The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 106

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 106: Take This With You

Gyuryu handed over to Namgung a neatly folded coat from his embrace. A deep brown coat with a slight reddish tint.

“Why would you give me this?”

“Just take it. Think of it as a token of gratitude for saving my father’s life.”

Watching Gyuryu push the coat into Namgung’s hands, it was clear that the supposed reason involving Muwi was merely an excuse.

The kirin, a creature rare even in the demon realm, must have been given to Muwi as a reward for acquiring the giants’ realm.

“You really are a good guy.”

“…Just keep living. A kirin always returns to its nest before it dies.”

“You’re not suggesting that’s why you gave it to me, are you?”


Gyuryu hastily retreated, and Namgung chuckled to himself, holding the coat at the entrance to the Sword Tomb.

No numbering.

Name: Gyuryu’s Special Coat

Rating: Rare (Highest)

▶ A coat modified from an armor made from the hide of a kirin, the spiritual leader of the yaksha clan.

▶ Possesses 3rd-grade poison resistance.

▶ Boasts 5th-grade healing effects.

▶ Temporarily ignites, burning the surroundings.

Flames sparked from the edge of the coat as Namgung donned it, resembling flames exhaled by a kirin.

“The flame from a kirin has spiritual power…”

Namgung began to understand why Gyuryu gave him the coat.

“Fascinating guy.”

He smirked, looking towards the entrance of the Sword Tomb.


Two huge totem poles stood at the eerie entrance to the tomb, blocking his path – likely the same guards who humiliated Gyuryu before.

“Under the authorization of the yaksha clan leader, Muwi.”

Namgung presented a small pendant to the totems, but they did not budge.

“Humans cannot enter the Sword Tomb.”

Their mechanical and emotionless voices warned Namgung.

“Hmm, thought so. No real difference then.”

Namgung nodded as if confirming something and pocketed the pendant.

And then he struck the totem’s head.

* * *

“Did you meet your mother?”

Before leaving for the demon realm, Somi hesitated at Namgung’s question.

“No, I did not meet her.”

Somi summoned her fairy, but not the same World Tree fairy as before. Instead, these were fairies of the forget-me-not.

“These guys are actually the fairies I’m contracted with.”

“Not Wiglashion?”

“Right. I fibbed in front of the demons. It made them quake in fear. Even the Demon King fell for it.”

Somi proudly flicked her finger.

“If you want to deceive the enemy, you have to deceive your allies too!”

Namgung let out a dry laugh at his daughter’s words.

“Though it makes sense, you didn’t have to keep it a secret even from me. But then, what happened to Wiglashion that appeared that time?”

“The seed you gave me worked on the staff of the World Tree. She chose to help me voluntarily, separate from the contract.”

“Hmm… lucky that she took a liking to you.”

“More like pity than favor, I guess.”


Somi replied with a bitter expression, making Namgung curious.

“The seed awakened Wiglashion, but that alone wasn’t enough for her to use her power. Her body may have revived, but her magical energy has been gone for a long time. She needed a medium to manifest her power in this world.”

“Don’t tell me…”

“Yes. The staff’s owner, me.”


Namgung grimaced at his daughter’s words.

Somi’s body was like a precarious vessel filled to the brim due to her mother’s soul. Already delicately balanced thanks to Kuhufran, pouring the enormous soul of Wiglashion into it could spill and shatter the vessel.

“The soul of my mother went to Wiglashion. My mother’s spiritual power revived her strength.”

“So the glimpses of mother’s face I saw on Wiglashion… Does that mean my mother’s soul is now within her?”

“No, mother is still with me. She only lent her power. But because of sharing that spiritual energy, I even feel lighter now.”

“That’s a relief…”

Namgung seemed somewhat comforted.

Ironically, while he had been searching for a new vessel for his wife’s soul, he desperately wished for her to continue being with his daughter.

“Can I ask you for one more thing?”

“What is it?”

“Summon Wiglashion.”

“Oh, come on.”

Somi laughed, grasping her staff as if to say it was nothing serious.

The staff glowed brightly, and Wiglashion appeared.

“Take her down with full force.”


Somi looked perplexed at the second request.

“She’s the only daughter we have.”

Namgung said to his daughter.

“Fooo… you must be joking.”

But Somi slightly raised the corner of her mouth, seemingly not entirely displeased by Namgung’s words.

“Shall we?”

In that moment, immense magical power burst forth from her.

And then, the castle trembled with an earth-shattering roar.

* * *


Namgung stood on the shattered remnants of the totems, straightening his coat.

The chains around his wrist looked alive, seeking something amidst the pieces.

And it found the core of the totem.

The core emitted a faint light, struggling as if it hadn’t been destroyed yet.

When the chains shattered the core, white smoke vanished with it.


A noticeable change wasn’t apparent, but the chain seemed to shake lightly, as if to say it craved more.

“One thing is clear.”

Namgung confirmed, nodding and muttering.

‘The chain can protect itself.’

Recalling the moment the chain attacked the Demon King during the battle when he was in danger.

So far, the chain had been dormant, but why did it suddenly move? After closing the fourth door, Namgung considered various conditions about the chain.

The chain had moved, signaling a new development during the battle with the Demon King.

It was a crisis.

The battle against the Demon King was fiercely close to the threshold of death.

At that moment, the chain seemingly protected Namgung by attacking the Demon King.

‘The chain does not wish me to die.’

Yet, it was slightly different. The drive seemed less about protecting him and more about preserving itself, as if the host’s death equated to its own.

And the same was true now.

Namgung effortlessly destroyed the totem guards that even Gyuryu couldn’t defeat.

The only peculiarity was that the chain hadn’t reacted when facing over 300,000 demons.

It had only reacted three times: against the Demon King, Wiglashion, and now.

‘I was almost killed back then too…’

Namgung glanced at the chain around his wrist.

“Are you saying they’re not strong enough to kill me?”

Although he knew the chain’s acknowledgment meant nothing, Namgung couldn’t help but smile weakly.

“It doesn’t react to over 300,000 demons but to simple tomb guardians…”

With the guardians gone, the doors to the Sword Tomb slowly opened, and Namgung mumbled to himself.

He couldn’t imagine what powerful monsters awaited inside the tomb.

But as his past experiences had taught him, it was useless to worry. What moved forward wasn’t his mind, but his body.

* * *

Immediately upon entering the Sword Tomb, the chains thrashed wildly, shattering the guardians approaching Namgung.

The stone statues, each displaying a human or animal form, launched ferocious strikes at him.


Yet Namgung ironically did nothing against the rampant creatures rushing toward him, prompting the chain to grow even more frantic.

‘When I found this place in the past, it was years after Muwi’s death. The weapons and strength must be incomparable now.’

Though it was a formidable place, Namgung could only retreat from the entrance of the Sword Tomb.

Its high difficulty meant extreme danger. Perhaps he couldn’t even defeat a single guardian now.

One moment of carelessness meant instant death.

Therefore, the chain fiercely protected him, making the situation almost comical for Namgung.

“Ten minutes?”

Walking down the solitary path, Namgung looked at his wristwatch.

Ahead was a small shrine, barely holding a dilapidated sign hanging by a thread.

“It took me three days to get this far…”

As he swept his arm, fog encircling the shrine scattered as if fleeing.

Surprisingly, not more than 100 meters separated the shrine from the entrance of the Sword Tomb.

“To think it was such a short distance.”

He grimaced with a wry smile.

As the fog cleared, the crumbling sign collapsed.


He distinctly remembered that sign. It marked where he had been forced to give up previously.

A shrill scream split the air, very different from the stone guardians. This time, yaksha with crimson eyes appeared.

Bearing a semblance of life.

Namgung knew what they were.

‘This is where every weapon used by the yaksha clan leaders rests.’

Souls project memories, and the spirits sleeping within the weapons were the prowess of past leaders.

A huge yaksha, twice as big as Namgung, advanced from the entrance of the shrine.


The most revered leader in the clan’s history.

Not just him – the spirits of other leaders also materialized.

“Hey, if you don’t want to be trapped here like them for eternity…”

Facing the culprits who drove his past self to flee, Namgung spoke coldly.

“Protect me.”

The chain rattled as if discontented, grumbling in response.

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