The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 15

Episode 15: “Haah, the king of aberrations… You couldn’t possibly know about the Octagonal War, could you? This gives me the creeps.”

Gyuryu brushed his arms and shivered.

The Octagonal War (八角戰爭).

A battle for supremacy amongst the proxy clans.

Though it was thought to be a distant story, hearing its name now left him in disbelief.

“There’s no way I wouldn’t know. I was the last survivor of that hell, after all.”

“Even for a returner, isn’t this knowing a bit too much? There’s no special treatment quite like this.”

“Don’t get complacent. I take my risks too. They may not know that I’m a returner yet, but soon they will.”

Once that happened, the rest of the Eight Martial Stars would surely stop at nothing to hinder Namgung.

Though purportedly for the survival of humanity, in time, they too would become lost in the illusion of being heroes.

‘Just as the proxy clans vie with each other, the Eight Martial Stars will also fight for their own interests.’

Once they knew he was a returner, they would aim their arrows at him first.

He needed to maximize his gains before that time came.

To have such overwhelming power that, even if they found out, it would be too late to do anything.

Namgung thought this was the way to confront them.

“……You have a point.”

Gyuryu nodded at his words.

“It’s your decision to gamble, but opportunities don’t always come. If you’re feeling anxious, then forget it. I’ll find my own way.”

“Wait a minute!!!”

As Namgung was about to leave, Gyuryu called out desperately.

“I agree to the contract!”

At his cry, Namgung turned around, a slight smile curling at the corners of his mouth.


“……As you may know, a proxy clan contract is only possible after the third gate opens. Choosing a contractor this way is technically against the rules……”

“I’m not asking for a contract right now. Just open your heart’s bundle once. That much should be within your discretion.”

“……Fine. Might as well take a risk myself. There are things you can’t obtain without gambling, as you say.”

He spoke as if he had made a decision.

“Now I understand. You knew my true name right when we first met… It’s the reason I instinctively felt a chill.”

“What do you think?”

“You must have contracted with me in a past life, hadn’t you?”

“Something like that.”

“……Either way, the chieftain is going to give me an earful for this.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t die. No matter what anyone says, you’re one of the only two remaining bloodlines of the current chieftain.”

“That makes it easier for them to decide to kill me. Hyunryu will suffice in my stead.”

Namgung simply smirked at Gyuryu’s words.

“Be confident. The chieftain regards you higher than you think.”

“Really? Is that something you saw in a past life too? Did my father recognize me?”

Gyuryu asked him with hopeful eyes.

“No. I didn’t see it.”


Gyuryu licked his lips in disappointment at the response.

‘I only heard about it. That was your father, the high-ranking yacha, Muwi’s last will.’

Namgung didn’t know Gyuryu’s true name because of any contract.

‘The messenger said that you were wished to be the clan leader… Unfortunately, you died before that could happen.’

The reason was simple.

It was because Choehwisu was in Jongno District, which was managed by Hyunryu.

But after Gyuryu died, and with the yacha clan on the brink of collapse, the remaining yacha had bowed to him, the killer of Choehwisu.


Namgung looked down at his palm.

‘……I will honor your last will, Muwi.’

His hands were unstained with human blood, but it was too late to claim them as clean.

He looked at Gyuryu earnestly.

“What are you doing?”


“Open the bundle.”

Gyuryu hastily cut open his own chest at his command.


After ripping open his chest, Gyuryu reached in and pulled out his still-beating red heart.

Attached to the heart was a small pouch.


It was a sight he’d seen many times before but still made him frown.

“Though I carry my life on my back, in truth, I haven’t received many items from the chieftain yet. The first gate has barely opened.”

“It doesn’t matter.”


Gyuryu untied the pouch from his heart and handed it over to Namgung.

“I’ll go and make a deal with the Naga clan. Keep your eyes open in the meantime.”

Namgung nodded.

▶ Would you like to check the yacha’s heart pouch?


As Gyuryu disappeared, Namgung unfolded the pouch, smeared with sticky mucus, revealing the items inside, similar to what he had seen when he first looked into the bundle.

There were only three items in the pouch as Gyuryu had said.

Numbering 374810.

Name: Feline Clan’s Hood

Rank: Magic (First)

▶ Hood once worn by a member of the now extinct Feline Clan.

▶ Wearers are said to become more agile.

▶ Price: 35,000 Heads

Numbering 88790.

Name: Blade of Muwi

Rank: Rare (Finest)

▶ A dagger used by Muwi, chieftain of the yacha clan, during his childhood.

▶ Nothing special, but the blade is sharp.

▶ Price: 50,000 Heads

Namgung looked at the prices on the list.

Items inside the yacha pouch were significantly different in price from the rest.

The Heads he had accumulated, even after catching the Goblin Lord, barely exceeded 30,000.

‘The cost is too prohibitive. It’s apparent that the heart pouch is set to only be usable after the third gate has opened.’

Currently, there was nothing he could afford.

Except for one.

No numbering.

Name: Faded Knight’s Pendant

Rank: Normal (First)

▶ Once a relic of a revered knight.

▶ So corroded that it’s impossible to discern its original shape.

▶ Currently, no special characteristics can be discerned.

Price: 4,000 Heads


Namgung pulled out an old pendant from within the pouch.

As described, it was heavily corroded enough that it seemed it would fall apart upon touch.

To the eye, it was nothing less than useless rubbish.

‘It’s truly worthless.’

It was certainly not worth the 4,000 Heads.

▶ You have purchased the Faded Knight’s Pendant.

Without hesitation, he went ahead and bought it.

“I got it!”

As soon as he put the pendant back into the pouch, Gyuryu appeared as if waiting, with an old pouch slung over his shoulder.

“Those Naga fellows. They were so tricky to handle. But I managed to persuade them gently……”

“Good work.”

“It’s, um, nothing.”

Although it was a compliment, Gyuryu stopped chattering and looked at Namgung, who held out his hand expectantly, smacking his lips.

“Here you are.”

He handed over the pouch he was carrying.

No numbering.

Name: Swamp Jellyfish’s Mucus

Rank: Normal (Finest)

▶ Mucus from a jellyfish living in the black swamp in front of the northern strait where the Naga clan resides.

▶ Has a strong adhesive quality.

“What are you planning to do with this? Is someone missing a limb?”

“No. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have bought mucus; I’d have bought an emergency kit. Besides, I wouldn’t have created an injured person in the first place.”

“Well, yes, of course. Then what do you plan to use it for……?”



In an instant, Namgung began to forcefully rub the mucus he had just taken out of the heart pouch on top of the pendant.


Then, amazingly, the mucus where the pendant touched started to bubble like water overflowing a boiling pot.


Ignoring Gyuryu’s astonishment, Namgung continued to rub the pendant with the mucus.

Gradually, the corrosion that covered the pendant began to wash away.

“How is this happening……”

As the dark blue rust covering the pendant disappeared, a shining silver pendant emerged in Namgung’s hand.

“That’s it.”

Satisfied with the restored pendant, Namgung nodded to himself.

Gyuryu, surprised by the pendant’s transformation, looked at Namgung in stunned silence.

“The powerful absorptive quality of swamp jellyfish mucus can not only stick and detach things but also remove the rust from artifacts like this.”

“Huh, I see… This is the first time I’ve seen something like this. Wow, you really are a returner.”

Gyuryu thumbs-upped in approval of Namgung.

“Sure, I know because of my past life, but it’s not something I discovered myself.”

“Is that so?”

“It’s a method that would have been known eventually.”

He thought of someone.

Manufacturing King Manduksu.

‘I owed that man a fair bit in my former life.’

Not only did he discover the use of mucus, but Manduksu was also a craftsman who made various tools and essentials necessary for survival in this broken world.

If Jinsuhyeok, known as the Armed Craftsman, specialized in weapon crafting, Manduksu was the unmatched master of toolmaking.

Though there were many with similar abilities, the exceptional skills of both men were such that the clans of the Eight Martial Stars had tried to recruit them with fervor.

‘It occurs to me that South Korea indeed has many gifted craftsmen.’

Conversely, this was an opportunity.

‘There’s no need to search far and wide for top talents like Jinsuhyeok and Manduksu if I can recruit them before the others do.’

Looking at the sparkling pendant, Namgung contemplated this.

Numbering 998 (New).

Name: Paladin Raul’s Pendant

Rank: Rare (Finest)

▶ Once the relic of the greatest paladin, Raul.

▶ Cleansed of rust, the pendant’s power has returned.

▶ Grants the bearer the power of purification.

Price: 550,000 Heads

“Ugh…?! A Rare item? When the chieftain gave it to me, I thought it was just trash…”

“Of course, you wouldn’t know. At best, you are but a second-tier yacha.”

“Grr. Stop mentioning the hierarchy. It reminds me of that guy, Hyunryu.”

Gyuryu’s face showed resignation at Namgung’s words.

“This is just a taste. Items given by the chieftain always have a reason. Do you understand what that means?”

“You mean I should report any suspicious items to you in the future.”


Namgung nodded as if pleased, and Gyuryu grinned as if he had received a teacher’s praise.

“That aside… 4,000 Heads turned into a price more than ten times greater in the blink of an eye. Will you sell it again? I would add a 10% bonus for the contractor’s special treatment if it’s you, Namgung.”

“No. I’m going to use this myself.”

“I see.”

Acknowledging his intention, Gyuryu nodded knowingly.


As the split space merged back together, the wounded image of the city came into Namgung’s view.

“Over there.”

But aside from the tangled vehicles on the road and plumes of smoke rising here and there around the Han River, something else captured his attention.

“The first dungeon.”

He looked at the small island once called Seonyudo and murmured softly,

“The Tomb of the Ghoul King.”


At that moment, the pendant at his neck gave a slight tremble.

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