The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 19

Episode 19: The Great Balansa’s Tome

Item Number 183

Name: The Tome of Great Balansa

Grade: Rare (Highest)

A revised edition of the summoning tome written by Balansa when he ascended to sagehood during his youth.

Inserting one material allows for the acquisition of a higher-tier item of the same category.

Item grades range from Magic to Epic.

The summoning result will be one grade higher than the material’s.

The tome is consumed upon use.

“Wow…” Myunghoon looked at the shimmering summoning tome with fascination.

“Turning materials into higher-tier items… That’s amazing!”

“Brother, try it out!” Eager and excited, Myunghoon and Kyungin encouraged Nangong to use the tome.

“But what should we put in?”

“Something good that we have.”

“The best we’ve got would be…” Nangong held up the executioner’s sword.

“It’s thanks to you. Luck is on our side.”

“Ha ha! Right.” Myunghoon was thrilled as if it was his achievement. His report brought the weapon, allowing Nangong to comfortably activate the tome.

“Then…” Nangong placed the executioner’s sword over the golden tome.

The pages of the tome fluttered rapidly as if caught in the wind.

▶ The Tome of Great Balansa consumes the material.

▶ Material grade identified → Rare

▶ The Blessing of the Sage is activated.

Nangong watched the tome with a tense expression. Suddenly, Somin grabbed one of his hands with both of hers, comforting him with her warmth. Nangong relaxed slightly and smiled.

The tome then blazed with red flames, unlike anything seen before. Nangong grasped something from within the flames, which quickly dissipated as if sucked into the item he held.

“Wow…” Kyungin gasped in awe at the sight.

“This is…” Holding the item, Nangong slowly pulled it from the flames. It was a sword.

The previously red-hot blade cooled in the air, regaining its original color. “It’s heavy,” Nangong noted, feeling the significant weight of the sword in his hand. The blade, dark as obsidian, sparkled in the darkness.

Item Name: The Penitent Sword of Tanian

Grade: Epic (Highest)

A sword reforged by the executioner Tanian as an act of penance for his life, melting down his own blade.

Although the resentment has dissipated, the blade’s edge has been further enriched with blood, solidifying it.

The blade exhibits special powers when it comes into contact with blood.

“This… seems incredibly powerful,” Myunghoon observed, recognizing the extraordinary nature of Nangong’s new sword.

‘I didn’t know an executioner’s sword could upgrade like this… No, the executioner’s sword was already at its highest grade as a Rare item. Has the summoning tome created a completely new item?’

Obtaining an Epic weapon at this point was nothing short of miraculous. Even the Palmo City, with the Celestials’ aid, would at best have Rare items.

“When the blade touches blood, it exhibits special powers…” Nangong murmured, intrigued, lightly cutting his forearm with the blade.

The dark blade began to glow with a crimson hue as it absorbed Nangong’s blood, imbuing it with a soulful aura, capable of absorbing the souls of slain monsters.

“Want to try?” Nangong offered the sword to Myunghoon, who was looking on with curiosity.

As Myunghoon touched the sword, a sharp pain shot through his hand, and the sword clattered to the ground. “Seems like… it’s meant for you alone, brother.”

“It might not have a will of its own… But it seems Epic grade items choose their owner.”

“I’m relieved. Though you use necromancy, you lacked a proper weapon.”

“You chose the weapon because of me.”

“Nah, the executioner’s sword was a bit too heavy for me. Thought I’d break my wrist.”

“Is that so.” Nangong smiled softly.

“Dad… our home…” Returning from the dungeon, they went to Nangong’s house, only to find it in ruins.

“It’s okay.” He reassured Somin, who was about to rush towards the wreckage.


“As long as you’re safe. That’s all that matters.” Comforting his daughter, Nangong’s words were more than just consolation; they were a sincere reflection of his values.

In his previous life, when he had barely made it home after the first Hellgate opened, all he found was destruction and loss.

“The future has changed.”

Having his daughter by his side was enough for him.

And not just her—Myunghoon and Kyungin were there with him too.

“Over here.”

Nangong led them to the back of the collapsed house, where a small basement door was located.

The door, rusty from disuse, creaked open, revealing stairs that appeared well-maintained and clean.

“Wow… When did you prepare this place?”

Descending into the basement, they found a neatly arranged space.

Nangong took out a small crystal. Twisting it top and bottom, it clicked, and light began to flow from within.

▶ Would you like to construct Goblin Cave Lv1?

With the notification, his view shifted, presenting the basement’s layout as if viewing a blueprint.

Nangong inserted the crystal into the center of the basement floor.

▶ The core of Goblin Cave Lv1 activates.

The basement’s outer walls transformed into mud walls with makeshift wooden supports, as the fluorescent lights vanished, leaving behind a single, old candlestick.

▶ Goblin Cave has been completed.

▶ The cave can be expanded upon upgrading.

“Expanding the cave will be a task.”

As the notifications faded, Nangong began unloading items from his pouch.

“The city is still holding up, so we won’t use this immediately.”

He started stacking canned and preserved foods on one side, causing Kyungin to look at him in surprise.

“It’s uncertain how long the city can withstand the monsters from the Hellgate… If I’m right, it won’t be long.”

“But the military hasn’t moved yet… And from Alek’s press conference, there are others with special powers like you, aren’t there?” Myunghoon looked at him anxiously.

“If we all join forces…”

“We still can’t stop it. Civilization will be destroyed. These preparations are for that time.”

Swallowing hard at Nangong’s resolute response, Myunghoon couldn’t hide his anxiety.

“Modern weaponry has its limits. At best, they can handle up to the third Hellgate’s monsters. The military will soon be neutralized, and we’ll have to survive on our own strength.”

“How long until the third gate?”

“Hard to say. It could be sooner than we think.”

“So, what do we do now?”

“You know from the implanted memories. The most important thing in this world is Heads, which come from hunting monsters.”

“Since you’ve closed the gate and defeated the World Boss, no more monsters will come out, right?”

“Does closing the gate quickly not always benefit us, since we need to hunt monsters for Heads?”

“That’s a strange thing to say. People are dying because of the monsters pouring out of the gate.”

“But still…”

Nangong explained the hard truth: The number of monsters that yield Heads is limited. Once that number is reached, further monsters won’t drop Heads. If the gate isn’t closed in time, only chaos ensues without any benefit.

“So, it’s a double-edged sword. We need to close the gates for survival but keep them open for Heads?”

“It’s as if we’re being told to die either way…”

Nangong reassured them, explaining that this is just a game to the beings behind the Hellgates. But in this game, there are rules. A fixed number of monsters must die.

“Even if we close the gates, monsters will still appear at dawn. But closing the gates is better than leaving them open. Actually, it’s a blessing for us.”

“How so?”

“Only the monsters that give Heads will be summoned.”

Encouraging them to seize this opportunity, Nangong led them with hope for the future, affirming that this fight was not in vain. It could be a moment of despair for some, but for others, it’s a chance for hope.

“Let’s sweep them all away.”

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