The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 70


The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin

The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin Chapter 70: The Banquet of Blood (3)

Arriving at Sian’s room, Emily and Brian were in disbelief.

“Um, Sir Knight?”

“Yes, maid?”

Two years ago, when Sian had left for the academy, Emily, a maid, and Brian, the coachman, were acquainted.

Of course, neither really remembered each other now.

“I can’t make sense of this situation… who is this child?”

A girl with shiny eyes and adorable lips curved in a smile stood in front of them. By contrast, Emily looked awkward with her corners of the mouth forced up and her heavy gaze.

Emily tried to assess the situation.

She’s young.

Probably ten or eleven years old.

She’s roughly Sian’s age or slightly younger.

But she’s wearing a maid’s uniform similar to hers.

And she’s in Sian’s room wearing that uniform.

Which means…

“Pleased to meet you! I’m Nana, the maid serving Sian Vert!”

Nana’s voice was both cute and resonant.


Faced with such disbelief, Emily just laughed emptily, over and over.

“Leaving me behind and you get a little girl to be a maid? Has the young master gone mad?”

The more Emily spoke, the more cold sweat dripped down Brian’s body.

How could she speak so boldly without batting an eye?

It was a new level of respect and astonishment for the strong bond she seemed to have with Sian.

“Hey Sir Knight! Don’t tell me our young master hasn’t been returning from his holidays because of her?”

The naive Brian gave an honest reply.

“Ah, well, possibly. Having Nana so young, she requires quite some care. Though there have been times when he’s left the academy for work, he’s never left her for an extended period…”

“What? So he hasn’t been coming back because of this kid? Ridiculous! To think I turned down offers and stayed loyal, and he’s been getting a new maid in my absence? Just let him come back and…”

“Were you also our master’s maid, sis?”

Unable to hold back, the brash little maid interjected.

“Of course! I was his exclusive maid!”

“Wow! Then how long have you been with him?”

“Since he was out of diapers, over five years easy! No one else has been around him longer than me!”

Her boast sounded like a lifetime achievement.

After prattling away, she chuckled merrily to herself.

Observing all of this, Brian thought to himself.

What a simple woman.

“Oh, right. I forgot to deliver this to the master.”


Nana’s previously cheerful face tensed.

Emily pulled out a red bow tie.

“A bow tie?”

“Yes, young master Aschel said our youngest would look good wearing it, and asked me to deliver it to him.”

The bow tie had a red gem planted in the center.

“What to do? Should I go give it to him now?”


A scream echoed from the corridor, but fortunately, Emily missed seeing the ears poking out of the startled Nana’s head as she sniffed out the faint smell of blood.

Nana’s eyes sharpened instantly.

“It’s the scent of a beast!”

* * *

The banquet hall was filled with colorful flowers, each flaunting their beauty.

But among these flowers, there was one that stood out as the most beautiful.


Men and women alike were spellbound, their faces flushed, their hearts pounding.

Ellis Vert, the first daughter of the Duke Vert family, once called a ‘child of the gods,’ made her stunning appearance in the banquet hall.

“A goddess has descended to the mortal realm…!”

Her noble aura seemed untouchable, deterring anyone from carelessly approaching.

While some onlookers smirked salaciously, Ellis paid little attention.

She simply strolled with a gentle smile.

“The lady of the house has grown up. Ellis?”

Delighted by the familiar voice, Ellis turned her head.

“Instructor Silica!”

Ellis’s beaming smile was met with Silica’s warm eyes.

“You truly are beautiful, instructor! How did you manage to hide it all this time?”

“It feels like a compliment, but why does it feel so odd? How do you become more beautiful by the day?”

No Instructor dislikes a well-behaved and intelligent student.

Likewise, no student rejects a competent and esteemed Instructor.

Among the academy’s instructors with whom Ellis had good relations, Silica was undoubtedly the closest.

During the reunion, the two women continued their conversation amidst constant laughter.

“I never expected you to attend a banquet, Instructor! You don’t like such noisy places, do you?”

“A person can’t always cling to her stubbornness. Sometimes you need a change of atmosphere to feel alive.”

“Then you should get married! Even now, there must be dozens of men ready to propose to you, Instructor. You can’t just immerse yourself in research forever!”

At the mention of marriage, Silica forced a smile.

“Now that’s scary talk.”

It was a half-serious, half-joking comment edged with truth.

Their somber talk paused momentarily as a group of men and women in black tuxedos appeared in the hall’s corridor, heading towards the center. They seemed to be musicians, carrying their instruments, all wearing unfathomable white masks.

Once they settled into their positions, Drenian Nephris, who had been babbling smoothly, ascended the central podium to draw everyone’s attention, explaining why the musicians had arrived, praising Silica’s beauty.

Ellis could only feel great sadness.

How could her revered Instructor become engaged to such a despicable man?

She was determined to do anything to stop it.


The unmistakable sound of a sharp blade cutting through flesh drew immediate attention.


Drenian’s severed head rolled on the floor, and his assailant, dripping with crimson blood, stood poised with a sharp rapier.

The masked figures held not instruments, but twisted weapons, radiating a brutal aura.

“What on earth?”

The banquet hall quickly descended into chaos.

* * *

“What are you talking about! Attacked by assailants?”

Emperor Dione was furious and shouted in his chamber.

“Please calm yourself, Your Majesty! We must evacuate immediately…!”

Evacuation was against the Emperor’s nature when enemies were present.

“I shall see this with my own eyes! Dare to commit a despicable act in my sacred palace… Urgh!”

The Emperor, about to rush to the scene, collapsed, his chronic heart condition triggered by the sudden excitement.

“What are you doing? Move the Emperor to safety!”

The Crown Prince rushed in.


“I will take responsibility for this incident! Please take care of yourself, Father!”

Despite his desire to speak, the Emperor’s heartache silenced him.

“What in the world is going on?”

Queen Cassandra arrived in panic.

“Drenian is dead! My brother is dead! How do we address this?”

Luinel, with a steady voice, assured the Queen.

“Do not worry, Your Majesty. All will be well. Please evacuate with the Emperor now.”

Then, a man approached Cassandra.

“Aschel, would you escort Her Majesty?”

The blond man with an extraordinary aura calmed Cassandra’s frantic heart.

“Are you Aschel?”

“I apologize for not formally introducing myself earlier, but please follow me for now!”

There was no sign of refusal on the Queen’s face.

Enchanted as by a beautiful flower, she had a look that would follow him even into the fires of hell.

Aschel and the Crown Prince exchanged a meaningful look, each comprehending the silent message in the other’s eyes.

(To be continued)





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