The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 102

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 102: “The Prime Minister’s Unyielding Stand”

“Prime Minister, there’s a message from the White House.”


As he was receiving a report on the situation in Daejeon, the Prime Minister’s face hardened slightly at the communication that had come through the hotline.

“What is it?”

“They say support is impossible. They mention the incident in the Red Zone and argue that the unpredictable risks necessitate keeping forces at home for defense, despite this dimensional gate being the only one.”


The Prime Minister slammed the table, making the Chief Secretary, who was on the phone, flinch.

“What about the other countries?”

“……It’s the same. With Alex Truman not yet awake, the UK is in a state of panic, opting for Eira Michelle to go to the UK rather than Korea, citing his treatment.”

The Chief Secretary spoke cautiously.

“The UN shares this position. With five Seers already in Korea, they say they are doing their best under the current circumstances…….”

“Their best? Ridiculous. What have they done?!!”

“The engagement of the largest forces so far out of all dimensional gates… taking more would leave a defense gap, so they say……”

“Enough. I understand.”

The Prime Minister nodded to the Chief Secretary, after running a hand through his hair.

“If they don’t want to support, we can’t force them. But send a formal message to the UN.”

“What do you mean by……?”

“I understand the coalition’s intentions. We will handle this fourth monster without further aid. But remember.”

The Chief Secretary listened intently to the Prime Minister’s tense words.

“From now on, we will prioritize our nation’s security above all else, and the Republic of Korea will refuse support to other nations if it does not meet that criterion.”

The Chief Secretary was stunned by the Prime Minister’s shocking words.

“Sir, that message could be as good as turning other nations into adversaries……”

“Adversaries? We are a country in the UN and are merely prioritizing our own nation in accordance with the UN’s decision.”

The Prime Minister said.

“The government will embrace that decision to prioritize our citizens above any organization, including the UN.”

It was a roundabout way of saying it, but essentially the Prime Minister was displaying an intention to steer an independent course in the future.

‘I didn’t know the Prime Minister had it in him……’

He was known to have the ability but not the cruelty, always associated with a friendly image.

Among politicians, he was seen as popular but lacking the power of authority.

But perhaps the position makes the man.

The Chief Secretary felt a strange feeling looking at the Prime Minister’s spirited change from before.

‘A bit… reassuring.’

With the National Assembly building blown up and key figures missing, the government was in a crisis akin to a candle in the wind.

It was questionable whether the Prime Minister could manage the situation effectively.

Ironically, in this crisis, those doubts disappeared.

Then they could envision a bit more of the future of South Korea.

“How’s the battle going?”

“The fortress’s outskirts are still touch and go, but we’re slowly gaining the upper hand. The problem lies within the fortress…”

He spoke cautiously.

“We’ve positioned ships on the Gunsan side and are maintaining aerial squadrons, but it’s not easy to strike within Daejeon city.”

The simplicity of bombing and artillery strikes was countered by the potential damage they could cause to Namgung.

“Namgung is a critical force for us. We risk provoking even greater dangers if he were to be injured by friendly fire support from the military.”

The Prime Minister let out a regretful sigh.

“He’s right.”


“We need to become stronger ourselves.”

“That’s why we established the True Evil Force, isn’t it?”

“But that won’t be enough. Should we win this battle, we’ll need to look at ways to increase the combat strength of the soldiers in addition to the True Evil Force.”

“I understand.”

The Chief Secretary bowed in response.

“This battle in Daejeon… Thanks to Mr. Namgung the damage is less than during the third gate, but the situation is still far from good.”

It was meager support at best, with no military support available and fighting on his own.

“Can we win?”

As the Chief Secretary reached for the doorknob to leave, he hesitated and then spoke.

“Who knows. All we can do now is trust in him. And we must reflect that the nation depends on an individual, and remember this moment when we could not be his strength.”

“We need to grow stronger.”

“Yes. We will make that happen. It’s our duty to build a nation’s strength that nobody can overlook, not just for those fighting on the front lines.”

“I’ll prepare for an emergency press conference.”

The Chief Secretary opened the door to the meeting room, his face filled with renewed determination.

* * *

[Incredible, how can he still be alive……?]

It had been a week since the Hell Gate opened over Daejeon.

Out of over 600,000 demons, already more than 100,000 had been reduced in number.

Still, an overwhelming force of 500,000 remained, and although their numbers exceeded those defending Daejeon, their assault was not like before.

Their will to fight had been broken.

“Is this the end?”

Standing atop a mountain of demonic corpses, Namgung smirked at the demons.

His teeth were unevenly broken, and with his jaw dislocated, every smile brought a searing pain.

His body was covered in scars from the fierce battle, his wrist was raw from the chains, his swollen eyes barely allowing him to see.

“Even the mighty demons are just the same when faced with fear.”


The demons growled, but none dared to approach first.

‘This is impossible…’

‘We can’t believe we’re being also slaughtered by a mere human…’

They couldn’t accept the situation, but they could not deny the power of Namgung who defeated them with brute force.

‘His words were true.’

‘He knows all our weaknesses.’

‘How are we supposed to fight such a being?’

Although he appeared as if he might fall at any moment, it was Namgung’s hunting prowess, having once already hunted them, that paralyzed the demons with fear.

[Aren’t you done yet? Get it over with! He’s exhausted! Avenge those he’s killed! Let’s inflict eternal torment in despair…]

“Would you shut up? All you do is flap your lips.”

Opening his eyes, Namgung watched as the cowardly demon Olga continued barking orders without entering the fray himself.

“I suppose you are desperate. Fancy yourself a Great Demon who sees only what you want to.”


“Has only that magic circle changed?”

A chill ran down Olga’s spine as he instinctively realized something was wrong.

A magical circle opened above his head.

Inside, something fell.


Olga watched the unexpected scene unfold beneath him, the head of the Demon King that had fallen at his feet.

The fresh scent of the forest wafted through the blood-stained air, out of place in the current atmosphere.

Crash!!! Waves of red lightning blitzed through Daejeon.

Flames erupted, selectively targeting only the demons, transforming them into cremated figures as they touched them.


As they thrashed in the clinging flames, the fire dug deeper into the flesh of the demons.

It was a Rain of Fire.

A spell only one person in this world could cast.

“The air has changed.”

Namgung took a deep breath.

The end.

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