The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 107

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 107: “Haah… Haah…”

Nangong stood in front of the shrine, breathing heavily as if exhausted. There was nothing around him except for the scattered black powder that covered the floor, but he couldn’t deny that it was the remnants of the most powerful enemy he had ever faced in all his battles.

“I can’t do this a second time,” he muttered.

Whoooosh… Nangong drew upon the power of his necromancy.

► Upper-level spiritual energy oppresses your specters.

► You cannot summon soul soldiers.

Tsk-tsk-tsk… The chains he had used in the fight limply collapsed onto the ground. It seemed that even his mighty armor, immune to causality, had its limits after facing over ten tribal chieftains’ souls.

‘Is this situation a bit… dangerous?’

The spiritual energy that filled this temple was different from that of Nangong’s specters. It was protected by the unique magic of the tribe, and it rejected anything apart from their own power. Consequently, Nangong couldn’t summon his soul soldiers, and even less so a living dragon.


Nangong looked towards the entrance of the shrine, pondering. The chains had been helpful, but his own condition wasn’t great. Even with his memories as an ancient relic, the powers of the past chieftains were strong, and the martial prowess of Myung was particularly overwhelming. If he hadn’t mastered the ancient techniques, he would not have survived.

“It’s fortunate that I saw those techniques in Tongcheon Tower. There were… fifteen of them, right?”

He hesitated for a moment. A memory flashed through Nangong’s mind. ‘Fifteen?’

He surveyed the ground beneath his feet. Although only ashes remained where the corpses had been, he remembered the number of chieftains he had killed. One was missing.


Just then, the space behind Nangong twisted, and a Yaksha leaped out from within. It was Eodumbal, the chieftain known as the Shadow Walker, the only one who had risen to the top through his expertise as an assassin.

‘Was he hiding this whole time?’

Nangong felt a moment of regret. Perhaps he had underestimated this most dangerous place due to the intoxication of the chains’ power. He had easily disposed of the Yaksha clan’s souls he couldn’t surpass in his past life.

The excitement over possibly obtaining the legendary weapon “Evil Spirit Sword” had led to a rudimentary mistake, making him complacent.


Sharp twin daggers rushed towards him. Without the strength of the chains or the power to use his specters, Nangong had no way to block the attack.


But he didn’t intend to lose his life here.

“I’ll need to do some reflection…”

Nangong instead threw himself towards the incoming daggers.

“Just an arm.”

He blocked Eodumbal’s dagger with his palm. The sharp blade pierced through his hand effortlessly.


At the moment Eodumbal applied force to strike down, Nangong wrapped the chain around Eodumbal’s wrist. Though it had lost much of its power, the chain was still one of the most solid relic weapons Nangong possessed.

“It’s not worth more than a life.”


With all his might, Nangong pulled Eodumbal towards him. The center of gravity of the Shadow Walker was disrupted by the chain’s force, and Nangong swiftly wrapped it around the Yaksha’s neck.

[Gag… Gaghh…]

Bound by the throat and arm, the agonized Eodumbal let out a strange groan.


At that moment, Nangong moved his hand behind Eodumbal’s back.

Martial Scripture of Selflessness – First Volume

Energy spiraled up Nangong’s arm and intensely exploded at the point where his palm and Eodumbal’s back connected.



Eodumbal’s head drooped, and as he observed his hollowed chest, he vaporized into smoke with a look of disbelief.


Nangong swept his pierced palm with his sleeve, exhaling deeply.

“That must be it.”

After he dealt with the last chieftain, Nangong stepped into the shrine and saw a large stone encircled by various ritual tools. An old longsword sat embedded in the rock like it was cast in a mold. The blackened blade looked rusty and unusable, but he knew it sealed countless evil spirits.

“Just by looking at it, one can tell it’s a blade of anonymity.”

Slowly, Nangong reached out his hand towards the sword.

[It would be better not to touch it.]

That was when he heard it, a voice near his ear made Nangong slowly turn his head. The beautiful young girl who was out of place in the somber atmosphere of the shrine was Hwihwi’s daughter, Yeonhwa.

“Sword Maiden.”

Nangong looked at her.

“You look surprisingly intact.”

“One does not wish to present a shabby appearance just because they are struggle a bit. It’s been about 100 years since I’ve met a living being, after all.”

Yeonhwa smiled softly, and her skin shone translucently like a jellyfish, revealing the structure underneath. Even the clothes she wore seemed intangible, becoming translucent when her skin did.


Was it the aftermath of the seal? Nangong could see that there were no organs inside her body. He understood why she had specifically used the term “living being.”

“I came for the Evil Spirit Sword. And I intend to return you to Hwihwi.”

[I’m not keen on that idea. As you can see, I’m already dead, and my body was consumed as a sacrifice for the seal. There’s even no corpse left for you to take.]

“I am the harbinger of the Seven Serpents.”

[Necromancy… I’m not quite reassured. You only seem able to handle lower-tier soul soldiers…]

Although she spoke with a smile, her answer was sharp.

[What can you possibly do. You came this far by chance.]

“You’re quite polite for someone who’s supposed to be rescued.”

[I have not heard properly yet. Whether the sword is your goal or saving me is your goal.]

“Didn’t I say both?”

[And if you need to destroy me to get the sword?]


[And what if to save me, you have to destroy the sword?]

Yeonhwa smiled sourly as if she had expected Nangong’s hesitation.

[That sword was the one used by Myung to capture numerous evil spirits as he wandered everywhere after leaving the Yaksha clan. It’s as strong as it is dangerous.]


Yeonhwa casually pulled the sword from the stone.


► The sword craves more souls.

► You fall into madness.

► The sword will not break until its wielder dies.

► Occasionally, the sword moves on its own, regardless of the user’s will.

When Yeonhwa guided Nangong’s hand to barely touch the Evil Spirit Sword, the information rushed into his mind like a flood.


Nangong almost grasped the sword’s handle, but jerked his hand away in a hurry, feeling his heart racing with murderous intent.

[Myung saved the world by sealing the evil spirits, but it seems he didn’t do it for a noble cause. The sword that sealed them has grown more ferocious as time passes.]

“He sought strength.”

[That’s right… birds of a feather, aren’t they? Fitting of someone who understands Myung’s secret techniques.]

She peered straight at Nangong.

“Nonsense. I don’t pursue strength. I pursue survival.”

Nevertheless, Nangong replied coldly to her words.

[Well. Having mastered the techniques of Myung, you will eventually be tainted. Just like this sword was once pure and perhaps joyful in its great mission of capturing evil spirits.]


The sword trembled.

[But look at it now. What has it become? Tainted by evil spirits, it seems on the verge of breaking at any moment.]

She held the sword to her chest.

[I’m not sure why Myung’s sword, which left the Yaksha tribe, has returned here, but if this sword goes back into the world, it will surely plunge it into chaos.]

Yeonhwa looked at Nangong.

[I’ve sworn with my life to guard this sword. It turns out that I became connected with this sword. If you take this sword out into the world, my bodiless self will be extinguished.]


[If you take me away, the unsealed sword will go berserk and will have to be destroyed.]

Nangong understood the determination in Yeonhwa’s eyes.

It was a test.

A binary choice: a dilemma that allowed only one decision.

Without hesitation, Nangong gripped the sword firmly.


Yeonhwa exhaled a low sigh, as if she already knew the outcome.

“I said I would take both.”


With all his strength, Nangong slammed the Evil Spirit Sword into the ground.


To his surprise, the sword shattered into pieces, unable to withstand his might.


The imprisoned evil spirits within screamed, spilling out like a torrent.

The pitch-black smoke and dreadful stench suggested the purity of their souls.

[What, what have you done…]

“How many evil spirits did Myung imprison in the sword throughout his life?”


Yeonhwa replied with a dumbfounded expression.

“It’s nothing.”

The spirits of the evil spirits intertwined, forming a shape like a black cloud.

Nangong spoke as he watched them.

“I’ve faced hundreds of thousands of demons. Merely three digits? Laughable.”

[Surely… you don’t intend to absorb the souls of the spirits with necromancy? That’s not something a human can do!!!]


Nangong threw aside the broken handle of the Evil Spirit Sword.

“I didn’t come for some rusty old sword. Nor do I intend to gobble up those foul-smelling things.”


Confused, Yeonhwa couldn’t grasp whom Nangong was speaking to.

“There’s prey before you. If you’re a sword, fulfill your duty. This is no time to be idle, right?”


He stomped on the handle of the Evil Spirit Sword with all his might.

“Myung (武名).”

The nameless, greatest warrior of the Yaksha clan slept within the sword.

“I’ve come for you.”

The shattered remains of the sword sparkled as they bounced off the floor.

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