The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 101

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 101: The Challenge and The Seed of Origin


Jin Su-hyuk slammed the table and shouted.

“You… are you out of your mind? Sending your daughter into that terrible battlefield now? How could a father…!!”

He glared at Namgung.

“Do you remember the incident where half of your troops died when the 711th unit was disbanded? You consider the lives of your subordinates as nothing, so you would do the same to your daughter…”


That’s when it happened.

Changhwan’s fist flew towards Jin Su-hyuk, but it was he who instead let out a groan.

“Do you think such an attack would work?”


“You haven’t consumed a single rune until now, have you? Decided to fight solely on human capacity without the power of abilities?”

“This bastard…”

“I’ve heard all the nonsense you spouted. It was splashed across the newspapers in huge letters. But you know? Guys like you, all talk and no substance, they’re the first to end up as corpses.”

Changhwan, gasping with the breath-cutting pain, clutched his side and collapsed, looking up at him.

“Truly like commander, like subordinate. The Blue House too lacks figures of merit. If it were a team established by the National Intelligence Service, perhaps but placing trust in someone who destroyed their own unit…”

“…speak with some understanding. At that time, my brother was!”

“Jin Su-hyuk. You’re right to say kids should be protected. I thought so too.”

Namgung pressed firmly on Changhwan’s shoulder.

Catching the quiet warning in his gaze, Changhwan grimaced with the aching pain in his side and staggered to his feet.

“But children aren’t meant to just receive protection.”

“Dressing it up as nothing but a filthy excuse. Are you saying it’s natural to send children into battle? Grown-ups should protect them…!!”

“Then, will you go into battle?”


At his words, Jin Su-hyuk faltered.

“Enemies won’t simply die because you crouch down hiding. You’re the one spouting beautiful nonsense. In the end, you’re just hoping someone else will solve your problems.”


His teeth gritted.

“Do you know what’s most important for ability awakeners after the Carnival begins? People might simply talk about one’s potential, but there’s something even more crucial than that.”

‘…Did his attitude just change?’

Jin Su-hyuk, who was up until that moment spoken to with formality by Namgung, was unable to respond.

‘Could it be me……’

He noticed his own knees trembling.

“…What is it?”

“It’s the ‘Will (願).’ Abilities arise from the manifestation of what one most desires.”

Namgung looked at him.

“The intention to protect children should certainly be commended. It might have given you an ability. But someday, you’ll realize: children grow up faster than you think, and the time will come when you have to rely on their backs.”


He swallowed dryly, looking at Namgung.

“There’s no need to push the cubs over the cliff like a lioness, but clinging to them also stifles their opportunity to grow.”

Namgung thought of Somin.

“My daughter is different from someone like me, who clawed her way up from rock bottom.”

A shadow of a smile crossed his lips.

“She’s with her mother, after all.”

It was anticipation.

* * *

After defeating Titan,

Report inside Lakanhaim.

-“You want to hand over the Fairy Clan to not the King of the Night but to such a young child? Absurd! Better give the position of chieftain of the Yacha race to Muwi!”

Namgung’s words left the queen shouting in disbelief.

“It’s too late. The Yacha race’s coronation is already a week away. The fourth gate is about to open soon.”

-“But still…”

“The fourth gate’s boss must be defeated or the Octagonal War and everything else will be meaningless. Everyone will die.”

Namgung looked at her.

“You must realize my motive for defeating the Giants wasn’t just to give Gyuryu a fancy title.”

He showed 【The Seed of Origin】 and spoke.

“It was to retrieve this. Memel, I’d like it if you could take this back to the fairy world.”


The queen, caught off guard by his unexpected statement, quickly shelved her anger and took the seed while asking.

“Isn’t it strange? Be it the World Tree’s staff or this seed, they’re both relics of a clan. But compared to the staff, the seed’s effect seems too meager.”

Namgung smiled wryly at her.

“You do not think the Giant’s treasure is merely for increasing defense, do you?”

Written at the end of the explanation.

▶ It appears there may be hidden powers yet to be revealed.

Namgung gazed upon it and said.

“Have Somin bring this to me. Once the fairy contract has ended, she’ll know what to do with it.”

-“Are you going to trust the fight against the fourth demon to young Somin?”

The queen’s voice trembled.


-“It’s too dangerous! As a regressor, you should know the identity of the demons that appear when the fourth gate opens!”

“I know.”

At Namgung’s response, the queen fell silent.

“A Demon King.”


“That’s why.”


“I won’t be the one to defeat it. I wasn’t able to before, and now all the more so.”

The queen found herself unable to argue.

‘After all, he had barely hunted down the demons while evading that one.’

It was unlikely Namgung had never crossed paths with the Demon King during the 25 years. He had encountered it several times, and each time, Namgung barely escaped from the brink of death.

“I know its strength better than anyone else.”

Namgung thought.

‘I have no certainty I can kill it. It’s simply a challenge to the hypothesis left by Den Haul before he died.’

Only the Seer of the Magic World had been able to discover a method to kill the Demon King.

And now, even more so than her previous life’s counterpart, Somin, a superior mage, was the only hope – something undeniable.

Yet the odds were still fifty-fifty.

“Demons are known for using demonic energy, but that power is a force of nature. To pinpoint, it’s closer to illusion than demonic energy.”

The queen nodded to Namgung’s words.

“And the very thing that can break such illusions is pure magic energy.”

-“You’re not wrong. And I see what you’re expecting from Miss Somin. But…”

“‘But’ what?”

-“Breaking illusions with magic energy isn’t just about the energy. It’s not as simple as theory suggests.”

The queen looked at him.

-“Destroying illusions with magic power – it’s just a theoretical claim.”

Yet Namgung’s expression remained steadfast despite her significant response.

“It’s true, what I know is just that. No one has proven it yet. But surely you don’t think I’d put my daughter in danger just based on theory?”


“Talent might be innate but just as flowers can’t bloom on barren land without origin, so too does origin require a source.”

Namgung told the queen.

“As you can see, I’m devoid of magic power. Then, how could that child possess such qualities?

-“Could it be…”

“Somin’s mother. The child must have inherited her talent from my wife.”

-“Who is she to have such an incredible magic power talent…”

But Namgung replied to the queen’s question with a faint smile instead.

“She was an ordinary person, nothing special. Though she was quite ill for a long time. An incurable disease without even a diagnosis.”

His smile seemed more bitter and piercing to the queen’s heart than sorrowful.

Her death and the disbandment of his unit.

Perhaps for him, the moment he lost his wife was more desolate than even now, with the gates of hell open.

“I tried every which way to cure her. But I couldn’t find a solution. Ironically, now that the world has changed, I think I might understand her condition.”

-“Could it be… a magical sickness…”

“She might have had Cholmaek syndrome. That’s why no one here could find the cause.”

[Cholmaek syndrome…Haha, who would’ve thought someone with that disease existed in this world without the Carnival.]

Gyuryu replied with a surprised expression upon hearing Namgung’s words.

[It’s so rare in our world it’s called the Prophet’s disease.]

-“It’s a type of magical illness, a magical storm created within the body due to the magic energy being so powerful it can’t circulate properly.”

The queen quietly recited about Cholmaek syndrome.

-“Thus, it causes the magic veins to break and eats away at the organs… A cruel disease born of talent.”

[It’s understandable that there would be no information on the disease in a world without magic.]

-“Then she passed due to that disease?”

Namgung shook his head at the queen’s question.

“It was a sudden disaster. An earthquake took her.”

-“What a tragedy. Otherwise, maybe she would’ve become the greatest mage.”

“Yes, it’s a pity. Who would’ve thought such a terrible earthquake would strike in the heart of Seoul…”

The magnitude 6.8 earthquake in Yeongdeungpo.

That unprecedented horror remained incomprehensible even now – a grievous event.

-“I see why Miss Somin has such tremendous magic power. But still…”

The queen spoke cautiously.

-“Confronting the Demon King is far too dangerous.”

“I understand. If Somin were alone, I’d face it, even if I failed. My trust isn’t placed in just my daughter’s talent.”


At that moment, a chilling murderous intent emanated from Namgung enveloped the queen.

“The existence of a parent.”

* * *

[…What an interesting aura. Not one for necromancy, but a small body holding another spirit.]

Under London Bridge, in the concealed underground sewer, a rough voice echoed.

In this dirty place filled with the reek of trash, nobody would expect the speaker could be the Demon King.

[Are you his bloodline?]

The Demon King sniffed, as if smelling something, and spoke towards Somin.

[A sweet scent unlike him. Yes, the finest fragrance of magical power. To think you’d come to me voluntarily…]


As the Demon King grinned widely, a long snake-like tongue fluttered.

[Eating you will fulfill my need!]

With a resounding boom, he lunged at Somin in an instant.

That’s when it happened.

A blue barrier appeared in front of Somin.

Bang! Bang!! Kwaang!!

The seemingly delicate barrier, like a silk curtain, astonishingly stopped the Demon King’s attack.


Instead, the trembling shield repelled the Demon King’s assault, sending him flying into the sewage-filled channel.

[Cough…! Cough…!!]

The Demon King, unbelieving, crawled up from the sewer bottom, gazing at her.


The sound of fluttering wings.

In the dark sewage, lights flitted around Somin like fireflies.

[…Contracted fairies?]

The Demon King grimaced as he observed the three fairies circling her.

The young fairies, freshly bloomed, laughed merrily, unafraid of the Demon King.

[It makes no sense. Even on a Night of Summoning, only one contract can be made…?]

“I didn’t contract with them. They simply followed me.”

Somin spoke to the Demon King.


Her staff hit the ground, and the sound echoed like a heartbeat.

Suddenly, the fairies vanished.

But the fresh forest scent emanating from Somin seemed to grow even stronger.


A gentle breeze blew, and the Demon King’s face hardened.


The original fairy of the World Tree and creator of the fairy race.

The greatest fairy.

Observing the figure that appeared behind her, the Demon King muttered in disbelief.

[Insane… Like father, like daughter, both dim-witted. Blinded by power, not even aware of their own capacity.]

However, he soon chuckled coldly.

[An insignificant human trying to handle the World Tree’s fairy? I’ll consume you before your puny body bursts…]


The Demon King, which seemed ready to charge, suddenly froze.

‘No… It’s different.’

He gazed at the figure behind Somin.

Exuding a thick aura but not a fairy’s face.

[…Who are you?]

As the woman surrounded Somin, a warm light began to permeate her body.

The burgeoning magic power within Somin started to fill even more.

[How could… such vast magic power…]

The Demon King realized something was wrong.

Differing from soul reapers who recklessly infused power, this potent aura protected rather than overwhelmed her.

[A protective summon that guards the summoner’s body? There’s no such thing…!!]

At that moment, the woman behind Somin slowly opened her eyes.


The Demon King frantically charged towards Somin.


And the gemstones held in the woman’s hands began to shine.

Around Somin, a solid barrier erected.

Numbering 3.

Name: Seed of Origin

Grade: Legendary (First)

▶ When activated, encases the entire body in crystals that invalidate all attacks for 30 seconds.

Bang! Bang!! Kwaang!!

The Demon King pounded desperately on the barrier in frenzy, but the sturdy rock didn’t budge.

▶ It seems there may be hidden powers yet to be discovered.

Somin closed her eyes, gazing at the last line of the 【Seed of Origin】’s description.

‘Parents, even in death, exist to protect their children.’

Her father’s words seemed to ring in her ears.


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