The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 14

Chapter 14: A Transaction Amidst the Carnage

“Let’s exclude spatial magic for now, since we’re attracting too much attention. I’d like to have a conversation with you.”

[Are you giving me orders now? Did you not hear me? The carnival has begun! The Proxy Clan holds the power of life and death over the audience…]

“So you’re planning to kill me?” Nangong challenged.


“If you’re not afraid to die, go ahead. Unless you’re looking to experience the agony of being torn limb from limb by snakes.”

The ferocious creature, Kyuryu, grimaced at Nangong’s words.

“And stop with that tone in your voice.”


In an instant, it was as though time itself had halted. People froze in place, and even the flames rising from a wrecked car became fixed in space, as if captured in a photograph.

“Ha-ha, I do have a reputation to maintain… Please understand. I never expected to meet you here again,” Kyuryu said, bowing obsequiously to Nangong.

While a herald of the Proxy Clan merely conveyed the will of their patron, a Seer like Nangong was tantamount to an avatar of that will personified.

Even Kyuryu, who mercilessly slew humans, wouldn’t dare oppose Nangong.

‘Great. Just my luck to have a monster like this in my territory. What a thorny path lies ahead.’ Nangong brooded.

“What’s on your mind?”

“Ahahaha, it’s just… I’m delighted to see you. So, what brings me the honor of your summon?” Kyuryu bobbed his head obediently.

“First things first, show me the loot.”

“As you command, Seer.”

Unexpectedly, Kyuryu swiftly unlocked a window to display the goods.

“The inventory has changed, I see.”

“These were once special artifacts for Seers like you. Since it’s only the first level that’s unlocked, I’ve adjusted the price accordingly since the items would be too expensive and difficult for others to obtain.”

True to his words, the goods within the Yaksha’s bundle varied from food exchangeable for 1 Head, to weapons that were at most worth 10 Heads.

No numbering.

Item: Corroded Dagger.

Grade: Normal (Best)

▶ A dagger once used by a pirate.

▶ Suffering from rust, it’s not very sharp.

▶ Emergency weapon at best.

▶ Price: 3 Heads


Nangong retrieved a dagger from the bundle. Just as described, the blade looked so corroded that it might snap at any moment.

“How many can I buy?”

“As many as you wish. There’s no limit on weapons without a grade. We offer this as a generous service to our audience.”

“Enough talk. I’ll take fifty blades.”

“…Would you even be able to carry all those?”

“I have this.” Nangong gestured to the belt strapped around his waist.

“What would you want with such trinkets?”

“Don’t worry about that. Is it possible to exchange goods as well? I’m interested in opening the vault of the Naga Clan.”

One of the eight Proxy Clans serving eight noble patrons, the Naga Clan was represented by the patron saint, Mother of Gentle Winds, who the holy woman Eira followed. Their vault contained items similar to the Yaksha bundle that Kyuryu now presented.

“You’re aware of trade exchanges too? But they will notice if you use that at the start… They will realize who you are, Nangong.”

Despite being in safe confines, Kyuryu seemed wary of exposing Nangong’s return.

“It doesn’t matter. Just make the connection. Tell them this: someone who’s had their leg sliced off by a goblin’s machete is looking for something to perform first aid.”

“Hmm… For severed limbs, you’d need an emergency kit of at least 1,000 Heads. No one can afford that right now.”

“Not that. If it’s just to reattach, then even the mucus from a swamp jellyfish will do.”


Realizing what Nangong was hinting at, Kyuryu slapped his forehead in acknowledgment.

“Right. The adhesive properties of the swamp jellyfish’s mucus could easily reattach a human limb.”

“You give that information to the wounded one. He’s the son; the requester is his father.”

Nangong extended his hand towards the scene where a father struggled to pull out his unconscious son from an overturned car.

“I’m not typically this benevolent.”

“The fee will be a part of the father’s organs.”

“Ah, haha. Then the liver or a kidney it will be. My preference is for liver but my clan actually favors kidneys…”

“That’s your problem to sort out.”

Nangong firmly cut off Kyuryu.

Just the thought was enough to make Nangong recall the Yaksha’s cannibalistic tendencies.

“Is that all you require?”

Nangong nodded to Kyuryu’s question.

“It will take a moment. The exchange requires 100 Heads.”

“I’ll take a look at the bundle while I wait.”

As Nangong raised his hand, small coins materialized in his palm.

“Keke… How could I refuse? Please, take your time. Although, this sort of thing doesn’t usually require excluding space.”

“The bundle I want to see belongs to your brother, not you.”


“The first rank, Hyeonryu. If my memory serves me, he governs the Jongno district. He can unlock even higher-grade bundles than you.”

Hearing this, Kyuryu’s expression contorted.

“Ah… Dammit. Of all the Yaksha Clans, why must it be that bastard?”

“Did I mishear, or are you forgetting your place? What did you say?”

“No… that’s not it. I’m not opposing you, Nangong. Frankly, I’ve been far more accommodating to you than any other Proxy Clan.”

As Nangong questioned him icily, Kyuryu hastily cowered.

“So? All Yaksha Clan members serve the Seven Serpents. I’m not obliged to deal exclusively with you.”

Unable to argue, Kyuryu only swallowed his words in defeat.

“Is that why you asked to exclude space? So you could pull something like this?”

Gulp- Gulp- Gulp-

Suddenly, he gulped down the contents of a bottle, seemingly out of nowhere.

“Care for a drink?”

“No, thanks. Yaksha’s brew has a foul stench.”

“You’ve tried it?”

“You gave it to me.”

“Good grief… I really did all sorts of things. A Yaksha giving alcohol to a human, if the chief knew, my head would be gone.”

“You were about to offer it just now.”

“I was merely testing.”

Slumping to the floor, Kyuryu appeared resigned.

“And now I understand. If you’re dredging up that kind of past event, you must know about my and Hyeonryu’s relationship. You deliberately mentioned his bundle knowing I’d resent it, right? You don’t plan to trade with him, but want me to be more desperate to please you.”

Kyuryu shrugged, admitting defeat.

“Most things, I can fetch for you. A higher-grade bundle is hardly an issue; nothing too extraordinary there.”

“Even if it’s not extraordinary, it has more variety than your bundles. Currently, you’re in the highest Yaksha rank.”

Licking his lips nervously, he continued his offer to Nangong.

“Damn it. I’ll even plunder the Chief’s bundle to give you what you want. Just, please, don’t meet with that bastard, Hyeonryu!”


He smashed the bottle on the ground with a fierce determination.

“Then give me a Skill Book from the Chief’s bundle.”

“…Which one?”

“Colorless Sword Qi.”


Kyuryu inadvertently choked.

“Or that Yaksha Skin capable of casting Yaksha’s magic, enhancing physical abilities momentarily. It would be handy in the next Hellgate.”

“Those… They’re all Unique-grade items! Treasures of the Chief. If I get caught with them, I’d lose my head!”

One by one, the items Nangong mentioned seemed overwhelming for Kyuryu, who barely held back tears.

“You couldn’t afford them with your Heads anyway.”

“Are you teasing me now?”

Though he reacted with rage, deep down Kyuryu let out a sigh of relief.

“We’ve only just begun the first Hellgate. I won’t ask you to open the Chief’s bundle for me. But you can show it to me when you take the Chief’s position.”

“…Me? Ascend to the Chief’s position?”

Kyuryu suddenly snickered.

“Well, if that’s a promise to help me to the Chief’s throne, then! As expected! I had confidence in you. If those fools give their proposals, come to me first. I’ll offer you much better terms!”

Thumping his chest with joy at the prospect, he then said,

“Open it then.”

“What are you asking for?”

“The Yaksha Heart Pouch. Only shown to a single person: a Contractor of Yaksha.”

“Wait!! That’s… equivalent to revealing my heart. If Nangong dies, so do I.”

“Do you see me dying?”

Nangong gripped Kyuryu’s shoulder tightly.

“I won’t die. Never.”


Unconsciously, Kyuryu swallowed dryly.

“I won’t force you. But sometimes, to gain something, you have to gamble.”

“Ha, haha… You’re talking about the Chief’s position?”

“No. Beyond that.”

“…What do you mean?”

“Are you content with just being the leader of a single clan?”

“That’s… what are you implying?”

“You and the other Proxy Clans—Giants, Naga, Fae, and the rest—are all vying for the head of your clans.”

Kyuryu nodded.

“And after your internal squabbles? What’s next?”

A shiver ran down his spine at the implication of Nangong’s question.

“I’ll make you the king over all the disfigured beings,” Nangong declared.

That sent a quake through Kyuryu’s body.

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