The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 11

Episode 11


As the red lightning bolt pierced through Yor’s body and reached the ground, it scattered in all directions.

[Lightning Fire? This is remarkable. A mere ten-year-old kid casting magic of the highest tier… No, of mythic level.]

As expected, Somin’s attack was bound to have no effect on Yor, who was in a different league.

[What a cute attempt, kid.]

Instead, Yor seemed pleased, even amused as he watched Somin’s magic.

[Not only do you possess magical talent, but the first spell you mastered is Soul Art… Namgung, it seems I’ve found someone even more interesting than you.]



Having tossed Namgung and Myunghoon aside, Yor dusted off his clothes with a flick of his hand as if removing dust.

“Stay away.”

Somin raised her hands to block Yor, who was walking towards her.


But in an instant, she felt a sharp headache and the world seemed to flip upside down, making her dizzy as if suffering from severe motion sickness. Her head pounded, and she collapsed to the ground.

[Lightning Fire requires a tremendous amount of magical power. It’s bound to cause an overload in someone who has just barely acquired magical capabilities.]

Thud- Thud- Thud-

Yor walked slowly towards the collapsed Somin.


A child who had fallen due to the loud explosion woke up and looked at Somin with a puzzled expression.


However, as soon as the boy felt Yor’s gaze, his legs gave way and he collapsed.

Drip, drip…

As the boy shivered, his pants dampened.

[Hmm, yes. That’s the normal reaction.]

Yor walked past the trembling child and stood in front of Somin.

[The audacious kid dared to look me straight in the eye. Namgung, your daughter seems to pique my interest more than you do. How about I change the prophet?]

“Shut up…!!”

Brandishing a sword dropped by Myunghoon, Namgung charged at Yor.

[Surely you don’t think that with that sword you can strike me. You should know what happens when a prophet attacks their own deity. Don’t act like a novice.]

“If you touch my daughter, it won’t matter what rank or status you have. And if I die, it’s you who would suffer the most, won’t it?”

[As usual, you talk big… I don’t intend to harm your daughter. In fact, I want to help her. She’s such an interesting subject.]

Upon Yor’s touch on Somin’s forehead, the girl, who had been sweating and gasping, suddenly relaxed and her complexion became calm.

[You should thank your daughter. The other deities seem to have taken an interest in her as well. They seem somewhat content. This incident can be overlooked for now.]

Rising from where Somin lay sleeping, he spoke to Namgung.

[But don’t forget this. The deities will now desire this child. You said you would protect your daughter? Let’s see how hard you struggle.]

Yor claimed.

[From now on, it’s not just monsters you have to defend your daughter from, but also the deities.]

“I’ll take the hits, but you can’t just stand by and watch. Have you forgotten who your prophet is?”

[Of course. I will do my utmost to ensure my prophet’s victory. Whether the methods are fair or foul.]


Suddenly, something appeared in Yor’s hand, which he then threw at Namgung.

[This is given to the one who defeats a World Boss. Actually, this item was supposed to be created inside the Goblin Fortress after it was completed… but you killed the Lord before the fortress was built.]

It was a scroll.

[The deities wanted this as a reward for when the next gate opens, but I took it instead. Isn’t this effort enough for a god of contracts? Don’t you think?]

“Depending on what’s inside, it could be a boon or bane.”

[You never say anything nice, do you?]

Yor was curious.

It was true that he was intrigued by the fact that Namgung was a returnee, but his irreverent attitude towards the deities was almost too bold.

Had it been any other deity, they might have punished him despite the fact that he was a prophet.

No, that would have been the expected outcome.

‘Why do I keep giving him so much leeway, I don’t even understand it myself.’

Among the eight deities, he definitely wasn’t on the side of good.

[Strange, isn’t it?]

Shrugging his shoulders, Yor shook his head.

[Is this also an influence from the past?]

“Why are you surprised? You know who actually made that…”

[It’s not us who created the demonic space-time formation.]

Then suddenly, Yor’s voice echoed directly in Namgung’s head, unlike before.

[And now that quest no longer exists.]


[There are only nine legendary quests. We only create eight of them.]

“Then who creates the last one?”

At that moment, Yor looked at Namgung with a meaningful smile.

[That, you will find out once you pass through all the gates. I hope my prophet reaches the realm of the deities.]

With those words, Yor vanished.


Namgung stared at the spot where Yor had disappeared wordlessly.

‘It’s the first time I’ve ever had a conversation with a deity.’

Having survived for 25 years, in the past life he had encountered a deity a few times.

He had seen three deities, including Yor.

The impression Namgung had when he saw them was indescribable.

If some held dignified grace as one would imagine in a deity, others seemed like playful children.

However, all of them shared one thing in common:

‘Their view on death was never the same as a human’s.’

How many people would feel guilty for accidentally stepping on an ant while walking? To the deities, humans are like ants.

A venerable deity would treat humans more seriously, whereas a child-like deity could kill them as a joke.

‘I must be eternally vigilant.’

That’s why Namgung was especially abrasive towards Yor.

No one dared to oppose the deities.

Perhaps that’s why Yor was so interested in him.

‘Because what the deities desire is not to save mankind but simply to find amusement and interest.’

One must constantly stimulate them, in whatever form that may take.

To Namgung, it was as if he was walking a tightrope.


After Yor disappeared, Namgung held his collapsed daughter Somin in his arms.

“I… just now… that…!!”

Somin’s words were incoherent, and stroking her head, Namgung listened to the sound of her pounding heart.

“Mom must be watching over us.”

He spoke, hugging her tighter.


Somin’s lips quivered at the name she longed for.

“Yes. So there’s no need to be scared.”

But once the tears started, they wouldn’t stop. It wasn’t until dusk began to fall that Somin finally drifted to sleep in Namgung’s arms.

‘I promised to protect you… Suah, I received your help.’

Namgung thought to himself, wiping the tears still on his daughter’s cheeks.

‘…Thank you.’

He knew that the spirit that emerged while Somin absorbed the treasure was his wife’s.

Soul Art was a skill that even he had never seen in his 25 years of experience.

After all, magic that used magical power and sorcery that used spirit power required particular qualities to obtain.

Since elemental and psychic types were entirely different forces, possessing both was nearly impossible.

However, due to his wife’s spirit’s intervention just before Somin’s awakening, she gained the power of spirit along with her own magical quality.

In other words, she held two powers within one vessel.

‘Even with 25 years of memories, unexpected things like this can still happen.’

If it was a positive event like this, he was grateful, but it could have gone the other way.

Namgung felt the need to be even more cautious.

“It’s shameful. For a moment, I even considered killing that child instead of you.”

Namgung responded with a wry smile to the confession.

For he too had thought the same.

Anyone would consider the life of their own more significant than that of a stranger.

The deities must have been testing this very idea.

“Kid, what’s your name?”

“…Hosung. It’s Choi Hosung.”

“Do you have any other family?”

The boy named Hosung nodded to Namgung’s question.

“My father is…”

Namgung murmured softly and then stopped, reminded that they were in the National Cemetery.

“A refugee shelter will be set up in Daejeon. I’ll take you there. For now, that’s probably the safest place.”

“I want to come with you too!!”

Hosung cried out with a trembling voice.

Namgung understood the child’s fear, but he could not bring him.

“It’s not that I want to abandon you. Where we’re headed is much more dangerous than here. It’s impossible to fight while keeping you safe.”


Namgung spoke as he stroked the whimpering child’s head.

“Remember what I’m about to say. If you do, we will definitely meet again.”

Hosung nodded seriously.

“A refuge will be established in East Daejeon.”

Namgung continued.

“There, you’ll find a man called Jin Suhhyuk. Follow him no matter what happens. Even if he puts himself in risky situations, you need to have absolute trust in him.”

“Jin Suhhyuk… Jin Suhhyuk…”

Hosung repeated the name as if to commit it firmly to memory.

‘He’s the one who protected Daejeon the longest.’

Armed Craftsman Jin Suhhyuk.

With his unique ability to create weapons, he used it to build the sturdiest fortress in the world, which lasted until the fifth demonic gate opened.

‘Although his fortress eventually fell… at least until that point, it was the safest place in Korea.’

Namgung thought it was time to move.

“Let’s hurry. After we take Hosung to the shelter, we’ll need to reach Seoul before midnight.”

Myunghoon nodded at his words.

“But why go to Seoul? Isn’t it safer here, as you said?”

“If the first demonic gate closes, it will appear in Seoul.”

“…What will?”

Namgung lifted his head and spoke in a low voice.

” The Dungeon.”

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