The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 100

The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant

Chapter 100

[Keugh…!!! Keugh…!!]

The chains wrapped around the demon’s neck tightened with a jerk.

“Huff, huff.”

Namgung, pulling the chains with all his might from behind the demon, gasped for breath.


The chains dug deeper into the demon’s neck.


As Namgung pulled on the chains, he twisted the neck of the demon. Trying to escape, the demon shivered and then collapsed forward.

“What are you doing? I told you to come in.”

With one foot atop the fallen demon, Namgung flicked his finger arrogantly toward the other demons even as he gasped, still struggling to catch his breath.

Dozens of demons lay collapsed before him.


The scene could have been straight out of a movie, but the reality was brutal.

Instead of being distressed, the demons looked on with delight at their brethren’s downfall.

Namgung had taken down dozens, yet still hundreds surrounded him.

[The Chains of Woo… Surprising to see a human wield them, but it seems you do not know how to use them. To you, they are just chains, albeit slightly sturdier.]

From among the demon horde, a man stepped out.

[Where is the power that troubled Lord Natas? I heard you’re the Harbinger of the Seven Serpents. You don’t even have the absorbed specter’s power, nor do I see any Soul Soldiers.]

“It’s none of your concern. Even without such things, taking your life won’t be difficult.”

[The one who’s about to die…]

The demon’s face contorted at Namgung’s response.

“Stump of a demon.”

In that moment, Namgung called out to him.

Hearing this epithet, the demon could not hide his bewilderment.

“Even in death’s grasp, one is not yet dead. But I vividly remember your demise.”

Namgung gave him an eerie smile.

“I killed you last. How about it? Should I tell you how I ended you?”

[You little…]

Was it the provocation that worked?


The demons spread their black wings wide.

And in an instant, darkness enveloped the area.

* * *

[Father…!! You must go to the Sword Tomb immediately!! If this goes on, Lord Namgung might die!]

Kyu-ryu’s voice, shouting nervously, stirred the room of Moo-hwi.

[It’s been three days…!! Even a healthy person would collapse from exhaustion after fighting night and day for three days straight. And considering his opponent…]

[Quiet down. You are now the chieftain leading a whole clan. Stop carrying on like a child.]

[How can you be calm? Father, isn’t he the contractor of the Yacha clan? Isn’t he the same person who saved your life?]

But unlike the frantic Kyu-ryu, Moo-hwi simply leaned on his chin, staring into a well from which faint smoke rose.


The well’s surface was crystal clear, reflecting the image of Namgung engaging in battle with the demons.

He looked utterly desperate.

His entire body was drenched in blood, seemingly on the brink of collapse.

Yet despite that, standing atop nearly hundreds of demon corpses, there was something ominous about him, almost like a malicious spirit.

[Then didn’t you give him the Yacha clan’s elixir of regeneration? As a representative clan, we cannot provide aid without charge, even to a contractor. We have done all we can.]

[…Enough!! Father, we Yacha take pride in our honor. We do not turn our backs on those who have aided us! From now on, this is my responsibility, separate from you. I will shoulder any blame!]


Kyu-ryu stormed out the door vehemently.

[That boy… Still leads with his emotions. Perhaps, Father’s intent in demoting him was to foster a cooler head and clearer vision.]

Hyun-ryu let out a wry smile as the door slammed behind Kyu-ryu.

[What will you do? At this rate, he may go alone to the Sword Tomb.]

[Don’t worry. One cannot enter the Sword Tomb without the leader’s medallion. If he’s rebuked by the barrier, then he may see things more clearly.]

In contrast to the urgent Kyu-ryu, Moo-hwi and Hyun-ryu appeared unusually composed.

[Not using necromancy… Seems more like he can’t rather than he won’t. When he fought the Demon King earlier, he absorbed too many spirits; the backlash likely damaged his body.]


[If the Harbinger of the Seven Serpents cannot use necromancy, it’s like having his main weapon shattered. Frankly… impressive as his might is, without necromancy, how he can deal with that many demons is beyond even my prediction.]

[So you think so too.]

Moo-hwi smiled wryly at Hyun-ryu’s deduction.

[Does he look in peril to you?]

Beyond the walls of the grand stronghold, battles raged inside and out.

But the situation outside was promising, unlike Namgung’s circumstances in the city.

With Jin Wei and Erika’s forces joining the fray two days after Roxanne completed the Night of Summons in the Red Zone, the tide was slowly turning in favor of humanity.

The immediate problem lay within the fortress itself.

[Judging by the situation… Nine out of ten, he’s in danger.]

[And what about the tenth?]

[It’s why he is alone in the first place. I don’t believe he chose to become bait simply to deal with the demons outside. The Namgung I’ve observed… isn’t one to fight recklessly without preparation.]

[Yes. Thanks to that, you got soaked at the proxy auction.]

Hyun-ryu shrugged as Moo-hwi mentioned previous events.

[But seriously… regardless of his preparation, time is not on his side. Kyu-ryu worries precisely because of this.]

[Speak your mind.]

[Right now, everyone is too busy watching the intense battle to focus elsewhere. But in reality, these demons are mere minions spawned by the fourth gate. Ultimately, it’s the boss we must hunt to close the gates. The Demon King.]

Moo-hwi nodded.

[That means, looking at it from the other side, if the Demon King appears when Namgung is already struggling with the demons… He’d have no winning hand.]

[Right. You’re seeing the big picture clearly… If we leave it like this, the situation will surely worsen.]

[Thank you.]


Hyun-ryu tilted his head at Moo-hwi’s trailing words.


[What if that’s exactly what he’s aiming for?]

[What do you mean…?]

Moo-hwi revealed a mischievous smirk.

[While damaged from his fight with the Demon King, the Demon King too depleted his magical power. This means that just as Namgung weakened, so too has the Demon King.]

He seemed hopeful.

[There was a fascinating note inscribed on the heart of the titan he sent. From the start, he knew he couldn’t catch the Demon King alone.]


[He’s not the bait now. He became the bait from the moment he first fought the Demon King—that’s when he became the lure for this fourth gate.]

Hyun-ryu felt as if he had been hit in the head.

[Then who… who is intended to capture the Demon King?]

* * *

The day before the fourth dimensional gate opened.

The train, thrown into chaos by the appearance of the Demon King, arrived at Daejeon Station carrying Namgung and Changhwan.

“Wow… What’s this? Is this really Daejeon?”

Changhwan, who had been watching the city pass by from the train window, exclaimed in surprise as he disembarked.

“I heard rumors… But I had no idea it was like this. How many layers of barriers have they wrapped around the city?”

“Three. Not so many that they can’t be counted.”

“…You know what I mean.”

Namgung responded nonchalantly to Changhwan’s dry scoff.

“Everywhere, even around the station, automated barricades are operational… The power of Jin Soohyuk seems to have grown significantly thanks to the monster invasions. If things keep going like this, once the fourth passes, Daejeon will be even tougher.”

His fortress-building ability was ironic in that the city strengthened as it took on more attacks.

“Sounds perverted.”

At Changhwan’s terse critique, Namgung chuckled.

“Well, regardless, Daejeon is undisputedly the top fortified city in South Korea. Perhaps even the safest in the world.”

“I can see now why you would want to recruit that man. The ability to strengthen a city… That’s beyond personal level.”

Click! Click!!

Amidst their conversation, automated bars clanked and activated around the station.


Namgung stepped out of the station, the barred gates parting, and looked out over the city.

Ahead in the plaza in front of the station stood a man.

“Pleasure to meet you.”

Namgung reached out his hand.

“I’m Jin Soohyuk.”

The man with a tired expression, as if connected to the bustling fortress around him, gripped Namgung’s hand and spoke in a low voice.

“The first time in my life, I’ve heard from the Blue House. No such calls when I was working for the company. Unbelievable I’m getting this treatment now.”

“It’d be better not to get this kind of treatment, though.”

Knowing the company he referred to was the National Intelligence Service, Namgung replied to Soohyuk.

“Let’s cut to the chase. I have no intention of leaving Daejeon. Especially not any plans initiated by you.”

The pressure from their clasped hands was palpable.

“Seems like I’m not well-liked.”

Despite the forceful grip, Namgung remained calm as he spoke.

“You know why I left the company… or rather, was fired because of your involvement.”

“Of course.”

“The abrupt dissolution of the 711th during an operation was suspicious, and yet no one investigated. It didn’t end there; the company even ousted me for looking into it, under strict confidentiality. Okay, it’s a thing of the past. I was going to bury it and move on… but now.”

Soohyuk’s eyes turned frosty.

“That person resurfaces as the hero who saved the country? I don’t know what to make of this.”

“Look!! That matter is…!!”

“Why was the 711th disbanded?”


Suddenly, a child’s voice defused the tension in the air.


The boy who rushed over and threw himself at Namgung was Hosung.

“…Hosung? I hardly recognize you.”

The kid whom Namgung had rescued at the national cemetery had grown quite a bit.

Namgung ruffled his hair gently.

‘Good. He kept the promise we made at the cemetery. Soohyuk must have taken him in.’

“He’s like a wild colt… Didn’t I tell you to go with Mr. Damho to fix the eastern barrier?”

“Aw, I finished that already! I saw you at the subway station so I came over to say hi… but I never expected to see Uncle Namgung!!”

Hosung’s joy seemed genuine as he bounced around, grinning.

“…Let’s postpone that matter for another time.”

Soohyuk, looking at Namgung holding Hosung, could no longer press him further.

* * *

-London’s death toll has surpassed one million.

-Citizens within the city, unable to leave due to an unknown force, are trapped in a state of terror!

-Military forces have surrounded London, yet, just like escaping, entry remains impossible.

-Citizens are gripped by extreme fear…

“Everyone will die.”

In the command center inside Daejeon City Hall, Namgung spoke to Soohyuk as the TV showed an ever-rising death count.

Deaths were occurring at the rate of one hundred per second.

They were falling faster than breaths could be drawn.

“It can’t be. All eight million Londoners?”

“Not just that. Around seventy million. All of Britain.”

Soohyuk swallowed hard at this news.

“This doesn’t make sense. Britain has Alex Trahern, and the Universe Clan as well. There are many ability users in Britain. Surely they can’t all be…?”

“They can’t stop him. The death toll will only rise. The Demon King isn’t known for patience. Right now, it’s a hundred a second, but once London falls, it’ll speed up.”

Namgung spread his fingers.

“Five days.”

Soohyuk waited nervously for the next words.

“That’s how long it will take for Britain to be completely destroyed.”

“…Madness. And you’re saying we’re supposed to fight that monster?”



“Because it won’t stop with Britain. What did you think? If we offer him Britain as a sacrifice, he’ll just leave peacefully?”


“Nationally drawn borders mean nothing to them. He will gradually expand his territory and eventually consume the entire continent.”

“What’s the plan you have in mind?”

“Luckily, the Hell Gates are still closed. That means the Demon King has yet to bring his legion. If we capture him before the demons emerge, there could be hope.”

“You’re telling me to create a battlefield for fighting the Demon King using fortress transformation, aren’t you?”

Namgung nodded at Soohyuk’s realization.

“To be frank…”

Soohyuk exhaled low.

“It’s impossible.”

“You’re relentless. When pressuring others, you’re persistent, but now, when people are dying, you want to back off?”

Changhwan’s comment hinted at lingering resentment towards Soohyuk.

“That’s not what I mean.”

In contrast to his irritated tone, Soohyuk spoke calmly.

“Creating a new fortress in the city…

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