?”

“You bastard!” Alex cursed, hurling the phone to the ground and stomping on it. “Kill them all!”

Just then, “Dodge!” Johanna propelled herself forward, pushing Alex out of the way.

“Ugh?!” Alex, now on the ground, saw an arrow embedded in the spot he had just been. “Sniper?”

He doubted a shot like that was possible, especially considering there were no tall buildings nearby that could offer such an angle. The sheer improbability of it, the height, the obscured windows—it all made him question whether the arrow had genuinely missed him or if it was deliberately aimed to miss.

“We’re at a disadvantage. Retreat,” he growled, deciding to fall back as Johanna and Hansen quickly started moving.

“Are you okay, brother?” Myunghoon, checking his jaw where he’d been hit, shook his head. “Can’t do that again.”

“The portal opened just as you said,” remarked Erika Ninagawa, observing the massive eye-shaped hell gate in the sky. “How could a returnee possibly know when it would open?”

“Who knows when the cursed gate will open,” he retorted, as everything around them suddenly froze, isolating their space from the rest of the world.

“There’s a way for a returnee to know,” he continued. Erika nodded, understanding his reference to dungeons that appeared after the first hell gate’s closure.

“So, clearing all dungeons triggers the second hell gate’s opening?” she deduced. Namgung confirmed, noting Japan’s completion of the last dungeon, implying her presence indicated the task was finished.

Erika questioned if he waited for Japan to finish dungeon clearing. “Think as you like,” he responded, admitting his reliance on returnee knowledge rather than foresight.

She laughed, realizing she overly trusted her vision of the future, not expecting him to use his returnee memories in such a way.

He clarified, “Don’t compare your foresight to my experiences. My knowledge doesn’t make me clairvoyant.”

As they spoke, soul soldiers materialized behind Namgung, revealing his true power and intention to close the second hell gate together, aiming for the rewards that Erika’s forces alone couldn’t secure.

“Was killing the first boss also your doing?” she asked, acknowledging his dominance and the inevitability of their cooperation given the circumstances.

As they prepared to join forces, Namgung sensed Erika’s hidden strength, confirming his expectations of her true capabilities.

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