The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 12

Episode 12 ▶ The first festival has come to a close.

▶ All survivors have been awarded.

▶ 500 Heads have been distributed.

The words floating in the sky, red as if fireworks had been set off, gave an ominous feeling just by looking at them.

-An unexpected phenomenon has plunged the world into chaos.

-All military forces have been mobilized, and most of the monsters have been eradicated, but the damage is extensive.

-Citizens are urged to await instructions safely within their homes.

-The current government is…


Namgung stepped on the accelerator of his car, listening to the news broadcast on the radio.

-Traffic bulletin.

-The Seoosan intersection on the Pyeongtaek Paju Highway has been destroyed, making travel impossible.

-The road towards the Yeoju tollgate on the Yeongdong Highway has been destroyed; drivers are urged to take caution.

-The traffic near Gonjiam on the Central Highway is currently difficult.

-Police road closures continue…

-Next is the situation in the metropolitan area.

Fortunately, the chaos was less severe than expected, thanks to the swift handling of the Goblin Lord.

‘In my previous life, almost all communication circuits were disrupted after the first Hellgate opened. Not to mention, the roads were almost completely destroyed, and movement was impossible.’

Though trains and planes were difficult to use due to the chaos, the roads were less damaged than expected, and Namgung was heading to Seoul faster than anticipated.

“Hyungnim, it seems difficult to use the highway. Let’s take the national road.”

Namgung nodded.

“It’s really messy out there. They’ve just started an emergency press conference.”

Contrary to Namgung’s composed thoughts, Myeonghoon spoke while watching the president’s conference on his smartphone.

“It’s nothing yet. The real start will be after midnight. We must hurry to Seoul before then.”

Namgung glanced at the clock in the car.

“What happens at midnight?”

“That’s when we’ll truly encounter this world for the first time. Gates like this one will continue to open, and monsters will burst out just as they have now.”


Myeonghoon nodded nervously at Namgung’s words.

“Will the military movements suffice?”

“It’s not enough. The monsters that the existing weaponry can handle… at most, until the third one.”


“Do you remember when we first killed the goblins? Once midnight strikes, the Proxy Race will come to us.”

“Ah, right.”

“The Proxy Race deals on behalf of the eight Apocalyptic Figures who created this damnable game. We can buy what we need from them with the Heads we earn from hunting monsters.”

“Hyungnim, does that mean this too…”


Namgung glanced at the execution sword wedged between Myeonghoon’s legs as he answered.

“How did you obtain this?”

“There are those who knew about the Hellgates opening in advance. We call them the Seers. Though I’m a slightly different case… Anyway, those guys were selected by the Apocalyptic Figures to prepare for this situation in advance.”

“Is it perhaps a man named Alek Traman?”

“How do you know that?”

Taken aback by Myeonghoon’s words, Namgung asked, and he awkwardly showed his phone with a laugh.

“Ha ha… It’s mentioned here. That’s why I asked.”

A familiar face appeared behind the phone screen.

Amidst a flurry of camera flashes, a man stepped up to the podium and declared.

-“We must stand against this unexpected crisis. Now is the time for everyone to unite for the future. I am…”

‘The Seers are starting to move.’

Namgung turned his head back to the front.

In his past life, Alek Traman had been the first among the Seers to take action.

-‘He’s a famous actor from Britain, and globally known too. He has more influence than the other Seers.’

While he had not heard from the remaining six Seers yet, Alek’s appearance would spur the rest to begin their actions, whether in the shadows or the limelight.

‘Seers are not saviors of humanity. If there’s someone like Alek leading the public, there are also others who would act against it.’

A prime example was Choi Hwisu.

It was difficult to classify Seers as good or evil, as they too were ordinary people who had not undergone special training for this day.

‘The saint Aila, known as Teresa’s reincarnation and the Saintess of the Eight Martial Sects, is no exception. Despite her public image, the blood on her hands is not insignificant behind the scenes.’

One had to be wary and could not blindly trust others.

“…25 years of hunting monsters and the tug-of-war of deception left Namgung unable to trust others easily.”

“After holding a press conference, Alek will openly start playing savior.”

In his previous life, Alek had built a clan that none of the other Seers could compare to.

“Having influence means he can sway people. Does that mean we should be wary of him?”

Myeonghoon caught onto the implications of Namgung’s words instantly.

“He’s one of the better Seers concerning morality. But as time passes, he’ll fall into the delusion that he’s a savior. Eventually, he’ll try to make his clan surpass even nations.”

“Hyungnim, you know, like in novels, there’s this thing.”


“Could you be on your second… like, do you know the future?”

Myeonghoon asked with a slightly trembling voice, amazed by Namgung’s predictions.

“For now, we can just leave Alek’s savior act alone. In this chaotic situation, it could provide relief to people.”

Namgung responded with just a wry smile to Myeonghoon’s question.

“Then what should we do?”

“Nothing much.”


Namgung stepped on the accelerator, increasing speed as he spoke in a low voice.

“We need to become stronger.”

So that neither monsters nor people could harm them.


At that moment, Namgung, who had been driving towards Seoul through Hwaseong, had to swerve abruptly as something suddenly burst into the road.



The front windshield was hit by something, causing a web-like crack to form from the impact.

“Somin, are you okay?”

“Uh huh…”

Sitting in the back seat, Somin nodded with a concerned expression.

“What’s going on, Hyungnim?”

From the darkness, even beyond the shattered headlight, Myeonghoon saw blood smearing the cracked windscreen and asked with a trembling voice.

“Stay here, everyone.”

Namgung got out of the car, on guard.


This situation was somewhat of a relief.

The thing that hit their car was not a person, but a monster.

‘Are there any that haven’t been dealt with yet?’

Even the death of the Goblin Lord did not automatically wipe out all goblins. Although no more would be spawned, some still roamed the streets.

“Don’t tell me you’re aiming that at people.”

Namgung noticed an arrow lodged in a goblin’s head and looked around.

“Haa, haa…”

Amid the harsh breathing, someone emerged from behind the light of the damaged headlight.

“I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean to put you in danger! The monsters suddenly attacked…”

“That object you’re pointing seems more dangerous, though.”


“Don’t come any closer!!”

At Namgung’s step, the one in front yelled out, despite it being too dark to see clearly.

“I’m sorry…”

The young man, barely in his late teens, held a competition bow suited for archery and his face was marred with various injuries, whether from goblins or other people.

Despite his apology, his expression was tense, and he kept his bow aimed at Namgung.

“You have good eyes.”


Namgung pushed the goblin’s corpse in front of the young man and asked,

“Did you kill this?”


“Good job.”

“Good job? Much better to see the dead goblin than people torn apart by them.”

More than one goblin corpse was found.

“Are you alone?”

The young man nodded at Namgung’s question.

‘To have killed five goblins all by himself… He’s quite skilled.’

Namgung checked the dead; each had been precisely pierced through the head.

‘This guy has some serious skills.’

He looked at the student’s face but did not recognize him.

“But you’ve got company.”

It was then that Namgung sprinted past the student.


Three soul soldiers appeared behind him.



The wails of monsters echoed in the darkness.

“Be careful!!”

Namgung swiftly turned to slash a goblin’s throat as an arrow whizzed past him.


The arrow struck a goblin’s head with a thud.


Namgung glanced at the goblin that had collapsed before him and then back at the student.

‘The goblins are all pierced through the head. Not just luck then.’

Indeed, the skill was astonishing.

“What’s your name?”


Nevertheless, the name did not jog Namgung’s memory.

‘Dead before a clan was formed? Hmm… With skills like these before awakening, he might even make it as a ranker.’

After the second Hellgate opened, clans began forming, as people who survived past midnight following the first Hellgate went through awakening, each manifesting abilities.

‘It’s not strange, though.’

His own daughter, one with the highest magical aptitude, died the moment the Hellgate opened.

‘Less than two hours to go.’

Namgung checked the time till midnight.


Step- Step- Step-

As Namgung approached Kyung-in, the student swiftly nocked another arrow.

“It’s good to be cautious, but if you keep that drawn, you’ll wear out your arm. Besides, if one of those arrows happens to fly wrong…”

Namgung pointed at the car.

“You’ll die.”


Kyung-in almost let loose from the icy warning, but seeing Somin’s anxious look inside the car, he slowly lowered the bow.

“I’m sorry.”

“Already tired of hearing apologies on our first meeting. You don’t seem to have done anything wrong to me.”

“Sorry… No, nothing.”

Kyung-in stopped himself from repeating the same word after Namgung’s remark and covered his mouth.

“This place is deserted, why did you come all the way here? Didn’t you hear the broadcasts to stay home?”

It seemed hypocritical since he was driving himself, but…

“I need to get to Seoul.”


“Yes. My father is there alone… I can’t get in touch. He’s in the hospital…”



“With the curfew in place, there’s no public transport. You look young, so it’s unlikely you’re driving. So how do you plan to get to Seoul?”

“By bike…”

Kyung-in said in a small voice.

“Impudent kid. To think of riding from Hwaseong to Seoul in such conditions.”

“Hyungnim, he must have had his reasons.”

Hearing the conversation from the car, Myeonghoon came out, offering a warm smile to Kyung-in.

“They say Seoul wasn’t hit too hard. Don’t worry too much.”

“Thank you…”

Kyung-in nodded at Myeonghoon’s comforting words.

“You must have received the notification since you’ve killed goblins. Although no official guidance has come out yet, the situation will change drastically once midnight passes and the Proxy Race appears.”

Namgung explained.

“Roads will be controlled or closed. It’s already tight by car, but by bike, it’s practically impossible.”

“Then what do I do?”

Without another word, Namgung turned to leave.

“I’ll repay you if you bring me to Seoul!”

Kyung-in suddenly shouted, desperate.

“A reward? I doubt you have anything I might want in return.”

“I’ll give you this. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s something I got after the sky opened.”

Kyung-in pulled a small stone from his pocket.

“What is this?”

Seeing the unremarkable black stone, Myeonghoon looked at Kyung-in as if he were crazy.

“A pebble? Kid, I wanted to persuade Hyungnim for you, but if you’re offering this, I wouldn’t do it myself.”

Namgung, however, turned stone-faced upon seeing the small stone in Kyung-in’s hand.

“Where did you get this?”

The black stone bore a strange and mysterious pattern.

‘This shouldn’t even be available yet…’

It was a Rune.

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