The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 18

Episode 18: The Ghoul King’s Silver Coin (Normal) Obtained

▶ Exchangeable with the Delegates’ clan for heads.

▶ Tradable between reward recipients.

▶ 1,500 heads

▶ The Ghoul King’s Gold Coin (Normal) Obtained.

▶ 15,000 heads

As each member of the party opened their reward boxes, they acquired gold and silver coins.

“Wow… It gives more than the Goblin Lord, doesn’t it? And it didn’t seem that difficult.”

Myunghoon slid the coins into his pocket while he spoke.

Indeed, based on the difficulty alone it felt easier than when they faced the Goblin Lord.

However, without Namgung’s dagger techniques, the power of the pendant, and Gyeongin’s incredible weakness spotting, it would have been an impossible feat.

“We were just lucky. We always need to be careful.”

“Yes!! Of course, sir.”

Myunghoon saluted, his laughter lightening the mood somewhat.

“Gyeongin, that silver box is yours. Open it.”

At Myunghoon’s behest, Gyeongin opened his box with a puzzled look.

▶ The Ghoul King’s Gloves (Magic) Obtained.

▶ Tradable between reward recipients.

Numbering: 880213.

Name: The Ghoul King’s Gloves

Grade: Magic (Top)

▶ Gloves worn by the Ghoul King when summoning his minions.

▶ Increases concentration.

▶ Has a foul odor.

“Hmm… are these good?”

Gyeongin frowned slightly as he pulled out the worn gloves.


Myunghoon staggered back, retching at the smell emanating from the gloves.

“Can we even use these?”


Namgung chuckled at their reactions.

“I’ll hold onto them. If I put them inside my armor, they won’t smell. We can buy an item that removes odors later to deal with this.”

The increase in concentration was a significant benefit, despite the stench.

‘Concentration isn’t just about the success rate of attacks. From crafting weapons to casting spells, it’s one of the most versatile abilities.’

Namgung figured that with Gyeongin’s exceptional archery skills, these gloves might enable him to reach the realm of a sniper, not just a mere archer.

“Here’s the real prize.”

Namgung produced two black boxes that contained four keys and four maps.

▶ The Ghoul King’s Worn Map (Magic) Obtained.

▶ The Ghoul King’s Worn Key (Magic) Obtained.

“What are these?”

Myunghoon asked, looking at the maps filled with indecipherable characters and mold.

“It doesn’t matter if we can’t read them. These are essentially warp scrolls that will take us back to the dungeon entrance upon tearing. The keys are the important part.”

The keys had no numbering.

Name: The Ghoul King’s Worn Key

Grade: Magic (Top)

▶ A key belonging to the repository of Emperor Kranto of the once-unified Arunsar Empire, before he became a ghoul.

▶ Opens one of the 38 repository doors.

▶ One cannot go back through a door they have passed.

▶ The key can only open one door.

“A key that can unlock the Ghoul King’s treasure room. It seems we each received one based on our numbers.”

Namgung handed a key to each person.

“Once we head underground, we’ll likely enter separate spaces. Don’t be alarmed if you’re alone.”

He patted Somin on the head as he spoke.

“It’s like an instance spot.”


“Choosing one door out of many… and once we pass, we can’t go back. We must choose wisely.”

“The expectation for better items versus the fear of uncertainty… even the rewards are exhausting.”

“What should we choose?”

Myunghoon queried.

“I’m not sure either. This is my first time here as well,” Namgung replied, shrugging his shoulders.

“All I know is someone who cleared this area obtained the 【Crown of Kundal】.”

It was the crown of Kranto’s father, the Ghoul King.

“A Necromancer class item that can summon zombies, pretty useless for you guys.”

“Wouldn’t it be helpful if you practiced necromancy?”

“Maybe, but I plan to inspect the items carefully this time.”

Good luck.

They moved on, trekking through the snow.


When Namgung opened his eyes, the putrid stench from a moment ago was replaced by dozens of doors covered in dazzling gold.

“Amazing. Even more splendid than Yoru’s repository.”

While Namgung hadn’t seen much beyond the doors of that other place, this was truly incomparable.

“Seems the tales of the Emperor’s grandeur weren’t lies.”

He looked at the nearest door.

《Thorns of Mornu》

The door simply bore a name with no further explanation. Namgung nodded; fortunately, it was an item he remembered.

‘Two daggers wielded by Shinomiya, the demon hunter from Japan.’

Jinwei, one of the Eight-Fold Division members, had conquered the Ghoul King’s tomb. Shinomiya was associated with him, so it wasn’t strange for him to possess treasures from the tomb.

“However, as far as I know, the tomb’s rewards were limited to the thorns and Kundal’s crown.”

The black boxes likely contained those two items.

On the other hand, Namgung’s group obtained maps and keys, securing four items under the same conditions, which naturally brought a smile to his face.

“But this repository isn’t user-friendly. First-time visitors wouldn’t know which items to pick…”

That was indeed a matter of luck.

Namgung realized he shouldn’t expect too much from the items the other three would bring back.

“Let’s skip this one.”

Though he knew how to handle daggers, it wasn’t particularly meaningful in the current situation. Namgung walked past the first door.


Arriving at the twenty-second door, his sigh indicated his growing weariness.

“I’m getting tired.”

Each time a useless tool emerged from a door, Namgung wished he had chosen something from the beginning. He knew all too well the Ghoul King’s intention was to torment and instill uncertainty.

Finally, the sight before him made his eyes widen.

“…This is here?”

《The Tome of Balansa》

He checked the name on the door again, unable to help but release a cry of awe. It was a long-coveted item by the past Eight-Fold Division members; yet the methods to acquire it had remained elusive.

‘To think it could be obtained so early…’

This was it. Without hesitation, he inserted the key into the lock.


The unlocking sound signaled the door to open, revealing a small pedestal with a single book.

Numbering: 228901

Name: The Tome of Balansa

Grade: Magic (Unique)

▶ Written by the eccentric sorcerer Balansa during his childhood.

▶ Putting in one ingredient can randomly yield a new item.

▶ Item grades vary from Normal to Rare.

▶ The result does not depend on the ingredient’s grade.

▶ After summoning, the tome is consumed.

Namgung picked up the thick book, its pages filled with complex magical circles and strange symbols.

“This should be sufficient.”

He had no idea what lay beyond, and it didn’t seem to top this discovery. Ripping the map, white light engulfed him.


When his vision cleared, the entire party was before him again.


Somin ran towards him.

“Is everyone back?”

“Yes. It’s hard to tell if we chose well… the items only had names.”

Namgung’s inquiry prompted Myunghoon and Gyeongin to awkwardly scratch their heads and reply.

“It’s tough. But don’t be discouraged; it’s just the beginning.”

They nodded at his reassurance, and Namgung examined their rewards.

Somin chose the 【Lake Spirit’s Bracelet】, ideal for her as it aided in magical power recovery.

Myunghoon and Gyeongin’s choices were 【Baekcheongang Sword】 and 【Marksman’s Bow】, respectively.

“Did you both choose weapons?”

“Yes, but compared to the Execution Sword you gave me, they’re lower in grade… The sword was a bit heavy for me.”

Namgung nodded, understanding the importance of suitable weapons over grade.

Gyeongin’s bow had an occasional chance of doubling accuracy and range, a current improvement over his practice bow.

“What did you bring back?”

Namgung revealed the summoning book.

“This is?”

“If you put ingredients in, it summons another item… this is good. With luck, it could yield rare items.”

“But it might also summon normal items… it depends on luck.”

“Right, as of now.”

He then detached a pendant from his neck.

“Using a one-off opportunity that no one would usually take, that’s how you upgrade this summoning book.”

Created by a quirky magician, the 【Tome of Balansa】 concealed a simple yet nearly impossible trick.

Placing the pendant on the open book, its pages absorbing it, the tome set aflame, reborn in a golden gleam.

▶ The Tome of Balansa devours the ingredient.

▶ Ingredient’s grade confirmed → Rare

▶ Balansa’s mischief activated.

In a flash, the summoning book was wrapped in blue flames and vanished, leaving behind the more magnificent 【Great Tome of Balansa】.

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