The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin chapter 66


Chapter 66: To the Imperial City (3)

Under the tranquil sunlight and the blue sky where clouds flowed, the forest lush with greenery and a clear valley stream presented the utterly common visage of nature—yet such a scene could be exceedingly fascinating to some.

“Look, Papa! Isn’t that amazing?” Nana couldn’t tear her eyes away from the window. It was a fresh experience for her, after all. Although I often took her for walks, this was her first journey so far from home.

“Nana, are you remembering everything I told you?” I asked.

“Of course! I am your maid now, right, Papa? I learned everything about how a maid should act from the books!” she exclaimed with confidence.

What kind of books was she reading that taught her such things? Admittedly, I was a bit worried that her mind hadn’t developed as much as her body had, but there didn’t seem to be any major problems. Just by looking at her seated posture, she didn’t seem like some petulant child but a mature young lady instead. Not only did she inherit my intelligence, but she also seemed more mature now. Is this the joy of raising a child?

Thud, thud, thud.

Suddenly, the carriage began to slow down, prompting me to lean out the window by the coachman’s seat where Brian was.

“What’s going on?” I inquired.

“It seems there is something ahead,” Brian reported.

As soon as he spoke, I sensed a foreign presence from the front—about 7 to 8 people, perfectly split on both sides of the forested path. Bandits, of course. It’s a typical event: a carriage traversing remote woods and the bandits lurking for an easy score. Normally, a noble’s carriage would be guarded by several knights, but the only person with me was Brian, who was steering the carriage. It would actually be foolish not to target such an unprotected treasure trove.


Brian brought the carriage to a halt and dismounted, saying, “I’ll handle this quickly, young master.”

He drew his sword and walked forward. I leaned back into the carriage and waited for the situation to be resolved.

“What’s happening, Papa?” Nana asked.

“Some pests seem to have gathered. Brian will take care of it,” I reassured her.


The merciless sound of being cut through permeated from beyond the window. If an outsider heard it, they might think we were slicing fruit. Not a single scream or death rattle could be heard.

“It’s done, young master! We’re setting off again!” Brian called out, not even a minute later. He climbed back onto the coachman’s seat and we resumed our journey. Peering out the window, I saw the neatly severed bodies of the bandits sprawled out disorderly. Nana wasn’t the only one who had grown so much in the past two years; Brian had also become a fine knight. Considering the intense training I put him through, it would have been odd if he hadn’t improved. Starting with basic physical training, swordsmanship, body techniques, and even magical power management—Brian had achieved a level of growth in two years that no other master could possibly bestow. The dragon blood he consumed played a significant part in this, significantly enhancing his physical abilities across the board. Brian’s magical attribute was wind, fitting for his swift and agile movement spells, making him particularly suitable for assassinations that required instantaneous reactions. There wouldn’t be any more incidents of him getting caught off guard.

How long had we been driving? As the forest thinned, the familiar aura of mist became palpable. Brian sensed it too and gradually slowed the carriage. This time, I got off myself. The man awaiting me wore a black long hair and an eye patch—a member of Mist.


Upon seeing me, he bowed his head slightly and presented a small envelope.

“This is a message from our Lord.”

I immediately opened the envelope and examined the secret letter.

“Got it. I saw it.” After careful inspection, I burned the letter on the spot. Without another word, the agent bowed once more and promptly left the area. I returned to the carriage and continued our journey toward the imperial city. As I gazed out at the passing scenery, an enigmatic smile graced my lips.

“Why are you smiling, Papa?” Nana asked curiously.

“Hm? Oh, just looking forward to something,” I responded. Nana tilted her head in puzzlement, unable to understand. They say anticipation blooms when one imagines something unfamiliar they’ve not experienced before. That’s exactly the feeling I have right now. And not only me; among the attendees at the banquet, there’s another distinguished guest from Mist I’m looking forward to seeing—the Lord himself, all dressed up. The anticipation is immense.

* * *

Under the cloud-covered sky, in a tranquil space, a woman reading alone in a room was approached by a maid.

“Madam Sirika, the carriage of Sir Sian has just entered the imperial city,” the maid reported.

“And his companions?”

“A single knight and a young maid.”

“Maid? Sian has no maid,” Sirika pondered, confused by the news.

“They say it was a little girl, about ten years old, with pink hair.”

“Pink hair? Could it be… Nana was brought along too?” Sirika mused with surprise.

“For now, that seems to be the case.”

“Well, it’s probably better than leaving her alone at the academy.”

However, the term “maid” caught her attention. The Nana she had seen last was no more than a six-year-old child, so thinking of her as a ten-year-old girl seemed incongruent.

She decided to leave the matter for now.

“This is a list of those attending the upcoming banquet,” the maid handed Sirika a list filled with the profiles of multiple individuals.

Sirika scrutinized the names on the list; one by one, they were prominent figures from the empire and other nations.

Suddenly, her brows furrowed at an unexpected name.

“The granddaughter of the head of the Rigens Academy is also attending?”

“Yes. She’s currently en route to the empire with the members of the Garam Kingdom’s Magic Academy.”

“That’s unexpected. Who would have thought the academy would send her…”

The girl wasn’t someone noteworthy to keep an eye on for their missions. Yet, Sirika’s expression while reviewing the list seemed less than pleased.

“With this many distinguished guests attending, it might be wise to postpone the operation if the prospects are not favorable…” the maid suggested, noticing the increased number of attendees, which was inherently detrimental to the operation.

“There’s no need to force a dangerous course of action,” Sirika concurred. “Let’s wait and see for now; there’s still time before the banquet.”

“Yes, Madam Sirika.”

“What’s that?” Sirika’s attention abruptly shifted to the maid’s left hand.

“Ah, this is a letter from the Drenians…”

The maid seemed hesitant to hand it over as if dreading the reaction.

Sirika simply snapped her fingers, and the maid had no choice but to give it up. Reading the letter, Sirika’s face darkened.

“Drenian Nepfelis… As if asking for a swift death.”

The thoughts of postponing the plan were wiped away in an instant. Sirika’s eyes bore the resolute intent to eliminate the target at the upcoming banquet, no matter what.

She burned the letter and spoke firmly, “Inform the agents. Tell them to be ready and not to slack off until the day arrives. There will be no postponement.”

“Yes, Madam Sirika.”

After completing her report, the maid exited. Sirika, who was about to immerse herself back in her book, closed it instead and gazed out at the thick clouds outside the window. The sky looked unusually somber as if foreboding significant events to come, adding to the desolate mood.

* * *


They say that when people are too astounded, they can’t even make a sound of admiration, and right now, that was a fitting description of their reactions.

“Is, is this really a place where people live…?”

Brian stood with his mouth wide open as if inviting insects in, overwhelmed by the sight.

Yes, when else would they have the chance to roam the imperial city streets? It might be a once-in-a-lifetime glorious moment, so for now, I decided to let them bask in it.

Sebelinus, the capital of the Ussip Empire, was the land where the founding emperor, Rashtadt Sevelus, established the nation’s foundation. For over hundreds of years, it had been the primary city that sustained the empire’s prosperity. The city’s opulent and exquisite sights could invoke images of a divine realm, but as with any city that has flourished for so long, it also harbored its share of rotten elements—meaning it wasn’t all just beauty.


While admiring the streets, Nana got too engrossed and bumped into someone, tumbling over.

“I’m, I’m so sorry!” she quickly apologized, rising to her feet.

“It’s alright, little lady. Just be careful and watch where you’re going,” said the man with a kind smile.

In such situations, it was common to encounter hostile attitudes that could lead to conflict, but this man shrugged it off with benevolence.

“Wow, Papa! People here seem really nice! They don’t even seem angry!” exclaimed Nana, smiling brightly at me.

“Not necessarily,” I said as I patted her head. “It doesn’t seem like anyone would mistake you as just any maid.”

Everyone passing by glanced at Nana’s face at least once, charmed by her almost dangerously adorable features that could outshine the offspring of prestigious noble houses.

“Where should we head to now, young master?” asked Brian. With two days left until the banquet, there was no need to rush to the palace.

“Let’s eat first; I’m hungry.”

I casually walked into the fanciest restaurant nearby.

“Uh, would you like to dine here?” asked the owner, who seemed surprised to see us. Typically, one would ask, “How many in the party?”

Perhaps my attire didn’t seem very imposing, hence the question. I simply took out an emblem and showed it to him.

“Three. Find us a secluded spot, away from the crowd.”

Upon seeing the emblem, the server’s attitude shifted drastically.

“I’ll seat you right away! This way, please!”

Changing someone’s demeanor is simple. Just show them where you stand; it’s a basic rule in a world where status dictates everything.

I let Brian and Nana pick whatever they wanted from the menu. With Nana’s appetite, she could probably dine on the entire kitchen’s worth.

While waiting for the food, I pondered about the target.

Drenian Nepfelis of House Nepfelis, a member of the imperial family through his sister, the Empress Consort. Essentially, he held considerable influence in this country. In his late thirties, he was a widower with children but no wife. More infamously, he had a reputation among nobles for indecencies beyond reproach—a detestable adulterer specializing in victims who were married women, committing unspeakable acts of violence. A despicable being, unworthy of the title “human,” and deserving of death. Yet, with the influence of the imperial family, he wasn’t an easy target to eliminate.

Killing him wasn’t the problem—it was the aftermath that was difficult. Given his status, if it became known that Mist was behind Drenian’s death, the organization would make an enemy of the imperial family. That would not only hamper our activities but also lead to a widespread manhunt for Mist throughout the empire.

No doubt, the Lord pondered deeply over this cleansing mission. It was not without significance that the banquet was chosen as the time for action.

Step, step.

From a corner came footsteps. At first, I assumed it was a server with our food, but I sensed an unusual mana presence and turned my head sharply. It wasn’t overtly hostile—a stranger’s energy was simply not to be taken lightly.

Soon after, a young girl wrapped in a blue robe appeared before our table. She was about Nana’s height and looked at me intently.

“Sian Vert… That’s you, right?”

(To be continued in the next episode…)


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