The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 17

Episode 17: The Ghoul King’s Demise

Myunghoon carefully inserted the key into the old iron door at the end of the hallway. “Beyond this door likely resides the dungeon boss, the Ghoul King, a summoner of the undead, commanding zombies,” he explained.

“Is it similar to the Goblin Lord we encountered at the memorial park?” Myunghoon inquired, seeking clarification.

Nangong shook his head, “It’s different. While the Goblin Lord had minions, the Ghoul King actually summons. Even if you slay the zombies inside, they will keep coming.”

“Hmm… Should we ignore the zombies and go straight for the Ghoul?” Myunghoon suggested.

“We can’t. There are four zombies in the room. If we don’t deal with them simultaneously, we won’t be able to take down the Ghoul King,” Nangong clarified.

“So, Kyungin and I can take one each, and…” Myunghoon glanced at Somin, then awkwardly suggested to Nangong, “Brother, you could handle three, right? Ha ha.”

“I can fight too!” Somin quickly interjected, her fists clenched tightly.

“Of course, you’re my daughter,” Nangong reassured her. “They will assist you. Don’t worry and focus on using your magic against the zombies.”

As Nangong finished speaking, spectral soldiers materialized behind Somin. “The remaining one and the Ghoul King are mine. Take these,” he said, distributing rusted daggers to Myunghoon and Kyungin just before entering the boss room.

“And…” Nangong handed out the daggers and then, from his pouch, placed them in a bag to give to his daughter. “Be careful with the rust. Make sure it doesn’t touch your skin, okay?”

He hung a bag with a string around her neck and handed one to Somin. Despite his reluctance to arm a child, it was necessary. “What’s this for, brother?” Myunghoon asked, examining the seemingly unusable rusted dagger.

“Once we’ve destroyed all the Ghoul King’s summoned zombies, immediately stab these daggers into their corpses,” Nangong instructed, showing his own dagger.

“The Ghoul King’s zombies differ from regular ones in the dungeon. Even if slain, they regenerate. But, stabbing them with these rusted daggers inhibits their regeneration by slowing it down,” Nangong explained.

“So, we use this time to defeat the Ghoul King.”

“Exactly. Though handling zombies is his main threat, the Ghoul King, true to his undead nature, won’t die easily. It might take several attempts.”

“That’s why we need multiple daggers.”

Understanding dawned on them, and they nodded in agreement. “Let’s begin.”

Nangong stepped into the room.

Upon entering, an eerie atmosphere enveloped the group. In the center, a large throne held the cloaked Ghoul, uttering incomprehensible murmurs.

“Eternal death?” Somin wondered aloud.

“Can you understand him?” Myunghoon was surprised.

“I’m not sure myself,” she admitted, equally puzzled by her own understanding.

“Is it due to her magic affinity?” Nangong pondered, surprised by Somin’s unexpected talent. Considering Den Haul, the archmage of Palmo City, didn’t possess such ability, it had to be more than mere magic.

“Could it be Suah’s influence?” he theorized. Her mother’s spirit awakening might have granted her a unique form of magic beyond elemental control, a concept expansion.

Nangong realized he couldn’t apply conventional wisdom to assess his daughter’s abilities.

As the Ghoul King gestured, zombies charged. “Be cautious; these aren’t ordinary zombies,” Nangong warned as the battle commenced.

Despite the zombies’ ferocity, the spectral soldiers swiftly overpowered them, proving incorporeal against the undead’s attacks. With precise coordination, Nangong and his team managed to dispatch the zombies, using the rusted daggers to prevent their regeneration.

“Resurrect?” Somin interpreted the Ghoul King’s plea.

Following Nangong’s lead, they each stabbed a dagger into the zombies’ corpses, emitting white smoke upon contact.

“Ready, Myunghoon?” Nangong seized the moment to attack the Ghoul King directly.

As Nangong rushed forward, his pendant glowed, imbuing the executioner’s sword with a milky radiance. With a deep breath, he swung the sword down in a powerful arc.

The Ghoul King’s arm was severed in an instant, a shriek echoing as the room filled with the sound of their impending victory.

Dark smoke rose from the severed arm, and the creature let out a pained scream.

“Kal! Rak…! Lamaksha! Karrak!” As it waved its hand, a black barrier appeared around it, and the daggers embedded in it exploded with a loud bang.

“The zombies are reviving!” Four black magic circles appeared on the floor, and zombies began to emerge from them again.

Boom! Crash! A bolt of red lightning struck in front of Nangong as he tried to retreat.

“Karrurururur!!!” The lightning shattered the black barrier protecting the Ghoul King like breaking glass.

Nangong slashed his sword without hesitation, decapitating the Ghoul King in one swift motion.

“We did it!” Myunghoon cheered at the sight.

Thump! However, as if mocking their victory, the Ghoul King’s severed arm struck Nangong in the abdomen.

“Cough!” Blood spurted from his mouth from the unexpected blow, causing him to stagger.

“Dad!!!” Somin cried out, rushing to help.

“Wait a moment.” That’s when Kyungin, with a low voice, was seen drawing his bow with all his might.

Swoosh! The arrow flew through the darkness, creating a sharp explosion as it pierced the Ghoul King’s left chest.

‘Not the head, but the chest?’ Typically, destroying the head was considered standard practice for hunting undead.

“Brother!” At that moment, Myunghoon quickly activated a shield. The 【Goblin Lord’s Bracelet】 shone, creating a faint barrier around him.

He quickly helped Nangong retreat.

‘Undead are ineffective if you don’t crush their heads…’ Nangong was puzzled by Kyungin’s attack, but the Ghoul King started trembling as if in agony.

“Good… Next.” Kyungin didn’t stop; he drew his bow again.

“Myunghoon! Limit its movement, please!” Following his shout, Myunghoon instinctively lunged forward, grabbing the executioner’s sword that Nangong had dropped, and cut off the Ghoul’s leg.

Clang! The sound of the sword was crisp as the Ghoul King’s body momentarily staggered, and then an arrow from behind barely missed Myunghoon, hitting the Ghoul King’s shoulder.

‘What is he trying to do?’ Nangong couldn’t hide his bafflement.

“Just one more time! Don’t crush the head!”

“Demands, demands.” Despite his words, Myunghoon seemed to enjoy the challenge as he kept his distance from the Ghoul King.

The Ghoul King, now with its chest and shoulder destroyed, could no longer control its minions, and the zombies it had summoned crumbled into dust instantly.

“Now!!!” Myunghoon’s call was followed by an arrow piercing the Ghoul King’s abdomen and pinning it to the floor.

At that moment, the Ghoul King’s body shattered into pieces, spreading a foul stench of rotting flesh in all directions.

“Ugh.” Myunghoon, covered in the Ghoul King’s remains, grimaced as he looked at Kyungin.

“Sorry!” Kyungin apologized, bending forward.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Myunghoon waved him off with a smile.

“No need to keep the dagger that far.” Nangong tossed the dagger he was holding onto the floor, shrugging his shoulders.

‘Did he see the monster’s weakness?’ Nangong hadn’t expected Kyungin’s ordinary bow to demonstrate such power, unlike Myunghoon’s executioner’s sword or Somin’s magic.

“Expected… there it is!” Despite being startled by Kyungin’s skill, Nangong was even more surprised by what Kyungin retrieved from the Ghoul King’s corpse.

“This is…” Kyungin had found a rune.

‘Not just luck, then.’ Nangong sensed that Kyungin’s possession of the rune was not mere coincidence.

“Sorry for intruding, sir.” Kyungin apologized.

“Not at all. I should be thanking you. You saved me. But… how did you do it?”

“I saw it. Well… points of light appear on the monster’s body. Shooting them in order with my bow causes them to die like that and drop this.”

“I mentioned I’d tell you once I was sure. This was it.”

“The probability?” Nangong remembered Kyungin’s vague answer in the dungeon’s corridor.

“Probability? Hmm… Since it happened twice, should I say 100%?”

“The second time?”

“Yes. Not every monster shows the light, so I couldn’t say for sure at first.”

“So, there are monsters with light?”

“Yes. But it doesn’t show immediately. It appears as you hunt.”

Nangong nodded, understanding.

‘A trait related to runes.’ Indeed, he was the son of Jeon Taeho.

‘Without a pendant, defeating the Ghoul King means more than just dropping runes.’

A talent for spotting weaknesses. For an archer, it was an exceptional trait.

And it was different from Jeon Taeho’s ability.

‘If it appears during hunting, maybe it’s when the monster’s health drops to a certain level.’

The key issue was whether the light appeared randomly or if it indicated a monster originally possessing a rune.

Nangong quietly observed Kyungin.

‘If it’s the former… combining it with Jeon Taeho’s ability could maximize their synergy.’

What they needed was to awaken Jeon Taeho from his coma.

Nangong thought about prioritizing the purchase of an elixir.

‘An elixir…’ Not an easy task.

Survival was their most immediate need.

To face upcoming monsters, upgrading their gear was essential. Practice weapons from the real world had their limits.

The best way to enhance their stats without spending heads was through drop items.

▶ You have defeated the Ghoul King.

▶ Basic and participation reward boxes are awarded.

▶ Ghoul King’s loot (2 items) awarded. One of the reward recipients can claim the loot.

Two black boxes appeared above the remains.

After surviving 25 years in the apocalypse, Nangong no longer relied on luck.

‘If only something useful as a weapon came out…’

He hoped for a bit of fortune in the rewards given.


Nangong opened the black box.


A blinding light spilled out from inside.

“…?” Even he couldn’t help but smile slightly at the sight.

It was a jackpot.

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