The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 105

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 105: Purchased Residence Expansion Scroll

“Is it really going to be alright with this?” Nangong asked as he pulled out a small scroll from the Yaksha bundle.

When the demons hidden in Taj Mahal died and the fourth door closed completely, the surviving survivors were granted a benefit.

It was the newly refreshed goods of the Proxy clan’s shop.

Of course, the items in the bundle could not be bought without a head, so that alone could not be considered a benefit.

Instead, one of the refreshed items could now be purchased at a discounted price for a single use.

[Tooth of a Savage]

[Armor made from Burush feathers]

[Palamen’s Knee Guards]

Nangong skimmed through the newly emerged items inside the bundle.

‘The discount only applies to items of Rare grade or lower, but at this point, these items are still tempting enough.’

And the discounted price was such that even someone who had survived without hunting demons until now could afford it.

‘Most of the refreshed items, however, were weapons and armor. The rest, like this one, were either too expensive even after the discount or just miscellaneous items of no interest to most.’

As he unfolded the expansion scroll, Nangong thought to himself,

In a cunning way, the benefit seemed to be telling people to buy weapons and armor.

Of course, this was not a bad thing.

It would surely enhance humanity’s strength and aid in fights against demons.

‘…Or so people would think.’

Things would change if they knew who they would be fighting against in the next door that opened.

‘Really despicable creatures.’

Each one was a trap meant to kill humans. Though laughable, these things had become all too familiar to Nangong, and he could not help but be resigned to it.

“We all discussed and made this decision. I’m curious about the changes that will occur. Please use it soon.”

Even though it was discounted, the expansion scroll still required an immense amount of head.

It was possible to purchase only by pooling all the heads of Nangong’s party.

Among the refreshed list, it was the most expensive item.

‘I can’t help but think that Yorga put it in there…’

Regardless, the party gave up the chance to buy weapons or armor, deciding that they would not have the opportunity to buy the expansion scroll if not now.

“With more people, it would be good if our base expands too.”

“That’s true, but why is he here?”

“…Nami’s company?”

Nangong chuckled lightly as he watched Myunghoon and Hojun bicker alongside Changhwan, who had newly joined them.

▶ You have used the Residence Expansion Scroll.

▶ Determining location as residence: [Goblin Fortress] Do you want to use the expansion scroll here?

Nangong nodded his head.

▶ Your residence will be expanded.


As the scroll was torn, the fortress they were in started shaking greatly.


Magically, pillars began to rise, and the room they were in started expanding.

▶ The expansion of the residence is complete.

▶ Promotion conditions: [Residence Maintenance over 2 times] condition has been satisfied.

▶ The rank of Goblin Fortress has been raised.

▶ Goblin Fortress has been upgraded to (Magic) gaining various additional effects.

‘A promotion? Was there such a thing…?’

Nangong’s eyes widened slightly in surprise as he looked at the notifications that appeared.

He gazed at the swiftly changed base.

The pillars and walls reinforced by Manduksoo now had solid stones added on top, and the number of rooms had increased.

“Wow…! There’s even a plaza inside!!”

“What’s that over there? A storage room? There are display cases too!”

“This place looks like you could store food as well? It’s cooler than the other areas.”

Just as surprised as Nangong, the members of the party were busy inspecting the transformed base.

“Wow… I can’t believe we have a training ground below. If we reinforce the walls surrounding the plaza a bit more, we don’t need to go elsewhere for training.”

Myunghoon commented upon seeing the newly emerged underground plaza.

“Not bad.”

Nangong made a brief comment.

Although he did not show it, he was more pleased with the change in the fortress than anyone else.

In his previous life, it was inconceivable that he could have built such a base.

Back then, he was too busy hiding from the eyes of the monsters to build anything that resembled a base.

Well, to be honest, there were bases.

They were scattered throughout cities… dozens, hundreds of them.

But they were nothing more than holes to hide their bodies.

It was unimaginable that he could create a place in this world where they could live together like this.

“…Is it a home?”


“Nothing. Forget it.”

He muttered in a voice so low it was hardly audible and lightly patted Myunghoon’s shoulder.

“Having a training ground is fortunate for us. We can train the summons we obtained from the Night of Summoned Beasts.”

“I’ll draft a schedule.”

Myunghoon, catching on to Nangong’s thoughts, nodded his head and replied,

“Have you secured Roxanne’s contact information? Consult with her to draft a training schedule.”



Nangong glanced at the red-furred wolf standing next to Myunghoon.

[Red Lyeum]

The name was written in blue above the wolf’s head.

“A good companion.”

It was a Rare-rank summon.

Excluding Myunghoon, everyone had contracted with Magic-rank summons marked with green nameplates.

“Thanks to Miss Roxanne.”

“Train them well before the next door opens. Rare-rank and above summons have a higher potential for growth.”

“Understood. I should head to the training ground right away.”

Considering the past Myunghoon, who didn’t even have a summon, the current situation was undoubtedly incomparable.



“I’m just curious… What grade is your Dragon Fang?”

Myunghoon asked, somewhat sheepishly.

Aside from Somin, among the members who obtained summons in the Red Zone, he had received the highest rank, so it was natural he was curious.

“Well, let’s see.”


Nangong summoned Dragon Fang.

In its current appearance, the snake was only as large as a palm, which even seemed cute.


However, when Dragon Fang appeared, Myunghoon’s summon, Red Lyeum, bared its teeth and backed away as if on guard.

At the unexpected reaction, Myunghoon hurriedly wrapped his arms around his summon’s neck.

“It has none.”


“It doesn’t have a grade.”

Myunghoon looked at Dragon Fang, dumbfounded, as he said those words.

Come to think of it, there was no nameplate above Dragon Fang’s head where a normal summon’s would be.

“It’s probably because it’s not a summon created by the Supremes. It’s something aberrant that goes against the rules of the Carnival.”

“Does that mean… it might not have a predetermined growth limit?”


Nangong responded nonchalantly, but Myunghoon looked at Dragon Fang and let out an involuntary chuckle.

“It matches you, brother.”

Myunghoon couldn’t help but acknowledge the ever-widening gap between them.

“I’m sorry to keep asking you. Take care of the kids.”

“Don’t worry. That’s my job. But will it be a long affair?”

“Hard to say. I’m not familiar with the place myself… I’ll know when I get there. It might take a long time, or on the contrary, it might be but a moment.”


“Can’t fight empty-handed in a battlefield, after all.”

Nangong put away Dragon Fang as he spoke.

“I’ll return with a new weapon.”

* * *

[Mr. Nangong!!!!!]

At the brazen voice calling his name, Nangong turned his head.


[Oh dear, I’m getting ulcers worrying about you! It’s eating me away!!!]

With a distraught face, Gyuryu clung to Nangong’s leg and shouted.

[Were you kind of out of your mind to fight alone against all those demons? You could have died!]

“I was closer to dying than you, weren’t I? Why does your face look like that?”

[Ah… this? I tried to enter the Sword’s Tomb but got beaten up by the Dragon Jaws blocking the entrance.]


[Well, you were rather reckless to fight the demons unarmed. I was so nervous watching it…!!]

“I had weapons all around. The demons were carrying plenty. Just had to pick some up and use them.”


“Thank you.”

[Excuse me?]

“Let’s go.”

Entering the Sword’s Tomb as the second rank among the Yaksha clan was like putting one’s life in jeopardy. It meant he was willing to risk such a dangerous endeavor for Nangong.

[Ah, if you so swiftly agree… Yes, let’s go together!]

Flustered by Nangong’s response, Gyuryu hurriedly followed him.

[Impressive indeed. I watched you fight through the spring. You used a chain, right?]

“Sort of… but not really.”

Nangong played with the Chains of Nothingness, Wu (無), while answering Muhwi.

It seemed that the leaders of the Yaksha clan, including the clan chief Hyunryu, were gathered, probably anticipating Nangong’s visit.

“The chain reacted only once when I fought the demon lord. After that… it’s been nothing more than a really sturdy string to me.”


Nangong casually swung the chain around.

[That one time is crucial. Something that sleeps forever is no different than dead. But something that wakes up, even for a moment, is alive.]

Muhwi spoke with profound implications.

[Perhaps you’ve moved closer to unraveling the mystery of the chain.]

“It sure didn’t come to save me when I was in danger of dying.”

[Haha, what’s the use of a man holding grudges?]

“Cut the empty flattery. I want to go to the Sword’s Tomb. Will you open the gate?”

Muhwi chuckled awkwardly at Nangong’s blunt reply.

[…I cannot do that.]

“Why? As far as I know, one can enter as long as there’s the chief’s consent, right?”

[That’s the thing. I can’t give you that approval.]

“Really? Going above and beyond for your life saver here. If it weren’t for the Titan’s Heart, I might have died, you know?”

[It’s the same logic. You saved my life, so now I’m trying to save yours. The chief’s consent is only for opening the gate. Separate from that, a human entering the Sword’s Tomb…]

Muhwi stated firmly.

[Will die.]



The hall felt silent after his words.

[Ha, hah! Father!! Mr. Nangong isn’t an ordinary human, is he? If he wants to go to the Sword’s Tomb, he must have his reasons. Right?]

“I’m not confident.”


“I only remember escaping death.”

[Ah, c’mon…!!]

Trying to defuse the situation, Gyuryu flustered in response to Nangong’s answer.

[Have you been in there?]

“Just the entrance for a moment.”

[Curious affair… That means someone from the Yaksha clan gave permission to a human… Who could it be?]

“I didn’t get any permission.”

With a seemingly obvious look, Nangong continued,

“I just went in.”


Muhwi frowned at his statement.

[Impossible! Without the chief’s approval, you can’t even find the Sword’s Tomb. That’s absurd talk. Not possible.]

“I didn’t get the approval, but I learned of its location. The Muhwi I know regretted two things until his death. One was not having a successor. And the other is…”

Nangong glanced briefly at Gyuryu, and, catching his gaze, Muhwi’s expression hardened as if his secrets were revealed.

“Saving the daughter confined in the Sword’s Tomb, living a life of guardian.”


[Father had a daughter?]

Whispers broke out in the hall.

“Sadly, the clan was annihilated by the time it came to picking a successor, so there was nobody left to follow you in the first place.”

Gyuryu, Hyunryu, and even the elders seemed clueless about such matters.

“That’s why, perhaps you hoped to save at least the last blood relative, so you spoke about the clan’s secrets. But with only a will left behind, that was the end.”

[…Am I dead then.]

“You’re alive now, aren’t you? That’s good enough.”

Nangong looked at Muhwi.

Yaksha clan’s 0-rank, Yeon-hwa.


The sound of Muhwi’s throat moving was audible.

“The second attempt failed as well. Even back then, I just set foot in the entrance of the Sword’s Tomb for a moment. Barely escaping with my life was all I managed.”

[How would you do it now if you failed back then…?]

“I didn’t know then, but now I do.”


“Turns out children are often stronger than their parents.”

Muhwi didn’t respond to Nangong’s words.

“Trust me. We’re both fathers, after all.”

Muhwi’s resolve wavered.

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