The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 23

Chapter 23: “The Captain…? You mean Lieutenant Nam has arrived?”


“Where is he now?”

“Down there.”


Hojun looked utterly bewildered as he followed where Myunghoon was pointing.

“He’s in there now? Brother, are you insane? There are monsters swarming in there!”

Hojun shouted as he looked toward the entrance of the collapsed underground passage.

“Of course. You know as well. The hell gates that appeared in the sky, the demons, the information implanted in our heads.”

“But… There haven’t been any orders from the upper command yet.”

Despite Hojun’s stern expression, Myunghoon could tell what he was feeling.

He knew that not just himself but all soldiers now shared the same memory.

The reality that dimensional gates would continue to open and monsters would flood in.

“Do not speak words that incite chaos.”

“Do you hope it’s just a mass hypnotism or something? The one causing chaos isn’t me, it’s you guys.”

But Myunghoon cut Hojun’s words short.

“Yes. It is a terrible situation, but denying it won’t save us. You know better than anyone. Since you were with the captain.”

Myunghoon pointed at the gun Hojun was carrying.

“You want to save the soldiers, right? Then it’s time to carry a weapon other than a gun.”


“Take this, Demon Hunter.”


At that moment, a spear appeared before Myunghoon.

“The captain asked me to give this to you.”

He unrolled a scroll and pulled out a weapon that looked like a tonfa with a handle.

“This is…”

“You were the best in our unit at handling these. It’s quite expensive, right? You can’t even buy it with the heads of all the goblins your unit has hunted tonight.”

Numbering 770391.

Name: Orc Tonfa

Grade: Normal (Highest)

► A tonfa carved from orc bone.

► Nothing special, but very sturdy.

► Said to be able to crush a monster’s skull with one blow.

“Guns have limits.”

“Are you telling me to fight with this instead of a gun now?”


Hojun was only more confused at those words.

“Brother. We live in modern times, not the Middle Ages. You want me to use such a weapon during an era of bombings and artillery?”

“Maybe. What do you think?”

The next moment, Myunghoon drew his sword and headed towards a goblin left in the plaza.


The blade he held turned stark white, and in an instant, the air it cut through froze.


The five or more goblins that rushed toward him were instantly frozen solid, and Myunghoon mercilessly shattered them.


“The world has changed. As unfair as it is, if we can’t change the world, we must change ourselves.”


Hojun was in disbelief at the scene before him.

Goblins, though small and lower-class monsters, had tenacious vitality.

Even filled with dozens of bullets, they desperately tried to charge.

Seeing Myunghoon easily hunt those creatures, Hojun unknowingly gripped the tonfa he was given.

“Let’s go.”

At that moment, Hojun laid down the gun he had been carrying.


As he swung the tonfa, a goblin’s head exploded with a single strike.


He then shed the rest of his equipment atop the goblin’s corpse.

“…It’s getting in the way.”

Ripping off the sleeves of his military uniform, his sturdy muscles were revealed.

When he tensed his hand holding the tonfa, his bulging muscles twitched.

Ogre Kang Hojun.

At that moment, Myunghoon had a feeling he was seeing a glimpse of his past self.

* * *

“Wow… Is that for real?”

“I can hardly believe it.”

“Do not miss even one. Got it? Damn… This is a huge scoop!”

Inside the van parked near Gwanghwamun Square, the PD shouted at the cameraman operating the drone.

Dozens of monitors focused solely on the two men.

The two men were dealing with goblins oozing out of the collapsed subway entrance.

It didn’t look like CGI.

The sight, akin to watching a movie, was unmistakably real.

“Could… Could those people be the messengers?”

The cameraman asked the PD in a shaky voice, looking at the monitor.


“You know, from actor Alex Trauman’s press conference yesterday evening in the UK.”

“He said there are eight messengers, including himself, who will save the world and that they are searching for them. Do you believe that nonsense?”


The cameraman hesitated after the PD’s rebuke, but after watching the two people on the monitor wiping out the demons, he said,

“That doesn’t seem normal either.”


At that moment, the PD bit his lip slightly.

“Hey! Intern, find out the identities of those two now!”

“Got it.”

He yelled at the staff behind him.

“And start streaming the drone footage live right now. It’ll be a bigger hit than that Alex Trauman’s press conference.”

The PD spoke with excited fervor.

“But… is it okay to just upload it without permission? What about their rights to their own image…?”

“Rights shmights, just upload it. We can deal with that later.”

“Yeah, okay!”

With the PD’s harsh words, the other person in the van nodded with a reluctant expression.

“The headline will be…”

* * *

“So busy even in this chaos. Impressive, right?”

Myunghoon was pulling the sword from a goblin’s chest, speaking in a low voice while looking at the annoying drones flying around like flies.

“…Should I destroy it? Those things are irritating.”

Hojun asked as if he had been waiting for permission.

“No. Let it be broadcasted even more. The more attention we get, the better.”

“Why is that?”

“We are the bait.”

“For Lieutenant Nam? To deceive the reporters’ eyes?”


With a tonfa strike, he took down the last remaining goblin. Choking noises followed as the monster’s ribs burst out from its back.

While dealing with the goblins left in the square wasn’t difficult, hundreds still remained behind the debris, not to mention more were on their way toward Jong-ro.

“No. He has bigger things in mind.”

“What could be bigger than…?”

“Alex Trauman. Making sure he finds us is our real goal.”

Myunghoon smirked as he looked at the drones.

“What are you waiting for? Give them a wave. Turn a bit to get your face in there nicely.”


Bewildered, Hojun waved at the drones following Myunghoon’s instructions.

「The Republic of Korea, the first messenger appears…?!」

「Massive goblin raid!」

「Two heroes defeat them!」

The moment the photos and videos of the two were uploaded online, articles about them flooded various social media.


Namgung beheaded a goblin and finally broke down the last barrier at the subway entrance.

“As expected.”

Hidden from view, Namgung nodded as he watched the goblin horde rush towards their destination.

‘After the hell gates closed, these goblins were leaderless.’

Without a commander, the goblins mindlessly flocked toward a single goal like a herd of sheep.

‘With even orc-level intelligence, they would not act like this, but instinctively they start to clump together.’

Drawn to tunneling due to their nature, the summoned goblins on the surface moved along the subway lines.

‘Their destination is unknown, but the fact that they emerged through the underground crossroads near Gwanghwamun suggests this spot is a major junction.’

[Ckak…! Ckack!!!]

[Cack! Cack!!!]

Namgung had been waiting to pinpoint that exact location.

With the subway entrance now blocked, the goblins inside began to crowd and stack up, eventually starting to crush each other in a frenzied mess.

“It would die off on its own, but… the heads are too precious to waste.”

Namgung pulled out something from within.

A small bomb.

Numbering 118090.

Name: Dwarf Mining Bomb

Grade: Magic (Highest)

► A mining bomb used by dwarves in the mines.

► Can be attached to walls.

► Beware of the blast range.

► Price: 150 heads


Namgung tossed the bomb over the goblin crowd’s heads and concealed himself inside a pillar.

Boom!!! Boom!!!

The loud explosion drowned in flesh, and simultaneously, the accumulation of heads he earned skyrocketed.

“…I’ve been doing this for 25 years, yet it’s still a scene I can’t grow accustomed to.”

Namgung spat and muttered to himself while looking at the bloody dead end.



The surviving goblins saw Namgung and with incomprehensible screams, rushed towards him.


At that moment, Namgung fled back as though he had been waiting for it, and the goblins mindlessly followed.


Around the corner of the subway, another explosion erupted, killing the pursuing goblins as well.


On top of the chunks of goblin meat, Namgung attached another bomb to the pillar.

“These pillars won’t break easily. True to their design, the subway was built to withstand times of war, like a shelter or bomb shelter.”

He cynically smiled at the blackened but stalwart pillar.

He himself had spent the most time in the subway immediately after the hell gates opened.

“How many times more can they do this?”

Rumble, rumble, rumble…

The trembling ground indicated that more goblin hordes were on their move along the line.

Click- Click-!!

Namgung started attaching bombs skillfully in various spots.

“Goblins are only worth one head each, so I need to catch at least 150 at a time to break even with one bomb; seems like a lost cause, but…”


Watching like a tidal wave of goblins surge towards him, he threw himself sideways with all his might.

Bang…! Boom!!!

Installed bombs erupted, flinging goblin flesh in all directions.


Rolling once around on the ground and placing his palms flat, soul soldiers emerged around him.


Kang! Kang…! Kang!!!

In each of the three-way split paths, the soul soldiers lunged and began to cut down the goblins.

“The real goal lies elsewhere.”

Like a receding wave, a flood of red blood poured out centering on Namgung.

► You have hunted more than 500 goblins!!

At that moment, red letters appeared before his eyes.

► Achievement attained.

► Title acquired: Goblin Hunter.

A white light dusted over Namgung’s body as light currents began to swirl around him.


But he didn’t care and drew his sword.

Bang! Boom!! Boom!!!

Set traps exploded, and goblin screams were heard far and wide.

► You have hunted more than 1,000 goblins.

► Title change: Goblin Hunter → Goblin Massacrer

The soul soldiers’ dance of swords continued.

► You have hunted more than 3,000 goblins.

► Title change: Goblin Massacrer → Goblin Overlord

As Namgung cut the last goblin’s neck, the wind started blowing before him.

► You have reached an achievement!!

The wind spiraled, and the drenched blood on the floor twisted into the whirl, creating a red tide.


Namgung thrust his hand into the vortex.


Astonishingly, there was something inside.

Familiar with the sensation, he smirked and pulled hard on it.

It was parchment sealed with green wax.

► Hidden quest acquired.

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