The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 2

Episode 2: Preparation for the Oracle’s Test

“I heard preparations for the test of the Oracle happen here. Is that not the case?”

“Are you the one who received the oracle?”

At that moment, I sensed a sudden stiffness in the shadow’s voice.

“…Wait. That’s even stranger. I heard that selections are still ongoing upstairs. The list isn’t supposed to come down until this evening….”

“That’s right. That’s why I came now. I have to get here before the selectors arrive so I can snatch their spots.”


He tossed the bag containing bundles of cash he had just withdrawn from the bank over to him.

“I need something.”

“Money? Are you joking? If you came here knowing anything, you’d realize this paper trash isn’t worth anything here.”

Despite the cash being worth tens of millions of won, he waved it off as if it were nothing.

“Better take it. After the Gates of Hell open and the black night passes in two years, you’ll grovel before me, unable to obtain it even if you desire it. Remember, you owe me a great debt. Don’t forget it.”

“Two years later? What nonsense are you spouting? Do you claim to know the future…?!”


That’s when it happened.

“Ah, this bastard…!!”

An explosion burst out from behind a pillar, and something gripped Nangong’s face.

“Gah, hahahaha!”

The face emerging from the shadow behind the pillar was grotesquely strange.

Bushy eyebrows over piercing eyes.

A face as rugged as a goblin’s but mismatched with red lips and a pallid complexion.

“So it’s you. The murderer who killed 666,666 demons!!!”

“Murder, you say… How carelessly you speak. Were those things even human?”

“Kekeke… You’ve got guts, coming to find me before the Gates of Hell even open. How did you find out about the oracle? Doing this is like announcing to the world that you’re a regressor.”

At that moment, the creature twisted its mouth in a strange expression, a cross between a laugh and a cry.

“Why? You didn’t really expect we wouldn’t know, did you? Ke, kek. We’ve known from the start. The timeline has been twisted.”

Then it pointed upward with a finger.

“You’re screwed now, buddy. You think you can do whatever you want after regressing?”

That finger must have been pointing to a god (神).

“We’ll see about that. Whether you hate it or find it intriguing,” Nangong replied, with a smirk.

Those fangs visible within his wide-open mouth confirmed he was not human.

Of course. The name Yaksha wasn’t just a nickname.

It was his clan name.

“This is a playground created by the Aspects. Even if you cleverly upend it, you’ll only provoke their fury. Kekeke!”

The Yaksha burst out in monstrous laughter.

“Get your hand off. It stinks.”


Nangong brushed off the Yaksha’s wrist that was grabbing his face.

“You’re the one who doesn’t know. Time regression. That too was fabricated by them. You’re worried they’ll be angry? I don’t think so.”

A normal person might have crumpled from fear just from seeing that face.

Thump-! Thwack-!

But instead, Nangong drove something into the wrist that was clutching his face.


A hiking knife.

Out of nowhere, three knives were buried into the Yaksha’s wrist, and with a cry of pain, the creature flung his arm away.

“What are you doing!!”

“I would have cut it off if I could. Though it might be difficult for now, I’m lacking runes and attributes.”

Nangong muttered, as if it were a novelty to be so powerless.

“You bastard… It looks like you want to die!!”


At that moment, Nangong slammed the bundle of money he had on hand ruthlessly into the Yaksha’s head.


“The head is not just for decoration. Do you not understand what being a regressor means? It means I’ve completed the quest. All 666,666 demons were beheaded by my hand.”


Yaksha swallowed dry saliva out of fear.

‘…Have I been intimidated by a mere human?’

Despite not wanting to admit it, his palms were damp with sweat.

“Stop dreaming, kiddo. Even if you act tough, you’re just a powerless human right now.”

Even to himself, it seemed absurd.

The Yaksha growled at Nangong disdainfully.

“That’s also true for you. Yakshas aren’t allowed to kill humans until after the Gates of Hell open. That’s the rule, isn’t it?”

“Tha- That’s…”

“Stop your noise and just do it.”

Nangong yanked the horn on the Yaksha’s forehead while speaking, disregarding any warnings.

“Ah, aah! What… What are you opening!”

“What else.”

Nangong spoke with an elevated tone.

“The Yaksha bundle.”

“Yo- You… How could you know my true name…”

The Yaksha was beside himself with shock when Nangong spoke his name.

“You wouldn’t remember, but it was you who told me. You should know the significance better than anyone.”

Nangong lightly tapped the Yaksha’s cheek, lifting his horn.

The Yaksha’s shoulders flinched instinctively.

‘Impossible. Have I truly been subjugated by this human?’

Knowing a Yaksha’s true name.

That meant just what it sounded like.

Despite the incredible tale, looking at the man before him, he couldn’t shake the feeling that it was true.

“We have quite the history.”

A chill ran down his spine—

He felt preyed upon by Nangong’s gaze.

He was the sort to strip someone down to their marrow.

‘Damn it. How can I stop him when he comes at me with such fervor? I haven’t violated any rules… he’s cunningly exploiting them.’

The Yaksha eventually grasped his own waistband in resignation.

‘To hell with it. Let those above deal with it.’

As he did, a transparent window appeared before Nangong’s eyes.

▶ Would you like to inspect the Yaksha bundle?

* * *

Nangong scrolled through the window’s list, which was filled with jaw-dropping items.

Number 230.

Name: Star-Cleaving Sword

Grade: Rare (First Discovery)

▶ Forged by a godly blacksmith, it’s rumored to cleave stars.

▶ Grows in power proportional to the wielder’s capacity.

▶ Radiates a sharp aura.

▶ The length of the aura is immeasurable.

As he scrolled, Nangong fixated on one of the weapons listed.

‘This sword belonged to Alek, one of the Eight Martial Saints. Was it part of the bundle…?’

Though he stared at the familiar sword, the attached description was somewhat ambiguous.

‘It says it radiates an aura. That could simply mean it cuts sharply…’

But the narrative of it being a growth weapon, along with the unpredictable aura, made this sword distinctive.

‘Alek did split a star after all.’

A rare grade weapon would eventually become relatively easy to obtain and wasn’t uncommon.

However, by the time Nangong died, the Star-Cleaving Sword had ascended to the unique tier, owned by fewer than 20 entities at the Hellgate of his regression.

‘It’s a warning not to judge merely by appearances.’

He continued scrolling.

It was tempting, but purchasing it now was out of the question.

That was clear from the price listed below:

Price: 1,000,000 Heads.

Head wasn’t a simple currency.

It denoted the number of demonic heads.

With each successful hunt, Heads were automatically credited.

Even the lowest, a Goblin, was worth one Head.

The higher the demon’s rank, the more Heads each was worth.

‘It still seems impossible. Could even be three years before I could afford that.’

So how could Alek, one of the Eight Martial Saints, have possessed such an expensive weapon from the start?

The answer was beneath the price.

▶ Note: If the weapon’s owner agrees, it can be obtained.

‘The test of the Oracle Alek cleared was presumably authored by the sword’s creator.’

It suggested he received the sword as a reward.

“Damn… What are you staring at? You can’t afford anything there anyway.”

Kyuryu scoffed, annoyed by Nangong’s focused inspection.

His nose still throbbed from the blow.

Indeed, most items in the Yaksha bundle were out of reach.

Number 2432.

Name: Cyclops’s Gauntlet

Grade: Magic (Supreme)

▶Price: 300,000 Heads

Number 355.

Name: Ancient Elf’s Bow

Grade: Rare (Supreme)

▶Price: 750,000 Heads


With the Gates of Hell yet to open, no demon had emerged.

Naturally, it was impossible to purchase anything with Heads, even items like the Star-Cleaving Sword that had special conditions, let alone pass the test of the Oracle.

‘Besides, the trial of Bulcanus leading to the Star-Cleaving Sword isn’t even what I’m after…’

Nangong was eyeing a different test of the Oracle entirely.

“I don’t know what you’re scheming, but whatever’s in that Yaksha bundle isn’t something you can obtain right now…”

“I know.”

Nangong cut Kyuryu off, his lips tightly pursed.

“What I’m after isn’t something crafted by the Aspects.”

Aspects referred to otherworldly beings overseeing the cosmos, including gods, demons, spirits—those who opened the Gates of Hell.


“Something far less valuable than the Aspects’ treasures, but which holds far greater worth to me right now.”

Nangong stopped at the last item on the scroll.

Number 394810.

Name: Yaksha Clan Parchment

Grade: Magic (First Discovery)

▶ Crafted by the Yaksha clan, one of the eight

proxy clans.

▶ Capable of recording various things.

▶ Recorded content can manifest depending on the

Yaksha’s powers.

▶ A price must be paid for use.

Price: 80,000 Heads

▶ If your favor with the Yaksha clan is high, they

may gift it to you.


Kyuryu grimaced at the item Nangong indicated.

And his worries were about to become reality.

“Present it to me as a gift.”

Nangong spoke without the slightest change in expression.

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