The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 103

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 103: [The… The Demon King’s Head…?]

With the truly undeniable evidence right before their eyes, the demons yelled out without a shred of doubt.


[The… The Demon King is dead!!!]

“Jin Soohyuk!!!! Deactivate the fortress’s barrier!!!”

As the demons’ screams filled the air, Namgoong shouted as though he had been waiting for this moment. The encircling barriers around the city all began to descend simultaneously.

Thump! Thump! Thooom…!!

The demon army, split in two, could see their situation for the first time in a week.

“Look…!!! The Demon King’s head has fallen. You no longer have a leader to guide you!!”

Namgoong’s voice boomed throughout the field.

“It’s the victory of humans!!!”

And with that cry as the final blow, the demons’ resolve was utterly shaken.

“Is that… the Demon King’s head?”

“The Demon King is dead!!! The Demon King is dead!!!”

A massive cheer erupted—Waaaaaaahhhh!!!


Although they were shouting the same words, the atmosphere between the two camps was starkly different.

[Damn it…!!]

[Everything’s turned upside down!! With the Demon King dead, it’s over!!]

[All forces retreat!!!]

Particularly the demons outside of the barrier, unaware of the internal situation, quickly lost their rationale amidst the human troops’ cheers.


The sound of demons’ wings filled the air.

As one of them rushed into the dimensional gate as if fleeing, the other demons quickly began to scatter around in a frenzy.

“What’s with them? All of a sudden…”

Although the demons still vastly outnumbered the humans, they were now preoccupied with escaping.

“Fear has consumed their minds.”

Watching the retreating demons, Seongwoo’s confused expression was met with Hojoon stretching an arm across his shoulder, making a comment.

“Had they been mere mindless beasts like magical creatures, they would have continued to attack even without their leader…”

“Instead, it was their intelligence and the fear of losing their mightiest leader that overwhelmed them.”

“That’s right. Well, there have been many wars in the past where the tides turned with the death of a leader.”

“Anyway… did we win?”

Outside the barrier, Jang Gilsu, Park Hyoju, Choi Myunghoon, and others who had been fighting now saw the fleeing demons, feeling the tension ease slightly.

“My brother’s survival inside is remarkable, but…”

“Yeah. More astonishing than that is what’s happening over there.”

“What exactly happened?”

Watching a young child descend slowly from the opened magic circle, Myunghoon nodded in agreement with Hojoon’s words.


Upon landing, Somin ran towards Namgoong, who lay collapsed.


The three fairies surrounding her began to orbit Namgoong in circles.

As a powder-like subtance flittered from their fluttering wings, Namgoong felt his pain diminish.

“Three Forget-Me-Not fairies? It’s no easy task to bloom even one flower bud… Yet all three have burst their buds…”

Namgoong commented, watching the fairies flying around.

“Don’t talk, just be still. Even with fairy powder, this can’t be easily healed.”

However, watching the fairies in flight, Namgoong gently stroked Somin’s hair.

“Truly, worthy of being my daughter.”

His praise made Somin bashfully pucker her lips.

“No way. Did you think it would end with just commanding fairies, dad? I received it from the Queen. She said to hand it over to you.”

Somin pulled out the 【Seed of the Beginning】 from within her grasp.


The seed in her hand emitted a pure white light and was swiftly absorbed into the 【World Tree’s Staff】.

Then, as if it had always been there, the seed nestled into the end of the staff and sparkled.

“I saw the seed shine when the fairies were born. Thanks to that, we discovered its hidden special effect.”

“Life’s Incubation.”

“Knew it… You already knew, dad?”

“I remember when you became the fairy race’s contractor.”

“At first, I thought you meant to use the seed to resurrect mom.”

Namgoong had a notion that the giant race’s treasure’s power might allow him to find his wife.

But it wasn’t about bringing back his dead wife.

“The Queen said that someone who died before the Carnival started couldn’t be revived by any means. Then… why did you give this to me, dad?”

Somin spoke while showing the staff.

“And then I understood. There was another dead person amongst those with me.”


Light began to radiate from the World Tree’s Staff where the seed was embedded.


Namgoong spoke, feeling the powerful aura of the fairies enveloping his daughter.

Soul magic uses both the power of the soul and magic. With Kuhuran’s help, it became somewhat stable, but it was still dangerous.

Namgoong knew this and was searching for a new vessel that could house his wife’s soul’s power.

A vessel that was friendly to her, and more potent than any other.

“I’m sorry for pushing you too hard.”

And now, seeing his wife’s face faintly projected over Vigraçion’s expression, Namgoong softly spoke to the two.

To both his daughter and his wife.

It had not been an easy task.

After discovering his daughter was the only one capable of closing the fourth gate, he had been anxious to protect her by all means possible.

“Don’t say it’s too hard… You’re the one who’s foolish. You went to London alone, dad.”

Somin was aware.

It wasn’t just about saving the citizens of London but also about eliminating any potential threats that might exist.

He had absorbed the power of the dead citizens knowing it would consume his own body, thereby dealing damage to the Demon King.

Furthermore, it had also made the impatient Demon King exhaust all his remaining magic power to open the dimensional gate prematurely.

“It was all you, dad.”

▶ A weak soul shakes its head at you.

Namgoong could sense his wife’s soul, which permeated Vigraçion, comforting him.


Unlike before, the title section seemed to blur as if forcibly erased.

He understood.

It was a sign of his wife’s will, no longer weak.

Namgoong let out a faint smile.

“Let’s fight.”



There was no way Namgoong’s softly uttered words were heard, but astonishingly, at that moment, as if responding to him, the multitude of people guarding the great battle cried out in unison.

“Open fire!!!”

As the barriers of the Great Battle Fortress were deactivated, the military troops stationed there began to intercept the demons en masse.

“Annihilate the demons!!!!”

“Let’s go!!!”

And forces like the Demon King’s Alliance and the Evil Legion attacked the demons.

Moments before, the demons who had been pressing humans lost their spirit and were now being overwhelmed helplessly.

It was then.

Olga, about to retreat, felt something was off.

[…It’s a lie.]

Just before passing through the dimensional gate, he had this chilling realization.

[The announcement that the Carnival is over hasn’t sounded yet…….]

He shouted with wide eyes.

[…It’s a lie!! You damned fools!! You’ve been deceived by that insolent girl!!]

Olga screamed like a madman.

[The Carnival isn’t over yet!! The Demon King is still alive!! Don’t run away!!!]

But as if no one heard him, the demons had already started jumping into the dimensional gate.


Olga gritted his teeth and raised his hand.


And that was when the fourth gate closed.


The retreating demons, suddenly finding the dimensional gate gone, could only look back at Olga with confusion.


And then, the neck of a demon standing next to Olga was cleanly severed.


Catching on to the abrupt circumstance, the demons finally looked back with their senses returning.

[Listen well. The Carnival isn’t over yet. The Demon King is somewhere alive. We can’t allow ourselves to flee empty-handed!!!]

Olga shouted at the demons.

[We have no retreat. Find the Demon King at once!! Protect the Demon King’s safety and plan for the future…! We are not yet defeated!!]

At his command, the demons hesitated momentarily before scattering in every direction.

[Yes, if we find the Demon King…….]


As if bewitched by Olga’s words, they nodded frantically and their wings flapped in haste.

Within moments, tens of thousands of demons darkening the sky vanished, and the scene of the fierce battle had swiftly become eerily silent.

“Thanks for playing along.”

Namgoong smiled, looking up at the now clear sky.


“Honestly, facing hundreds of thousands of you demons is a challenge for us.”

Step by step, Namgoong walked towards Olga.

“But when you scatter on your own, what more could I ask for? And to top it off, you closed the dimensional gate meant for fleeing…”

Namgoong sarcastically smirked, grabbing Olga by the scruff of his neck.

“Just like rats in poison. And with rats… it’s best to catch and crush each one of them one by one.”

[You, you bastard…!!!]

Bang! Bang! Crash…!!

Olga charged at Namgoong with a curse, but in a flash, a red lightning bolt struck before him.

[I’ll kill you all…!!!]

“Stop right there!!!”


Blocking Olga’s way were Myunghoon and Hojoon.

Swoosh…! Swoosh…!

Simultaneously, sharp arrows flew toward him.

“Your past self was somewhat better. A regressor’s existence. Remembering the cause of your own death, you’ve all been crushed by fear since the start. The Demon King who hadn’t died was shouting for revenge but…”

Namgoong grabbed Olga, latching on him like a hooked fish.

“…demons like you, who’ve experienced death, have been terrified from the very beginning.”


At that moment, three swords impaled Olga’s back.

“Meeting me.”


They were the soul soldiers.

With the help of Somin’s recovery, Namgoong, who had been unable to use his soldiers until now, had summoned them.

Stunned by the unexpected strike, Olga vomited blood and lifted his head.


Shadow loom above him.

Looking up at the massive axe of Ars plummeting towards his neck, Olga wore a look of despair.

Was it a memory from his previous life?

Unlikely, but Olga seemed to recall the last moment of his life as if flashing before his eyes.

[So, that’s how it is…]

He knew, deep down.

Why the demons so easily wavered at the lie of the Demon King’s death.

And that applied to him as well.

His extreme choice to close the dimensional gate was a sign that he was the most shaken of all.

[The Demon King entrusted me with the vanguard position… I even blocked his escape route.]


Namgoong coldly bid goodbye, as if the demon’s sentiment was worthless.

[I can’t die again…!]


Ars’ axe cleanly decapitated Olga’s neck.

With eyes wide open as if denying his own death, Olga’s head tumbled to the ground.


Namgoong slowly inhaled.

“It’s over.”

He spoke to the empty skies.

▶ The fourth festival has come to an end.

Incredibly, as soon as his words fell, the notification of the Carnival’s end sounded.


The fake Demon King’s head disappeared like smoke.

Murmur- Murmur- Murmur-

“Who on earth killed the Demon King…?”

“How did this happen?”

People, now perplexed and uncertain, looked at Namgoong.

“Don’t just stand there dazed.”

Fortifying their resolve, Namgoong addressed them.

“Our festival is not yet finished.”

The remaining count of demons: 580,987.

“The hunt begins.”

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