The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Eyes of Jaha Merchant

▶ The Eyes of Jaha Merchant have been used.

▶ You can find the buyer of the product.

▶ Duration: 1 minute.

To Namgung, even an item worth 150,000 heads disappearing after a mere minute’s use was a bitter loss. Time was of the essence, and thus he acted quickly; he had lasted the longest but hadn’t always been strong from the start.

He knew the remaining world better than anyone after the passage of time, but initially, he lacked the power to grasp the political situation in his haste to survive.

Among the most critical things were the growth and choices of the early prophets.

‘Once I know that, I can read their thoughts.’ It would come at a great cost, but it would enable him to respond to the future.

Numbering 230.

Name: Star Sea Sword

Grade: Rare (First)

▶ The sale has been completed.

▶ Buyer: Alex Trauman

The item’s effect seemed certain as the buyers’ names for the items inside the bundle appeared.

‘It looks like Alex received the Star Sea Sword from the watcher of the sun and moon, just like in my past life.’

It was, in fact, a fact he already knew, so there was no surprise.

Numbering 498.

Name: Chronon’s Clockwork

Grade: Rare (First)

▶ The sale has been completed.

▶ Buyer: Ninagawa Erika

Namgung’s fingers paused on an item.

She was a prophet with foresight, a guide through the fog.

‘If my memory serves me right, a Rare-grade clockwork can only be used to foresee the future once a day.’

Moreover, clockwork’s foresight was limited to people the user already knew.

‘She doesn’t know of my existence yet. And it’s highly likely she hasn’t found the rest of the prophets either.’

In such a circumstance, there was only one person she would use her clockwork on.

‘Alex Trauman, who proclaimed himself a prophet and showed his face to the world. If she’s going to use her foresight, it will probably be on him.’

“And then……”

Namgung slowly nodded his head.

Numbering 2119.

Name: Boom Blaster

Grade: Magic (Supreme)

▶ It’s a combat gauntlet made in the Mage-Engineering country known as Archester Confederacy.

▶ The sale has been completed.

▶ Buyer: Hanson Mattio

Numbering 3218.

Name: Nine-Tailed Fox Whip

Grade: Magic (Supreme)

▶ A whip made from the fur of a nine-tailed fox.

▶ The sale has been completed.

▶ Buyer: Johanna White

“Looks like Alex chose those two,” Namgung said in a soft voice, assessing the names of the buyers.

‘It looks like he took the dungeon that emerged in England, considering he’s giving them the weapons.’

Namgung recalled the faces of Alex’s ‘wings,’ Hanson and Johanna.

‘It’ll be slightly annoying if they join him in coming to Korea.’

The two, a martial artist who fought with fists and a whip-wielding spy, were incredibly skilled even though they were not prophets.

‘Even with Hojun’s help, it’s going to be a challenge for MInghun alone to face Hanson.’

Alex, already wielding a Rare weapon, was certainly skilled, leaving Namgung the only one who could face him.

‘And that would mean Kyungin and Somin would have to take on Johanna……’

No matter how talented they might be, they were only middle and high school students until a few days ago.

‘In contrast, Johanna is an assassin.’

An expert in killing.

They had no chance against her.

“Erika would be a good choice to pass the buck, but even if she foresees Alex’s moves, she won’t actively seek conflict.”

She was probably trying to find out if Hojun and Minghun were in touch with a real prophet through Alex.


Namgung reflected as he scrolled through the list of items sold.


Just then, an item caught his eye, and just before 【The Eyes of Jaha Merchant】’s duration ended, he could see the buyer’s name.

▶ Buyer: Igor

“This name……”

With a recognizable name in sight, he was at a loss for words and wore a blank expression.

“Right. There was this guy.”

Namgung smiled strangely.

* * *

“The air in Seoul is not so great.”

“Well, it doesn’t seem all that different from England.”

“Different? Hanson, you might need to get checked at a hospital.”

Arriving secretly in South Korea, Alex and his group boarded a car at the airport and headed into the city.

“……It’s astonishing.”

“What is?”

“We’ve been attacked by demons just as hell gates opened. But England suffered great losses and thousands of deaths.”

Alex looked out at the city lights still shining brightly as he spoke.

“The cities crumbled like ruins. In London, even with our presence, Big Ben eventually fell.”

Recalling when the iconic tower was destroyed by goblins, Alex bit his lip slightly.

“It was inevitable. None of the royals or parliament gave ear to your words.”

As Hanson suggested, no one would move the army because an actor, no matter how famous, claimed the world might end tomorrow.

“The same probably applies here. But look. Seoul has suffered damage but comparatively, it’s minor.”

“The response was commendable. They detected the goblins moving underground and blocked them like they were herding them.”


Alex spread his palm, and a red orb appeared on it.


“Is that a skill?”

To the duo’s inquiry, Alex nodded.

“It’s called Sun Eyes. It can detect individuals with significant power around me. It’s one of the two abilities granted by the watcher of the sun and moon who chose me.”

When Alex touched the orb to his forehead, it absorbed into his skin, turning a fiery red like a third eye.


In an instant, his aura encompassed the entire city.

‘One, two, three, four……’

As he closed his eyes, his perspective darkened and lights sparkled like satellite images across various locations.

‘What, what’s this number?’

Confused by the multiplying lights, Alex felt bewildered.

‘The only condition I can use with Sun Eyes for detection is to find those who can hunt 50 goblins alone.’

And right now, his vision beheld eight such lights.

‘The range I can search in this condition is the size of Seoul at most. But to have eight individuals with such ability in Seoul alone?’

His skill was not without flaws.

The fact that he could only set one condition implied that he could miss other variables.

‘It’s the best possible condition under current circumstances, but being able to face 50 goblins is quite ambiguous.’

He couldn’t specify the manner of combat with the goblins.

From a martial arts athlete to a tactician who could engage strategically using the terrain, there were various hunting methods and it was difficult to quantify such specifics.

‘So I increased the number of goblins……’

50 goblins was never a trivial challenge for athletes or soldiers, but it wasn’t impossible either.

‘But if I set the number too high, I might not detect anyone……’

Alex furrowed his brows slightly.

‘Too many.’

Before leaving for Korea, he had tried using this skill in London.

At that time, the detected number was only four. Three of them were himself, Hanson, and Johanna.

“The footage showed many goblins in the square, but not as many compared to other cities. Barely a few hundred.”


Johanna nodded, understanding the implication of his statement.

“On the other hand, the number of goblins in London reached thousands. If the number spawned was similar, it’s likely that a comparable number manifested in Seoul.”

“Hmm… That makes sense.”

“If exits were blocked, then the remaining goblins could have become trapped underground. So, how were all those goblins killed?”

She caught on to his reasoning in an instant.

“Are you suggesting that there may have been other allies besides those two we saw in the square?”

“Right. We have been presuming the identity of the unidentified man next to Kang Hojun might be a prophet.”

“But someone else has hunted more goblins than that man?”

Hanson reconsidered their conversation.

“Perhaps there’s another prophet here besides that one.”

“Does that mean there could be two prophets in South Korea?”

Alex shook his head.

“No. That’s unlikely. My patron deity mentioned that each patron has their own territory, so prophets won’t arise in the same area.”

“Then foreign prophets might be here…”

“We must be cautious. Perhaps the two are in a cooperating relationship.”

At Hanson’s words, Alex slowly nodded.


At that moment, Alex’s phone rang.


With the caller ID blocked, Alex pressed the call button with a tense face.

-The prophet of the Fog Guide is watching you. Be cautious.

“……Who is this?”

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Wait. Hello?”

The single line he heard was enough to shake Alex’s composure.

‘The Fog Guide? As far as I know, that patron’s prophet should have the gift of foresight……’

The ability to see the future.

An incredible power, though it might be as imperfect as his own.

‘But if she’s capable, she would have at most one or two predictions.’

But if the voice’s claim was true, it meant that the Fog Guide’s prophet might already know he was in Korea.


Alex called her name with a sidelong glance.

“Yeah. What’s up?”

“What time was our appointment with Kang Hojun?”

“In five hours. Why?”

“We need to push it forward. I want to change the future she has seen.”

“That one?”

“There seems to be someone who can foresee the future. But even if that’s the case, she can’t stop me.”

In that moment, Alex’s eyes gleamed with determination.

* * *

“Well, it’s not a lie. Ninagawa Erika is indeed watching you,” mumbled Namgung as he put down his phone.

His phone surprisingly had all the Prophet’s Guild numbers saved.

“The difference is that she’s watching from Kyoto, Japan, not South Korea.”

“Brother. We’ve received a message. They want to change the time and location of the meeting. What should we do?”

As expected.

Minghun relayed the message from Hojun to Namgung.

“The time is in one hour. The location, Yeouido’s 63 Square.”


“If anyone other than Alex shows up, take it to mean he has another purpose. We’ll deal with it accordingly.”

Minghun nodded at Namgung’s instructions and immediately contacted Hojun.

“But is it really okay? Even if Erika, who reportedly has the gift of foresight, is watching Alex, she’s not actually here.”

“That’s not important. The key is to make Alex believe she’s here.”

Namgung smirked peculiarly.

“He’s timid and suspicious. He’s definitely not hero material.”

“I see.”

“If doubt grows… even falsehoods can be believed as truth. And that’s true for Erika as well. The future she sees is limited, and she’ll see the one we’ve created.”

‘Once she sees that future, she’ll have to act, even if she initially only intends to watch from afar.’

“The moment Alex shifted the time and location, the game tilted into our playing field. We’re observing him. If he moves, Erika will soon follow here too.”

“Igor, you mean?”

“That’s right. Igor, nicknamed the Bear, is one of Erika’s subordinates, presumably already inside the country.”

“By your logic then… there would be three prophets here. If they all gather, won’t that cause an uproar?”

He spoke in a hushed tone.

“Not at all. It’s actually the opposite. Concerned with each other, they’ll miss the biggest variable.”

“And what’s that?”

“The second hell gate.”


“You pay the price for stepping onto someone’s turf.”

Namgung’s eyes shone.

“They will end up defending South Korea for us.”

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