The Return Of Apocalypses Tyrant Chapter 10

Episode 10: “Legendary Aptitude?”

Nangong stared with a vacant expression at the notification that had just appeared before him, then shifted his gaze to his daughter, back and forth.

‘My Somin has magical aptitude……?’

This was news to him. He had lost his daughter just after the gates of hell had opened, after all.

‘This can’t just be a coincidence.’

In 25 years, Nangong could count on one hand the number of people he had seen, excluding prophets, who possessed legendary aptitude.


His initial shock and joy faded, replaced with a troubled look as he watched his daughter, letting out a heavy sigh. No matter how excellent the aptitude was, if not refined and cultivated, it was meaningless.

“Do I really have to bloody these young hands……?”

“Brother. If you don’t wish so, there’s no need to teach Somin magic. To be honest, dealing with monsters is overwhelming even for adults like us.”

At Nangong’s sigh, Myunghoon spoke.

“We don’t know what’s going on but even if the world becomes hell, kids should live happier lives than us. We can’t shield them from every harm but sparing them from the worst is our responsibility as adults.”

He smiled kindly. In such a desperate situation, the ability to smile was perhaps Myunghoon’s greatest weapon.

“However, if Somin wishes to have power, I don’t think it’s wrong. As brother said, if a hell-like world is approaching… she at least needs the ability to protect herself.”

“That’s true… You’re not wrong.”

“Many will die wanting life but falling to weakness. Maybe this is an opportunity given to us by the gods.”

“Gods… Indeed, they never miss an opportunity. Constantly testing humanity.”

Nangong gazed towards the heavens.

“Uuu… Daddy?”

Seeing his daughter awake, Nangong hesitated to reach out to her, his hands stained with the blood of beasts.


“Uh? Mister?”

That’s when Myunghoon called out to her first.

“Our Somin has grown so much, hasn’t she? Before long, you’ll be as tall as me. …Hmm?”

Myunghoon couldn’t finish his sentence because Somin had started wiping the blood on his cheek with her sleeve.

“Mister, are you hurt?”

“Ha ha… No, I’m fine. And you?”

“Yes, I’m okay too. But…”

The buildings around them were rubble, and the body of a monster lay scattered.

While she was unconscious, the scenery had changed drastically. As Somin started to step forward to get a closer look.

“Don’t look.”

A firm voice and the flap of a coat blocked her view.

When she looked up, there was Nangong with a stern face. Amongst the corpses covered by the coat flap were humans, most not having met a clean end.

He didn’t want to expose his daughter to such a harrowing scene. Understanding her father’s intentions, Somin nestled into his embrace, and Nangong silently wrapped his arms around her trembling shoulders, embracing his shivering daughter tightly.

“Mummy! Mummy!!”

That’s when it happened.



A young boy’s crying sound made the three of them turn their heads.

“Huah… huaaah.”

It was a boy crying, clutching onto his mother who lay half-embedded with a goblin’s blade in her side.

“Mummy’s… Mummy was… taken by monsters…”

The boy couldn’t finish his words. Somin, who had been trembling in fear until a moment ago, approached the crying boy and sat down beside him.

She embraced him, just like Nangong had done.

“It’s okay to cry.”

“Sob… sob…”

His trembling hands, now courageous, wrapped around the boy in greater sorrow than his own.

“My mum is in heaven too. Crying won’t change that but… it might feel a bit better.”

Perhaps, a story from her own experience.

Nangong couldn’t help but smile bitterly at his daughter’s mature words.

“Waaaa! Mummy!!!”

“Somin will do well.”

Myunghoon, watching her, whispered.

“She must take after her mother.”

That’s when it happened.

‘Could it be…?’

A thought flitted through Nangong’s mind.

Perhaps his daughter’s magical ability was related to his wife’s death. The same illness that couldn’t be diagnosed with modern medicine, but after the gates of hell opened, others showed similar symptoms, all had to do with magic.

“Speaking of resolve, we cannot forget Lieutenant Nam of Squad 711.”

Pulled from his thoughts by Myunghoon poking his side, Nangong replied.

“I’m weak. That’s why I was afraid. I tried to build a wall and keep the kid locked up from the start.”

Putting his concerns aside for the moment and returning to the present, Nangong nodded in response to Myunghoon’s words.


Exhausted from crying, the child had fallen asleep. Somin carefully laid the child down and then spoke to Nangong.

“Daddy, can he come with us?”

“I’d like that too, but it’s difficult. You understand why, right, Somin?”


Somin nodded weakly. Her look, like a drenched puppy, made Nangong’s heart ache. He could have scolded her if she had been unreasonable, but her mature resignation seemed pitiful. But he could not take on another child, who would be nothing but a burden.

As Nangong’s mind spiraled into complexity…

[You see? What did I tell you? You would create shackles for yourself. How dare a master of death try walking the path of life?]

That’s when it happened.

Before Nangong, space twisted and contorted.


[I can’t believe you did this. Killing a goblin lord on the very first day the gate opens… The castle should have been built and goblins spawning throughout the city by midnight…]

Thump- Thump-

Yor, who had emerged from an interspatial tear, kicked the goblin lord’s corpse as he spoke.

“…Is your presence like this permissible?”

[Because of your actions. With the lord dead, goblins won’t spawn any longer.]

“What’s the problem with that? My actions should be favorable for you.”

[Indeed. Indeed. The more you struggle, the more I score over the others. Doesn’t matter. The gates will remain open.]

Yor spoke with a dismissive wave of his hand.

However, Nangong tensed at his last words. It was as if he was saying that this hellish ordeal would repeat endlessly until everyone was dead.

[Just… too many humans have survived than planned.]


[Now the other supremes are in uproar. Hehe.]

The sudden arrival startled Myunghoon and Somin, causing them to step back.

“Even if it’s a failed plan, you seem fairly amused.”

[Failed? That’s what the rest might think. Not me. It is a clear demonstration of my Visionary’s capabilities. Isn’t that right?]

“You didn’t come here to praise me. Speak your business.”

[The supremes are taking notice of you.]

“That’s been expected from the start, hasn’t it? I plan to overthrow your schemes dozens of times more. This is just the beginning; surely you’re not giving up already.”

[Ha, haha… Madman. But I do like the way you talk.]

Yor laughed heartily in response to Nangong’s retort.

[The other supremes have called it into question. Absorbing spirits through necromancy, even I was frankly shocked.]

“I don’t see it’s any of their concern. Necromancers control spirits. What’s the issue?”

[Because these were souls that passed before the Carnival began.]

“And so? What does that matter?”

[Think about it. If you were to continue this way, you could not only consume human souls but others as well.]

Yor shook his head.

[Like Olympus or Valhalla’s divine beings. They are lower-tier supremes, but they are indeed powerful. If you were to draw them in as well, it’d disrupt the balance.]

“So, what’s your point?”

As if he had anticipated such a situation, he looked up mocking at the skies.

“You all just sit and watch from above, but we’re risking our lives down here. If I have power at my disposal, why shouldn’t I use it?”

His words reached out to the other seven watching from above.

“If I’m your Visionary, you should think about protecting me before enforcing rules. Yor.”

[Hmm… I expected this. That’s why I came to offer you a compromise.]

“What is it?”

[Equivalent exchange. A life for a life. You’ve already absorbed several spirits. The other supremes have grounds for objection. Still, we’ve also missed something…]

Yor proposed.

[For the taking of just one life, we will consider this affair settled.]


[Don’t worry. It’s someone you hardly know. Perhaps, that child over there.]

He pointed to the child lying behind Somin.

[You had plans to leave that child behind anyway. If it’s dead weight, better to cut it loose. As one who understands the importance of ruthless decisions better than most.]

Yor grinned, his thin, forked tongue licking his lips.

“What are you!!”

Myunghoon quickly drew his sword and stepped between Yor and the child.

Yet, faster than the sword, black smog rose behind Yor, taking form as serpents and wrapping around Myunghoon’s arms and legs.


[Audacious… How dare you block a supreme?]

Shivers ran down their spines at Yor’s cold utterance.


The constricting force of the serpents elicited a pain-wrought cry from Myunghoon.

“Stop it!!!”

[Shriek!! Shriek!!!!]

Nangong tried to intervene, but Yor’s other serpents hissed, warding him off.

[Act your words. Assaulting your master looks downright ugly. Arrogance should be indulged within limits.]


[Take this.]

Before Yor could finish, the serpents lunged towards the child in Somin’s arms. The two children, unable to scream, clung to each other and shut their eyes tightly.


Nangong’s scream resonated.

Despite his full might, his hands couldn’t stretch far enough to reach the children. The cruel impression of time freezing solidified as serpents circled them.

‘Not again…!’

He bit his lip in frustration.


At that moment, as huge jaws were about to swallow them whole, the jewel in Nangong’s hand burst into flames.

▶ A feeble soul soothes you.


That’s when it happened.

Nangong could feel a soul flowing out from within him.


Startled, he reached out, but the soul had already wrapped itself in the flames, enveloping Somin.

“Wait a second!!”

▶ The spirit influences Nam Somin’s awakening.

▶ The nature of her magic changes.

▶ Magic becomes denser due to the influence of the spirit.

▶ Magic → Death Elemental Magic


The flames around Somin morphed into a dazzling array of colors before being absorbed into her body as if drawn in.

Crack…!! Fzzzzt…!!

Subsequently, a blend of blue lightning and red flames began to coil around each of her hands.

▶ Ability: Death Elemental Magic Acquired.

▶ Death Magic (Beginner) Learned.


In a defiant moment, the flames surged towards Yor.

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