The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 24

Chapter 24

As the dimensional gate that appeared in the sky last night vanished, so too was the invasion of the monsters ended, but just after midnight, a sudden new wave occurred.

– Monstrous swarms broke out in various locations including Seoul, Suwon, Gwangju, Gangneung, and Busan.

– The government quickly deployed military forces due to the abrupt situation, but the cities sustained significant damage.

– However, even in these bleak circumstances, there were rays of hope. Reporter Lee So-yeon.

– Yes. I am now at Gwanghwamun Square. Seoul, though it was the city with the most monster attacks, comparatively suffered the least damage.

– What was the reason for that?

– It was because there were heroes who stood against the monsters. We at NBN secured the identity of these heroes first.

Nangong slowly opened his eyes to the faint voice of the anchor.

“Are you awake?”

“…How long did I sleep?”

“About half a day. Just how many did you manage to hunt?”

“I’m not sure. I stopped counting after surpassing three thousand…”

“Three thousand? I’m at a loss for words.”

Myunghoon let out a dry laugh, observing Nangong.

“We’re lucky the subways didn’t collapse.”

“We divided the hunting zones. It was possible because it wasn’t the surface but the multi-branched subway tunnels.”

“But you do realize you almost died, right? The smoke from the bombs was intense. I was shocked to find you collapsed at the station entrance we’d planned to rendezvous at.”

“Yeah. Before I set off the bombs, the goblins had already damaged the ventilation system.”

Nangong spoke lightly, but Myunghoon looked at him seriously and said,

“Brother. It’s good to gather heads and become stronger, but you have to think about Somin. Please don’t be reckless with your life.”

“I understand.”

Nangong tapped his hand as if to acknowledge, but Myunghoon did not let go of his shoulder.

“Even if you find it bothersome, please leave matters like this to me from now on. You get that, right?”

“Your life is also important. You’re a hero who saved Korea, right?”

“…Don’t say such things. It’s embarrassing. I know it’s all for deceiving the public.”

Nangong smiled faintly at his answer.

“Do you think Aleks Troman will really get in touch, as you said?”

“Of course. This is just the first Hell Gate that has been opened. There are surely those who have adapted well to the situation, and so many must have gone out to hunt goblins.”

However, there were none who had succeeded in a massive hunt like Hojun and Myunghoon against the goblin hordes.

‘It’s known that Aleks alone killed over a hundred goblins, so the Eight Martial Saints must be of a similar level.’

In truth, it was a significant accomplishment.

But considering the number of goblins that appeared globally, a hundred or so was barely a drop in the ocean.

‘The ones called “Messengers” clearly didn’t have much power, which is why the first Hell Gate had to remain open for so many years.’

But now, the situation was completely reversed.

The Hell Gate closed swiftly, and though a surge of goblins caused panic, if one looked at the bigger picture, it was concluded with much less damage.

‘Of course, they wouldn’t know that…’

The important thing was not the figures of damage, but that Hojun and Myunghoon hunted many more goblins than the so-called Messenger, Aleks Troman.

“When Aleks Troman requests a meeting with the two of you, the rest of the Eight Martial Saints will likely make their move as well.”

“I understand. I’ve told Hojun to notify me if he gets in touch.”


Nangong finally looked relieved.

‘With the first Hell Gate closed and the goblin wave over, we’ll have some breathing room until the second one appears.’

In his previous life, he had not been able to close the first Hell Gate before the second opened.

Therefore, it was challenging to gauge the interval before the next gate would open after the first had closed.

He simply hoped for a chance to catch his breath.

“The heads are actually a loss.”

Nangong glanced at the tally of heads displayed in his vision.

▶ Remaining Heads: 31,300

Despite hunting over three thousand goblins, he had ended up using over eight thousand heads.

‘Using a 150-head bomb, I took out roughly 60-70 goblins each time. It can’t be helped.’

Of course, he gained rewards that heads could not buy.

▶ Title: Goblin Dominator

Those who hunt numerous goblins can learn the agility of goblins.

The title holder’s dexterity significantly increases.

After obtaining the title, Nangong felt his body had indeed become lighter.

“Hey, brother. What matters the head count? You survived amidst thousands of monsters.”

Seeing his regretful expression, Myunghoon said,

“I know. Kid. Anyway, heads can be gathered again later. The goal has been achieved.”

Nangong took out four runes and a parchment from his belt bag.

“Three lowest-tier runes and one low-tier rune. If Kyungin had been there, we could have gotten more, but it was difficult to use the bow with the chaos of the bombs going off.”

“And amidst that, for brother to even collect runes, that’s the real surprise.”

He let out a chuckle.

“So that’s the quest scroll you were talking about.”


Nangong looked at the parchment.

It was a scroll inscripted with a quest that drops when over three thousand goblins are killed for the first time.

‘The wax seal is green.’

It was a high-grade quest.

Considering the tiers: normal, high, rare, heroic, and legendary, a high-grade quest wasn’t the highest rank.

‘But it’s only just after the first stage has ended.’

Based on his memories from the previous life, such a feat of killing over three thousand goblins could only be achieved a few years later.

“Let’s examine the parchment later when everyone is gathered.”

“Understood. Kyungin and Somin called while you were asleep. They arrived at the hospital safely by dawn.”

“That’s a relief.”

“He’s still in ICU and can’t be moved according to Mr. Kyungin. So I told them to stay there longer and then come slowly.”

Nangong nodded at Myunghoon’s words.

‘Sinchon is still safe.’

However, the real issue was that this safety couldn’t last forever.

“What about Hojun?”

“Not yet. Maybe… he’s taking longer because of an interview.”


“Keke. He’s a hero of Gwanghwamun, isn’t he? You may have passed out and not known, but it was chaos. After clearing the goblins at Gwanghwamun Square, reporters appeared out of nowhere…”

“He must be getting annoyed, given his temperament.”

Myunghoon shivered lightly.

“He has to comply. It’s quite a scene. It’s not just the domestic media; international outlets are also heavily reporting on the battle at Gwanghwamun.”

At his words, Nangong smirked.

“I suppose the higher-ups plan to use him as the face of the incident. If Aleks seeks a meeting as you intended, Hojun will probably be contacted first.”

“That’s good.”

Nangong leaned more comfortably against the floor as Myunghoon spoke.

-The government has announced the establishment of an emergency defense team in response to the sudden phenomenon to prevent future incidents.

-Experts from various fields have been urgently convened. Park Hyo-ju, head of the newly established Special Counter Center this year, will be leading…

“Ah. I bought one from the general store. There’s no electricity here… it runs on batteries.”

As the broadcast continued from the radio, Nangong nodded slowly.

‘Park Hyo-ju…’

He took a moment to breathe at the familiar name on the broadcast.

‘Soon, a monster response team will be formed. If it were like my previous life, martial law would have been declared since the first Hell Gate hadn’t been closed yet, and it would have been some time before the response team was formed…’

Now, with the future altered by him, Nangong thought he could observe her actions much sooner.

‘Border Earl Park Hyo-ju.’

She was like the key guardian of South Korea.

The team she led, the Atrocity Squad, initially focused around Seoul and eventually expanded to oversee the entire nation.

‘But with Choi Hwisoo intending to create a Commanding Corps, Atrocity broke apart quickly, and South Korea was reduced to ruins.’

However, Choi Hwisoo no longer existed.

Now that he was in the place of one of the Seven Messengers, perhaps her Atrocity Squad could be far more active than in his previous life.

‘She’s one of the few reliable talents Korea has… For now, at least, that should be alright.’

He had quite the history with her in his previous life, but under the current circumstances, it was unlikely she would know him, so Nangong thought there was no need for him to get involved.

‘I do hope you survive longer this time…’

Nangong reminisced about her face, one of the subjects of Choi Hwisoo’s biotic experiments, with a bitter smile.


That’s when it happened.

The door to the goblin cave opened, and his daughter appeared.

“Did you come?”

“Are you alright? What about Uncle Myunghoon?”

“He’s right there. Don’t worry. We’re both fine.”

“Ugh, do you know how shocked I was watching the broadcast? ‘Hero of Gwanghwamun,’ they say on the news, and then there’s Uncle Myunghoon’s face… It was really absurd.”

“You saw it? This uncle’s prowess.”

Myunghoon folded his arms, showing off his muscles with a grin, replying to her words.

“But what about dad…? You went together after all.”

“Dad had something else to see to.”

“Something else?”

Nangong lightly patted Somin on the shoulder and looked at Kyungin.

“How’s your father?”

“Yes. He’s still alright. The military forces are deployed, as you said…”

“But it’s still unnerving, right?”


Kyungin’s father, former athlete Jeon Taeho, was barely clinging to life, supported by life-sustaining equipment in a coma.

Fortunately, due to their successful defense in Jongno, he was still unharmed, but if a power outage occurred, the situation could turn dire.

“Don’t worry.”

Nangong spoke with understanding in his voice.

“We just need to save your father.”


“There’s a way to bring back your father’s consciousness. We could use the Elixir from the Yaksha bundle.”

He folded his thumb to show him.

“The price of the Elixir is 400,000 heads.”

“4… 400,000 heads? With just a few thousand heads gathered so far… when would we ever… That’s impossible.”

Upon hearing the price, Kyungin shouted at Nangong.

“A moment ago, that was true.”

In the next instant, Nangong tossed the parchment towards Kyungin.

▶ You have obtained a high-grade quest.

▶ The Hidden Quest “Goblin’s Gold Treasury” has been added.

▶ With all goblins now dead, a rumor spreads that there’s an ownerless gold treasury hidden in Yeouido.

“Now it’s not.”

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