The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 27

Chapter 27

On an ordinary weekend, Yeouido would have been filled with children, but the 63 Square was quiet.


After the attack of the demon beasts, the building that housed the aquarium and had been left unattended and empty except for a few caretakers was now silent as a grave, especially the observatory located on the upper floors.

“From this altitude, even Aposities wouldn’t be able to escape.”

Alek peered down at the city below with a wry smile on his face.

-You’ve given this some thought.

-Choosing this building must mean that our government is aware of our activities.

-We might be under surveillance for wiretapping.

-We’ll have to disconnect soon. Alek, we’ll wait at the designated location.

He nodded slowly in response to the voices of Hanson and Johanna coming from the in-ear earphones.

“Mr. Alek Traman?”

It was then.

He turned toward the voice coming from the entrance.

“My name is Kang Ho-jun.”

“Nice to meet you. You’re much larger than you appeared in the videos. I’m grateful you accepted the sudden change of venue and time.”

“Don’t mention it.”

As Alek reached out his hand, Kang Ho-jun ignored it and continued walking. Alek, slightly embarrassed, clenched the outstretched hand into a fist and turned away.

‘What’s with him? Does he know about my ability?’

Along with Taeyangmok (태양목, “Solar Eye”), another ability Alek had was Wolan (월안, “Lunar Eye”)—a skill that allowed him to see through the abilities of anyone he touched by hand.

It was with this ability that he had found Hanson and Johanna.


Alek looked at his own hand briefly before following Kang Ho-jun.

“I have been honestly surprised since coming to Korea. Korea has managed to fend off the demon beasts with far less damage than countries known for their defense capabilities like the US or the UK, where Aposities like myself are present.”

“You flatter us. It was possible because the military, the police, and the citizens cooperated swiftly.”

“Of course, I’m not underestimating Korea’s defense capabilities. I’m simply admiring the skills of those of you who hunted demon beasts at Gwanghwamun.”

Alek said cautiously.

“Then perhaps you should be addressing this person instead of me. After all, the weapon I use was provided by him.”

Ho-jun gestured with his head.

The elevator door opened and as Myeong-hun walked in, Alek greeted him with a pleased expression.

“As expected……”

Alek reached out his hand, but Myeong-hun avoided his handshake too, leaving Alek certain now.

‘They know about my ability.’

Though he was an Aposity, it was still unknown what divinity had chosen him.

‘I guess I should give up on using Wolan.’

He had anticipated this to some extent. Being chosen as an Aposity meant that one shouldn’t be underestimated lightly, Alek had to admit.

“My name is Choi Myeong-hun. I’ve discharged now, but I used to serve in the same unit as Captain Kang.”

“You were in the military? That explains the uncanny agility… You’re indeed different from an ordinary actor like myself.”

“No, actually, if it hadn’t been for a well-known actor like you, Mr. Alek, who refrained from mentioning the existence of Aposities on television, the knowledge of Aposities wouldn’t have surfaced.”

“Are you implying that you’re an Aposity as well?”

To Alek’s question, Myeong-hun just responded with a faint smile.

“We can’t reveal everything just yet. We still need to figure out if we’re allies or enemies.”

“Ha, that’s right. Suspicion is an important virtue for a leader.”

“Thank you for understanding. Or rather, I knew you would. Catholic Sangmo Hospital, Noryangjin Station. This place is so high it’s hard to spot, but among all, you’ve chosen the best location.”


Myeong-hun’s words made Alek’s face stiffen.

That’s because those two places were precisely where Hanson and Johanna were waiting.

“Don’t worry. There’s no need to move now. I know where you’ll move to anyway.”

‘He knows? Does he have the power of foresight?’

Alek wondered about the implications of Myeong-hun’s words.

“The world is under threat. If you’re an Aposity, you know that. The gates to hell will keep opening.”

Myeong-hun nodded.

“We need to unite our strengths. National borders will soon break down. If you do have foresight, you might be able to see it. Fighters, ships, tanks… the time when we can stop them with modern weaponry is coming to an end.”

Alek, in his dramatic actor’s voice, took the lead in setting the mood.

“We must lead humanity. Only Aposities can save the world. I plan to create a coalition that transcends nations.”

His eyes gleamed with sincerity.

‘…He’s serious.’

Although someone might dismiss it as a delusional plan, it was different if the person making the plan had the power to execute it.

“Let’s see. To my eyes, it looks like you rather want to play at being a hero than to actually save humanity.”

“Ha, what do you mean…?”

“The very thing you’re trying to do. A coalition beyond nations. Sounds convincing but ultimately it seems deeply tainted with the ambition to rule over the world.”

“Can you see that?”

“What if I can?”



At that moment, Myeong-hun felt goosebumps all over his body.

“Brother!! Get out of the way!”

As Ho-jun shouted, he pulled Myeong-hun back.


A sharp sword wind filled the silence, and a keen wound appeared on Myeong-hun’s neck.

Drip, drip……!!


Blood trickled down his neck as Myeong-hun clutched at the injury in desperation.

“This is why I hate the power of foresight.”


“I knew there was an Aposity who could see the future, but I didn’t think they would be in Korea. I was kind of hoping it was not among the remaining seven, that they wouldn’t have the power of foresight.”

Alek shrugged and spoke.

“That power is but an obstacle to me.”

“Oh? What are you going to do? It just so happens that you dislike the kind of power I have.”

In that moment, he gazed coldly at Myeong-hun.

“Guess what…”


He tightened his grip on his sword.

“Time to die.”

Alek was confident. Foresight was irrelevant to combat. Even with the privilege of being an Aposity and having more power than others, he could not be defeated by Myeong-hun, who wielded the Byeolhaegeum (별해검, “Celestial Sea Sword”).


But for some reason, Myeong-hun’s smiling face gave Alek an eerie chill.

“Brother, but how are you planning to get the two to fight each other?”

“There’s no need to make them fight. If Erika used her foresight today, she would have surely seen you meeting Alek. Foresight’s not perfect yet, so she wouldn’t know what conversation took place.”

“So what?”

“We make the first move. We tell her that Alek is planning to kill you.”

“Really… Do you think so?”

“Don’t worry. Our job is just to get that far. Alek will take care of the rest.”

Myeong-hun recalled the conversation he had with Namgoong before coming here.

“No matter what, he will create the largest faction among the Palmoosungs (팔무성, “Eight Martial Stars”). But as I said before, he’s absolutely not fit to be a hero.”

He was now sure of what Namgoong meant.

“The one he’ll be most wary of is the one who can predict his plans. If you say you have that power, he’ll certainly try to eliminate you.”

Namgoong had said.

‘Then the individual we need to secure is Erika, who can counter Alek Traman.’

Myeong-hun was astonished by Namgoong’s perfect plan.

“Erika, did you hear that? It seems Alek Traman is indeed planning to kill you, just as we suspected.”

Myeong-hun spoke with a hushed voice. Before Alek had a chance to realize something was amiss,



He felt a heavy blow to his side, and with a dizzying sensation, his body was propelled away.


Despite having blocked the attack, the excruciating pain was as if his heart had been pierced, and he fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

“What are you?”

Alek glared at the hulking figure that had emerged from the darkness to attack him.

“You don’t need to know. All that matters is you’re going to die here.”


A man as massive as a bear, Igor, said in a deep bass towards Alek.

“…You deceived me, Choi Myeong-hun!!”

Alek accused him enraged.

“Deceived? If anything, it’s you who have been deceiving. We already suspected that you planned to kill the Aposity with foresight.”

“So, you’re not the one with foresight.”

“I never said I had that ability. I just said I knew what you were planning.”

“That damn…!!”

“Calm down, great actor.”


Alek gnashed his teeth and grasped his sword tighter.

‘Damn it… So, the one named Erika is the Aposity with foresight? Who is she? Are they already in cahoots? Then… What about Choi Myeong-hun? Is he really not an Aposity? Or is he… an Aposity playing me?’

Even amidst the tense standoff, Alek’s mind swirled with confusion.

* * *

“So… Alek Traman. He had a different agenda all along.”

“It could be seen as a natural human desire.”

“Do you feel the same way?”

“Hard to say. Power… becomes meaningless after a short while, as I see it.”

The woman, dressed in a white yutaka with her eyes covered by a cloth, spoke softly as she observed the noisy situation at 63 Square.

“The observers of the Sun and the Moon provide the most benefits to the Aposities early on. It seems like a gesture for the good of humanity, but in truth, it’s merely maximizing human desires.”

And beside her was Namgoong.

“The observers are merely spectators, after all. The reason why the divinities chose Aposities wasn’t to save the world, but to find those who could best satisfy their own interests.”

He sipped from his teacup, looking towards the building across from them.

“We’ll have to kill that man.”

“Hmm. Did he die in the future you saw?”

To Erika’s question, Namgoong gave a sly smile.

“He won’t die. Whatever happens, he holds the Celestial Sea Sword.”

“Igor is not someone who goes down easily. Moreover, there’s Kang Ho-jun and Choi Myeong-hun.”

“The three of them are extraordinarily talented. But Alek is stronger than all of us combined. I hate to admit it, but at this point, he’s the strongest.”

Namgoong shook his head.

“Well, if Igor falls, I’ll take care of it. It doesn’t seem wise for you to meet Alek yourself.”

“You speak as if you already know the outcome.”

Even though her eyes were hidden, Namgoong could feel her gaze sharpening.

“You are the Returning One as decreed by my divinity, the Guide through the Mist.”

At that question, Namgoong turned to face her.


“You have been warned by the one who chose me. There exists one who surpasses foresight. Perhaps you’re even more dangerous than Alek Traman.”

“That’s possible.”


The sound of a teacup being placed down seemed almost like a starting signal.

“Can I trust you? Perhaps the one I need to eliminate is you, not Alek.”

“If that were the case, there would only have been one person sitting here by now.”


Despite the arrogance in his statement, Erika felt not an objection but a tremor from his words.

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