The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 25

Episode 25 – Buckingham, England

“Alex, did you see the video that was uploaded on Nootube?”

“Of course. If it’s not a fabrication, then it seems there are two remarkable hunters in Korea.”

The Seer chosen by the Observers of Sun and Moon, Alex Traman, was conversing within the studio he was staying in.

“They say his name is Kang Hojun. Perhaps his skills are extraordinary because he’s a current soldier.”

Before him stood two men.

A black man in a leather jacket, arms crossed, spoke to Alex in a subdued voice.

“We can’t assume he’s skilled just because he’s a military man. Did you see the weapon he was using?”

“Of course. The ‘Hansen’.”

“Although it’s a Normal-grade, it’s worth over 4,000 Heads. It’s a weapon you can’t currently buy.”

“And the weapon of the person beside him, had no information available at all.”

The other person was a woman clad in a brown coat. She concealed her face with sunglasses, but the aura she emitted was anything but ordinary.

“It wasn’t even in the Giants’ inventory.”

The Giants, custodians of the European region belonging to the clan of representatives.

The woman shuddered recalling when they would appear at midnight.

“There are slight variations in the items held by each region’s representative clan.”

“But that person froze a monster with his sword. A weapon with attributes has to be at least of Rare-grade.”

She addressed Alex,

“We need to investigate. If what you say about the existence of the eight Seers is true.”

“You still don’t trust me, Johanna.”

“I’m an atheist, after all.”

Hansen and Alex chuckled at her remarks.

“Haha, Johanna. You should’ve been on a TV show, not in movies.”

“I was in a TV show just the other day. It got suspended though, thanks to those damned beasts that kept popping up in the news.”

Unlike the others, who laughed, she looked on with cynical, cold eyes.

“I’m not joking, Alex. I just hope this damn situation ends, and we can go back to our normal lives.”

“That’s going to be tough.”

“Tch… Can’t you lie for my sake?”

“We can’t run away. The great being that chose me said as much.”


His sword was a dimension apart from those featured in the shocking video.

Alex gazed at his sword as if enchanted.

“The one who chose me as a Seer told me to speak the truth and guide humanity.”

“……You’re hopeless.”

At Johanna’s remark, Alex just smirked.

“Just kidding. But the fact that their weapons are extraordinary suggests the possibility they could be Seers like me.”

“If so, it’s more likely to be the person beside Kang Hojun. The weapon with unknown information could be akin to Alex’s.”

“To find that man, we’ll inevitably have to meet Kang Hojun first, it seems.”

“The entire world’s attention has shifted to Korea in an instant. Alex, this seems to deviate from your plan.”


Alex nodded at Hansen’s words.

“The spotlight should always belong to us British. Only we should become the saviors.”

“What do you plan to do about them?”

“For starters, we should attempt to recruit them. Their abilities are more than proven, so if they align with us, it’s better to acquire them before the other Seers do.”

“And if not?”

Hansen’s question was accompanied by the placing of a large bag before them.

“While you were hunting goblins after the gates closed, I found a dungeon. These are the treasures I obtained from ghouls this dawn, convertible to 15,000 Heads worth of gold coins.”

“1… 15,000 Heads?!”

“That’s more than you could collect even if you hunted all the goblins across England… This is amazing!!”

“Use this. With the heads from the goblins you hunted this morning included, you should upgrade your equipment.”


The two swallowed their saliva at the mention, their expectations palpable.

“If it’s the opposite, we’ll simply eliminate the roots.”

“Haha, with this many heads, we’ll have plenty even after cutting them down.”

Confident, Hansen and Johanna gazed at the piled gold coins.

“Let’s go to Korea.”

* * *


The echoes of a sudden explosion reverberated through IN mall, connected to Yeouido Underground Road.

It’s a place that would typically be filled with customers, but now it was deserted.

Due to the goblin incident at dawn, all the buildings were temporarily closed.


In the dark, on one side of the building, the sound of someone catching their breath could be heard.


Something was placed on the floor with such a heavy weight that it made the ground tremble.

“Damn heavy. I thought my back was going to give out.”

“Good job.”

“It’s a relief the mall had no monsters inside.”

“This is Namgung’s party.”

Myunghoon and Kyungin looked at the large chest they had dragged in with much effort.

“Should we open it?”

“Of course, we should.”

Kyungin’s question was met with Myunghoon eagerly licking his lips as Namgung gave the nod. He then promptly opened the chest’s lid.




As the old lock screeched open, a hoard of gold coins was revealed inside.

“How much is this?”

Myunghoon grabbed a handful of the coins and asked.

▶ You’ve obtained 30 gold coins.

▶ Gold coins can be exchanged for Heads.

▶ Would you like to exchange?


Surprised by the notification, Myunghoon couldn’t contain his excitement.

“It seems we can exchange these gold coins for Heads. Kyungin, what are you waiting for? Get them out!”

“Ah, yes! Right away!!”

Kyungin quickly acted on Myunghoon’s words, scooping the coins with haste.

“It’ll take forever at this rate.”

But at that moment, Namgung grabbed his shoulder. He then held onto the chest’s end, exerting force.

▶ Checking Goblin’s Gold Coin Chest.

▶ Gold coins: 550,000

▶ Gold coins can be exchanged for Heads.

▶ Would you like to exchange?

“Oh… five hundred and fifty thousand?!”

Staring at the notification, Myunghoon’s eyes widened with amazement.

“Well, it’s about this much.”

Undisturbed by the others’ astonishment, Namgung casually collected the gold coins from within the chest.

“Here, take this.”

He handed something to Kyungin.

A small glass vial containing a liquid that sparkled with iridescent colors.

“An elixir. Take it to your father.”

Namgung was unfazed by spending a whopping 400,000 Heads on the spot.

“Is this… really going to wake my dad up?”

Kyungin’s voice quivered with hope, to which Namgung slowly nodded.

“Myunghoon. Just in case, go with her. There should be no issues, but be absolutely careful. You mustn’t lose it.”

He took off the Dwarf’s belt he was wearing and handed it over.

“If you put it in here, there won’t be any risk of it breaking.”

“Aren’t you coming with us, Hyungnim?”

“I have something else to take care of. Pick up Somin on the way and meet coach Tae-ho Jun. I’d like to greet him as well.”

“Understood. See you in Sinchon.”

With Namgung’s given belt on his waist, Myunghoon carefully placed the elixir inside.


After seeing the two off, Namgung turned around.

“The subway’s not running for a while… It’s a bit of a hassle to walk, so what can be done?”

He scrolled through the inventory list of Yacha’s bundle he had opened after buying the elixir.

“Spending 10,000 Heads on a teleportation stone just for travel seems luxurious right now.”

The recall stone, capable of warping to a designated location, was often used as an escape tool in dire situations, eventually becoming a necessary item.

‘But I don’t need it just yet.’

Closing the inventory, Namgung cleared his throat.


He called out the Yacha’s name.

“I know you can hear me. Hurry up and show up.”

Contrary to his expectations, only silence followed, rendering the moment somewhat awkward. However, Namgung, undeterred, spoke up again emphatically towards the ceiling.

“If you don’t come, you’ll regret it. Otherwise, no choice, I’ll visit Hyunryu…….”


Space warped directly in front of him.

“Ah, seriously. This is troubling.”

A figure emerged from the twisted space, yelling at Namgung with an annoyed tone.

“You had agreed not to mention Hyunryu’s name anymore. This is really low, you know…”

The Yacha that appeared, holding a giant club, set it down while speaking.

“And as a contracted representative clan, it’s unacceptable to be summoned like a mere beast. The other representatives will cause an uproar.”

“Walking all the way to Euljiro is too far. How about moving the shop next to my house?”

“……It’s not that I particularly like it there. I have obligations.”

Gyuryu haughtily replied to Namgung’s suggestion, pouting.

“Anyway, for now, the representative clans haven’t contracted anyone, so I’ll let it slide this time. But in the future, if you wish to see me, come to Euljiro. Got it?”

“Alright, I understand.”

“What did you call me for?”

“Is there a way to see who bought something specific?”

Piqued by the prospect of something amusing, Gyuryu immediately responded to his question.

“Do you want to know who the buyer of an item inside the bundle is? It’s not impossible. You just need to use the ‘Eye of Jayha the Merchant’. Then you can view past transaction records.”

He showed an object resembling a peculiarly shaped red eye.

“Is that also applicable for items from other representative clans, not just from Yacha’s bundles?”

“It’d be impossible for items of rare grade and above that only a specific clan possesses.”

“Like your clan’s Demon Facemask?”

“Yes, correct. If we exclude such items… it would be doable. Since the stock is limited and shared among all clans.”

Gyuryu implied through his manner that he understood the implications.

“However, using the Eye of Jayha will cost Heads. The price is quite steep, though.”

“How much is it?”

“150,000 Heads.”

“That’s expensive.”

“It’s fairly priced considering you’re peeking into someone’s life, right?”

Though Namgung’s expression showed reluctance, internally he was pleased.

‘Fortunate indeed.’

If not for the Heads obtained from the gold coin chest, such an expense would have been unthinkable.


“And yet, you seem nonchalant while spending a high amount of Heads at just the start. Perhaps only Namgung would do so.”

Taking the payment, Gyuryu’s astonishment was apparent, not only at the act of spending Heads but also at the vast amount Namgung had accumulated.

‘I thought it would take years to reach the vault collecting gold from a thousand goblins.’

Namgung had shattered that expectation.

‘Even if he has returned, his physical capabilities aren’t that exceptional yet.’

He had only consumed the most basic Rune Stone of Agility so far.

Given basic specs, his physical strength couldn’t be deemed significantly superior to even national athletes, considering his age.

Yet despite this, his overwhelming ability in monster hunting was due to more than just his 25 years of experience.

‘A natural talent for battle.’

Gyuryu realized this instantly.

‘No wonder he survived those 25 years.’

He pondered as he looked at Namgung.

The man wasn’t exceptional because he was a returnee. He had been able to return because he was exceptional.

“But… What do you intend to do by finding out who bought what?”

“Considering the ruckus Myunghoon and Hojun have caused, the Seers will have no choice but to move soon whether they like it or not.”

With a small monocle given by Gyuryu placed on one eye, Namgung bore a mischievous smile.

“We need to know who our guests are if they’re taking the trouble to come from afar, to at least offer them a tour.”


At that moment, the buyers of items inside the bundle began to appear through the monocle.

“A tour? In this situation…?”

However, Namgung’s answer dispelled Gyuryu’s doubts in an instant.

“An inverted tour.”

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